Saturday, November 17, 2007


Just got back from the greatest movie ever made...if I was a 14 year old kid and the soundtrack for the flick was by Queen or Led Zepplin. Beowulf really is the ultimate junior high school geek movie and I expect it to be this generation of 11-15 year old's HEAVY METAL.

As for my opinion as a 36 year old (and yes, those are the still-dorky-but-not-as-dorky-as-they-used-to-be 3D glasses in the pick above!)...

-the 3D was really well done but it was either used in gimmick shots so as to pull you out of the story (i.e. oooh, look at that spear aimed right at our faces!) or it was just there and after 5 minutes you got lost in the movie like any other story and forgot the thing was even in 3D. I really don't see this generation of 3D as the savor of Hollywood, as I've heard lots of folks saying.

-Someone working on this movie plays lots of video games. Including Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, and Lair. Ok, maybe not but man, some shots and ideas in this movie seemed straight out of those games. Not that I'm complaining. As my brother said when we walked out of the flick: Beowulf was the first real action hero. So if he wants to steal from us, who have been stealing from him for so long, go for it! :) And again, I doubt Bobby Zemeckis (sp?) plays's just stuff I picked up on as a gamer.

- The story was yawn inducing. The action was pretty amzing and imaginative...but it was very find monster/kill monster/find monster/kill monster...over and over with very little else to get involved with story wise.

Anyway, a fun nite at the movies, glad I went. The 14 year old in me is jumping for joy. The rest of me is just tired and wants to go to bed. Driving home to San Diego early in the am (promised my kids I'd be home early enough to wake up with them and make french toast) it's bed for me.

See ya'll!



PlayStation Museum said...

I just might go out and see the movie Dave. What the hell.

Nymo said...

hmm, Might see it just for kicks in IMAX 3D.
granted,That's about 15 bucks for that experience...

hey, What did you think about the whole motion-capture deal in this one?

grasshopper said...

Gotta love the 3D Buddy Holly glasses. Haven't seen the movie yet but when I saw the trailer it made me think of GoW and 300

felman said...

When's that God of War movie coming out?

Joel said...

i still plan to see this movie at some point.

i happen to LOVE the 3d stuff.

it might not be the savior, but at some point its going to be good enough to at least ENHANCE movies to be more fun to watch in 3d than in 2d.

thats really all that matters, in the end.

i think 3d would be even better in a videogame.

depth perception would come in REALLY handy in judging how far you need to jump during a platforming segment, or just because i think it would help suck you into a game as long as it is done properly. although, im not a HUGE fan of the red/blue glasses.. there are much better methods of achieving the stereoscopic effect without resorting to that cheapsy headache-inducing form.

Anonymous said...

you have excellent taste in music. i think all movies should have their soundtrack consist of Led Zeppelin and Queen...

Anonymous said...

Didn't it seem like he was stripping in every other scene? Every time something intense was about to go down, Beowolf lost his clothes. Which was weird, being that it snowed the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

You got a nice 'to play' stack. Unfortunately mine is very small. I recently sold my PS2 and only have my PSP. PS3 sounds pretty cool but if I get one my 'friends' will never let me live it down. So I'm thinking about a PC.
Do you plan on making any PC games now that your not as tight with Sony?
I would like to see some Twisted Metal on the PC. Or I could always resort to emulators...

gary Z said...

so the GOW movie s gonna be sumthin lik this ???

Rialdaran said...

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It Is Not A Waste Of Your Time, It Is Colossal!

Anonymous said...

Beowulf is nothing compared to the GOD OF WAR

Anonymous said...