Friday, December 28, 2007


Doing some house cleaning on the blog, moving some stuff around...So hey, I put a new chat box in the corner...we'll see if this one works better than the last! Be fun to talk in real time with some of ya'll! This one is better than the last in that no one but me can post as Jaffe or David Jaffe or djaffe, if you see that name, it's really me...not some 12 year old Playstation hater trying to fuck stuff up for folks. I can also ban people so that will be good if people show up trying to screw things we'll see where it goes...

Also I put up a video blog feature-real easy to do so I think I will use this feature alot if people don't get sick of seeing me in person! I know the audio drops out, video skips a bit, and the whole image is not shown. Will work on fixing/improving that for next update- not sure if there is anything I can do however. It seems pretty plug and play and what you see is what you get.

Talk soon-



Laquer said...

Well the chat-box is a great Idea but you should get one with sign ins and such, I dont know Hope it works out this time... it was fun last time till a bunch of dumb people started saying a bunch of dumb shit... Fuck I hate people some times but whatever... BTW in a few days its going to be my year aniversary of reading this blog pretty much everyday :P

Laquer said...

Sweet Video blog btw... lol

Kamil said...

While the V-blog is a really great idea, I'm not convinced about the chat box. With the size of it, and possibility of guest posting it can be flooded soon with some dumb questions, comments, whining, etc. (even if you can ban people, it still might be a problem).
Anyway, I hope you'll post some new videos soon.

iddqd said...

Nice new video feature :) Were you broadcasting that from, the pantry? GJ keepin' it real, Dave! Haha.

I'm curious, will video posts be archived at all, or do they pretty much overwrite each other as they're uploaded?

grasshopper said...

Like the new video blog. Hope the chat thing works out too, it was pretty cool while it lasted last time.

rallyRays said...

I like the video chat box, I can listen to your blog as I work.

It would be cool if SONY intergrated a text/video blog into the Internet XMB, instead of the large awkward video downloads.

Maybe some kind of permenant SONY Studios blog links, or "Behind the Studio" monthy showcase.

anyhoo... keep up the video post!


Christopher said...

I gotta say, I loved all the elements of Uncharted, including the shooting. But to each their own. I wouldn't mind if the sequel had a bit less shooting, as long as the element is still there. I should go play through it again, but I'm so deep in Final Fantasy Tactics on PSP at the moment.

Mundy said...

Alright, I like that video blog idea. Damn you! I might just consider adding it to mine as well. :)

derrickgott007 said...

The new blog site is looking really nice. Like the new chat box and the new video blog. Awesome!

Jack_Vykios said...

The video blog is awesome an' all...but what's wrong with YouTube?

Det. Conan said...


you look like shit man..

you seriouslly need to go to the doctor soon man.. and rest for a bit instead of hanging around your blog.. man, we are not going anywhere..

Seriouslly, get well soon, man.. and forget about Uncharted until you get your health back..


Hey did you start playing kane and lynch?

derrickgott007 said...

Keep in mind that a new study conducted by the British Medical community showed that people who played video games required less pain killers and less medicine that those who don't. Guess it has everything to do with getting drawn into the game and forgetting your pain.

Descmond said...

Nice Video Blog Dave! Love the new do! I guess I will leave you alone about it cause it is your first! Great Ideas for your evolving blog! Aren't you surprised that this many people like you?? I always thought that you were cool and outspoken any ways! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video blog Dave.

Kasper Skov said...

Fix sound and these will be awesome :)

Det. Conan said...

David, Dirreckgott007 (my new video game buddy)

You guys got the PS3 Dualshock 3 in the US yet?

it just arrived in my country (Oman - Middle East) two days ago, and it is just $12 more expensive than the Sixaxis.. can you believe that?

I got a call from my little brother who just got me Uncharted back home telling me about the Dualshock 3 controller..

Just wanted to check if it arrived in your country (an honest to god question, no mocking around)..

and yes we usually get stuff before the US..

Sadeq said...

hi Dave,

I like the v-blog and all but if this is what we get, I think a podcast would be better (at least till you find a better way to do the v-blog)

get well man

@det. conan

we also got DS3 here in Saudi (though a lot more expensive, like $25 over SIXAXIS)

Trey said...

Happy holidays and thanks for the vid. Get well soon amigo.

zhangk said...

pretty good, Dave, except the sound would cut out at some parts

gary Z said...

hi Dave ... love ur blog ...keeps on gettin better n better ... n would really like to talk to my hero !.... take care n hav n advanced newyear wishes...!

Delriach said...

I need to start visiting the blog more and more often. I used to a lot before, but now the updates seem to be rolling in. Some interesting stuff too. Chat box = awesome

Det. Conan said...

Hey Sadeq, you live in KSA?

how is the weather over there?

(Dave your blog became a hooking ground for gamers around the world).

So Sadeq, did the ban GOW, GOW2 and COD4 yet in Saudi?

They already done that in UAE. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THEM..

they didn't ban these games yet in my country. but a person need to be quick enough to get these games right on time (SAME WEEK).. before any shit happens..

ThatGuy said...

Hey Dave, I was looking on the wiki and it said that Minion was going to appear in the Extra Twisted Edition of Head-On. Is this true or bull?

Sadeq said...

sorry Dave if we are turning your blog into a chat room

@det. conan

yup both GOW games AND COD4 are banned (though you can get COD4 in the black market for a very expensive price). But of course I got these games (ordered from amazon and shipped by aramex)

Kamil said...

Um, Happy New Year, folks :)!

Kamil said...
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