Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Harry and the boys at AINT IT COOL NEWS have posted a series of articles about the genre films that hit theaters in the summer of 1982. They relate their personal experiences with the movies of that year, talk about how magical a summer it was to be an 'almost but not quite teenager' in the early 80's and how some of the best genre movies ever hit between May and August of that amazing year (ET, Poltergeist, Tron, Conan, Blade Runner,etc). They talk about their love for the sci fi mag STARLOG and how, before the internet, it was their only link to other sci-fi/fantasy lovers, just like them.

I wish I could write better than I do because I would have expressed many of these same sentiments long ago. But hell, I guess that's why they have pro writers. And the guys at AICN- in these series of articles- do it really, really well.

If you want to have a good insight into what my childhood was like (why you want that info, however, is a different story!)...but if you do, you'll find it here: (Poltergeist) (ET) (Tron)

These really touched me and brought me back to a very special time in my life.

They also made me realize how important the movies used to be to me.

These days, I still love the movies but nowhere near as much as I used to. Some of it is just me getting older and just having other things that take up my time; some of it is that the magic of the movies has really been ruined with too many behind the scenes/making of docs; much of it is that the movies today are still pretty good but the business side of the movie biz seems to have won out in a big way; to the point where 95% of the time when you go to a movie, it doesn't so much feel like a movie anymore but instead feels like a 2 hour synergistic attack on the senses brought about by a number of companies trying to sell you shit.

There are those movie makers out there who are able to rise above that bullshit, the true artists working in movies today. And I am so glad they are still around.

And I'm not going to lie...Summer movie season is right around the corner and I'm pretty excited for it. In the same way a sports fan probably has fantasies that their team will make it thru every game of the season and never suffer a single lost game (isn't there a name for that?), movie fans actually hope for a perfect summer...where every flick they've seen advertised lives up to its potential. It's pretty rare....and the AINT IT COOL NEWS guys could make a compelling argument that the last time it happened was the summer of 82.

But hey, this summer brings PIRATE'S 3 (trailer looks amazing); SPIDEY 3 (trailer=meh, but the last 2 were great); Transformers (could be good in an ID4 kind of way); KNOCKED UP looks fucking hillarious, so does that comedy with Sandler and the dude from King of Queens.

So it could happen again...

Man, I gotta start carving out more time for the movies. I really do still love them, I guess. Even though these days they usually let me down, I still hold out hope. Maybe I just need to watch more of them and make the time, you know?Instead of typing on this damn thing, I should be downstairs watching my blu ray of THE DEPARTED (no, I have not seen it yet!)....

...maybe I'll go do that. Can't sleep anyway :)

Talk to ya'll later!


ps. and if you have never read STARLOG, they still make it. Give it a read! It's good for you!

pps. then again...I was on a media tour for TWISTED METAL:BLACK in 2001 and the PR guy took me to the Starlog offices and I was gushing to the editor-in-cheif or publisher (who has been with the mag from the start) about how much his mag meant to me as a kid. And he just tossed off this ass-holian comment about: thanks! Thanks for putting my kid thru college.

And I'm like, dude, I'm telling you your mag touched my fucking heart and soul and inspired me to reach for my goals and dreams. And he gives me this smart ass comment. Maybe he was shy. Maybe he has a hard time with compliments. Who knows...but it stuck with me....fuckin' douche.

ppps. Just kidding...he's not a douche. He was probably just having a bad day :)

pppps. I'm fucking


Anonymous said...

David. Put your hands up and step away from the computer.


The Departed looks like a good flick, I have yet to watch it myself. I've also heard good things about The Guardian.

Spidey 3 opens on my kids 15th birthday. I also have high hopes for the summer flicks. This could indeed be my kids "summer of '82" She has already seen RV and were going to see Wild Hogs this weekend.


Anonymous said...

A good reason never to see your idols in the flesh.. A fair chance they'll never quite gonna live up to the dream.

I hope you enjoy The Departed. Wasn't quite my cup of tea but I recognize that it's a very well put together movie.

derrickgott007 said...

Quick ET Fact : Did you know that Reece's Pieces was almost Bankrupt and the only thing that saved them was the fact that they were in ET. Sales went up 400% and it saved them from financial failure.

I loved movies from that Time. How about the Goonies?? That movie really takes me back. Thats why I have it on DVD...instant Time machine.

Transformers looks really good, makes me glad they waited until technology could do it right...but I guess an 80's stop motion version woulda been cool to see as a kid.

JH said...

The Departed was an excellent movie. I got it on DVD before i knew it was on Blu-Ray... sadness...

Anyways, I'm a big fan of Good Fellas so it's almost a given that I'll like it.

What are some of your favorite movies anyways Dave? Anyone else?

Oh shit! Time for work! haha. Later guys

R.Bunk said...

I just watched the Departed on Blu-Ray last weekend. It was a very good movie. All the stars deliver great performances.

I always try not to get too caught up in movie hype that way I am not disappointed.

I still think Godfellas is king for Scorsese's movies.

Memorable Quote...

Henry Hill: [long pause] Get the fuck out of here, Tommy!

Tommy DeVito: [everyone laughs] Ya motherfucker! I almost had him, I almost had him. Ya stuttering prick ya. Frankie, was he shaking? I wonder about you sometimes, Henry. You may fold under questioning.

Arnaldo Licea said...

You haven't watched The Departed yet? Shame on you Dave!

And by the way, that guy from Starlog does sound like a douche.


Greg said...

The Departed was a great movie - it would have been nice to see in blu-ray, but no one around he has blu-ray movies for rental yet.

I have a PS3 and it's still playing the ol' DVDs.

PlayStation Museum said...

David, email me sometime. I would like to talk to you privately about PS1 when you have free time. Look at it this way, being able to converse with you (even through email) would be similar to the feelings you had with the guy from Starlog. I look up to you and respect everything you have done.

And yes, this summer's movies should be cool. Knocked Up DOES look hilarious (a sleeper hit?). The must see are Spider-man 3, Pirates 3, and Shrek 3 (for the kids). I hope transformers is good. I hope it's not ruined like War of the Worlds.

-Curator@PlayStationMuseum (org)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of movies..OH GOD OF WAR!!!

My cast: let me know what you think:

I can see why you like Djimon Hounsou for Kratos, he's agile and a strong actor. But in retrospect, don't we want a brute force pumping out those athena blades? Djimon Hounsou is strong but he doesn't have an intimidating presence that Kratos has. Michael Jai White is the most perfect fit for this part. Not to mention, there is no one that has a better physique in hollywood in terms of actors than Michael Jai White, he has a bleeding 8 pac with a chest and bi-ceps Kratos dreams of having!

Although I don't know how well he can pull off a semi-british, overly-enthusiastic roar, type accent. Overall he's an amazing action actor, have you seen Spawn?

Kratos - Michael Jai White

With Athena, Kate Beckensale is a goddess in real life. So the transformation won't be hard for her, she was born for this role.

Athena - Kate Beckensale

As for Zeus, no one in the world can beat out Rade Serbedzija for this part. It's just a no-brainer if you know what he's capable of.

Zeus - Rade Serbedzija

Now for Ares. There is no one more suitable than Gerard Butler.

Ares - Gerard Butler.

I wish I could direct this but my resume doesn't deem me "credible" enough, although I might as well try a stab at a script because I'm obsessed with this story, being a maven of greek mythology, that is.

Peace, love, empathy.

- Alex.

Dan said...


You are right, the summer of 82 was great, much like the following summer of movies. I remember going to the movies and talking about them with YOU.

I am with you though, as I get older movies don't mean as much. I do take time off from work to see the really big flicks.


Eric said...

The Departed is terrific. One of my favorite movies in a long time.

Yeah, movies are getting harder to watch as I age. I have 3 stacked in the living room...Babel, Children of Men, and TMNT...yes, TMNT. That's nostalgia for me.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for resident evil 3. i think it comes out september 22. i guess im alone on this one. lol

Joel said...

lolol. that was a funny end to your post.

its true that movies do mean a lot more to you as a kid.

im sure some of my favorite movies of all time are some you barely even heard of, because we grew up at different times.

but i think your onto something about how movies these days dont have that same endearing quality that movies used to have in the days of old.

i especially agree with the win/lose situation of behind-the-scenes type things.

ryan tungate said...


for years i have been singing the praises of 1982, and how great it was to be a kid then and to have a theatre packed full of great movies for a whole summer. the worst thing was how my hopes were raised every year after that, and how they always got dashed.

and starlog! wow! i think i practically memorized some you remember the issue that came out at the end of the summer of '82, the one w/blade runner on the cover? i cherished that issue, even though they really ripped john carpenter for the thing...and i was, and still am, a huge carpenter fan...AND that movie probably has jumped to the top of the critical heap for that summer, along w/blade runner and star trek 2...interesting how things change. and hey, let's not forget that two of the most unintentionally funny movies ever, best little whorehouse in texas, and friday the 13th pt 3, both knocked et from the top spot at the box office for a week. can you imagine someone actually going to the theatre and paying money to see best little whorehouse in texas? and if they re-released friday the 13th pt 3 (in 3-D!) as a comedy, it would be one of the all time funniest movies ever! a friend of mine used to run an art theatre, and they would have a 3-D fest every year, and wuld show that in 3-D...there are more laugh out loud moments in that movie than most comedies these days...and certainly more than best little whorehouse...

but, yeah...maybe someday, there may be a summer as great for movies as 1982, but w/studioes all insisting on dominating every week and refusing to put 2 big movies out head too head, and everyone being SO wrapped up in opening week grosses, it may take a while...and if it happens i hope i can remember what it was like to be a kid again!

take care...

thecapps said...

The Departed is freaking awesome. If you enjoy mafia movies that is. The end was classic, in how these movies should be done. I don't think it's as good as Goodfellas, but it is still a great movie nonetheless. The Blu-ray transfer is fantastic as well.

Anonymous said...

David, one word.


Those 2 movies are going to kick all kinds of ass.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jaffe, take a step away from the computer and enjoy the departed. It's awesome, Martin Scorsese really shows how he earned his fame. I've heard from a fellow designer that the entire film is a rip-off of a japanese movie but I haven't had the time to investigate.
Anyway, enjoy how the Dropkick Murphey's song "shipping out to boston" is remixed to kick adrenaline ass in the movie. By the way, really admire your blogg, and your games, your a great source of inspiration. Have a few good ones

Anonymous said...

what the fuck they didnt put you on attack of the show tonight. i watched it for no reason lol. o well. atleast ill get to see gamehead tonight.

Known Aim said...

The departed ? good

Infernal affairs? (the movie its based on) amazing.

check it out of you dont mind imported films... not as high budget as departed but really well done.

grindhouse? tarantinos part was good... they couldve used some SERIOUS editing and cut each movie down to the 1 hour mark so that it was a >3 hr movie.

Also... You gotta think about the guys experience with fans. Im sure you get quite a few fanboys draping off of you for some sort of recognition or aknowledgement. In fact theres more than a few who have posted in these very thread (annoying movie cast spammer guy... Im looking at YOU!!) The fact of the matter is that the type of fanboys that mr Starlog had approaching him were probably of the worst type. Does that mean he is justified in making his snarky comment? no... but I can understand where it came from... and feel its much better than a 'fuck off' or just brushing you off. You cant expect everyone to be tactfull.

anyhow.. interesting post... Its good to hear that even my heroes have heroes of their own. Sometimes its easy to forget that there are real people behind those capes and masks.

keep up the good work...

Joe Laurino said...

Hey Jaffe. First off, enjoy The Departed. I hope you've seen it by now. I friggin' loved it. I've watched my DVD five or so times over already. I haven't had the urge to do that with a movie in a while, but it's just that good.

Second, you sure do seem to do a lot of reminiscing. Not that I'm fouling you for it, I do it too! It's good to look back to good times.

One of the starlog covers you posted reminded me of something I saw on E-Bay the other day. I'll try and scrounge up the link for you.

Somebody sold the original Superman : The Movie costume on Ebay. It went for 100 grand. If I had 100 thousand dollars to blow, it probably would have been on that. If I had 120 thousand dollars, I would have spent the other 20 on the Rocketeer costume the guy sold as well.

Here's the link.

Toodles said...

I say he's a bag fucker having a douche day.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the BONUS ROUND on gametrailers. That was some good shit.

F U you capitalist bottom line pricks!

That's the direction the company I work for has headed. Let's forget about making a healthy profit, let's squeeze every drop out of everyone at whatever personal expence. Even if the rowers are all rowing in beat of the drum we'll crack the whip across their backs and toss a few overboard to lighten the ship just because we can.

It's why I'm looking for another job. I also value my family more than some corporate profit monger who has no life other than the company.

Rock on with your bad self!

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of bonus round is up in

I've heard that the japanese version of Departed is better.

Chip said...

I feel your pain. Working for Planet Hollywood I was hired to do video editing but was advised if any star comes through we are not allowed to speak to them. Talk about a total dick rule. Growing up it was common courtasy to say hello but I guess now days some people feel... ah forget it.

Early 80's were a great time for movies like STII, Indiana Jones, GB and of course Tron, Gremlins, Poltergeist (which is prob why I still read about ghost) and others. Very few movies give any kind of wonder anymore and don't get me started on Lucas and his revision BS. While there are some truley great movies being done now, they just don't really seem to hold a candle to the oldies. I do have high hopes for this seasons movies but I won't fool myself. Movies were better when I was a kid. I saw Jaws in teh theater whan I was 9 and havent been swimming in teh ocean since. When was the last recent movie in the past 20 years that had that kind of effect on you?

Chip said...

oh and Starlog was ok but I was more of a Famous Monsters reader myself. :)