Saturday, April 28, 2007

MY RESPONSE TO GAMESPOT (and the reviews in general)


The nice thing about having a blog, is I can review the reviews! :)


As of now, here’s what we’re looking at:

IGN: 8/5/10
1UP: 8/10
GAMESPOT: 6.7/10

The first two I can live with, they feel fair and make sense. I am very, very proud of those reviews. Although, I have to say, when I hear the 1up guys on the podcast saying the game is the best on PSN AND saying that it's closing in on being one of the top 3 download games out there, it does seem 8 is a bit low...but what the hell...8 is good in my book, so thank you guys!

I’m not so keen on the GAMESPOT review, and who would be? It simply feels unfair and simply wrong. Granted, why would I not say that? I am the director of the game they are saying is simply ‘fair’. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I think tho, much of it has to do with expectations for titles such as this, as well as maybe me not really understanding the review process.

So my thoughts in general on aspects of the reviews:

MAGNET ISSUE- Here was a nice, simple, clean PROBLEM with the game that the reviewer hit on that was pretty black and white. Hard to argue with this one. IGN hit this spot on and we’ve fixed it already! Nice thing about download games is you can see a review and then rush back to the code and do some tweaks :) So while we don’t know if we’ve solved IGN’s issue where the AI seemed to be able to dominate with the magnet weapon, we’ve at least toned it down and increased the amount of time a player needs to be in the magnet ‘cone’ before the criminal is sucked away. We did not touch the multiplayer aspect of this, just the single player where IGN had what we felt was a great point about how the single player was feeling. So thanks IGN!

LACK OF CONTENT: This one just makes no sense to me but I can live with the fact that I may in the minority here. I can also live with the fact that my take on what something should cost (as a guy who gets games for free mostly) is different from the take of a reviewer as to what a game should cost (as people who get paid to play games they usually get for free…but to be fair, the reviewers ARE paid to take the consumer mindset into mind….but then again, so am I…so anyway…). But look, it’s a 10 dollar game. And for that you get: the core game (which in multiplayer- which is the point- EVERYONE says is at least fun, and many say is really, really fucking fun). 4 maps, split screen, internet with voice, and 10 cars to unlock. I fail to see how this is a bad deal, especially since if you like the multiplay- and all of the reviewers have- you can play the game for hours (over time) before you burn out. How is this a bad deal for 10 bucks? I just don’t see it. The gamespot review- I think- didn’t seem to like that you could finish the single player game in 20 minutes. And maybe this is a fault of the game’s presentation but it’s not an adventure game…it’s like a fighting game in that sense: you work thru the single player to learn the game and unlock stuff. And when you get thru one level if you want to get better, up the difficulty. I get thru Tekken and Mortal Kombat single player in 5-15 minutes on default setting. Again, maybe our presentation did not make this clear and it's a fair call that Gamespot would want more from the single player experience. But it's not like I go out and buy Madden or NBA JAM or NBA HOMECOURT cause I'm going to be playing it by myself. But that could just be me and it's Gamespot's job- I assume- to take all gamer's desires into account and I can appreciate that.

But again, this may be the problem. Gamespot was not saying it’s a shit game. They seemed to like aspects of it. So I’m not bashing them or the score so much as just being confused a bit. We set out to make a balls to the wall, trash talking, fun ass multiplayer/party game. From all reviews we did that and from a few of the reviews (IGN and 1up) we did that really, really well. And so really, that’s all I care about. And I can see reviewers are not going to JUST review the game portions I care about. Hell, I guess I could have just taken out the single player so it would have never been an issue. But somehow that would have just felt wrong.

SCORES IN GENERAL: And maybe therein lies the problem. With the exception of the GAMESPOT score- which I really just feel is simply unfair- these scores are good scores and I am happy with them. I am proud of those scores; happy with them and grateful for them. So thanks IGN and 1up! But the issue may be that our goal was to provide a trash talking fun ass time with your buddies. And I feel we did that really well…between an 8 and a 10 depending on all the factors that determine fun that go into any individual game (who is playing; skill level;etc). So to me, I’m like: grade us on THAT because that was what we wanted to do.

But I guess that’s like asking a movie reviewer to grade a horror movie 10/10 that wanted to do nothing more but provide a visceral thrill ride (and did that) while at the same time there may be other movies out there that provide the thrills AND drama and story too? You guys know my shitty analogies....not sure if that makes sense. And I'm rush typing this as I gotta head out for some shit to do today.

CASUAL: Diner Dash got like a 3/10 on a game site the other day. And that game is considered a watershed/masterpiece in the casual space. It may also be that as I get away from hardcore games, some of the reviewers (that have no interest in those sorts of games) that used to love the kind of stuff I did, will simply not find as much in the stuff we do nowadays to love? Could be…and I can understand that.

Or it could be that the game really is a 7/10 and I just WANTED it to be more. I can live with that as an option if that's how- once the game ships and people play it and pass judgement and time passes- that is how it all comes down. Hope that's not the case, but what can you do?

I don’t know…I wanted to get a response to the scores up fast. I will prob. think on this some more and hit you guys back.

But overall, I am so proud of this game and think in many aspects it’s the most fun game I’ve ever worked on. If you want a fun party game, then I think we’ve got something for you. I hope you read the reviews from folks who are into these sorts of titles and THEN make your decision to buy or pass.

Ok gotta run...thanks for indulging me. A more mature designer would say: 'my game is my response' and shut up about it. But come on, this is me :)



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Anonymous said...

does anyone even take that site serious? but im still gettin CAC. and the 1up yours guys fuckin loved your game. they made me wana play it even more. and i usually dont even like them.

Anonymous said...

do you know the other sites that should put a review up soon?

Anonymous said...

insecure at all?

pander much?

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is retarded, it's a downloadable game, not a $59.99 game, what more do they want for $9.99?

Zack said...

I agree, Gamespot's score is really unfair in almost every aspect. It seems as if they reviewed it like a full blown $60 retail game. When compared to other downloadable games, CAC should not(IMO) be lower than an 8. The game is a lot of fun(from what I have seen/read), and that is what's important.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is just pissed cause it's not one of their beloved Zelda games. I won't try and piss off the fan boys but that game has barely changed over the years but they get mad at every other sequel about that. Fuck off Gamespot.

Dan said...

If nothing else, this review controversey will help to get more people interested in your game :) But I do agree that Gamespot's review is a joke, look at a game like Counter-strike, everyone only plays on 3-4 maps anyways!

Anonymous said...

The Gamespot review was so very... clinical. By the numbers, talk about the feature set and the bullet points. Maybe even play the game online for a bit. Yeah, seemed like an afternoon bit of time with the game playing it by himself, I can see how he came to that conclusion.

But hey, that just means he played it in unfavorable conditions. It's also the first casual download game I've ever heard of that relies on raucous multiplayer to get gamers off. So maybe he's looking at it like what people usually expect from their downloads, a lengthy time wasting addicting single player experience. I mean, look at all the bejewelleds and the geometry wars and all those megaton hits, you've got excellent if lonely single player experiences.

The only exceptions I can think of to that single player rule are Uno, and yours.

keep on truckin

grasshopper said...

Yea it seems a bit odd to me they expect more than what they are getting for $10 bucks. Its not like its cheap so you should put up with it but it sounds like we are getting more than enough for the price with online multiplayer plus 4 levels and somewhere around 10 cars. Come on a movie ticket is around $10 in some areas and this is is going to last a bit longer than a 2 hour movie.

Anonymous said...

Cry much, Jaffe?

Anonymous said...

i think gamespot's reviews are shit. they gave metal gear solid an 8.5 for being too short. ok, thats not bad. but they gave gears of war a 9.6 and said the only prob was that in was too makes no fuckin sense! one gets an 8.5 and the other a 9.6 for the same reason!

KRA said...

well this is like having the same scale for pc ps3 and handheld games... but anyway if there is a demo ? is there right ? then who cares about reviews ?!

Greg said...

i'm pumped for it - i already have a few people planned to come over the weekend it comes out - they are coming home from college

can't wait for this semester to be over...

Avacado Platypus said...

That's some poor journalism. I mean really, you can't just apply the same standard to every game up for review and have it be a good (or fair) indicator of quality. You wouldn't judge a kid's game the same way you would judge GOW, they've got completely different aims. So it is with CaC. You've said a gazillion times that you're not out to make another GOW, that you intended CaC to be a fun pick-up game you can play with friends. It seems Gamespot completely ignored that, and that's a shame. For being who they are, as a prominent gaming website, they should have done a lot more digging on the history and intent of CaC, but they didn't. It is unfortunate that your game had to come under fire from that type of rigid mentality, but I don't think that one clearly uninformed and apathetic opinion is going to bring you down. :)

Anyway, I'm a fan. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the good thing about visiting a blog where your favorite game designer reviews reviews is that you can then review his review of his reviews.

If your gonna attack a rating you got.. you gotta come at it in a less obvious "I didnt like getting a low mark". For people who have already played the game.. perhaps its a good idea to come right out and say 6.5 isnt good enough... but for the people that havent played it yet it comes off as arrogance. I know I know... 'fuck you up your ass for saying i need to be humble'... but Im not expecting humbleness.. I just think a little bit of tact would be in order.

We all know your neurotic... we all know you stress about reviews... we all know this time is hard for you... But have all of your other games gotten great reviews across the boards? did it matter?

Just chillout... maybe take a vacation to get out of the eye of the storm... and wait until the smoke has settled before you start reacting so dramatically. You cant cry rape every time someone brushes against your boobie (HOW MANY TIMES DOES MY LAWYER HAVE TO TELL ME THIS IS WRONG BEFORE I LEARN!!).

anyhoo.. im sure itll be a great game.

Also.. Im sure (and this is a big claim) that this game will sell more PS3 units than any other title has (I know im gonna grab one). So im sure Sony is VERY happy with their little puppy. And Im sure all eyes will stay focused on you for your next project.

keep up the good work... but lay off the complaining about low reviews. You remind me of that girl in my grade 9 class that would cry everytime she got anything lower than 80. Noone likes a whiner. Everyone likes a Jaffe.


I was writing an exam the other day and there was a dude named Jonathan Caffe and I wrote D. Jaffe instead of J. Caffe. I think i might be subconsciously in love with you. ;)

Jon said...

Gamespot is widely regarded as the most reliable review site on the net for a reason.

The people bashing them just don't know any better.

Anonymous said...

lol Jon are you fucking kidding me? So many more people think Gamespot is the biggest piece of trash review site on the internet.

Jon said...

Thats ridiculous... did it ever occur to you that everyone makes the biggest deal about their reviews because people CARE about them the most?

Everyone is always waiting on gamespot--- its the fanboy bitches who label them as un-credible when they tell it like it is

Avacado Platypus said...

I'm no fanboy. And I say it's crap.

Jon said...

And who is better? Ign with their self proclaimed console specific fanboy editors. Not to mention how obviously swayed by incentives they are.

Or 1up who shows no restraint in holding back bias in their reporting. And who holds staff half the age of the people at gamespot.

I don't think so

Jon said...

Oh no... gamespot pissed off Jaffe, no more 'bonuses' and exclusive previews for them...

I'll stick to the site who tells it like it is

Avacado Platypus said...

I don't care which corporate review site is "better". Frankly, I'm disgusted with any site that puts advertising ahead of writing (cough, IGN, cough). I care about good journalism. That Gamespot shit was not good journalism. They failed to account for the intent of the game, and instead ran it through the meatgrinder that is their one-size-sits-all review system. Bullshit. You don't review games that way because people don't play games that way. Do you see four year olds up in arms because Barbie's Horse Adventure lacks multiplayer capabilities, has too few racetracks, and has an gregarious color scheme? No. But that's the type of mentality that Gamespot is bringing to the table, and I am vocalizing my disgust. CaC is not out to do what GoW did, and they completely ignored that. Thumbs down.

Jon said...

Your basing your opinion off a review of a game you yourself haven't even played.

Same story as always... a game comes out and flops and people cry about how the reviewers are unreliable even though they have no idea if they are right or wrong.

Avacado Platypus said...

I don't need to play the game to know that these guys have fucked up the review, or how to conjugate "you're". I'm talking about the writing.

Jon said...

Pointing out grammar errors in a comment/forum is so retarded.

"I don't need to play the game to know that these guys have fucked up the review"

Bottom line is you are letting your bias interfere with your judgment, whether you can see that or not isn't my problem. good luck damage controlling coming reviews, peace

Anonymous said...

i think for 10 bucks this game is gonna be well worth it. good job dave and hopefully we'll get some news soon about game#2.

Avacado Platypus said...

Yeah, okay Jon. Say nothing of your blatant praising of 1up, or your accusations that it's only "fanboy bitches" who don't like Gamespot, or your sweeping generalizations about the state of the industry. It must be me who is biased. My bad.

Anonymous said...

dont worry about it david...gamespot is the same site that had full page 360 adds on the ps3 pages....i think its fair to say theyre in a certain someones pocket

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is just pissed off this game didn't come out for the Xbox360.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that gamespot has been a little harsh on there review of Ps3 games and the system itself.I most certainly prefer ign the most for a fair review.I stop going to gamespot for this exact reason.Anyways I know that I will be buying this game and my wife and I cant wait to play it. I love my ps3 and hey,Jaffe, your awesome but blu-ray was the right move on Sony's part.Peace love and good happiness stuff!!

Anonymous said...

O Hell, gamespot gives nines to wii games arguing that they´re fucking fun, and a ps3 game a six because the graphics aren't fotorealistic... Shit, those guys really let thmeselves be controlled with publicity .

Anonymous said...

Jaffe everyone is calling Gamespot crap So no worrys i gaurentee ur game is gonna do great Only reason people goto gamespot is for there Forums not there crap reviews especally there ps3 reviews i will still be buying your game Regardless of that score just cause i respect your attitude

Anonymous said...

Jaffe everyone is calling Gamespot crap So no worrys i gaurentee ur game is gonna do great Only reason people goto gamespot is for there Forums not there crap reviews especally there ps3 reviews i will still be buying your game Regardless of that score just cause i respect your attitude

Anonymous said...

I stopped paying attention to Gamespot about two years ago. I don't know anything about CAC because games like that don't interest me much, but I'd form my opinion from IGN without even considering Gamespot.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the compared it to other $10 games and thought there was more contens in them. I think it's good that not all rate the same.

Anonymous said...

You should have incorporated achievement points, everyone knows Gamespot loves their 360 and points ;P

Anonymous said...

Fu** gamespot...
people are there becouse of forum..
nothing else..
They always give ps3 bad score becouse in all's really sad

Go David Go David Go !
I will buy your game just like my friends

...and than we gonna wait for GOW 3


BTW sorry for my language..

silverwolf said...

An expected score given from Microspot! Put this game on the 360 and watch them give it an 9.0 and hear them praise Xbox live as the best thing since sliced bread as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's "just" a $10 game - but it's also "just" four levels. I haven't had that great a time with PSN so far, nobody else seems to have a headset so nobody's talking. I can't see the "raucous" multiplayer being too fun when playing in silence on the same four maps.

Anonymous said...

Screw gamespot, I'm getting CAC next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Then again, Jaffe often comes across as an arrogant whiney bitch, so, you know. Of course he'll cry if someone doesn't agree with his view.

Jaffe hasn't been relevant since 2005.

Anonymous said...

Avacado Platypus quit checking the fucking site 50 fucking times an hour to see if anyone responded to your shitty posts you fucking fat ugly loser

collapser said...

[nelson] haha @ jaffe's whiny ass [/nelson]

Anonymous said...

Much easier to judge the game for myself. Never bought a game based on reviews anyway, good or bad.

As far as Jaffe being must be watching/reading completely different things then I am.

Ricky said...

i think Gamespot is kinda of bias toward their game reviews for any console other than the xbox360. they been giving shit reviews for da ps3, makes me think they kinda owned by microsoft

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you're getting worked up at a site that gave Twilight Princess an 8.8...........once again you're getting worked up at a site that gave Twilight Princess an 8.8, Perfect Dark Zero a 9, and THPS3 a 10. They know nothing of reviews.

Anonymous said...

Avacado Platypus oh and another thing as soon as your dumbass fat ass posts read "corporate" and "poor journalism" you sounded like a fucking retard you fat bitch try coming up with some new catchphrases you dumbass

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is a big piece of shit when it comes to reviews. It's common knowledge that they simply don't like anything related to the PS3.
Don't mind that review David, i'm sure this game will be great for the price it has. Keep up the good work.:)

Anonymous said...

Twilight Princess is lucky to have scored an 8.8. The game is a snooze fest of ten year old game design.

Anonymous said...

you poeple need to grow up. if some site gave you a shitty score for your game it would piss you off too. especially when its gettin good scores from everywhere else.that site sucks bill gates cock just like you guys are licking his balls at the same time. just judge the fucking game for yourselves when it comes out and shut the fuck up. and if you dont even have a PS3 then fuck off this doesnt concern you.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I have never seen so many brown nosers in one place...seriously get your heads outta his ass. What you think that if you suck up to him hes gonna be nice enough to give you the reach around? Gamespot reviews all the games the same way, regardless of cost. You would all know that if you werent such jaded fan boys "OMFG they reviewed my fav ps3 game badly....biased fuckers" Look at the review again, they clearly say why you should not spend your money on this game. It's as big as a damn game demo, which most get for free. But you all going on sucking up to this dude, maybe he will be nice.

Anonymous said...

We all know GameSpot is teh PS3 biased!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Twilight Princess is lucky to have scored an 8.8. The game is a snooze fest of ten year old game design."

Considering Gamespot (again with Gamespot) was one of the only sites to score Zelda below a 9 where most other places it even earned game of the year.

Gamespot's reviews for the past 2 or so years have been so inconsistent and intentionally critical (to get more traffic to their website) that it's become laughable.

Don't take it personal Jaffe. As long as your game sells well and is enjoyed by the consumer you've done a great job I'd say.

rudolph said...

well i can see the my prayers have begun to take effect mr. jaffe. i have been praying against you cliffy b, your bloggers, and i can see that our lord has had handed me a quick response. i'm jumping up and down as i type this because i've got the spirit of the annointing on me and i'm telling you that you're going to hell you're going to burn the boiling pits of sewage are going to open up and they're drag you down and the devil's going to eat your body up.

Anonymous said...

If you want fun mate, stop developing for Sony. Nintendo is where the future of fun is at.

Anonymous said...

You'll be more respected among the Nintendo crowd mate.

-Zaku- said...

Gamespot seems to have this 'pissed' attitude towards Sony since the PS3 for some odd reason. I know myself and many other PlayStation fans have since gone elsewhere for reviews though...

Anonymous said...

The score rests upon your shoulders for your poor directorial decisions. Not including achievement points shaved a good 2 points off of your score. Add them next time if you're so concerned about what GameSpot gave you.

Anyway, I'll be downloading it as soon as it's available myself.

Me_Ur_Daddy said...

start developing for nintendo lmfao, and what be relegated to making zelda and mario gaes for the rest of his life ? GTFO you little kid and wait till you hit puberty then play a real man's game like God of war. spure mario sunshine sucked compared to 64 and twighlight princess was horse shit compared to ocarina and even majora

gamespot has always been a joke and always will be, once i found out the site was owned by paul allen i knew exactly what was going on.

Anonymous said...

This seems to happen often at gamespot, often gamespot users call the editors bias.

gamespot is becoming overly populated with 360 fanboys and anything ps3 related feels that heat.

The corruption is not just limited to users but editors also.

anime2k3 said...

I think most people feel that just becasue David J. is behind Calling all Cars means that it has to get a good score. Gamespot has every right to post there honest opinion on a game no matter the price. I don't think any of us can agree or disagree with GS's review until after we play the game.

Anonymous said...

LOL Jaffe pwned by Gamespot LOL

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you, some will call me a jaffe fanboy as if i ride your dick, but no, this is a downloadable game, and i think this game will deliver on what its supposed to, a quick fun experiance trash talk online with my buddies ect. type of fun, and that is why i think 1upa dn IGN gave it AA, Gamespot has been crapping on the PS3 a lot lately, and this just adds to that, no way do i think this is less than a AA game

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay 10 bucks for it but then again I don't pay more than 400 points for any XLA titles. Too expensive!

Me_Ur_Daddy said...

oh yeah and after you make a few downloadable games to support PSN, jaffe make another twisted metal plz, or work on it. warhawk looks amazing you should work on twisted metal in the same vain concentrated really hardcore on multiplayer and it will support PSN as well. i miss sweet tooth and i know you havent worked on it since part 2 i think, and that was the best one.

GIVE ME ANOTHER FUCKIN TWISTED METAL !!!! i know you didnt work on the last one either but that game was good, get on the next one man.

Anonymous said...

Considering GoWII was much better than the original I say you're on a downslide there Mr. Jaffe sir!

gamespotsucks said...

CAC should be rated 9.0 for the amount of enjoyment It probably would bring a gamer. Look at movies, people $10 or more for a freakin 2 hour experience and they have to get up and spend a few bucks on gas on top of it. I would spend $10 on CAC before watching Pirates of the Carribean any day.

Anonymous said...

They're review is justified. They don't feel it's worth $10 because of the lack of content and the fun burns out fast.

Some games, like Geometry Wars, are very light in content but they score high because the game is fun enough for people to keep coming back to it. Evidently, GS doesn't feel the same way about CaC.

That's how it seems to me. Light on content, gets old fast, but fun while it last. Fair score if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you little baby. STFU

Anonymous said...

Hey you chubby motherfucker, I see all the haters are crawling out of the woodwork. Yet even I will be buying your fucking game since I don't base my purchases on others worthless opinions. As i've stated earlier. I'll give it a week to sweep me off my feet. If it does not, then it will be deleted! RUDOLPH! SUE ME FOR WHAT!@!@!! FUCK YOUR GOD!!! AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Gamespot just doesn't know how to review these small downloadable games. I for one am definately going to buy this. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of yours Jaffe, but complaining about gamespots review is just about as babyish as they come. Seriously, you must be having sincere doubts about your satisfaction with the game if you are going to go shoot down every con the reviwers have. No game is perfect. And neither is yours.


Anonymous said...

Gamespot has had an obvious bias this gen. Luckily for you, those of us that have tried out more than just their console of choice have come to realize how silly some of their reviews have been.

Anyway, I think the part of the gaming community that matters, the gamers, are pretty much in unity when we say: YOU MAKE AWESOME GAMES. Keep up the good work and thank you.

da criminal said...

TS, please read my post.

I said that the GS review could in fact be accurate. I am too close to know so take what I say with a grain of salt. I do not feel it is but we will all know soon enough.

As far as me complaining, it's my blog. One of the main reasons I have it is to try to express my honest views of working in the game biz. That includes the very real, very human responses to reviews (great, average, or bad).

To me, as a consumer of entertainment and a reader of blogs, I find this sort of thing really interesting and would love to see how Kojima handles reviews as well as film makers I admire. So that is why I do it. The gamespot review struck me as unfair and innacurate but I made it clear that I am viewing this thru very biased eyes.


gamespotisdead said...

The only people who visit Gamespot these days are Microsoft employees who stock up the Forums to make it seem like they get traffic, and make it seem like Microsoft has mindshare. Most everyone I know have moved onto other sites like IGN and Gametrailers or NeoGaf.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot should disclose in the future that they are a BIAS website or that they get paid to give Playstation 3 games bad reviews.

Ken said...

All of you guys bashing GS need to tone it down.

GS is notoriously hard on games, and the score was just a subjective difference between Greg Mueller and David Jaffe on what degree of value, measured in terms of length, a $10 game should have.

So everybody saying "fuck Gamespot" need to calm down and recognize that GS isn't biased.

As for the guy who said "Gamespot is just pissed cause it's not one of their beloved Zelda games," recognize that GS was one of the only prestigious sites on the web to grade Twilight Princess under a 9.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is run by dumb children...who will eventually get fired for their stupidity.

Game reviewers are NOT part of the gaming industry, they're simply sophomore journalists waiting to get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is run by college drop outs. Who really cares about their reviews beyond 12 yr old fanboys?

Anonymous said...

Wow, my opinion of you just dropped, Mr. Jaffe. Your post comes off as petty and sad. While I appreciate that you don't censor your thoughts for public consumption, you are acting like a spoiled little teen princess who gets catty when things don't go her way.

I never though I'd have to tell the guy who made God of War to grow a pair, but seriously!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, don't worry about it man. that's life for you, if this was a wii game or something from miyamoto everybody would be drooling all over it, they would just accept it and review the game based on what miyamoto said it was.

gamespot is a site full of retarded motherfuckers, none of their reviews are on point and all they do is bash sony.

i will never forgive those retarded
reviewers for giving that crappy tony hawk pro skater 3 that 10/10.

i can't wait for calling all cars.

Paul Dennett said...

Wahhhh...other sites gave it an 8 and you only gave it just below a 7....waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Honestly, does the word 'opinion' register in your brains? Why all this blatantly idotic whining and saying pointless stuff like "Gamespot hates PS3, loves Wii and 360" Does anyone remember which site was castigated for daring to give Zelda Wii below a 9 - thats right, Gamespot. IGN and others overrated that game till the cows came home - You dont see Nintendo whining on a blog about Gamespot not giving them the score they think it deserves.

Also, Jaffe, for using the phrase "balls to the wall" to describe a game you deserve to be fucking shot. no, do.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Jaffe,to tell you the truth,Gamespot are no longer the old unbiased review site they used to be,I have an xbox 360 and a Ps3 and the articles and reviews for the Ps3 on Gamespot are just idiotic and blatantly written with the intent of mocking the Ps3.
Can you believe they gave Resistance an 8 and Perfect Dark Zero a 9?I have both games and the last time I enjoyed PD0 was when I put the disc back in the case,i've been enjoying Resistance and Gears Of War much much more.

Paul Dennett said...

YOU made God of War, and you feel the need to whine like a bitch about a $10 downloadable game that some guy didn't like quite as much as your self-masterbatory self?
Dear god, did Mommy not hug you enough?

To all those who claim that GS is anti PS3......Stop trying to justify your purchase! Not every game on the PS3 is an instant classic just because it has PS3 stamped on it. In fact, few new gen games have really deserved the ratings and devotion they get - wether on 360, PS3 or Wii. Those classic games will come, they're just not here yet.
So quit being so desperate to prove you spent wisely and try to critique games properly. I'm sure there are plenty of games available for download for the same price that are far better - Doom, Geometry Wars, Tekken etc... all come to mind. So stop sucking this idiots dick and stop the bullshit ok?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you fuckin' baby lol, GameSpot gave your God of War games 9's, this game just sucked dick thats all, shut the fuck up and go feed your mom a milky cock then rape a cat and eat its shit out of its ass you fuckin Sony douche. ha ha hows that for speaking my mind you blowcock.

Phil said...

Don't take GS reviews seriously. They have a bad habit of screwing over games that don't meet up to their preconceived (and sometimes ridiculous) expectations. I mean, you made God of War, so knowing GS, they are going to trash anything less than epic from you, no matter how good it really is. The same type of thing happened to Diddy Kong Racing DS and Contact. Contact was hyped to be the next Earthbound, and it wasn't on that level so it got completely trashed. And in the case of DKR, it pretty much got screwed over for not being Mario Kart, which is really unfair because IMO its a better game.

It was kind of a roundabout way of saying it but I guess what I'm trying to say is don't get hung up on GS reviews. A retarded chimp could do a better job by throwing his feces at the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Zaku,you said it sir.Everytime I go to Gamespot and read their reviews and articles it's like the reviewers are all bitter at Sony for releasing the Ps3.

And it's with all their articles as well.When Mr.Jaffe stated his opinion about Blu-ray on the bonus round,Gamespot immediately reported it as "Jaffe,'Blu-ray not needed' "then proceeded to take down the article as quickly as they put it up.

What I find more ironic is they give the one man who blatantly favors the Xbox 360 to the Ps3,Jeff Gerstman,the major Ps3 games to review.A shameful website that Gamespot is.

P.S I'm at the place in GOW2 where I have to carry and protect the translator,why did you make it so hard lol!

Anonymous said...

whine much? seriously -- lost a lot of respect for you David. Just because your vision of the game didn't translate well to others / they interpret it differently doesn't mean you should blog and whine about it. go build another money fort, or eat some snacks out of a dead goat (i hear thats what you guys do at Sony digs).

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, you're an insecure little bitch.

Anonymous said...

the fat f**** @ GameSpot still can't afford a PS3, let them stay on the phone with 1-800-4MY-Xbox untill E3..

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it David, Gamespot just dislikes the PS3. Fuck Gamespot.

Anonymous said...

You're a whinebag pussy.
Awwwwwwwwe not every review site liked your game? cry me a river!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you that douchebag who was slamming someone else's game?

Anonymous said...

Agrees with

Anonymous said...

You're a whinebag
Awwwwwwwwe not every review site liked your game? cry me a river!

collapser said...

KEN GS was one of the only prestigious sites on the web to grade Twilight Princess under a 9 LMFAO THIS COMMENT TRULY MADE MY FUCKING DAY THANKS YOU DELUSIONAL DOUCHEBAG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

gamespot is just being gamespot. a bias site. if this game is on nintendo wii.. i think it will get around 9ish there

Nicholas "BatteryHatt"[PSN] Stephenson said...

dude, four maps, did you reall expectsuburb reviews across the board

seriously even six maps would have made a big difference

as far as single player... ehhh

But i'll still buy your game, Mr. Jaffe

Batteryhatt said...

199th post

Batteryhatt said...

i meant 100th...

Anonymous said...

wow. you must have been stoned when you wrote that.

Aaron said...

Fun is Fun!

Jaffe I applaud you with your blog and your rapid response to the reviews and adjustments to the game. It really is the dawn of a new age when the user can give feedback to the designer to help make a better game. I just wanted to comment that fun is always fun! If you created a game thats fun and enjoyable thats all that matters. I can remember sitting down with my bros playing the original Tony Hawk for the PS1 drinking beer and cheefin. We had about 2 minutes to get a high score before we had to pass up the controller. We had a blast. Those hours we've spent together and the repeat quick games that we all enjoyed was worth it. $9.99 is a great price for the top notch game we are getting. I think the short, very fun, addictive game play is going to be the preferred format for me. As I get older my time and attention gets to be less and less with work and other responsibilities. This game fits great with me and my buddies and I look forward to those many hours of escapism we will enjoy together. Thanks for your efforts and being dedicated to your fans. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Not EVERY guy out there thinks Im sexy, But A LOT of them do. I can say around a good 95% of them drool over me. And what about the other 5%??? Who cares!? The other 5% can kiss my ass... Dont worry Jaffe. Everybody's different and just because there's always gonna b that 5% of people talking shit because they didnt like ur game for some reason doesnt mean that ur game is not a success.

And just for the record, my big bro is buying your game as soon as it comes out, and Im looking forward 2 playing it very much!

Im a 17 year old Puerto Rican mami. And I LOVE video games just as much as I like shopping at the mall. lol. C u guys online! Bitches!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah my game scored less than i thought. get over it, its all a matter of opinion.

JIOUBANI said...

I never pay to much attention to Gamespot Reivews.It seems to me that they just rush through the games and give an half ass review.

Anonymous said...

It's common knowledge among circles outside of GameSpot that nearly everyone on that site leans towards everything microsoft anyway. Personally I think Calling All Cars is a great game and I really hope that more projects come our way in the near future. Fuck Gamespot, you da man Jaffe!

Anonymous said...

Fawk a review. I'm getting this game the second it touches down. Good job and congrats to Ingoc. and Jaffe on geting the game done.

Anonymous said...

I personally think GS has it in for Sony and the PS3 so anyone that makes a game for it better make a game as if it's coming from God himself or they are going to give it a low score. Perfect example is Resistance vs Perfect Dark Zero. PD0 is utter trash and while Resistnce is not a remarkable achievement in it's own right, I can't see how PD0 gets a 9.0 while Resistance gets a 8.6. Grant it I think Resistance deserves that score but if they could give PD0 9.0 than R:FOM should get that score at a minimum. Me perosnally I'v been using IGN alot more lately.

Anonymous said...

Fair..... Interesting word.

In math, fair means that you understand the subject well enough to continue with your studies, but just means you gotta pick up the slack a little bit.

I’ve read probably 500 reviews in my day (say 50 a year, one a week or so for the last 10) and here’s what I get from "fair..."

What is the purpose of a game? To spend hours of time? To entertain? to make us feel something - anything? All probable, but what’s fair in a game is that after burning a paycheck worth of time (say, 80 hours) you get up off your ass and genuinely don’t feel like your been wasting your fucking life on this BLAMMED material.

Lets take some W.O.W. for example, ya ya, the content is as massive as the platinum controller shoved up gamespots snooty ass, but is it all that challenging? I mean, for the most part, you run instances, killing beasts with the most D.P.S. you can do, and what, if you die, you run back to your body ect ect ect. asll for what? a pretty looking sword? Sounds kinda girly to me, maybe that’s why so many girls play that game?

However, in an action game, your motor skills and even stratigic bearing are challenged - it's not just a matter of who can waste the most time moving a model from one location to another in an endless wild goose chase.

That’s why I LOVE those "crappy free-ass games"

I’ve played countless games online that test my skills more than WOW or an RPG DOES.

SO here’s what’s fair, gamespot realizes that:

it doesnt fucking matter how expensive the plate is which you eat your dinner off, its WHAT YOUR FUCKING EATING FOR 9.99 !!!! and if that meal fills you up good, can be shared with others, and actually makes you feel something other than sick inside, its more than fair,

So davidaleigh (thats your name in Hebrew btw)... here’s the dealy.

There is no doubt in my mind, that online - downloadable games are the way of the future; you - you are the one who i hope will show this to the world some day.

Don't fuckin sweat that 6.7 bull shit.

But i do have some Qs for ya.

How hard is it to write code so that one may have the ability to upgrade stats (ie GOW or RPG style) you know, speed, damage, health ect.

If players could upgrade their cars by playing online, and thus gaining access to "higher ranked" battles as they upgraded their cars, it would perhaps be a little more.... (insert word that describes "ever-changing-for-the-better" here)?

think aboout it, you get PTS for killing your fellow gamers, upgrade damage/weps (To hell we animating all of it, just up the damage counter) and do simple edits like that.

you could like have these people who only upgrade their weapons, but end up being sloth like, or these guys that ZIP around.

GRANTED, you can just pick those CARS in the game, but they are ALL PRE-MADE, you know? its when you can MAKE SOMETHING YOU OWN, that you get attached to it.

at least in my experience.

this way, no new artwork is required, but it gives the game a little bit of a twist, something to look forward too. Hell, id like to see what happens when i put 5 hours of kills on nothing but quickness, or whatever.

Whatever tho.

David, i have so much i could talk with you about man.

Come out to BC some time, fuck, VAncouver, we will check out the AMsterdam CAFE or something.

David Aylott

jamaylott at

UnRealGamer said...

Well since we don't have the game theres not much we can tell you until it out, but if you ask me I've always thought that gamespot has always been alittle to harsh on some of there reviews, there has been a few times when I didn't agree with a score that they have given a game, for example, the Godfather game. that game was pretty bad and they gave it an 8.1 (ps2 version)that game to me sucked.

Anonymous said...

Yea ive always thought GS have been very bias in recent years, and have had there fair share of appaling journalism

Their Dark Messiah Review was possibly the worst review that had ever graced f`kn eyes. Not because they rated the game poorly, but because they (Jeff) did a REALLY bad job at reviewing it.

Same goes for GamePro Australia - They gave Supreme Commander 5.8 or somthing... I mean WTF?

Grah GS is fairly Xbox Biased, and anti Sony - Hell does anyone rember when they did the article
'10 thinks that would make the PS3 WORTH BUYING'.
That day the forums went to hell.

Now as I own a 360, one would presume that I would favour GS's generous reviews, but honestly they truly need to clean up their act.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

All review sites have the same problem. They don't account for taste. The reviewer has different taste than the game buyer most of the time. Although they try to approach every taste they often fail. Reviews need to be given by more than one person of different game tastes and each give a different review. That would be more accurate. I didn't play CAC, but I think what some commenters here say about bias is not true.

Davey Kelly said...

Don't listen to Gamespot, Dave. My friend and I are always saying Gamespot has their fucking heads up their asses. The gap between other reviewers, Gamespot readers and Gamespot reviewers are ALWAYS vast, even when other reviewers and Gamespot Readers usually line up.


Anonymous said...

after years of kiss ass reviews to your horrible games, you can't take it when someone reviews your work for what its worth... the truth hurts. learn how to make decent games.

collasper said...

after watching that youtube video all i can say is WOW and FUCK CG.. if that is prep for the new jurassic park then im so fucking psyched that shit looked so fucking awesome shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, Dave. It's not all black and white. I hate to be the defender of Gamespot, but that's what I'm doing. Let's look at a movie - $13 for the ticket, $15 for Pepsi, Popcorn, and a Snickers, and another $15 for parking. $43 for 90 lousy minutes. CaC = 4 Tracks, a ton of cars, and Online. $10 for about 20 days X2 hours a day's worth. And then something like Alien Homonid, which is maybe 100 hours, for $15. The only problem is that it needed some more fleshing out. 40 hours is a lot, but there's this curve, at least for me. If it hits it, the balance between content and addictiveness, I'm in for years. Before you factor in GeoWars or Tetris, they have the added addiction of scores that only 2D can have. I look forward to your next game. If it has multiplayer, just give it that extra 2 levels, and it'd be awesome. In my list, it's still an insta-buy.

Anonymous said...

Games Radar gave Calling All Cars a 7/10.§ionId=1000

Anonymous said...


The same guys that gave halo2 a higher rating than Half Life 2

and gears of war > MGS3 and FFXII? pff w/e.

Of course, people have different tastes, so I usually just watch the gameplay videos to see if the game looks fun before a buy.

R.Bunk said...

I really don't like the OUT OF 10 system of reviewing. It's too subjective and obtuse.

I do prefer X-Play's rating system. Out of 5. Most games get 3 out of 5. Most games should. Good to great games get 4 out of 5, which the review feels is worthy of your attention and not just something that a genre lover will like. 5 out of 5 means exceptional and everyone should check it out.

I believe this to be a much fairer way to rate when you are only using whole numbers (no fractions or decimals).

It basically cuts through all the bullshit nit picking that reviewers like to throw in there. Maybe since X-Play is on TV and time forbids too long of a review segment that's why it works for them.

Who knows maybe the assbag reviewer has an ax to grind since you are taking this new direction. So far everything you have been involved with has been great so I am looking forward to the title. I was kinda pissed it wasn't in the store last thursday. The Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo was a nice surprise though. I did notice the control layout for that game is a bit like GoW ;).

Don't let some wanna be journalist drag you down bro!

Anonymous said...

i've noticed two things:

1. there are a lot of people on this blog!! holy cow!

2. everyone is so concerned about review scores. (i don't mean the game devs amongst the bunch).

i'm a hardcore gamer. got a psone with resident evil as my first ever introduction to gaming (my parents wouldn't let me get a nintendo).
i have never cared about these reviews, and i can't believe people would base their buying options based on them. Gaming is so personal, someone might hate one game, but another person would totally love it. Its all about what you as a gamer are looking for at the moment.

wosers. (hey!, how come no one's made and inspector gadget video game yet?!)

and here's another question i have, why waste your time visiting someone's blog only to post something like "insecure much?". like, what's your point that your getting across? does that in some way make you feel like a bigger person? I mean, i can understand bullying and beating on people in person, you get that instant gratification and validation that your not as weak as you feel inside, but on a blog's response page?? really? how low is that?

Anonymous said...

Its seems to me all the reports of gamespot being in microsofts pocket are correct. over the last 2 months ps3 games have been given crap reviews and that tells me theres been some money spread around by the evil empire i think.

Anonymous said...

hey gayvid, insecure much? faggit.

Anonymous said...

mariojuana, you are, most certainly, 12.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't let these motherfuckers get you down Jaffe. I just back from a myspazz party which got raided by by the cops (i slipped out the back in time) it was the best party i've been to in years! Those motherfuckers were everywhere. 7 squad cars for a party is hardly necessary. I wish it hadn't ended so fucking early though.
Anonymous said... mariojuana, you are, most certainly, 12.... beers 12...blunts in maybe you fucking faggot. what did you tonight?? Check Jaffe's blog all night loser? Fuck to you, I locust.
rudolph, the corpse of your god is still growing old and cold motherfucker. Anxiously awaiting my lawsuit papers to arrive.

GamingJournalist said...

Jaffe, I think the bad scoring or what many might see as inaccurate scoring by Gamespot of your game is helping you out. Especially after IGN gave it an 8.5 already. Gamespots screw up has brought a lot of Viral press to your game, and quite frankly seems like a lot of Gamers/Fans with pitchforks and Bats to protect Calling All Cars. You should drink a toast or two to how Gamespot's bias turned out. I think its helped get the word out about the value of the game more than anything. Looking forward to May 3rd. Take easy man!

Anonymous said...

From the reviewers own Blog on gamespot
1. He does not own a Ps3 (says so right on his on Blog on Gamespot) 2. This was only his second GS review.
3.He Loves XBL and the 360 need I say more..(me smell a fanboy)

Chip said...

GS has been on my shit list for many a moon. They got busted use Avaults pictures in their review (still had our watermark on the pics for gods sake!) or them getting busted for reviewing an online game (gave really low score) only to find out the company tracked his online time... 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I think CAC is exactly what I expected from a game like this. An easy to learn game for everyone and a lot of fun. Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Straight up, Gamespot sucks when it comes to reviewing. Their either too harsh or too lenient with tneir scores, there's to consistency too it. Another point is they can't take criticsm, or atleast certian reviewers cant. I remember a situation with metroid prime hunters, where the review critised lack on modes in multiplier online, but didnt realise they were available if you join a friends game, but yet the score was not changed.
There are alot of recources out there in terms of reviews, but its a shame to see that such a large site like Gamespot can be so moronic and proud when it comes to their reviews.

Ben said...

Quit your whining Jaffe, I played your game months ago and was totally unimpressed by it. Some people are going to love it, others are not. Saying they're 'wrong' is just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaa! Waaaaaaaa! The big boys didn't like my game so I need to cry about it! Waaaaaa! Waaaaaa!

That will teach you for making it for a POS console anyway...

Anonymous said...

Gamespot has been going downhill since Gasavin left.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot are liars dirty yellow belly liars if one game is an 8 and the next one is rated a 6 then why oh why are bacon rashers not circular? Also gears of war is a shoot em up like fear but can you score great goals as you can in PE6??? I think not so when are we gonna see special fried rice and curry chicken milkshakes in McDonalds? You may think this dont make sense but I know you all who read it are smiling or laughing! Life is too short so stick 1up you Gamespot because sea lions dont hunt in the jungle! And finally a sea horse will never win the Grand national.

Anonymous said...

David why do you care so much about it? You made a nice game and thats all. There will be always stupid reviewers who mess things up. So, dont care that much, and bring us more awesome game like you always did. Just do your job like you always done it.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Gamespot who hosts an editor who attacked another well known game website for reporting Guitar Hero news out of GDC. The author claimed that the Guitar Hero III announcement, which originated from a GDC PR release, was ripped off Gamespot and reposted on other said game website, even though they're both referencing the same info. Gamespot also posted the news 10 minutes ATFER the other website. And then the author had the gall to ask them to give Gamespot credit for it!

They have zero credibility or accountability whatsoever. Don't let it bother you.

Twisted Metal 2 said...

JAFFE Why not make another Twisted Metal game?? Forget CAC!

Anonymous said...

cant wait for this game to come out so this site can go back to normal. with no nerdy fat bill gates cock riding fagboys. go back to gamespot you cunts.

Eric said...

Gamespot has always been more harsh and more subjective. Reviews=whatever...they're one opinion. Let the majority of players decide, right?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one here that likes GameSpots brutally honest reviews. They were right to compare it to a full game. I could probably pick one up at a bargain bin that has 5 times the content this game does.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot been biased since cnet took over,,

at the same time the playstation editor ( and other reviewrs) quit ,
the playstation editor wrote that he quit because it wasnt fun anymore and he wished he could talk more about it...

wonder how much they get from ms...

Anonymous said...

Please stop going on about how crap GameSpot is. GameSpot have been around for over ten years and review games the way they should be. Please consider not bothering to go on GameSpot if you are going to be so negative.

Anonymous said...

Do you really need to whine about a score a review gave? Its not like Aonuma goes on the internet and goes "waaaaaaahhhhhh gamespot gave twilight princess an 8.8 waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Anonymous said...

To all you kids all whining about ZeldaTP getting under a 9 from GS. It wasn't better than OOT or even LTTP so I would have given it even lower than an 8.8 personally. Every site/mag gets taken in by the "Zelda" name and grades based on that and not the game itself. GS finally avoids that bias and kids cry!

suedeface said...

I trust Gamespot the most overall. They usually seem to be the most objective. When you look back over time thier scores hold up better than most.
With CAC I think the problem is that in a multiplayer game the player needs to feel like they can make choices. What car do I pick? Well, there's only 4 and they all drive the same anyway. What weapon do I want? It doesn't matter because bumping an opponent is more effective. The maps need to allow different strategies. Chaos is only fun for a short period. The score says "good qualites AND significant flaws". It could be argued that not having any meaningful options in a multiplayer game is a significant flaw.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, it's a fun $10 game that's multiplayer and fast paced. Much like the pace of Cel Damage from last gen.

On the other hand, very few weapons, and a small-ish amount of maps.
I'd have preferred one or two more weapons, and I think the reviewer would have as well, but it's still fun.
That's why he gave it a 7 in tilt. It's fun, and enjoyable and all, but there's a lack of variety that makes me switch to another game after 30 minutes or so.

Gamespot's reviews are also very...restricted. They don't review like other sites do, and people usualyl take their overtly high scores and abnormally low scores as strange/unfair. Just look at what they rate:
-Gameplay(how the game plays)
-Value(how much you got for your $)
-Tilt(how much fun it was)
Basically, they said the game was good(all 7's but on value), but lacked value. Gave the value a 5, which is basically just below average. I don't own other downloaded games so I can't compare, but they do and they have compared. If someone else offered more for $10, they take that into account. Is that fair? Maybe. Depends on how much was packed into the game per genre. If they're comparing cross-genre, it could be sketchy.

Again, it's a $10 game. I can compare it to the game "Arena Wars" on the PC. I bought it at EB for a dollar. It was an action RTS, where you didn't need to build anything but robots and take the flag of the other team. It was simple, fun in multiplayer, only had a few maps, very few bots(each side had the same ones).
It was worth the dollar I spent, but I wouldn't spend much more on it.
$10 should have got me at least one more weapon, but I'm not complaining. I'll come back to CAC again and again during game nights.
Thanks for the game!

John McCain said...

I, John McCain, approve of the safety of this blog.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all doing a good job kissing Jaffe's ass.

Anyway, Jaffe, I respect you as a game designer and a person, so I hope you take my opinion into consideration when I say this.

Calling All Cars is a lot of fun, but I just bought Final Fantasy X for 10 dollars.

Do you get what I'm saying? Price is no excuse for the lack of content delivered in the game.

Yeah, it rules, but it's really really short and no price tag can justify that. The comparison to bargain bin games that have been out for years may be a little bit unfair, but not in the eyes of a consumer who will obviously not have had a chance to play 80% of what is released and could use his 10 dollars on a backlog of games, some of which are in the same area of Calling All Cars that offer much more.

The same goes for your competitors on XBL Arcade... games that are cheaper than CAC offer a similar gameplay experience (of casual fun and competition) with more content and replayability (Geometry Wars, Assault Heroes, or various action puzzles up there).

The game is great, but still still still not worth 10 dollars considering the amount of content offered.

Anonymous said...

Get over it Jaffe. Gamespot told it like it was. Four maps aren't enough, despite the fact that people routinely only play on a few certain maps per game. At least they have more than four to choose from, to pick the ones they like. I think you need to take a chill pill and accept that the world isn't going to give you what you want just because you want it.

Anonymous said...

PS3 is gay, and so is calling all cars, and jaffe is gay to. 360 FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

wow gamespot is the best. I mean IGN and 1UP both mark games really high even if they arent that good. Most of the people who even agree with jaffe are ps3 fanboys. Buddy you look at xbox live arcade games have last longer then CAC for the same price they have a right to say it is to short. In the end though Gamespot at least doesnt just give away high marks like those other sites. You should be happy you even got a 6.7 on that site because this game deserves a 5 minimum.

Anonymous said...

It could be multiple things that gave it that score, and 6.7 isn't really that bad if it is a fair game. For example you can unlock 10 different cars, do they do anything different, is their a point to using them over another, or are they different skins. It also could have been the single player aspect that lowered it then who knows it could have been even lower without single player at all.

Also my question to the ppl who are saying that the score is unfair outside of Jaffe, how do you know you haven't played it yet, it may have hit the nail on the head it may not have.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to tell Jaffe it's not that gamespot reviews are low but IGN and 1up reviews are way to high.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe only made 1 good game series and that is God of war. He thinks hes the best game designer now just because of that fluke.

Anonymous said...

Wii pwns all.

Anonymous said...

Who cares Nintendo wii ownz joo all.

Anonymous said...

lmao, PC gamers can get these types of games for free. LMAO, sad console gamers having to pay for these free games. Talk about milkage.

Anonymous said...

ur a legend david ...haha great blogg, looking forward to the game...keep up the good work

Commander Tuvok said...

Dear David Jaffe:

I/we work at GS and we're all having a good laugh at your hissyfit over the score. Logic dictates you should've added more content to the game if you wanted a higher score.

Sebastian (PS3 & XBOX360 owner) said...

Gzus you guys are slow. The reason Gamespot things 9.99 is a lot of money is beacause games that are REALLY good like Alien Hominid HD, Geometry Wars etc cost the same or LESS on Xbox Live. So to answer the cuestion on what Gamespot expects... Something like THAT! And lets be frank, its not even close...

Anonymous said...

Gamespot is widely regarded as the most reliable review site on the net for a reason.

The people bashing them just don't know any better.

Says a Gamespot employee....

Gamespot is widely regarded to be shit when it comes to reviews.

Anonymous said...

Think this is the first time i've heard a developer whine about the reviews his game got in a blog.
what are you, 6 years old?
"mommy mommy gamespot didnt like my game", grow the fuck up you whining bitch.

Anonymous said...

Just ten dollars? well ten dollars is ten dollars, not much but im still not gonna waste it purchasing dog shit. Take that C64 coded piece of crap and shove it up your ass.

Cabelhigh said...

All you people are bitching about GS having crappy reviews, but go take a look at IGN. they overscore EVERYTHING, especially if its overhyped and underdelived, like ArmA and Guitar Hero II, crap game. Right now they industry really does not have one big name site that is not biased, and GS and IGN are no exceptions.

Anonymous said...

atleast he has a reason to talk about this. you guys are here for what?

Anonymous said...

Dude it got reviewed by the worst guy at Gamespot. Greg Mueller.

The guy is a joke. So don't sweat it much.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, man, about that goat...

We really want to know if this actually happened. We being the entire Internets.

Anonymous said...

Gamespot has always been pro-xbox/microsoft.

they wrote a 3 page rant on how they were pissed on how the european ps3 couldnt emulate every single ps2 title.

the ps3/xbox360 graphics comparison were butchered at 480p(ps3) and 720(xbox360), or so i heard.

i havent played the game yet though, so i dont know if theyre right or wrong

iseeisee said...

Looks like a few Gamespot Bots have made their way to this blog. Pretty pathetic website and company CNET-Gamespot is. Jaffe dont mind the reviews Microsoft pays off for bad PS3 reviews, im sure once the game is out they will have their bots telling people it sucks, but their will be an overwhelmingly majority saying how fun it is. I guess its best to understand the nature of the video game media business and its corruption thanks to Microsoft.

Anonymous said...


could we ever see a message board? aka, a forum?

Doug said...

I'll make this really simple. Forget the politics. To each their own. And thats all it is.

Carlos M. said...

This is where would come in handy (if the game was even up there). For those that may not know what it is, it's a site that tallies up all scores from sites and magazines for a single game, and gives you the average. It does cull out a few sites from the average, but the site still posts their score.

Of course, the average is not perfect, since each site has different standards for reviewing games. For example, a 10-10-10 score by EGM might mean a 9.5 score by GameSpot, but it's the closest thing to an approximate of what the media thinks of the game. After looking at a bunch of others opinions as a whole, one sole review may not seem as important anymore.

Also, since there are 170+ comments, I might as well add mine:

I didn't read the GS review, just the preview, and it seemed that they gave it a low score based on standards that the CAC team just wasn't planning on meeting (more content, lengthy single player).

Still, if I had to pick one site to check reviews from, it'd be GameSpot. In my view, IGN overscores everything, and 1UP is still too young for me to rely on heavily. And this is coming from a guy whose favorite game is MGS3: Snake Eater, a game GS gave an undeserving 8.7 out of 10. But, I would rather buy a game that got lower scores and surprised me with quality than one that got praise but failed to impress me once I got to play it. Superman Returns, despite all its flaws, was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it'd be based on reviews; and Gears of War was an example of a game that, while incredibly polished and solid, didn't offer me the "WOW" factor everyone was getting from it.

collapser said...

carlos m. you look like a little trendy faggot so fuck off gayboy go read your precious gayspot homo youre a fucking dumbass if you honestly liked superman return what the fuck is wrong you go back to gaygamer bitch

collapser said...

carlos m. i meant to say what the fuck is wrong with you... you like a bad ass game like mgs3:se then you turn around and say you like superman returns what the fuck dude thats like saying saying youre a vegan then we catch you eating a fucking burger come on you homo

Anonymous said...

meh, these are the same morons that gave Twilight Princess a bad review. fuck em David. they suck.

Joel said...

hey jaffe..

what is this the most comments a post of yours has ever had?

im surprised that theres nearly 200 comments!

anyways, i read the reviews, and i think they brought up some good points (although i havent played the game)

but.. i'd say whats REALLY making me buy this game is the gameplay videos.

lets just wait a few months, one thing your game will have going for it, is WORD OF MOUTH.

a fun multiplayer game gets played at parties. new people get to try it out, etc.

a single-player game will never reach the same audience.

so, i think your game is destined to do quite well.. and i cant wait to play it with some friends.

i am curious though, is there any chance you'll release new cars, or a new map, or maybe new modes of play as a patch, or upgrade or whatever, over time?

i think that could be a really easy way for you to boost sales of the game again, once most people own the game... simply reward everyone with something new, and other people who werent quite sold on buying the game will then HAVE to buy the game. should dooo it. :p

Carlos M. said...

collapser, Superman Returns nailed down the flying and powers of Superman rather well, and at least better than any Superman game before it. I expect any good Superman game that comes out in the future (well, if...) to keep the flying how it was in Returns, much in the same way developers stuck with how Spider-Man is controlled after Neversoft taught them how in Spider-Man for the PSOne.

Superman Returns had issues with the camera, and a terrible choice of missions that were both repetitive and failed to use the Superman license to its fullest. If these issues had been solved, it would've been a much better game.

Still, the combination of 360 Achievements and the positive points mentioned earlier were enough to squeeze 12 hours of relative fun out of that game for me. And Superman isn't even one of my favorite comic book characters.

collapser said...

carlos m. i'm slamming my fucking keyboard as i type this because you once again manage to contradict yourself in your fucking post having good flying mechanics do not make a fucking game fun investing 12 hours in a game with shitty cameras and repetitive missions for a mere 360 achievements points what the fuck for when i can simply download any xbla game i want and not bother wasting my precious youth trying to earn those god damned points fuck the system and yeah superman is gay we need a hawkgirl or wonderwoman game now that would kick ass

Carlos M. said...

Actually, collapser, it was the flying AND the powers that made the game somewhat enjoyable, like I said earlier. Well, to get more into detail, the missions themselves were entertaining enough, but because they were repetitive they quickly became tiresome. The camera just made the whole thing worse, but experience with the controls could help you avoid some of its issues (although that shouldn't be left to the player. Oh, EA Tiburon...)

Still, you can say flying was a lot of fun for me. I wouldn't have played even half as long had the flying not been as fun as it was, and since there were a couple of side-missions that required you to fly around the city a lot (races and finding kittens), you can imagine how that took up a lot of my play time.

As for other DC characters getting a game, I'd vote for a detective-focused Batman title, and a Green Lantern game. The latter would be one where you could shape whatever you wanted using the Power Ring, and it could use the Wii remote or a system like Okami's brush for standard controllers.

Ok, I'm geeking out now... I better stop.

collapser said...

carlos m. i love the idea of a detective focused batman game but i want the dark knight a fucking ruhless violent batman and as far as the green lantern goes it sounds really cool i fucking love the justice league but from a design standpoint how the hell would you even begin to design a game like that i mean the power ring would have to adapt to all kinds of situations the character would be in i dont know how to explain it im not a designer but i wouldnt want to be the motherfuckers that try to make the green lantern game and using the wiimote to control the ring ahh what neat fucking idea too bad it will never see the light of day id also love to fly the batwing with the wiimote or throw some fucking baterangs around damn i wish i could play that shit now another dc title idea i vote for an aquaman game starring vinny chase and johnny chase now that would be fucking cool

Anonymous said...

"i think gamespot's reviews are shit. they gave metal gear solid an 8.5 for being too short. ok, thats not bad. but they gave gears of war a 9.6 and said the only prob was that in was too makes no fuckin sense! one gets an 8.5 and the other a 9.6 for the same reason!"

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gears is next generation and has a lot of better features over MGS, online is just one of them. Just because they both had the same problem (being short) does not mean they should get the same score.

You, my friend, are seriously stupid.

Jorge said...

I must say, that gamespot WAS a good videogame review site, it has changed a lot.

The old times of balanced and non-biased reviews i think were over pretty much when people strated to leave that place, specially Greg Kasavin.

And i dont know if its just me, but i feel i lot microsoft money around, anything that comes out for the 360 is awesome for them. And the same goes for

Jorge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow, if there was any more ass kissing here, it'd probably turn into one big salad tossing.

The complaint of there being such little content could be valid considering you can buy a console game, a really good console game with a lot more content and gameplay time for only $20, granted it's a PS2/XBox/GC game that's been out for awhile, but if you've never played it, it's new to you. You can download old games (that you may or may not have played before) for around the same price and have much more replay value.

Granted this is obviously not meant to a game someone with a dozen hours of gameplay but would a few more maps, weapons and other things, to give you more to do be a bad thing? How large of a download is it right now?

I will still agree that the score is lower than I think it should be also, especially for graphics and sound it is after all not a full fledge retail console game that's supposed to have a hundred artist/designers working on it to fully exploit the graphical potential of the machine. It's not that much unlike someone today reviewing a game from ten years ago, that at the time was a pinnacle of graphical prowess and bitching about how bad it looks. At least they did none of that in the review. Though IMO, scores in cases like this for graphics and sound shouldn't count or at least be taken for what they are and not what they could be.

But still, I can see where the reviewer is coming from. Though it is only ten bucks. Maybe they were having so much fun that it ended too quickly for them? I wouldn't know, for two reasons. One, I currently don't own a PS3 (damn price though I do think Blu-Ray is a good thing so I won't bitch about it) and secondly I hate stationary, not behind the vehicle at all times camera/perspective thing with driving games since the days of RC Pro-Am on the NES.

Hawk said...

Let me break down why I won't be buying this game.

$10 for 2 hours of single player, and from what I understand from those that have played it is about how long before the single player gets boring. Heck I pay 1/2 that for a good movie and at least then I have something to converse about.

I'll side w/ Jaffe on that he created CAC to be a multiplayer game. Still I really don't see much depth in multiplayer action. There doesn't seem to be any progression in skills over time which is going to kill the online community in a few months.

Of course the only thing that can prove GS wrong is the test of time, just look at counter strike, it was pretty much regarded as a failure in the review community, but over time it's still one of the most valued online games.

Of course counter strike does have more weapons, more strategy, and more maps than CAC so I'm not expecting much.

Anonymous said...

like jaffe said, he's giving his opinion of someone else's opinion and he has a right to that.

just like if you were to paint something and you gave it all you had and the teacher gave you a C+ as the grade and you are like, wtf, i painted exactly what i intended to, and it looks really good to me, why did i get a C+? then again, if you had a different teacher, you may have received an A-. why? difference of opinion. same thing here.

all forms of media will be compared and judged. jaffe, over time, the game reviews will come and everyone who wants to play it will. IGNORE THE SCORES and don't treat it so black and white. watch the forums and see REAL player reviews and reactions. that's the most important thing. and if it sells well, you'll know that you succeeded!

piratelad said...

Jaffe.. I love you

Anonymous said...

Jaffe.. I love you

usper733thaxx0r said...

gayvid jackme you do the tubes do more better it woul;dnt bwe teh same /wo you crazy fuck

Joe Laurino said...

Hey Jaffe. So yeah, read the review and noticed that Gamespot did the same thing they always seem to do. They'll talk about the good points of the game, then the bad points, and then say it's worth getting despite those bad points.

Then, they'll turn around and give it a score that doesn't seem to reflect the thoughts they stated in the review.

Don't worry so much about reviews, man. If you're happy with the end product, that's really all that matters. Ultimately, the gamers are going to decide for themselves whether they like a game or not.

Lon "LTM360" said...

It's funny how many people on this blog are kissing your ass. Get over it. Review and opinion are almost synonyms. God of War is an overrated game, and CAC might be an underrated game. Take what you get, and get over yourself.

Ismael said...

Hey David, I think you are getting a little to worked up with this. 4 levels for 10 bucks isnt cool. Especially when there are other downloadable games that offer more levels. You know I really dont spend the money on those things much, because they seem like a rip-off. Just cause the God of War series gets a lot of hype doesnt automatically make you a bad-ass. Cool games, but thats it. Just lighten up on it, it's another person's opinion anyways. Try and get some good games on the PS3, Im tired of all the negative press on that console.

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