Friday, November 30, 2007

Everybody wants to find Graffit Bridge...

...and I did! Check it!

Standing in line at Ralph's grocery store and I see this DVD sitting in a pile to my left. How freaking random is that? I mean, Spiderman 3 being sold at a grocery store, I get. Die Hard 4? I get it. Hell, even kid flicks like MY PRETTY PONY: HAVE A MINTY CHRISTMAS, I get. But this obscure flop of a flick from Darling Nicky's true love?!? What a surprise...and it got me thinking two things:

#1- This was a pretty cool movie for its time...looked cool and the soundtrack was really fun. NPG, bitches!

#2- Man, movies can travel thru time and space with ease. I wish the same could be said for games. Graffitti Bridge came out before it even entered my mind to design games. Since then I've had like 7-9 games released and with the exception of a handful, it's hard for folks to play them even if they COULD actually still find them in the store. That kinda sucks...

Ok, it's pouring rain here in San Diego (Nice! Love the rain from time to time) and pretty soon I gotta run get ready for a b'day party tonite...friend of my wife is doing a dinner and 80's dancing party! I can not dance to save my life but I LOVE 80's music, so I'm excited to hear the band! Gotta run and try to play thru Twisted Metal in hard mode before I shut it down for the week! Have a great weekend ya'll!



derrickgott007 said...

Just watch Sixteen Candles for the best 80's dance moves....

Did anyone really ever "Dance" back in the 80's? I remember most of the people just kind of bobbing in place not trying to hit their rolled up pants legs together for fear of having to do the fold and roll again...hahahah

Those were the days man... Enjoy the copious amounts of Duran Duran and Kaijagoogoo tonight David!! Oh and you have to request flock of seagulls "I ran"...and do your hair like his.

PlayStation Museum said...

How about a Jet Moto sequel. Not Jet Moto 2025 in space, but one similar to Jet Moto 4. C'mon, go work on it.


DF334 said...

I absolutely love the 80's it was definitely one of my favorite decades! The music, the games, Transformers, loved it! The music was so different. Almost everything that was made back then, as far as music, they were all British, or Austrailian!

Enjoy the party Dave! You have to let us know what they played for you!

Anonymous said...

you lucky so-and-so...haven't seen that movie in years...couldn't find it either. Give me a ring if you see Under the Cherry Moon too.

Zodiak said...

never heard of that movie Dave, looks like an art movie more that a regular movie.

And yes Dave 80's music has a very unique feel and style, I must have like 200 CDs worth of 80's music in the car and at home. Maybe it's the over synthesizing of the music or maybe the metal hair bands and the kick ass music they produced but it's a lot better than the lip synched 90's and Britney Spear wannabes.


Joe Laurino said...

Nice, Prince! Prince was a surprise guest at the Stevie Wonder concert I was at a few weeks ago. It rocked the house. I wish I could find a copy of that DVD...

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the party, and I can't wait to play TM again. That's one game that will jump to the top of my priority list.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Come on, David. Games also can travel through time with no problem. Why do you think they can't? Well, except Calling all Cars... just kidding ;).

Anonymous said...


This is completely off topic, and for that I apologize...but...

I'd like to hear what a game developer has to say about the whole Gerstmann Gate debacle. If there was ONE person on the development side of things I'd like to hear weigh in, it's you.

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on any Twisted Metals for the PS3? Because that would be a factor that would completely tip my decision between PS3 and Xbox 360. I know alot of ppl think the PS3 sucks. But I'm probably gonna be the a "noob" and go buy one.

Unknown said...

No offence, but in my opinion it's quite silly to think that to own a PS3=being a noob. PS3 is an amazing console and I'm sure you won't regret getting it, just as I didn't :). And if I had to choose - I would like see God of War 3 rather than TM :).

Sniperwolfee said...

Dave, by what i noticed the last two posts, you're pretty much looking like a noob.
Sure, I'M a hard core gamer,and i pretty much LIKE being challenged, but even so . You shouldn't get THAT frustrated at games if you can't get through them. Maybe is just you,or maybe is the game, or maybe is just something you're not getting about the game. I for example am still waiting to get the courage to finish silent hill 2( still in the level right after the hospital)
I'm sure scared as shit of that game, so i know how you feel about rachet...sorta. My point is, instead of chickening off, face it like a man, and show the game who's boss. Oh, and don't act like a noob, unless you are one.

Anonymous said...

ace04jhen: "My point is, instead of chickening off, face it like a man, and show the game who's boss."

What the hell does your manhood have to do with a game? If you're so concerned about your masculinity, stop being scared as shit with Silent Hill 2, and finish the game.

How is David acting like a noob? He made the comment that he paid 60 bucks for the game, now he wants to be entertained. He doesn't want to be challenged. Is that the definition of noob? He paid 60 dollars for a game, and he is frustrated that he didn't get what he paid for. I would feel frustrated, too.

Sounds like you're too proud to be a hardcore gamer, and you had to tell somebody about it..............

Joel said...

twisted metal 2 still holds its ground even when played today.


Anonymous said...

oh i'm sorry jumpstart,

Anonymous said...

i didn't know you were so ignorant.

The dfintion of a noob is someone who's reall y bad at games.
so you're right on that, David is not a total noob.


I don't kid when i say that playing something you're so pasionate about, and then putting it down for a simple misconception of "oh, well i didn't know i could do that!" simply puts you in the aspect of an amature at videogames.
It really does make you look like a noob.

I'VE finished silent hill 2 like 40 times already, and in extreme difficulty. I just said that to Dave so thaT he could feel better.


Anonymous said...



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