Monday, February 04, 2008

Random Musings and Pics

Little time to post today, just a few quick things:

1- Looks like I will be KEYNOTING the game career conference at this year's GDC. I told them I would speak, did not know it would be a keynote!!! Jeeze, there's pressure. Well look, a few things: if you plan on going know this:

a- it is going to be very off the cuff. I'm gonna go through my career steps, give a little advice on what I would have done differently, and take questions during the whole talk. I told them I did not have time to plan out a big, detailed speech and they were like: 'no worries, just talk about how you got to be doing what you are.' And so that is what I will do :) If you plan on coming, bring lots of questions so we can just shoot the shit, talk, and share war stories.

b- Contrary to what you may think, I have no intention of this being a rant or soapbox session. I will answer questions as honestly as I can- as always- but I'm not lookiong to make waves or make a barbed point or anything like that. The whole thing is helping new folks get into the biz and/or advance where they are in the biz. So I will consider the talk a success if even one person takes one thing I did (or didn't do) on my career path and succeeds even a touch because of what we talked about. So if you are coming for a reble rousin' good time...well, that MAY happen but it's not the goal. Hell, it's never the just tends to happen sometimes :)... But so know that...if you are looking for drama, look elsewhere...cause my other goal is to keep the damn thing out of the press so I will be trying not to say ANYTHING that will get me a post on Kotaku :) Much as I LOVE Kotaku, I'm just ready for a drama free GDC! Oh and hey, I'm doing a fun thing with Kotaku at GDC, come to think of it...I'll fill you in when they let me.

2- Pics! Some random pics I thought I would share:

Went to pick up diapers last night for my kids...and it occurred to me, with the youngest being 2 1/2, ain't much longer I'm gonna need to be picking up the Pampers :( You never know what the future holds and hey, there are always grandkids, but man, I'm gonna miss diapers! Is that crazy?!?! Could be, but I've really loved having babies and very small kids around the house. Ah well, on to the next stage!!!

Decided to get on the ball and make my office look a LITTLE nicer...wife got this custom framed for's 3-4 transparent sheets that I laid over the map of GOD OF WAR (back when it was called DARK ODYSSEY) in order to see where all the monsters and cut scenes and puzzles's neat to look at the image now and see a very, very rough sketch of what ended up being the whole game!

Here are some close ups:

Ahh, the Hydra...and look at little stickman Kratos with his dual I suck at drawing! :)

Went to ebay and purchased- and then framed- four of the games that made me fall in love with video games when I was a kid: ADVENTURE, COMBAT, DODGE EM, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Funny thing is, if you look at Twisted Metal, God of War, and Calling All Cars, you can TOTALLY see the influence of those games!

And finally...yes, tomorrow is the big day out here in well as in 21 other states. I am so excited and happy and proud to be voting for Obama. Look, I have not drunk the Kool Aid in that I KNOW he's a politician and I KNOW that no one is 100% what they promise in politics...but hell, if he's 40% of what he says, I'll be damn happy. Go Obama!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your kids when they are young:)

I hope Obama does well, It's been getting muddy. One thing about this election that makes me Happy is how many are getting involved.

I'm a firm beliver in every vote counts. It's owr country, even if it is run by big business. We out number them, so Yes we can make a difference if enough of us show up.

I hope all goes well at GDC.


Relin said...

I'll most certainly be there to see your speech, though I have a feeling I'll have to fist-fight a few people from my site before I get the ok.

If no one else has questions, I'm sure my shopping list will be enough to keep you busy ;)

PlayStation Museum said...

GOD DAMN IT. I want to go to San Fran so bad to attend the GDC. Henry Lowood and Mike Haigh are the two I want to see. And now learning that Jaffe is gonna be there?!?! Plus I'd like to meet in person some of my buds formerly from SISA San Diego who should be there. I gotta F*ckin present a UAT (User Acceptance Training) for work during those days in NY. Plus a F*ckin ticket to the GDC is $2,000!!

Torgo said...

NIce job on framing the carts!!! I may have to do something like that.

-rallyRAYS- said...

Good luck on your GDC keynote speech!

When your giving your career keynote speech, don't forget to mention the hazing ritual with the leeches, scorpions and jar of Vaseline :)

Damn, you frame EVERYTHING... I'm surprised you didn't frame your kids first dirty diaper and put that on the wall. :)

Sorry... to much sarcasm... going back to play Rock Band.

Take care,


thecapps said...

I hear you on the kids thing, ours is 2 1/2 and when she's out of diapers it's going to be nice not spending all that money on them, but it's going to be weird. We're planning on having one more though so we'll be able to go through all the fun again.

About Obama, he's a little too left for my tastes, but he definitely seems like a good person and a far cry from Hillary. My vote is still for Huckabee, obviously we have different political views and that's all fine and good. I personally think they'd both be good presidents. I have a lot of respect for Obama, he's a great public speaker.

Mike said...

I can't tell you how many times I played through Raiders of the Lost Ark on the VCS. My God, I loved that game.

Getting past the diapers stage was a huge relief--but every stage is kind of melancholy. My oldest daughter starts junior high next year. If you don't think I'm freaking out about that...

grasshopper said...

Ahh I love the stickman Kratos, that thing is pretty cool. Ya know what the sad thing is, your drawing skills probably exceed mine...I'm pretty damn close though :)

timetabletwist said...

Tomorrow is the big day! It has been a couple years now since the last one. Feels like it's been a lot longer then that, right? Either way I, for one, can not wait until tomorrow!

Oh yeah, the Elections are tomorrow too. ;)

Owen said...

I'm right with you, hoping Obama wins the nomination. As much as I love Bill Clinton, Hillary can't run a campaign based on HIS advances. Obama made some real concrete promises, and he was even the only candidate to do a speech in Kansas (my state)! I watched the live stream of it in Philosophy class, and was decided right then and there. His advances for the working class, if successful, will be monumental. The likes of JFK and LBJ. GO OBAMA! Unfortunately, I can't be in the historic Kansas caucus tomorrow, as I have work. They jewed me on hours and I had to pick some up to make up for it. I look forward to TM: HO: ETE, which I assume will be in Gamestop around Wednesday (I have the night off, since work is in the morning), since the shipdate is Tuesday. I know what I'll be doing that whole night, and probably clear into Thursday.

da criminal said...

Owen- are you even aware that there is a terrible racist comment in your post? Considering that you are voting for Obama I can't imagine you are...just pointing it out...


da criminal said...

Owen- are you even aware that there is a terrible racist comment in your post? Considering that you are voting for Obama I can't imagine you are...just pointing it out...


Owen said...

Are you referring to "jewed"? It's just a slang thing. Frankly, I blame South Park. Hearing it too many times made me start using it. I would probably edit it to screwed if I could. I'm not anti-Semitic or anything, I didn't really think about it.

L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lonnie said...

First of all, David, it's 24 states on Super Tuesday, not 21.

Second, I guess you didn't read my comment in the blog about your going bald, but basically I said Obama would be a bad choice and I explained why. Basically I said it's because he takes money from lobbyists and that alone makes him evil because he's obligated to put corporate interests above the people's interests. Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are the only candidates left that don't take money from lobbyists. This is because they are too honest. Obama is not.

Jutah_f8 said...

Hey Dave,

interesting pics... I like to take pics of my favorite foods(people think i'm weird for doing so), i think its funny shit.

Anyways, I won't be able to check out your speech at GDC, but I hope everything goes well. I'll be working the whole week of GDC. If at all possible, do you think you could stop by the PlayStation store, and sign my copy of Twisted Metal: Head-On ETE??... We're right across the street from the Moscone Center. If you have any free time, that would be COOL!!


PSN Grouch

Lonnie said...

Correction, sorry, I meant to say you said 22. But it is still 24 states.

Torgo said...

Nice catch David. I don't have the words.

davis said...

dacriminal, two questions that tickles my curiosity about your gaming career:

I remember reading a while back that you used to be heavily into film. I, myself, was interested in film as well and have wrote numerous scripts that never flourished into anything-- MY QUESTION IS whether you have ever used any script ideas or elements you used in your film days into your video games?

And a somehow connected question, you seem like comic books and superheroes-- do you think you'll ever make a game of your own blend of "Jaffe superheroes"?

Sorry if I ask so many random questions-- I plan on making my own career in video games someday. Law firms can be so tedious. I want to create!!

davis said...

Oh, and I have my girlfriend driving around looking for a copy of Twisted Metal HO while I'm at work.

Can't wait to find the hints to the next ESP game.

derrickgott007 said...

Ahhhhh, the joy's that ADVENTURE brought me as a kid. I remember thinking that gaming couldn't get much better than that. Who knew that a simple block with an arrow sticking off of it would be so much fun. And that dragon used to scare me! Looking back I think "Wow, how could I have been scared by that?"

Michael T. said...

I'm voting for Obama, hope he can win it all. Good luck at GDC it should be hella interesting this year.

Rey said...


Me and Severel like 60% of Twisted Metal fan are freaking piss that we cant get ares today we have to wate a day, so it ant fair for those who have them aready. to get a head start what we want is at least a day, so it be fair, this is what we at least want for the shipping delay that are stores have.

Lonnie said...

Ok, David, I think maybe we're both off on how many states. I'm reading different sources that are apparently saying different things. Or maybe it has to do with some states holding only one party. But some sources say 21 and others say 24. :S Are you reading this?

Fourzerotwo said...

I am seriously looking forward to this Keynote. I'm all about off the cuff responses / speeches. I'll be speaking at SXSW this year and plan to use the same approach.

Looking for to it!

S3NT1NEL said...

Loved the God of War drawing. :)

gary Z said...

was it how it all began ?? . tat pic looks lik i m seein sum intestinal cells under a microscope... u r even miserable than me wen it comes to drawing :D

Weezy(nintendo fan) said...

Jaffe you are the man... I wish I could work for you!


Anonymous said...

OMFG You're an Obama Supporter. If I wasn't already enamored with you, Jaffe, that'd be instant reconciliation for past infractions I might have harbored.

Oh and the 2 Girls One Cup Wife Reaction is very entertaining.

(She has such a great smile!)

Can't wait till GDC!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Jaffe.

Do you have to infuse politics into your video game blog every chance you get?

Anyone with any degree of celebrity has no problem in making their political views known.

Stick to fucking gaming. I like your games, I hate your politics. So if you want to keep peeps buying your games why would you potentially alienate some of your customers with your political views?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for God of War, David. It's a masterpiece of my collection.

Toni (Spain)

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