Friday, February 01, 2008



Anonymous said...

Your in a tough position Dave, anything you say is going to be spun to boost their site hits.

So, they are using you (and your wonderful outspokenness) to profit. It's a parasitic relationship.

Nice vent though... I have filled my curse word quota for the day!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe!

Don't worry about it man. I suppose it can be frustrating seeing everything you say being misquoted everywhere but sadly, you can't please everyone.

Even if you miticulously write or speak your mind in a way that would surely be understood properly, some dicks will find a way to turn it against you because they just don't like you.

But don't let it get to you, I like how you're free to speak your mind on your view of the industry. I'm about four months away from a 3D Artist's position in the game production and I eat every single interview and articles that oozes truthfulness about the gaming world and it production side. Be it your blog/interviews or some of the same stuff that's posted on GameSutra.

I may not always agree with you, but I respect your integrity as a free mind in this PR-driven industry.

Rock on Dave!

Anonymous said...


Your a direct, outspoken individual, so how did you manage to survive withing the HEAVLIY corporate SONY stucture?

Did you receive any flak for it? How did you manage your outspokenness with the rigid SONY stucture(from my experience working for SONY)?


Anonymous said...

I thought that guy was a dick,I thought that question was out of line. He asked a stupid question,you gave him a stupid answer. I never really got into the Twisted Metal games,I like them I just never really bought one. But dude I come to your blog everyday I think your a stand up dude,and i will be buying your game 1st day.

Unknown said...


Adam said...

Don't sweat it Dave. Most intelligent folks know you were kidding, and anyone who has read your blogs at all knows you're a big Miyamoto fan. You didn't need to make this vid. It was a funny joke. Keep up the great work man!

Torgo said...

David, I laughed. People take shit way too seriously some times, especially people on the Interwebz.

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed at this VLOG (man I hate using those corny terms like I'm a teenager, like in Juno where she says "Honest to blog?" Do teenage girls even say that crap?). Anyways, very funny as always, I loved the interview in which that comment was made and I think it's a valid point, even if it is a joke. I play both series and love TM and love Mario Kart DS (outside of that only the SNES version was fun IMO).

Corey Chaplan said...

Words are words, and just that.

3 days till release...I'm stoked!

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's near impossible to say anything without insulting someone. Some people just go out of their way, it seems, to find things to be indignant about.

They want to feel insulted over using some foul language? Let 'em and just ignore the idiots.

Anonymous said...

No-ones taking it seriously dude. You're an awesome Games Designer and anyone can see it was a joke

and this is coming from a Nintendo fan. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

This is why I love your blogs. It's just Jaffe kicking ass and taking names...or attempting to. I don't know; I'm not on one of those sides that allows me to accurately interpret the sway of things.
wtf am I talking? This a war or something?

Anyway; cursing is fine. I have no problem with it at all, just so long as it sounds right, but that's the same with all words.
You don't watch Penn and Teller: Bullshit on Shotime, do you? It seems kinda like your sorta show. I know they did a great episode kicking it to the anti-swearing assholes.

If you're gonna shave your head though, for the love of hell, grow something on the rest of your face.
Just sayin'! Just sayin'! I'm having a difficulty imagining you bald with a clean-shaven face.


Danh said...

Loving the video blogs! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny as hell hahaha. I cant believe people would flip out about that

sarge mat said...

Some people are just stupid. It was clear it was a joke, to me. MR Nintendo said something about your type of game, you responded with something that was a joke.

This industry really upsets me some times. Don’t worry about it man.

Anonymous said...

I am using firefox and I cant see any of your video blogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Nintendo fanboy but I agree with what you said. Why would someone make a car shoot turtle shells and banana peels? =p

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you fat bastard. Quit acting like white trash you act like you have no education you fucking douche.

PPL think your misrible by the way you act. So they dont think your funny.

What you put out as your personality really makes you look like trash bro. try and have some class. ugh your disgusting to look at and listen too.

Anonymous said...

woah cursing. so bad ass...

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty big Nintenwhore, but I knew you were joking.

Still, you do fellate Sony a disproportionate amount of the time ( which is understandable, given your position).

Regardless, I will always defend you, because you gave me God of War for free. I love Miyamoto, but he never gave me Pikmin.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that takes the bannana peel comment in a bad way is a retard.

That comment was funny as hell,
and this video is even funnier.

Oliver Snyders said...

I'm sick of reading comments on sites - there's so much negativity and geekdom that just snowballs from no-where. I've felt my stress levels increase just reading comments on certain sites and I thankfully realise I'm getting worked up and stop reading. Not even Gamasutra is safe! And forums? Forget it about it!

So, this comments section may be the very last one I read (for a while).

Thanks for the video blogs (I love behind the scenes stuff, like the 'Dark Guns' expose) and please continue to share your opinions here and don't hold back, even if your comments bring the entire game-news trawling community to a stand-still. That's awesome.

Keep it up, and I wish the Twisted Metal launch the best. It's gonna' do great. Everything points to (at least) 700 000 - 1 000 000.


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, it'll just read like this.

Headline: Jaffe at it Again!

Here's what Jaffe is saying:


There you have it, Jaffe hates something that we like, he even cursed about it!

Dude, your games rock, keep on doin' what your doin'!

Anonymous said...


Don't get so worked up about it.

If a person can be so naive to think that everything you say is to offend someone, well fuck them in the asshole. You're one of the few good game makers who actually plays and supports other consoles.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I thought it was funny...

Anonymous said...

The original comment? Funny. I honestly laughed.


Fanboys take offense to anything they don't agree with, even if it is an offhand joke. Keep speaking your mind David.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, I have to give you props for speaking your mind dude.

I have a habit of doing it at the Gamestop I work at.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Jaffe was abused as a child. Boohoo. Fuck Nintendo.

Maxsunset said...

Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

That'll teach you to take Miyamoto's name in vain!

Say, is Ratchet still better than Galaxy?

Anonymous said...


Kewk said...

Jaffe that blog was absolute gold. I loved it! Fuck those mother fuckers!

PM said...

i was going to post on neogaf on the thread about this and say, " you guys know hes joking right?" but so many people post there i figured it would get looked over. how can people take this seriously anyway? its a video game. posts like "Jaffe is so STUPID for not knowing that the driver throws the banana peel , not the kart" WTF IS THAT!?!?!?

you do such a cool thing with this blog and all the interviews you do with websites, you are probably the most accessible game dev in the world, but any time you say anything you get shit all over. people need to lighten up stop taking video games a seriously as AIDS in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Go Jaffe. You>Miyamoto to be honest. I love Nintendo, I grew up with them (played my dad's NES/GB, eventually got an N64/GBC, then gameboy color/GC). Honestly, I never really knew about the XBOX until I was in the 4th grade. Most of my friends had nothing, a PS2, or a gamecube (and as far as 5th generation goes, none of them had PS1s except for one friend).

Eventually, I am where I am now...older and wiser, owning a PS3/360. I've rented tons of PS2 games, and I need to catch up on the PS1 games I've missed, and I've been enjoying all the 360/PS3 games.

Wow, I got off my own topic. Anyway, I grew up with Nintendo, But GOW2 was just epic beyond epic and I enjoyed it more than all other Nintendo games I've ever played (as far as story goes, and gameplay).

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you are the man. Keep speaking your mind! You always crack me up.

Unknown said...

lmao funny shit


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Vent all you want, just keep it together man. It is "just" the internet. They are "just" words.

You are a public figure head in todays pop culture.

I hate to be corney and quote Spiderman, but dude. "With great power comes great responsibility"

People will take issue with anything to get the hit count up. Don't be that guy.


resident UA said...

HAHAHA :) I watched the video first and then read the quote... It's actually really funny :) Stupid Nintendo fanboys :) Really stupid question too. The guy was trying to be a smartass and got what he deserves :)

resident UA said...

OH yeah... And why do you keep apologizing about offending Nintendo??? Who cares? I could eazily argue that GOW is better than any Mario game. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed all the MArio games (SMB3 is the best) but they are JUST games. Who said that you have to like them more than GOW????

Anonymous said...

God man that was great. Seriously though, Miyamoto is good but it isn't like he is the only person who ever made a good game. I have a Nintendo fanboy for a friend and I have to put up with this shit all the time. I know how you feel.

Nymo said...

Fuck yeah!
oh, someone beat me to that...

The Internet: Breeding ground for rants! hah...

anyways, aww: You went to McDonalds today. What did you pick up this time?

Anonymous said...

SketchTheArtist: misquoted is the wrong word to use motherfucker...... meticulously etc.

P.S. bananas are held

Anonymous said...

I know this is off subject but could you shed a little light on this pic

Anonymous said...

Escalation said...

This is hilarious. I'm still laughing. Awesome rant.

Nokage said...

You should take it all as a giant complement Dave, just think about it for a second,how many other game developers get quoted on gaming site for every little thing they say?How many other video game developers have the fan base you do?Not very many.. i can only think of maybe five or so offhand.

Just think of it like this, your personality as a very out spoken and straight forward guy along with the great games you have helped create over the years have come together to build up such interest in the things you say for better or worse.Keep on being yourself, to hell with those that try to censor or change you!

FISS said...

Mr J, I love Nintendo too, and I think that only a videogame designer can question, even if it is a joke, the decision of another designer, like guns or bananas on a vehicle as protection.

I love Nintendo since the NES, and when I read the banana on the kart comment, I just laugh, and imaging in my mind the face of Miyamoto wile he is reading the comment, it is hilarious, and I respect you Mr Jaffe, because you say the things as they are. Even if is a joke.

Sadeq said...


Just relax man. Of course they'll talk shit about you because a) it gets them more traffic and b)they are Sony/Jaffe haters.

Keep on working on your next game

That was a good laugh btw

Anonymous said...

Thought you were gonna take the hat off for this one to ask if you should go bald or not? :P

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't sweat about the haters. But hopefully it gets cleared up out there fast.

I'm wondering why the PS2's TM:HO doesn't have multi-tap support? Would have been even more awesome if it did.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous assholes of the filthy, filthy internet,

If I ever find out who any of you fucking anonymous posters are I swear on my uncle's vagina that I will FUCKING CRUNCH YOUR SKULLS IN LIKE A HEAD OF FUCKING LETTUCE LIKE JASON DOES TO THAT FUCKER IN FRIDAY THE 13th PART 6!!! FUCK!!!

Mr. Jaffe,

You are just plain bad ass. Fuckin rock on!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Jaffe people will always be stuck up and take things the wrong way and make slight towards you on the internet. Unfortunately people can hide behind the security of a Internet Persona and personally assault how you are personaly. Just remember they are only saying it because they have the protection of being anonymous over the internet. Just keep on being how you are which is unplugged and without the rest of the bullshit that is usually displayed when it comes to public opinions etc.

hpv said...

Miyamoto needs to put up a video like this, because that would be awesome. Maybe you should egg him on by putting banana peels and turtle shells in the next Twisted Metal, Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is always the vocal minority, Nintendo fanboys are the worst, don't let them get to you, listen to the GFW podcast, Shawn Elliot puts it brilliantly!

Take it easy man, guns on cars is teh awesome!

Calling all Cars is frickin' sweet too!

Anonymous said...

As the Jaffe Turns.

Wow, has this gotten to the point of self pity? A creative game designer gives a glimpse at the way they view the world. We all get to sit on the sidelines and draw our own conclusions. One thing is for certain. I will enjoy the ending in front of my TV. The E true Hollywood story of this guy is going to be amazing.

As a once battered and abused teen to a mega star in the gaming world. David Jaffe has trusted himself in the spotlight one more time, with his tragic suicide. A man once thought of a the Howard Stern of gaming was found dead at his own hands. We take a look at his life and his tragic ending. As a son of a sailor talking mother and a father that wanted no parts of his life. We now take you behind the the curtain to find out what went wrong.

Zodiak said...


Fuck yeah motherfucker!!! lol.


Anonymous said...

dude it was joke. I got it. no big deal.

Anonymous said...

can't you just stfu and make fucking games like 99.9% of all other devs in this are making a godamn clown outyourself with this might as well represent your ass in any fucking talk show....that suits you better........your behaviour is simply put cheap and unproffesional to begin with.....just stfu already


Anonymous said...

"Jaffe you fat bastard. Quit acting like white trash you act like you have no education you fucking douche.

PPL think your misrible by the way you act. So they dont think your funny.

What you put out as your personality really makes you look like trash bro. try and have some class. ugh your disgusting to look at and listen too."

I couldn't possibly agree more with you. This guy doesn't know how to act. He is a shame for the industry.

Anonymous said...

"Only got 2-3 stars so far, so I imagine- with the amazing reviews- this will change. But right now, I LIKE this game but don't LOVE it. The controls are cool but I get tired of playing a game like this with the Wii controls. As of now- for me- Ratchet is a better platformer than this. But I'm going to give this more time cause I could see me reversing that position considering the amazing reviews this game has gotten..."

ha ha good one jaffe...dude you are one serious clown..


Anonymous said...

Jaffe, don't mind them. All those people who are overreacting are just those retard fan boys. Your response was actually witty and funny! lol.

PS. I completely adored Twisted Metal: Black. I wished you've done a sequel to it. Yeah I know you did Head On, but I was hoping you did a TM with the 'Black' feel to it (you know: dark, psychotic, gritty). Keep up the good work, man!

Anonymous said...

It's funny.... actually Jaffe looks like lil rude teenager despite his age...I don't know but
there is something akward about his face its kinda creepy to look at don't really know what your a dealing with...he looks like a manchild mutant ..He reminds me of Epics Mark
Rein ...that prepuberteral naughty needy tricksy prancish gas face is in full effect here....



Anonymous said...

I thought the banana peel joke/thing was hilarious. Well, okay, maybe not hilarious, but pretty damn funny in a ironic kind of way.

Everybody should be able to take a step back from either their own work or their own console of choice and just see a joke for what it is. It's so lame to get bent out of shape over an off-the-cuff comment like Jaffe's.

Btw, I have a Wii. And I've got a Gamecube and a SNES and a NES, and a GBA, and a DS. And I got a PS3, and I had a PS2, and I have a 360 and 3 PCs. So I don't give anyone special favours or anything.

So people, lighten up, will ya! Okay? :D

Dktens said...

I think theres far more people supporting you than trying to shit on you.

The comment was funny made me laugh

They can try to spin what you say all they want but you make some great games. Your an honest upfront games developer I think other games developers should take note.

Keep up the good work don't let idiots that don't know what there talking about piss you off.

Anonymous said...

to 1time4nomind... Try to be a little more tolerant, or at least, use some different words, and dont curse so much, so that you also can show, that you have some "class".
Freedom of Speach, is a great thing, but no matter what you say, there will ALWAYS, be some Motherfucking(excause my french), intolerant, double standard wannabees outhere, so dont take that to serious.

Anonymous said...

Go Jaffe, I'm with you . Go make a God of War Video with Kratos slaughtering Mario. haha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dave, anyone would find it obvious that a dev would most likely never spit on someone like Miyamoto, who they really owe for video gaming today. It's just a fact that the media loves to spin everything you say. I don't think anyone but snotty little 360 twelve year olds would dare take a stab at him.
A better quote I can provide you with of his, one I was planning on making an art project based on with many characters on it, is this:
"Videogames are bad for you? People said the same thing about rock and roll."

Tapion440 said...

Thanks for explaining what the fuck you were talking about. You left my mind to wonder what your joke about Miyamoto and a banana was.

And look, everyone who is saying that Miyamoto is overrated, he has already established himself as the greatest figure in video games (sorry, not debatable) and I don't care if he doesn't make another game for the rest of his life, he will go down as the greatest game designer ever for his impact on the gaming industry.

The banana peel thing was rather funny btw..

Anonymous said...



Just kidding. You sounded like my brother, Dale, in that video. He's always unloading on me about the woes of the world.

But, yeah, the Internet can be great, no?

But you're a star, bro. Haven't you figured that out yet? To me, you're a cool cat in a position of envy. To others, perhaps, you're a rock-star genius. Either way, you're a gaming icon, and gaming is fast becoming THE latest media king. I guess get used to it. There are perhaps worse ways to spend your life.

Love ya', man.


Caleb said...

Fuck you mother fucker....lfmao....

All Hail!!! Dave!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see, so your comments and cussing is valid because you have the conversational skills and vocabulary of a hill billy, only because you were brought up that way. Hahahaha.

Dang, I darn near shit mah-self.

Go get an education, you retard, and stop ruining the game industry with your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

"Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto noticed this unfortunate trend early, and he addressed it in a Mar. 2007 interview with Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal with a now somewhat infamous quote:

“If there’s only one piece of advice that I could give to the managers of third party companies, it would be that a lot of times it seems that when they’re putting games out on Nintendo hardware, those games are being developed by their third-string team or their fourth-string team. Maybe that’s because they see those products as being unique projects or somewhat smaller-scale projects. But when Nintendo puts out a title that is designed to really support and sell its hardware, that title is always developed by one of our number one teams. And so I think that when it comes to the question of trying to compete with our software, I would really like to see them try to do that with their number one teams rather than with the third- or fourth-string teams.”


Anonymous said...

This is your brain 0

This is your brain after reading Jaffe's blog _

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

I've never missunderstood you to be saying you are better than any other game designer out there. I also, despite what many seem to think, don't think you have a big ego.

With that said, it's funny how perspective works. I personally like your games far better than anything any other game designer has done, so in my book, yeah, you're better.

The swearing? Well . . . I swear, but I think it's a strength and can make you more likely to suceed if it's placed in check more often than not. With friends, hell yes, in a corporate world, you're probably going to get yourself hosed.

You've already got sucess, so you lucked out. It wouldn't be the best advice to just anyone to let their tongues fly free.

duckhuntdude said...

David, you made a very hilarious and funny reply in the interview.

Just stay as you are, love to hear more from you (interviews, weblog posts etc...)!

Anonymous said...

Wow this guy is a mother-fucking cunt-licking, arrogant, attention-whoring developer. Stop bitching and maybe make a good game or something.

Don't take it personally, it's just words right, and words have no power unless you let them.


Anonymous said...

"Bad words" like fuck, shit, asshole, whore, etc are terms synonymous with being angry. When you use those words people assume you're pissed-off. And then you wonder why people think you're angry all the time. LOL Jesus Christ! are you retarded? You're what? 45+ and you still haven't figured out this simple social concept? Naw, more likely, you're just unable to control your nerd-rage and cussing is the only way you know how to calm down. Lets just hope you don't beat your wife and kids.

Fourzerotwo said...

I <3 Anonymous Comments. I'm finding myself coming to this blog more and more, and enjoying more every time.

ShinoBboy said...

hey Jaffe i want to become a developer. I am going to college majoring in Computer Engineering . Is this the major i should pursue in order to reach the position you're currently in?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you are a leader dont worrie about what some clowns gotta say. Keep being your own man.


Anonymous said...

Jaffe the attentionwhore


Anonymous said...

Dude, don't sweat it; I didn't catch any animosity towards Myamoto in your comment.

But you know, it's funny; I read that story about Retro Studios making a car-combat game and Myamoto's response and I thought the same thing that you did.

So with that in mind, I came to a realization about Myamoto: he prefers to make family-friendly things and he sticks by his choice no matter what.

That doesn't mean what he does is bad; if somebody who enjoys games has a hard time recognizing the significance of such milestones as Mario, Zelda, or even fucking Nintendogs, then their parents need to cancel their XBL accounts because I'm tired of hearing their squeaky voices call me a n*gger on every online game with guns in them.

In all seriousness, though, I'm kind of surprised that nobody in the journalism side of the industry has noticed the somewhat blatant example of Myamoto playing the role of the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, sure, gaming simply wouldn't be the hobby it is today if it wasn't for him, but he made a rather odd comment.

Of course, I've noticed that if you read enough articles, you notice Myamoto tends to slam quite a few large franchises that aren't Nintendo-related. He said that he could've easily made Halo, if he wanted to, and he's said just as much about Grand Theft Auto (I myself am not a fan of either series, but I can at least acknowledge their contributions to the industry). So maybe he holds a bit of favoritism to the company that made him so very, very rich.

Keep in mind, though, that I'm not defending Mr. Myamoto, I'm just trying to see if I can figure out his logic. Then again, if I could tap into that mindset, I, too, would be rich and famous.

And I'm fucking tired of people who swear in order to look cool, goddammit.

Anonymous said...

why don't you just let your work do the speaking? maybe if you spent less time talking and more time working you wouldn't have to apologize to the world once a month for your embarrassing, childish outbursts.

the only thing you are really accomplishing is distancing yourself from a pretty amazing peer group because you feel like it's cool to be outspoken. that's the real shame. think about your legacy...because at this point, i don't think most of your peers are lauding you for your work anymore...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the guy above me.

how many jaffes must get dissed?


gary Z said...

just tat this man gets sum big ass attention doesn`t man he has to mask himself in sum shit ... he ain`t gonna change for sum gud o`l behave crap ass .... y the fuckin hell they keep botherin with his way with words...those retards shud rather focus on the amazing platoon of games this guy has developed... rock on jaffe u r my man ...!

Anonymous said...

gary z is 19 years old


Nemphtis said...

Oh and just for the record - I thought it was damn funny.

Anonymous said...

the site is now up

so far i like the tracks i hope that The Curse (TMB)
is that erre bell melody

Anonymous said...

to many people call it cussing. is it only New York people who say curse and not cuss?

Kilrgrn said...

Dave, just keep being yourself. Who gives a fuck what other assholes think? You have your fans and your fans know who you are. To this day, we STILL respect you, because we know that you are NOT a brown-nosing hypocritical asshole.They're just jealous they can't be as outspoken and down to earth as you are.

So on that note, keep up the good work, I knew it was a joke and it was really funny. Your video was even funnier.

Ignore the haters on your blog. They're insecure assholes, that's why they're anons. Yeah I said it, grow up you fucks.

Unknown said...

I think the answer was plenty appropriate and only one-sided Nintendo fanboys would get upset over it. We all enjoy to play Miyamoto's games but it's not out of hand to question the logic behind that kind of shit; especially after the statement he made about cars with guns. Why put guns on cars? to drive around and blow shit up.... It's not a complicated answer...

I mean, why the hell make game where a plumber jumps on penis shaped mushrooms?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe sucks big dicks in the industry

nights777 said...



jk Jaffe. I thought the banana peel joke was epic.

Anonymous said...

If those comments in any way, represents the american gamer youth, then my god what a tragedy.....cant you write a sentence, without insulting or at least cursing, its so depressing to read all your senseless shit.
Do you know, what constructive critic is???

Dj CarlosP said...

yo jeff,

i really like the way you don't take your self too serious and say what you think. I mean you shouldnt be surprised at all because most of those guys are fanboys. I mean you said you visit neogaf from time to time and those guys a talk shit are the same level of morons and fanboys like those from neogaf.

i mean i am from the industry my self and everytime i visit our forums i am shocked how serious some people think about video games in general and how serious they take this topic.

Just be your self and don't stop to say what you really think ;)


Anonymous said...


TOMORROW's the big day! Are you excited?? I know I am!

Anonymous said...


I love the way you make your point about thing, and i very much agree with everything you say...
It's a huge piss off when people make a fucking huge deal over the smallest shit ever... neways great video post...

Good luck with whatever your busy doing :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Flixn is going the way of the doo doo.

Anonymous said...

We are cracking your codes!

BTW, great job on everything. You do a hell of a job.

Anonymous said...


THANK FUCKING GOD!!! I love these games.

Ashtar said...

According to IGN, you owe me a box of chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Lyndonap: If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's near impossible to say anything without insulting someone. Some people just go out of their way, it seems, to find things to be indignant about.

They want to feel insulted over using some foul language? Let 'em and just ignore the idiots.

I've learned the exact same thing. People just love feeling angry and self-righteous, its a way to strengthen their fragile little egos. Their probably complaininig about his foul mouth due to being jealous about all his success. I would just say a good FUCK YOU to them and ignore anything else they have to say.

Joel said...





Exophrine said...

David, man, don't worry so much about this crap. Fuck the negative things that people say about how you speak or what you think.

As long as the *REAL* substance is in what matters, where your blood, sweat, and tears go; and as long as *THAT'S* giving you the results that make it worthwhile to you, then why even give 2 fucks about a negative opinion? You're obviously doing something right.

Keep doing what you're doing. Keep talking and keep working. You have people behind you 100%, myself included.

By the way, Head-On:'s fucking amazing, man. It is such a blast to play. Plus, all the extra stuff you threw in with it makes worth way more than $20. Seriously, I would've gladly pre-paid upwards of $30.

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