Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Yeah, I'm sure I've used that headline on previous blogs...ah well.

So off to DICE in a few hours! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Love Vegas, love catching up with old biz buddies and drinking like crazy, love that the award show is going live over the net (altho I still have no clue what to wear when I will be presenting), and hell, the show itself looks good this year too!

Few things before I go:

1- Some new TM HEAD ON interviews have hit. Check them out if you so desire:

2- To the three folks who won the New Year's contest, can you please post your mailing address to the comment section of this post? I will get those sent out this week (I THINK the Sony copies have come in...if not, I will let you know when they are... but I think they have!)

3- Twisted Metal hits the shelves today! If you buy a copy, would you please take a pic of yourself doing it (at the store). I'd love to post it- if you don't mind- on the blog. That'd be cool! I'd love to see pics of folks buying our games! So please! Send me those pics!

Thanks ya'll! Will prob post from DICE!




sin said...

"I'd love to see pics of folks buying our games!"
Now that's a really strange fetish...
Too bad I can't take a picture; must wait for the European release. But I will take a picture of my leeching list... would that count? Just kidding.

davis said...

Damn, doing so during lunch break... Didn't bring a camera...

-rallyRAYS- said...

You becareful out there... we need you to comeback in one pieces, so you can continue to make killer games.

How about a contest? Who can take the best picture of them purchasing Twisted Metal... without getting arrested! :)

If you see Miyamoto... throw a bannana peel at him.

Take care,


Robert said...

vegas is fun.

i'm on my way now to get TMHOETE.

Jeff said...

Gonna go get it now on my lunch break. Wish I had my camera with me. Have some pretty good ideas for pictures. Oh well, I'll do it when Eat Sleep Play releases its next title.

davis said...

BAM! First to post my picture:

Click on my name.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

i just wanna know, is twisted metal head on twisted edition comming out in the UK (PAL)?

if not then it looks like i'll have to buy a american ps2, buy a adaptor, wait until its on ebay, then play

if you respond, thank you

Jeff said...

Anyone else not able to get the soundtrack key to work? I tried entering mine in and it said it was invalid. Interesting...

Robert said...

don't forget the dashes when entering the soundtrack code

davis said...

You know, I'm curious-- is there anyone out there that liked ANYTHING from the TM-989 Studios games?

I thought, even though Create-a-Car was incredibly lame, it was a great idea to build off of... Interstate '76 had the best customizable cars.

Rob Zombie rocks...

Another thing I dug from TM4 was how each level had their own boss (which is unlockable if defeated). That was badass.

It'd be nice to hear what the Jaffe-ster has to say about this... (not sure if it's touched upon in the new game, it awaits in my trunk, until I get home).

Rallyrays, what do you have to say about it? You're a prospective game designer-- see anything good that came out of TM3/TM4?

Robert said...

I just got done playing my first round of TMHOETE and it got me thinking. I really want to see a next gen version of TM.

I know most people up at sony and maybe a few at eat sleep play feel that it won't sell or the series is dead but I hope jaffe and the team can keep TM alive. I just see so much potential. I don't want to get into ideas and concepts for a next gen TM for the reasons that you already said in your VBlog, but you and i know there is alot that can work for the series.
I don't want to see this release be the last TM.

I'm searching hard for that hidden info about Eat Sleep Play's next game.

Christopher said...

Just picked up my copy. Sadly, it was at my lunch break and I won't be able to play for about 7 more hours. Also, don't have my camera with me at work so I couldn't take a pic. I like the instruction manual, how each "game" has it's own guide. Gonna go get the soundtrack now.

Carlton said...

where would we send the pics to?

Kilrgrn said...

Damn. I wish I had read his before I went and got it. Oh well it looks like I'm going to have to go back now and take some pictures. :D

Rey said...

same here kill green.

but jaffe i was enjoying it uptell in the canrival and cant find this guy and i been all over, its just blinks when im near it.

Nokage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

it would be nice if someone would answer my question

davis said...

Hey, in case one of the New Years contest winners died, I'll take their copy:

9852 SW PL 154 PL
Miami FL 33196

Christopher said...

Hey anon. I have no idea if TMHO is coming to UK or not. That's probably why nobody is answering your question.

Dave3 said...

This comment is regarding Twisted Metal Extra Twisted Edition. Do the numbers 13 05 20 01 12 mean anything to you, Dave? ;)

Christopher said...

^What are you hinting at?
And what exactly is the item that "Extra Twisted Edition" is printed on? I originally thought it was a bullet, but then the small circle on the silver part makes me wonder what it is.

Ratsor said...

Seeing how I actually won a copy YAY

Aaron R.
156 Meyland Hall
Marquette Mi. 49855

Jess said...

Hey Jaffe,
I didn't read take the picture of you buying the game part until after I picked up my copy, I tried taking a picture striking a sexy devilish pose alongside my copy... but my picture phone is being uncooperative and I do not have a digital camera, however, I could send you a pic message on live if i knew your gamer tag :-P.

Enjoy Vegas and keep up the good work

Rey said...

when i first plad this i saw this.

Marcus said...

Just bought the game. I would have taken the pic if I had read this first. I hate my best buy I always have to tell them to check the back for new games

davis said...

dave3, rey, I'm with you on this hunt. ;)

WilltheTMfan said...

Well dave i've partly figured out the "hidden secret" in your game, it was rather difficult, During the Dark past there are Flashes of numbers that appear at like half a second through it, what i got so far is "Twisted metal is on" Possibly ps3? Pretty much confirms it

Dave3 said...

It's fun trying to figure this all out. That's definitely the main hint. There does seem to be some little hints in the game it's self too, such as in Sweet Tour when it's talking about the traps and such that are to be included. They say they won't go so easy on us next time. Could that possible be a hint that we may see some on foot action in the next Twisted Metal title? Just some speculation.

Willthetmfan said...

"Twisted metal is on PS three" That was very hidden actually, I like how you made it just like the minion codes in black, anyways thanks for keeping TM alive Dave, I mostly like the game for all the added bonus content, especially the Dark past, really cool =)

Anonymous said...

If you check near the end, you have confirmation that it's on the PS2. Use media player classic and go to around 26 minutes in. You'll get 16 19 20 08 18 05 05, which is literally: "P S T H R E E". Thus, it's confirmed; TM IS COMING TO THE PS3! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

*sorry, meant PS3; typo...

Owen said...

LOL, sorry man, I already picked up the game after class. I could have taken a pic with me smiling and holding up the ten bucks I got back after the price point dropped lol. I can still take a pic of me holding the game up though I guess. Now that everyone's already asleep I can actually play the game. I finished the Sweet Tour but then got kicked off the TV in the middle of the documentary.

Rey said...

ya i know and its going to be the reason for me getting the PS3.

but Q is which one? the Dark world or the colorful world? so jaffie still wins.

Anonymous said...

Man it's hard to see those numbers. i like how they used the same codes just like twisted metal black. lol we had a little more time to de-code minions message but maybe this message is a little bigger...(TM PS3)...alot bigger.

Rey said...

Daved i download the soundtrack all the songs are there but when i estract it only shows 1? :(

Carlton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carlton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tapion440 said...

3125 Cabot Court
Deltona, Fl 32738

Since I'm not buy the game...maybe I'll take a picture of me grabbing it from the mailbox :|

Kilrgrn said...

Well, I'm just going to go buy ANOTHER copy of the game tomorrow, then I will take my picture. The look my my retailers face is going to be odd: "What is she doing back here buying the same exact game...and taking a picture?"

Huff-daddy said...

Anyone beat the Black levels on hard yet? There's a hint for something and I haven't a clue what to do. I don't want to be too specific, but I've look all around that level but I don't know what I'm looking for. Anyone else figured this out?

Anonymous said...


god damn jaffe. you sure weren't dropping too many hints :p

Jeff said...

^ Yep, totally bad ass. I can't freaking wait.

Anonymous said...

Got the game and love it. Good luck tonight. Also, I always write shit negative about you just to see/read your reaction. So, keep conterdicting yourself and eat more fucking burito's you lazy fuck.

Don't fuck up TM PS3. Stay in your little cave, and out of offices.

fil said...

Hey Jaffe! I finally decoded those flashing codes scattered throughout those interview videos. Nice easter eggs man! It really got me excited!

Just one thing... I hope you make it a sequel to TM:BLACK. Black is the one game that made me buy a PS2 years ago. So "Black Part 2" might make me finally buy a PS3! ;p


more power!

Christopher said...

For anyone that doesn't know yet:

And I for one echo the sequel to Black. On the doc video you said you think it had Good but not great gameplay and that it was behind 2 and even 1 in terms of gameplay. I personally disagree. I understand the love of 2 (as I love it as well) but Black to me has always been near perfect. There are so few flaws in the game in my eyes that it's crazy. The fast paced gameplay, the characters (and cars themeselves), the weapons, the levels, it's all so great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing twisted metal to the ps3 jaffe, you fucking rock. Cant wait to see wut crazy ideas you come up with. Do me a favor keep spectre in, thanks

Jeff said...

Why don't you guys just let Jaffe and the team do it the way they want to do it. After all, that's how Black happened.

Knowing Jaffe he'll probably change it up more and it will be even more bad ass than doing a rehash of Black. I have faith in Eat Sleep Play that its going to be a great title.

Christopher said...

^^^Oh trust me, I'll be getting it no matter what style it is. Just more giving my opinion on what I like and how I love both titles but Black is by far my favorite. Ya know, just general TM fan discussion :)

davis said...

As much as I love Black (and God, I love TMB), I would still like a TM game that stays within the original universe.

The only thing I didn't like about TMB was the lack of difference between the male characters. I hated that every male was bald: Calypso, John Doe, Agent Stone, Axel, Cage, Sweet Tooth, No-Face and Preacher... They all started looking the same after a while.

Maybe hints to Black would be nice (like a TM 1/2 Universe version of Junkyard Dog or Crazy 8 would be awesome).

Twist3drick said...

FUCKING JAFFE, YOU ARE THE SHIT MAN!!!!! Keep up the good work!

p.s. The lost levels rock!!

Dave3 said...

Speaking of the game, I got the Canadian version of the game and there's no artbook or soundtrack code included even though it says it's included on the back. This might not be the right place to post it but I figured I would put it here anyway. I'm not sure but I imagine mine wasn't the only one to come without these. Is there going to be anything done to help me and anyone else who has this problem out?

Owen said...

Am I the only one who suspects that maybe the next game will be a confrontation between the original universe and the Black universe? What I read in the Lost character descriptions hinted at Black's (Manslaughter) origin as an assassin sent to kill the dark Calypso by the colorful one. I think it would be a really amazing game if it switched back and forth between the colorful and dark worlds. Also, having seen the Simpsons game, I think there is an amazing potential for cel shading in next gen, so much that it looks hand-animated. It would be truly impressive if the next game could end up looking similar to the cel-shaded intro and previews.

Tanthala5 said...

Too bad Sony decided that Canada doesn't deserve the artbook and the download code.

But wait, after a 45 minute call to Sony, I can spend $10 mailing my $19.99 game back and they'll repackage it while I don't get to play this fun game!!


I'd have better luck on eBay lol. Regardless, this is a fun game. Looking forward to seeing the next one on the PS3. :)

SynthR said...

Here you go Dave. Showing some TM love all the way in cold ass Canada. All of us at TMA are totally amped about your next project!

Newly purchased TMHO:ETE

Carlton said...

Here's me buying TM: ETE

And here's me playing TM:ETE instead of doing work

DeadCell said...

Umm, did anyone else here NOT get the artbook with their copy?


DeadCell said...

Eh, guess I should have read the post above me.

Fuck. :(

Jutah_f8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jutah_f8 said...

a couple days late, but I finally have my copy!


making sure it was real - lol


Rex said...

Hey I know I am late but here is my pic, just took it like an hour ago:

The game over here was released yesterday (the 7th) BUT, I had to work 12 hours at my job because of some programming issues with the servers, actually you can see my sleepy face. And I didnt told my girlfriend to pick the game up for me(the store is like 3 minutes from where we live) becuase I wanted to take this picture for your blog, I know, stupid of my part becuase I could have played it earlier. But fuck it. Its Brutal.

Can't wait to play this when I get home, actually I have a show tonight with my thrash band, so I guess I'll play after the show. Thanks for making the day man!

Keep it Brutal!

Anonymous said...

hey david.
my name is eugene and i really LOVE twisted metal!
best game ever!

here's my pic w/it!


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