Tuesday, April 10, 2007


EDIT: To the cocksucking comment poster who says I should stop thinking about the past, I offer this:


suck it, bitch!


Swamped with final days of CALLING ALL CARS (final focus test in LA tomorrow to make sure we got the default difficulty setting tuned right). But I had to share:

Richard Donner (director of Goonies flic as well as many, many other huge, great movies like SUPERMAN, THE OMEN, and LETHAL WEAPON) is co-writing along with Geoff Johns (who writes the best DC comics around these days). Word on the street is the live action sequel will never happen :(

Ahhh, what could have been!

Man if there's a game license besides Indy that would get me back into big epic game making, this would be it!

...but hell at least we get a comic...and maybe they can turn that into an animated DVD movie or something? Sweet! Now we just need comics for BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Ok, back to tuning!


ps. anyone ever find out why Cory Feldman just up and left in the middle of recording the DVD commentary track?!?! If you know, you gotta tell me!!!


Carlos M. said...


You're absolutely right about Geoff Johns being the best DC writer these days. I never consistently collected DC comics until I read Green Lantern: Rebirth, which brought back the Hal Jordan I liked when I was a kid.

It seems he's in pretty much every DC book I read these days. I wonder how he finds time to do so much quality work so quickly. The guy's a workhourse.

~ Carlos

Anonymous said...

Are u relli god of war creator?

sweeeet im a huge fan ^-^

Chip said...

Now I feel really really ooold like the 80's memory trip wasn't bad enough but my god look how old they have gotten!

Unknown said...

if there was an new Indy movie, wouldnt be appropriate to have new Indy game... Make it happen Jaffe!!!

I say f0ck with your private life, once you do GOW, you are public propety now. All your bass are belongs to us!

p.s. Calling all cars, first day purchase.

PlayStation Museum said...

Was it Cory who left the DVD commentary or the Hobbit kid? I thought it was the hobbit kid and they said why he left.

Anonymous said...


Eric said...

Cory Feldman left the commentary for a coke fix, what else could he have been doing those days?


R.Bunk said...

Goonies the game by David Jaffe?

Hmmm... interesting online/offline team play comes to mind and a hole slew of downloadables and episodic content. It could be something the kids enjoyed laced with the double entendre adult humor.

BTW: Is that guy from AOTS any less annoying off screen?

Anonymous said...

tej 80s movies u mentioned sucked ass. all of them. the only cool 80s movie was karate kid II and quit being stuck in the past so much ur glory days r over. fight the future and fuck the past!

derrickgott007 said...

Didn't Cory leave because he had some prior engagement to do? I think thats what it was...let me re-watch it and I'll let ya know.

Told you The Goonies were the shit. See, I mentioned them just once, and like I said they are instant time machines, because every kid back in the early 80's wanted to be a GOONIE....Goonies never say die!

derrickgott007 said...


Hate to double comment, but for all things Goonie you need to go to http://thegoonies.org/ There are message boards and you need to watch the film "The Goonies Vacation" on that site...classic....Plus the guys are almost done with their documentary about the goonies.

PlayStation Museum said...

"God of War creator David Jaffe has revealed that if he could change something about PS3, he would have removed its Blu-ray player and sold the console at a cheaper price. He also revealed that he might one day found his own independent studio."

That is funny. I was thinking the same thing about the Blu-Ray. Sony should release a non-blu-ray model. I also can't wait for Jaffe's independent studio.

Chip said...

Holy crap David! Thanks for the video link. That brings back some great memories. FLASH Ahh Ahhh!!

Funny thing is when I got married I forget to get the wedding march so I used the wedding march in guitar on teh album. Rock on!

Toodles said...

The present is built upon the past. To deny one or the other is to invite disillusionment and disaster.

grasshopper said...

I'm not really sure how important the extra disc space is but it would have been nice if they did that to begin with but they really can't release a Blu-rayless PS3 now or all the games that have come out so far wouldn't play on it and they would probably lose some support from the movie studios, they are trying to win two wars at once.

Really how can the "bitch" say those movies sucked?? And you've gotta love Flash Gordon I haven't seen that in ages!

derrickgott007 said...

Holy shit!! I havent seen Flash Gordon in at least 20 years! It never dawned on me that they did the theme song. Thanks for the flash back Dave!

Hey Rudolph, Suck a choad.

Anonymous said...

Nice edits!

derrickgott007 said...

It was Sean (Mikey) who left, reason being to present an award to Joey Pants (Francis Fratelli) who was mc'ing at a local theatre.

PlayStation Museum said...

I thought it was the hobbit kid (Sean) who left the commentary. I was too lazy to put the DVD in to verify. (PS- If you like Superman keep an eye on the museum website in a few weeks to see an exclusive preview...hint hint)

felman said...

rudolph, STFU! 80's were the best!

Anonymous said...

maybe teh 80s were cool to u old losers but too young ppl like myself the late 90s ruled, ah to be young again! i see the 80s like i see the dark ages i hope a bubonic plague wouldve wiped half u old nostalgic geezers out. btw wtf is flash gordon? lemme google it hold....
ah another crappy old sci fi crapfest, i bet u losers like star trek and star wars also, hahahaha.

derrickgott007 said...

Rudolph, You are only proving your own douchiness, and besides isnt your mom yelling down to you in the basement that dinner is ready? Bubonic plague huh? Well I wish your mom would have swallowed you when she had the chance.

Anonymous said...


ur ugly, funny u should mention mothers cus the only woman thats ever love ur ugly face is ur mom.

JH said...

It seems there is no where on the internet thats safe from people who want to argue. I thought that us commenter's on the Jaffe blog were all nice people... Oh well. Theres always at least one bad egg in the bunch. Go somewhere else with your hate mongering please. You're wasting your breath here.

Goonies by the way rocks. That movie is very special to me. Although i remember seeing two versions way back. One where they fight a big squid or something and another where that whole scene is cut. Anyone else remember that?

Unknown said...

Dude! Tales of the Gold Monkey! I loved that show as a kid! I absolutely loved it! Too bad they haven't yet released it on DVD!

Reminds me of an old Dynamix game called Heart of China ... had the same type of main character!

Why not do an RPG set in that time period?! :)

grasshopper said...

Yeah I remember the squid thing they scared it away with a radio or something.

HappyWulf said...

Hey man. I saw your interview over on the Kotaku pages. I have to agree, I love small games with a passion. They are often better, and more fun then an epic game because more time was spent on game play then 'oh look at me' grafics. I do hope you become a more recognized name in indie gamer circles like the way Introversion is.
If you can pull it off, I do have one request for a game I'd like you to consider. I've been waiting years for a remake of 'Warlords' That Breakout style game that was 4-players, where you have to protect your castle with a paddle while everyone else is too.
But... I woulden't be getting it if you made it for the PoS3... it'd have to be a personal PC project of your own or ANY other system. Online Multiplayer is a must though. Thanks for your time in reading a indie gamer's well wishes. Good luck on your quality FUN games rather then a bloated play it once and be done with it flop.
ICQ: 818399
AIM: HappyWuff

Anonymous said...

queen? r u serious? that was one of the gayest things ive ever seen. if u like them u support homosexuality and ur gonna burn in hell for monetarily supporting their gay selacious lifestyle. ur new name GAYvid jaffe. take it with a smile. wtf was that other video? golden tales of monkey whatever looks like u have to be extremely high to enjoy something like that. those videos in no way makes ur nostalgic rantings any cooler. give it up old man ur tastes suck as do your "special memories" and saying fuck and trying to censor others doesnt make u any cooler. go back to listening to ur fagged up musical tastes [who the fuck owns records or cds anymore?] i guess for ur next post youll be telling us how cool the pan and scan laserdisc version of star trek the motion picture was.

nockeyworld said...

You know...the Goonies license is totally available. Just contact Warner Bros. Interactive...I'm sure they'd be more than happy to license it to you. I work there, so I'd be happy to pass on the request. :)

Anonymous said...

Sean left, not Corey...


Anonymous said...

Hello JAFFE, first, nice work! I´m a big fan! Second, how I acn get into contact with you? I wish you could awnser me few questions, becouse i´m thinking to really start spending real time into studying game desiging. Currently I´m only working in Mugen, as the corrdinator/designer of the fan game Art Of Fighting 4 ( please check portuguese forum: http://forum.paodemugen.com.br/index.php?s=bd5e589fbc83815b93d9d05e66746030&showtopic=3487&pid=37964&st=100&# i or the nternational one: ). Since i´m also a game afficionado I ussualy write reviews to a brazilian site, and besadides being in the last year of law school i´m really looking forward to an opportunity to at leat check out the games bussines! Sorry for the really bad text, i´m at a little break at the office right now! Please, send me an email at aces666@gmail.com (i´m not a satanist, only an Iron Maiden fan!). See ya!

Thirst said...

Feeding the trolls is bad mkay?

As far as goonies goes.. any game made on that licence can only improve on the NES original. Go for it.

Joe Laurino said...

Guess what, Jaffe?



Anonymous said...

I have a question for you Mr. Jaffe

what happened to Sony's policy for First-Party PS2 game prices being $39.99 for new releases?

the Jak games stuck to it
same with the Kri and Sly games
even the Ratchet games(developed by Insomniac & published by Sony)
All released at $39.99

So what gives with the God of War games being released at $49.99?

sorry this is the only link I could find about it though I remember it bing reported by IGN and Gamespot

so any idea what happed?

Dave Edward said...

Dude Jaffe,

Why are you ragging on Capitalism? I don't see you complain when you make a bucket of cash. You’re a hypocrite.

Fuck Capitalism? No, fuck you!

What I am refering to:

Anonymous said...

Jaffe lost his mind because he got too much attention. Some of his comments are utterly stupid.
To a conscious mind, once you're in the same boat you have to protect each other. Like he fights with Cory about who should take credits in the original God of War (even if Cory wants to take credits he should behave like a big brother and give Cory the credits). Or saying s.th stupid like Bluray is not needed. Sony and he are in the same boat. If he thinks he can say anything even if it is to harm Sony then he should quit Sony. If it is s.th bad to say it is better not to say it at all.

GabeParamo said...

Hey Mr. Jaffe!
What is up with everyone not letting you just be a human being? I saw that there is some "controversy" surrounding your comment about taking out the blu-ray from the PS3. I don't get it man, why can't people just let you live life bro. Everything that comes out of your mouth is a "controversy". I really love you man and you are a huge inspiration to me. People need to calm down and stop over analyzing the words that come out of your mouth. Hopefully you don't let that shit get you down. I'm here for you! ;)
Peace in the middle east,

Griever-Pirate said...

Jaffe you're the man....telling little kids to suck it! hahahah

wtfgrouch said...



2) Goonies is a CLASSIC and one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!

3) DAVID JAFFE is NOT! (REPEAT) NOT "the creator of GoW." He is a GAME DESIGNER! get that thru your fuckin' heads people...I want him to make another GoW, Twisted Metal, and 'Kinetica', YES... KINETICA, as much as the next guy but we can't always have what we want. So, thank him (thank you) for making those great games and look forward to his future projects! CALLING ALL CARS hopefully next week...

there's an Indy game already in the works.(PS3&360)

5)-Avacado Platypus-
Good comment!

whatever dude.

WTF?!?!? This is 'Jaffe's Game Design!' The Man only designs games for Sony, he doesn't have a say on pricing of the games. Yes, they said most 1st Party games would be 39.99 but can you really blame Sony for selling SOCOM 3, GT4, GoW1, GoW2, for 49.99... THose are all AAA Titles and well worth 54.24 after tax! (MY OPINION)

8)-Dave Edward-
FUCK YOU! personally, I don't think you understood what he was saying...also if he had buckets of cash, I think he would have opened his independent studio already.


10) alright, almost done...

11) Dave, I'm going to kick your ass on CAC next week!

12) ok...now I'm done.

-PSN = Grouch

P.S. sorry for the foul language.

wtfgrouch said...



Anonymous said...

Jutah_f8, calm down man.

Zodiak said...

I'm just figuring this all out with this "controversy" that Dave said to cut out Blu-Ray from the PS3 system.

I mean I think everyone has established it since day one that it doesn't really need it and besides sales for the system would be on par with Wii, perhaps grater depending on the price.

I think I'm like the only one who doesn't view it as "controversy".

Unknown said...

I hate to break it to you but that was pretty clearly an April Fool's day joke by the Wizard Magazine. No Goonies comic.

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