Monday, March 26, 2007


Let's have 5, let's have 6! Let's have a dozen and pretend their donuts!

Ok, going a little 80's movie crazy there.

Ok, real fast as I'm rushing to put some music and podcasts on my ipod for my drive to LA tomorrow morning. Heading there to discuss some top secret stuff as well as do our final focus test for CALLING ALL CARS! This is where we put the 'catch up code' to the test and decide if it lives or dies, or stays but gets some tweak lovin'!

Also, tomorrow I will be taping two shows:

#1- ATTACK OF THE SHOW- taping this at the G4 studios at 11:30 or 12 or something like that :) Don't think they air it live anymore, but they might. So if you're around, look for me on G4! I love AOTS and have done the show a few times and they are always such cool folks over there. Looking forward to it!

#2- BONUS ROUND on If you have not seen it, this is ANOTHER fucking gig from Geoff Keighley! I love this show cause it's what I've always wanted: a video game version of DINNER FOR FIVE! Sadly there's no food or swanky eatery but hey, like I need something else to eat anyway, you know? I will be on with Kellee Santiago, prez of THAT GAME COMPANY, the folks who brought us FLOW. My understanding is we'll be chatting about small games, downloadable games,etc. Looking forward to it alot. Love the show, dig Geoff, and think Kellee is as sharp as they come. Should be fun!

Oh, also, Calling All Cars is featured on this coming Friday's GAMEHEAD (Keighley again). So watch it and let me know how I did! We taped it like last month.

Gonna be doing some other shows and podcasts in the next few weeks as the game gets ready to launch. Got something cooking with the EGM podcast that should be lots of fun and I'm hoping to get the game out there some other ways as well. So stay tuned!

So hey, me and the wife went antiquing this weekend (is that how you spell it? Fuck, I'm not even going to look it up)...but it's where you go look for old shit, right? Antiques and what not. Man I loved it! This huge store FILLED with stuff from not just stuff from MY childhood but my PARENT'S CHILDHOOD and hell, even some stuff from their parent's childhoods! What a blast! I've found a new hobby! Check this out:

I found an old DAVID SOUL record! The one me and my brother used to have...he's the guy who played STARSKY on STARSKY AND HUTCH tv show...his music was forgotten faster than his acting but man, this album, It's amazing to hold this damn thing again after all that time!

I wanted to buy this but 450.00 seemed like way too much. But check it's a framed poster with original candy bar wrappers from a loooooong time ago! There's an old Snicker Bar there; even the first Butterfinger candybar design (I think it was the first).

Old, STILL WORKING stove from 1920, when my grandmother would have been using one and cooking on it. How amazing to touch something that someone from her time would have looked at as brand new and state of the art. What a cool way to connect with the past.

Ok, I gotta run, don't wanna drive sleepy. Take care ya'll; chat with ya soon!



Anonymous said...

shit your posts are always fun to read lol. thats cool thanks for the heads up on all the stuff your doin. ill watch/listen to all of it. and i cant wait for CAC.

grasshopper said...

Man I didn't know Butterfinger went back that far looks pretty old. I guess I'm not up on my candy bar history. And is there one in there called Chicken Dinner?? Odd name for a candy bar, not sure I would want to eat that.

Sadeq said...

Looking forward to your shows and podcasts.

derrickgott007 said...

Nice pics....I dig blogs with pictures. I for one couldnt eat a candy bar named Nickaloaf...sounds bad. Look forward to hearing the EGM show, and the Gamehead interview.

Anonymous said...

We have a house here in NE on Strawberry bank. It's a huge seaport house and each room is decorated in an era form the 1700's to the 1980's. When I walked into a living rom from the 1960's I was like damn that's my house when I was a kid with the old 13" B/W TV with the rabbit ears.

Good luck with you spot's I have to say I can't stand to watch AOTS or even G4 for that matter. I was a Tech TV fan and a G4 TV fan. The merger has killed both in my opinion. Like I said in my last comment the Shock Jock, Tabloid, style of game reporting has never been my fav.

Anonymous said...

was that a candy bar in frame called Chicken dinner?!?!? haha that gave me a good laugh there.

got a reason to check out Aots or even G4 again after like a year.Cant wait for calling all cars.

R.Bunk said...

I will have to check out ATOS. I usually don't the host gets on my nerves. I hope he's not that much of a douche in person.

Have fun! When do we get to play CAC? :)


Anonymous said...

Bonus round rocks. It was a shame to see Jason Rubin ripping on the PS3 their first episode, as he's one of my favourite game devs - the Jak and Daxter games were/are amazing - but it's his opinion, I guess.

Well...looks like you had a lot of fun antiquing. Heh, not a single cadburies or nestle in sight - even though OUR (AKA European) chocolate is quite clearly better XP
However, I can't see the snicker wrapper.

Zodiak said...

Speaking of 80's movies Dave, I was flipping through channels and watched a movie called "Action Jackson" watched the whole damn thing and kinda enjoyed the cliche movie.

Never watched Bonus Round, but I'll definitely give it a look.

I'm sure Chicken Dinner was one of those things like that Wonka gum with all those meals...I'm sure that candy bar also comes with Gravy covered icing. ;)

ugh ><

Unknown said...

Hey Dave can you please make a real sequel to TM2? TMB and TM:HO were horrible and I dont consider them real TM games because they didnt use the source code, car skins and ramming engine from the first two games. No need to reinvent the wheel its already done.

Joel said...

hey Jaffe, sorry to immediately go off topic, but i was just reading an article:

and i thought there were a FEW good points made that the GOW team could really take a note of.

they mentioned that GOW2 REALLY borrowed a lot of the same elements from GOW1.

now for a ps2 sequel i dont mind the similarities. especially because if we're talking puzzles, yes, i loved the type of puzzles in GOW games, and the environments and enemies too. not to mention the awesome kill animations. :p

i just feel like on the move to the ps3, something BIG has to change, or theres going to be some backlash, which we are already seeing for GOW2.

i take pride in my ability to think of ways for a series to improve, but i am kind of at a loss for what it is that GOW can do to REALLY reinvent itself on the ps3.

i know you will only be the CD on the game (at least i believe so), however i know your input really means a lot ot the team. i hope you share similar sentiments, that the ps3 GOW will have to take the series places that the ps2 iterations werent able to even dream of.

graphical improvements, more enemies on screen, a few motion control (shaking back and forth, etc) boss battle type things ARENT going to be enough to blow us away.

i'd love to hear at least a comment from you that you realise this much, that you guys are planning to do a lot more on the ps3 than what i mentioned.

anyways, i dont really know where this little rant came from, but thanks for taking the time to read.

wtfgrouch said...

Hey Dave!

I'm good at keeping secrets... so do you think you can share what that "TOP SECRET" stuff is. j/k unless you wanna share, lol.

I'm off tomorrow so I will definitely check out AOTS and I already record GameHead so I'll see that too.



David Doel said...

Hopefully a Twisted Metal PS3 game is in one of those discussions.

Eric said...

I've read your blog about 4 times now and I can't get that image of your holding a David Soul record out of my head. Ya scarred me, Jaffe. That's some 70s flashback stuff there...

Top Secret? What is Top Secret? Have you read Clive Thompson's latest wired article? Radical transparency, it's an obvious and delightful transition. Embrace it, Sony. :)

Anonymous said...

hey when will we be able to watch that gametrailers video?(if you know)is it already up? first time being on that site so maybe im jsut an ass hole and cant find out.

wtfgrouch said...

Hey Dave,

YOu've been working on CAC for a little over 6 months now, and I know it's a download game and all... but hasn't working together with the Incog. guys again (on a car combat type game) no less...Have you given any thought about maybe leading(DIRECTING) the CHARGE on another TWISTED METAL (BLACK) GAME? You would make A LOT of people(FANS) very, very happy.

Just a thought...



Anonymous said...

Jaffe...Make another twisted metal...and i'll buy you that stupid candy bar wrapper thing, why the hell you'd want it i dont know.

JH said...

I think the candy bar thing is cool, but hey I'd help buy the damn thing for you too if you make a sequel to TM: Black!

You don't know what it's like getting that game on release and playing the hell out of it and waiting this much time hoping a sequel will be announced! It seems like a lot of people want a new one. So hint HINT! haha.

Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work

Toodles said...

Antiquing is awesome. You find the weirdest stuff. This one time I picked up an old Star Trek album (yep, Star Trek) and it had a picture of a Viking taking a swing at Captain Kirk's family jewels with a huge battleaxe. I still don't know what the story is like, but in no way does that detract from the awesomeness.

wtfgrouch said...

i wouldn't mind having the framed candy wrapper, it's cool!


Ackksoftware said...

That stuff is cool and all... but can it bring you back in time?

derrickgott007 said...

You said Ya'll....I think thats awesome, I get clowned for saying ya'll all the time. Glad to see that I am not the only one that says it.

Joe Laurino said...

The picture of you holding the record is hilarious for some reason.

Anyway, I have to agree, I do some antiquing every now and then when I'm upstate. There's some great stuff in those places.

E-mail me if you want (you have my card), and I'll send you some of the cooler ones.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe were you ever involved in a psychology study at stanford? One of the students helping the experimenter was named David Jaffe (i kid you not). I was wondering if that was you? It was a very old study, probably 60-70's. I was in my psychology lecture and I heard "David Jaffe" and i was like WHAT!!!

da criminal said...


No I was not. I was only born in 71! Unless it was a study about trying to convince older people that they were really babies and born much later than they really were. In that case: yep! That was me!!!


Anonymous said...

i was the anonymous poster about the standford study...and heres a link to the study

Confirmed David Jaffe citing in the second paragraph...thought you'd like to know. The study took place in 71, creepy...

Anyways, take care, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Is there anything you can tell us about this count down timer?


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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