Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The kids are asleep, the cookies for Santa are out, and there are so many presents under the tree that I vacillate between shame and excitement. As me and the family- aka wife, brother, mom, dad, mother in law, father in law, settle in to watch LOVE, ACTUALLY (love that movie!) I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the baby Jesus, Happy belated Hanukkah to those who dance the Hora, and to my fellow agnostics, HAPPY HOLIDAYS YA'LL!

As a person who is pretty much a hedonist, me and the wife celebrate everything that seems fun. We lit the Menorah (cause I was raised Jewish, but no longer am), we have a tree (cause my wife was raised Christian but no longer is), and hell, if I knew anything about Quanza (including how to spell it) I'm sure we'd celebrate that.

But the main thing we celebrate is how fortunate we are to have family and love and health. I will update I am sure before New Year's but still: have a great holiday ya'll! Be safe and have so much fun!



Rex said...

Merry Xmas dude. Let me tell you, 3days ago I was on a Gamestop line getting a game for my friend and I found standing there; Twisted Metal Black on the used games bin... I said This is David Jaffe stuff... I bought it and I've been playing the game forever, even last night that there was a girls only pre-xmas party in my apartment thanks to my girlfriend. Great game (Twisted)... it hooked me up the same way Twisted Metal 2 did for me more than 10 years ago and the same way God of war did (had me playing non stop for hours till finished it), it is the kind of games taht are awesome easy to digest and has a high replay value... I admire your stuff, thanks for everything! and again Merry Xmas (I got the Guitar Hero dual pack and a flying V from my girl and BULLY from her parents... but they should wait on the playlist...Twisted metal black still on!)

Nymo said...

Thanks n' Merry Chrismahanaquanzica!

Anonymous said...

Happy X-mas man. Hope you have big fun. Although I work today I know its all about the fam. Cherish them. Look forward to Head On with very little patience but just want you guys to make it great. And don't forget Twisted Metal on the PS3 would be amazing.

PlayStation Museum said...

Have a safe holiday Dave from your fans at the PlayStation Museum!

Anonymous said...

And a merry generic-winter-based-religious-holiday to you, too! (I've literally been saying that as often as it is relevant. So many belief systems to account for; best to simply please/annoy everyone at once.)
You're feeling considerably less ill, then I take it?

I had work today (not fun =P), but it is nice to get home and have food and presents waiting for you.


Sadeq said...

happy holidays to you too

hope you are feeling better now

looking forward to a gaming-based post ;)

and happy gaming everyone

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends too!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

happy Holidays to you and yours.

Sounds like your feeling better are at least getting wrapped up in everything to not care so much about being sick. A warm heart can cure much of what ails ya.

derrickgott007 said...

Merry Christmas!! Let us know what your wife got you.

Mine got me a kickass Casio Piano Keyboard that I can hook up to my computer and a bunch of cool shirts. I also got the entire Godfather Series.

Anonymous said...

how can you stop being a Jew? It's for life. I cant stop being a Jew, I can stop going to synagogue, but I will still be a Jew, secular, but Jewish.

Det. Conan said...

Hey Dave,

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays..

Hey, how come you don't celebrate any islamic occasions?

The islamic eid was just a week ago - 18th of Dec.. I mean, you celebrate the Chirstian and Jewish holidays, so why don't you just complete it with the islamic holidays?


DF334 said...

Merry X-Mas to you and your family, dude!

derrickgott007 said...

@ Det. Conan,

The reason David doesn't celebrate Islamic holidays is you can only blow yourself up once....after that its game over.. "Allah Ackbah!!BOOM!!!" doesn't have the same warm ring to it as Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukka.

Or we can all celebrate "Winter Carnvial" (Thanks Ron and Fez XM202)

Det. Conan said...


WTF, Man!!!!!!

It was an honest question and jumped on me and turned it into a racist comment.. come on, man, i started my message with Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

Not only that David Jaffe got fans in the islamic community in the US but also in Mexico, Middle East, Iran and even Afghanistan!!!! (believe it or not)..

Now a lesson in religon:
It is an essential element in Islam to believe in Jesus and Moses as prophets and messangers of God Almight and to also believe that they obtained the word of god (e.g. the bible). and if a person doesn't believe in that, he is not part of islamic religon..

If i know Dave in person i would have invited him to celebrate eid with the islamic community.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!! (now i am going to blow myself up)

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd point out just one fact; making fun of a religion isn't racism. A religion is a personal choice and, as far as I'm concerned, fair game for jokes and whatnot.
The number of objects I've christened Mohammad only exemplifies this opinion of mine.

As far as only blowing yourself up once is concerned...well, it depends how big the bomb is and where you have it.
You could have three bombs embedded in your stomach designed to go off a nanosecond apart. That way, technically, you're blowing yourself up three times.

What a wonderful generic-winter-based-religious-holiday conversation we're having.


da criminal said...

I did not include any other holidays because:

a- I didn't really know about them. I only heard on the radio today that there WAS an Islamic holiday going on around the same time as the Jewish and Christian holidays. It made me happy actually, cause before then I was thinking: man, this must be a shitty time of year for Islamic kids since all their buddies are celebrating holidays. So that was good thing to discover.

b- As I said, I grew up with Hanukkah and my wife with Christmas. I also celebrated Christmas with the Christian relatives (my mom converted when she married). So those two holidays were on my radar via some childhood experience.

c- I would celebrate anything anyone invited me to for the most part. And yeah, I think it's sad that Islam gets such a shitty rap these days. I understand it given the climate we are in in America but I think it totally sucks ass. But man, it just goes to show you how powerful media is. Even tho I KNOW that 99% of folks who practice Islam are peace loving, kind, and want to simply have a shot at a great life (like everyone else), the media shows- 99% of the time- Islamic people who are extreme and want death and destruction and bombs...very much like if all we saw of Christians over here were the nasty, vindictive, assholian (tm) Christians like Dick Cheney...but at least in America we can balance that out with a George Baily here or a Hermie "I want to be a dentist" Elf there...but with Islam, it's not like there are any great Western role models that the media shines a light all we get are the bad...prob, just what Bush and his cronies God, is it next year yet? Get this motherfucker out of office....


Det. Conan said...


That is a very well phrased comment (thought) you just wrote.. and i totally respect you for that..

and that is what Americans should understand about the world outside the United States.

three things:
1- Get well soon (if you are still sick).
2- Good luck in Uncharted (i am getting it this week).
3- And Happy Holidays (for the third time)..

Thank you, i appreciate and digg what you just said..


Anonymous said...


that's funny, i know how to spell kwanza, but don't know what the hell kwanza is.

derrickgott007 said...


Can't you take a freakin joke? Damn man relax....if we can't laugh at each other then the world is fucked....enough with all this Political Correctness shit..don't get me started on that...I was pro Don Imus......If someone gets offended by a joke it just proves that they are weak and have no sense of humor. How do doctors and paramedics and cops firemen and them deal with all the death and violence? HUMOR...thats how. If the world became PC and Humorless I'd eat the loud lead coughdrop if you get my drift.

Happy Winter Carnival (that covers all the religions)....

felman said...

celebrate happy wintereenmas courtesy of CTRL-ALT-DLT

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! (I know its late sorry)

Anonymous said...



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