Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Still in Utah- me, Scott, and Kellan went to CPK today and took a PS3 controller with us to work out the controls for our new game over lunch. Sure we looked like dorks but we got some good work done, especially since we are exploring some nice sized changes to our control set up....


Man...it don't get much cooler than THAT! DAMN THAT IS SWEET!!!!!



Hit the Macaroni Grill with Scott and Kellan. If you've never been, they have tablecloths you can write on with the crayons they provide. Here's what we doodled while chatting games, work, and other stuff.

My doodles...never got to Pyramid Head in Silent Hill, but there is my take. GDC was sketched when we were talking about me having to miss my GDC speech. I am a big believer that doodles say much about the doodler. Not sure what these images say about me!

Kellan's sketch...by the end of the night, the dude had an exposed brain! It was really sweet and gross!

Scott's terrorist or biker gang dude....

Oh, and I found these cool Sweet Tooth cycle helmet customs online. Sweet, eh?

Later ya'll!



wtfgrouch said...

hahaha... I haven't doodled since high school, it was actually quite fun now that i think about it.

I can't seem to see the video... it could be my connection. I'll try again.


grasshopper said...

Well I am going to change my comment because you took down pretty much everything the moment I finished watching it. The chat might have been cool, I only have the mic though. I can see it not going well though. :)

wtfgrouch said...

I was able to see the vblog.

I also tried the live chat at the bottom, that's pretty cool shit. I think your were sleeping or didn't want to see what freaky person was on the other end (LOL) it's cool.


wtfgrouch said...

LMAO - I just saw you removed the live chat, my bad if you were sleeping Dave ;-[ I wasn't thinking.



TheCheese33 said...

You could try Stickam for your new blog videos! It has an option to record from your webcam.

Anonymous said...

Macaroni Grill is DELICIOUS!! What did you have? I usually get their freakin' 9 LAYER LASAGNA! ITS SO GOOD!

Did you end up buying one of those Sweet Tooth Helmets? I think i would bust a gut if I saw some dude riding with it on. LOL!

One last thing. Are you a baseball fan? Cactus League (spring training) starts today for my team, GO ROCKIES!!!, just wondering if you have a specific team. WOO HOO!!

-rallyRAYS- said...

LOVE the crazy helmet... that's awesome! I want a helmet just like that... painted like hello kitty! ;)

Something tells me SONY is going to give you one of those PSPs... lucky bastard! :)


Anonymous said...

live Video chat??? i did not know i was to busy working to see it,

nice PSP and the Helmet hum ant that TM3 on there tho?

Anonymous said...

Macaroni Grill has one thing as far as I'm concerned: Chicken Scallopini. Try it, you'll never get anything else.

Zodiak said...

lol live chat, aww if only I was there to see it. Man the whole board would explode if that happened.

awesome sweetooth helmet there and I knew about the GoW PSP and the end result is truly fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave i been on your blog page i was wondering could you come by the forums at Playstation.com under Twisted Metal series topic Q & A about page 10 to up is my stories.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
I just read your interview in April 08's edition of Gamepro. I really wish and hope you will make TM on PS3 a bigger game than what the studio was built for. At least just this new Twisted Metal just to say you've hit ALL PS Series consoles with a hard disk. What are your thoughts on that? Eat Sleep Play made the proper fixes for the "extra Twisted edition" and I feel you guys should expose it for a $50-$60 game.

Anyway, GOOD INTERVIEW, GOOD GAME, and hope to help you work on your next title!

Anonymous said...

So I'm going to try and be more regular on this site...

The chat was cool. Thanks for the tip on what to do about my lack of Canadian TM:HO Art Book.

Do you think it would be possible to post times of when you are planning on doing this blog thing? I would love to tune in.


felman said...

just saw your DICE interview. You might be out $100 but at least Kutaragi knows you exist.

Now all we need to do is get Obama to know who you are, then you can go bald happily. ^_^

Seriously, bald spot, just rogain that shit. You've got nice hair. My hair looks like crap

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I am a long time reader and fan.

I'm not sure what to do. I have been bottling up this feeling inside for sometime now. I know I have no right to do this because you have been such a great guy to us. But as I sit here wanting to die I'm hoping this will help me feel better. I could be wrong and I won't blame you or anyone else for telling me to fuck off.

Please...PLEASE for everything that you believe in do not in the future give anyone hope that you can help them get into the biz. I slaved for many years doing what I needed to with no results other then losing my wife, child, home and job because this was so much more important to me. This is too competitive of an environment now. I could continue my journey towards becoming a developer, but why? I have lost all that is really important, and yes it was my choice, but I feel as though I've had this dangled carrot of hope that was nothing, but a mirage.

I know -repeat- I know you had no false intentions, but just so you know there are mentally unstable people out here (like myself-Bipolar) that sometimes don't know when to stop chasing that dream before it's too late. It's just in our blood to want to create and obtain goals.

Please don't take offense. This is meant to be nothing, but more of an FYI and to let me get my feelings out there so I can move on. Take care my friend and I hope the best for you and all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I just put your (David's, obviously) interview up on my blog if you wanted to make sure they quoted you correctly ;) Go ahead and read it. Hope I'm not breakin' any copyrights... if I am don't tell anyone :(



Anonymous said...

ARS MORIENDI: I know what you're feeling, too-- I, too, am an aspiring game designer and I've had Dave here answer a couple questions of mine-- but that doesn't make him my best friend or co-worker, or consort, etc.

Unfortunately, he's not here fishing for prospective designers/developers-- he's just here to talk to the fans.

Trust me, no one wants to get into this business more than me. Especially through Twisted Metal, which is something I've been wanting to get into since TM3 (because it seemed like they needed my help).

But I'm not going to ask Dave here-- as much I'm dying to-- it's just not going to happen that way.

ARS, the best advice I can give you is to find your own way. Build a team and make a game that will wow the world, or do what Dave had to do and become a tester and go through all the bullshit and hardtimes he went through.

He had to work for it-- you do it.

And don't think I'm kissing Dave's ass or anything, because as glorious as it is, I would say this to anyone that is looking for the "quick way in". Work for it.

Setheron said...

Hey David,
Think your awsome.
Just wanted to say I totally agree with the missing of exclusive titles.

I am also a aspiring game designer and i hope never have to make a manual like that in ur vid.

Setheron said...

Hey David,
Think your awsome.
Just wanted to say I totally agree with the missing of exclusive titles.

I am also a aspiring game designer and i hope never have to make a manual like that in ur vid.

Anonymous said...

At least now you don't have to cut the cord off any PS Controllers!

Anonymous said...

And just a quick question did Kellan work on the GOW Series? I thought I remember seeing a guy like that in the extra videos...

-rallyRAYS- said...

Ars moriendi:

I have read your post and undertand how difficult it is chasing your dream.

Becoming successful is about passion ... but MOST importantly, it's about balence! Balencing your passion for game development with the responsibilities life throws at you, and life can be a cruel son-of-a-b****!

I have been been working in the industry for 10 years now, and it's NOT allways been as fun and exciting as it seems! I have had some succeful moments... and I have had some failures, but I allways try to remeber what's important, my real life, friends, hobbies, dog Zelda and family. I like to believe that a healthy life outside of work will almost guarantee a more successful career.

Sure, I'm not not "kickin" it with guys like Jaffe, but by keeping my career and life in balence I will eventually work with the industries best.

The way I see it, when life knocks you down you have two choices, stay down and feel like shit, or pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes and become a better game developer and better person.

Hope this helps man,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave i was wondering about the next Twisted Metal game coming to PS3 do you think you can finally top TM2 for the best game of the series.

Anonymous said...

I got a surprised for you Dave i made a fan story that i based on your Twisted Metal series.

Twisted Metal Armageddon
Author: Jack Red
The contest is
Twisted Metal it has it's
far shares of winners and
losers but this time some
thing special comes along
that has never been done

Calypso announces
that this year will be
armageddon because i'm
bringing back all the
drivers to the tournament
given them not only the
sole survivor but also
a single wish.

The 12 combatants
are ready to go at it
but Calypso made it clear
that this is going to be
the most we have because
I'm brought 24 more
combatants into the contest
to make things more interesting.

Calypso said, "The
world is still your battle
ground just remember this
time there's no stopping
enjoy while it lasts", A
few moments of silence he
tells them the contest is...

Now said by Calypso,
they are off fighting one
of another like it's no
tomorrow which is very
entertaining for Calypso.

Already alot of the
big towns and cities are being
destroyed with hundred to
thousands to possibly millions
of people killed with the contestments
really raging on.

As it continues things
gone worse already the sky
turned from pale blue to
blood red in secs and even
over seas are no longer safe
as some of the contestments
are over there fighting trying
their best to survive.

Days turned to weeks,
weeks turned to years well
surprising there's rebels
out there with rocket launchers
or bomb to lay on the ground
hoping one of the drivers maybe
be killed by it if that wasn't
enough here's the news to you...

The so called war goes
on as if they don't care for their
own well being and the safety of
others the world is looking better
each day being the way things are
the destroyed cities & towns to states
to continents it's up being turned to

Finally the end is near it's down
to Minion and Sweet Tooth in New York while
Mr. Grimm is battling Outlaw in Australia
just went everything is going to be finished
Calypso gets in a vehicle to hope maybe
win his own contestment and make sure everyone's

Hell on earth Minion kills Sweet Tooth
and is now face with Mr. Grimm who killed
Outlaw by a power missle they are faced in
Alaska then Calypso heard the news that only
two of them remind however they both want
to get even with him so he stays in hoping
to give the winner who he wants.

Just when it looks like Mr. Grimm is
winning Minion opens the gates of hell under
him sending there so he could meet Calypso
for his prize but something went wrong all
the contestments are out of hell and are very
pissed to see Minion wasn't dead yet so they
take him on hoping to take the win from him.

Calypso was told that the impossible
happened everyone's back in the contest and
now taking Minion down finally he loss his
chance to get his prize now it's back on
everyone's going in all directions to places
not damaged or not damaged enough it went on
for 12 years since everyone was back from hell
with their vehicles as their own given powers
from down below.

Now once again alot of them are dead
there is a winner his name is Mr. Grimm, he
wants the souls of the people of died in the
contest because it you were here the world is
no doubt destroyed Calypso grants his wish
but this time he said since you did escape
i can't let you stay on earth it's the deal
after all Minion was the devil he did ask me
awhile ago if someone who escaped Hell to win
my contest he give me the power to send you
there just before Calypso opens his new home
to him Mr. Grimm reaps him and takes his soul.

The End is here can you believe that it's
finally here whose happy about if i sure
not i want more man this is my kind of
story i know i am not the only one.

Special Thanks goes out to the Twisted Metal team you guys do a great job making the series
what it is especially for gamers like me i hope one day i can meet you all.

Twisted Metal Past Regrets
Author: Jack Red
Sequel to Twisted Metal Armageddon
The world still haven't side
up on all sides yet as the contest
least for a long time to have every
one in the world to remember it.

Calypso escapes Hell in hopes
to get his contest back with even more
to effort and maybe revenge on Mr. Grimm
for killing him the last time they met.

This time a hole in time rips
everyone is back with three new groups
of combatants really to go at it once
this happens we may not exist any longer
life change to the point insanity seems
to last.

Life isn't going to be around
much longer as Calypso starts the contest
again the world is in danger but it could
be people they are around they also can
be the threat as many are lossing their
minds killing others in hopes it will
convince Calypso to stop.

No one is safe even in time
Calypso did say if you run out of room
for your chance to have your wish granted
I will have all of you be in one of the
most remembered times in history we people
love hearing about to bring more carnage
to those who want the contest stopped.

Modern is again damage beyond
point as time is now getting a fair
share of the carnage that is so incredible
beyond understanding of those who won't
understand at all.

Even Minion brought hell with
him as Primeval returns with Darkside
all kind of time periods are now just
a bare to those then and of today Calypso
must be approving of the violence of
his contest because he loves how many
people are not safe and the contestments
are going to the point of insanity.

Already time is half damaged
alot of people never stay too far from
the contest always bits the dust as those
who want to just be in complete silence
it will never happened.

Just about half of them are dead
the time space is starting to break into
pieces it's their last resort now let's
hope it will end soon... Not.

The most unbelievable experience
of their lives is going as if it was baseball
instead of bats they got missles and instead
of balls they got each other just five of them
are alive and heavily injuried Calypso really
enjoys the show he bring to time itself.

Minion just died the best death even
Calypso has ever seen he got blown away from
all sides with their guns firing no escape
was possible then again Minion can do things
they can't Mr. Grimm laying on the ground while
Sweet Tooth killing alot the people around him.

Finally after the rumble of the survivors
Outlaw is the winner he asks to end the contest
he said i heard you are a man of your word is that
true Calypso lets him have again he is again in space
but this time heading straight to the moon.

The end god i hate ending they are the
real disappointment of movies and games alike.

Twisted Metal Apocalypse
Author: Jack Red
Interquel to Twisted Metal Past Regrets
This story is going you more
of a inside on the previous two stories
i hope this will help you the readers
to understand why i made this just for

In Twisted Metal Armageddon had
the violent level up high and i really
wanted to give people an idea how i look
at the series the way i think it so as
some of you might have guessed it's Twisted
Metal Allstars my idea to bring classics
back for a second chance for some there's
alot more chances they had before and got
it now.

In Twisted Metal Past Regrets
I wanted a more interesting idea put
into play here what if times is now
the background what could happen all
these questions and more will be answered

Now i wanted to make a series
for the team that makes the game series
maybe i could help i hope i can have them
cut one and put it into work that will
going into the right direction please
believe me i really wanted to do this.

I was a creatived guy who loved
playing alot of game series one of the
following i do like was Twisted Metal
to me it's like rock and Vigilante 8
being country i want to give people
the chance to under my creativity for
Twisted Metal.

without the series i couldn't
do so well making stories as i do right
now not only that i can write very fast
that by the time everyone was at paragraph
3 i was at 8th or 10th paragraph.

I called this a interquel because
i wanted to give my readers a good idea
what i am doing with fan stories about
Twisted Metal series well alot of you
do know i love being Sweet Tooth in the
games and that's something that will never

In Armageddon i just made a Twisted
Metal version of Mortal Kombat's game and
throw in alot of backstory info to help
give a good feel and maybe what if is the
beauty about them not alot of people care
about my stories and just want the series
or the mod based on three games.

Like Dave Jaffe i am known to be
like someone who goes with his ideas
and stick to them like super glue and
i figured why not give this idea a
try so i decide to plan out things
fast that i know what is Twisted Metal.

In Past Regrets i had that idea
from Timesplitters 2 and Rampage 2
Universal Tour i love playing both of
those games that i figured what an
incredible idea to throw what i wanted
but keep the same feel in a way or two.

Jack Red is my internet name i
won't say what my real name is unless
you private message me the question
otherwise you are not going to get it
sorry the world works in many ways this
being my favorite so long.

The End oh no please don't end it
we want more, oh shots.

the story is like more of a interview than a interquel i know someone was going to say it so i did it myself before any of yous do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe old boy,did you take my advice on the hair loss problem.Take vitamins b6,zinc,c,e,flaxseed,biotin,
b3,and saw saw palmetto.but if it don't work,no big deal,go along with the bald look like you mentioned.

wtfgrouch said...

Part 2 of the GameTrailers interview w/ Dave is now up! -Check it out-

Jackred666 said...

Hi Dave i was wondering about the next Twisted Metal game coming to PS3 do you think you can finally top TM2 for the best game of the series.

1) the next TM hasn't been announced.

2) TM2 had great multiplayer and good controls but TM:Black is the best in the series because it moved the series forward in a great way(my opinion).


Anonymous said...

Are you working on the next game for Twisted Metal series?

Why did Dark Guns got cancelled?

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal The End Is Near
Author: Jack Red
Interquel to Twisted Metal Apocalypse
Hi every one I wanted to end
the series with a bang, a loud bang
in fact so please give me the respect
I should get not the kind that lame
Mario gets but kinda close.

I do like horror movies that
are good and scary that I know how
to put that into my stories to get
things running like no tomorrow
as if there's a god who helps the
people in need but those having
from him don't get any help what
so ever.

Hell was something I was
interested in who don't like how
cool it looks I tried bringing
the hell look of Twisted Metal
Black but make it beyond sanity
it's like Ed Boon of Midway said
people don't want reality if we
can go beyond it however it goes
i don't want to be corrected.

I love the storylines
they made for Twisted Metal
Black god nothing could even
compare to how violent all
of them put together can do
like most are scary to be
a competitor then knocked
to the ground crying for
a sequel or even a prequel
to come helping you get
the idea.

Life writing things
is a good life but being
stuck thinking about making
a series out of it for
most it's a challenge unless
it's like my story series
which I love so much each
game of Twisted Metal keeps
me going and so does Mortal
Kombat and Resident Evil

Before the name
Jack Red on Myspace I was
once known as Mad Marty
but with a pic of my own
South Park character which
everyone seems to copy
that off of me I mean
even when it comes to
stuff like that no one
can keep a going thing
running for long.

I pick red instead
green like Knuckles from
Sonic the Hedgehog series
but instead of a last minute
thing they had I watched
Celebrity Deathmatch when
Jack White vs. Jack Black
match happened I was so
mad that Black didn't win
at first i was going with
Jack Green after awhile I
hated the name so i change
it to red so that's how I
got the name Jack Red.

I wanted my own
series of Twisted Metal
made to entertain others
reading my work I tried
something I originally
was going to be a fan
story on Devil May Cry
and Killer & but I wanted
something I knew more of
so I picked Twisted Metal
to do my story on.

I thought it was
cool to have an allstars
with Twisted Metal I mean
Mortal Kombat did that twice
and Marvel vs. Capcom series
did that four times and
Super Smash Bros. series
three times so why not
Twisted Metal.

As you see at
the end of both my
stories I made an alter
version of them to
add a cool twist just
when you thought you know
what's going on what's this.

Twisted Metal is
something I hold some much
passion for it's like my
favorite game series of
all time now since I didn't
get to be a part of the history
of the series video I would add
a special on the ending part
answering all those questions.

The story twists is
one of the hardest things
to pull off with going out
of the story order it's a minor
thing going and going then
people are like nuts.

The end is near
wait it's here come on
making it going on and
on we hate this crap
people want make more
give it to them.

1. Twisted Metal 4 is my favorite game
because the music, the characters,
the levels, the weapons, create a car,
and the codes.

2. My reason for loving the series so
much is because the characters have great
storylines and the endings are entertaining
to watch over and over again.

3. Sweet Tooth is my favorite because
he's nuts and it was awesome how his
story runs in the games plus all of
his specials are helpful to use.

4. My favorite level to date is Carnival
level in Twisted Metal 4 because it had
a roller coaster, haunted house ride, and
even the center has a nice fire surprise
for who gets caught.

5. I would ask could you accept just one
of my ideas to put in one of your Twisted
Metal games please.

Anonymous said...

The GoW PSP is just damn sexy. I got my full geek on when I saw that.

If I ever needed a reason to upgrade my PSP to use some new stuff coming down the line than this would be it.

Shilo Oliver said...

I just finished watching the interview with you where you were talking about your vision for a remade Mario. Geoff was pissing me off in that video. He was totally trying to bait you and twist your words to get a headline of you starting something. Crap like that makes me so mad I don't know how you keep your cool. Keep making great games and we will keep playing them. You rule.

Brotomix said...

I just watched the video on Gamne Trailers too and I thought it was excellent and I thought you came off fine. And I didn't think Geoff was out of line at all. I'f fine to be called out on stuff. We all get called out, we all change our minds and get questioned about it and you handled it perfectly.

That being said. HYPOTHETICALLY!

If Iwata and Reggie were investing in office space in San Fran. Say enough Office Space to house about 150 to 200 programmers and artists and was looking to hire all western talent to form an EAD America under the oversight of Michael Kelbaugh and Miyamoto... Would you consider an offer from Nintendo to be the first Creative Director and run your own team designing Nintendo Games?

HYPOTHETICALLY Dave. If they were already looking at stealing talent away from SCEA, Naughty Dog, Insominiac, Ready at Dawn, Lucas Arts, and Blizzard and your name was at the top of their list and their checkbook was open, would you jump at the chance to work for and with Shiggy.?

Playstation said...

Could someone please tell me if Twisted Metal: Head On - Extra Twisted Edition is coming to Europe any time soon.

Anonymous said...

You did answer me before alright will the new game have levels connected by freeways that was originally meant to appear in the sequel to Twisted Metal Black.

Anonymous said...

Midnight Club 3?

Actually, that is a damn good game. Two was decent but the design of the levels and the gameplay is pretty damn good on that game. I am a long term gamer and I will tell you that one is very underrated, one of the best games of its type if not the best..

Levels are just built very well, much like that of Grand Theft Auto. Just a fun game to be had there, can't wait for the new one coming out.

BTW, I enjoyed the extras in TM, even if the head on game was pretty lack luster, wish we could get a game that looked more like one of the great looking racing games for the next twisted metal, graphics for the tm on ps2 just weren't there, but hopefully the phyics and grahics and design of levels will be there this time. Not much can touch tm 1's levels for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what i am not a spammer and sec what in the heck is your problem poster.

orwell54 said...

The impromptu webchat was great, really looking forward to the next one. I'm gonna be keeping an even closer eye on the blog now, keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

Me too Dave was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sweden

Mr. Jaffe, you are my favourite developer because your visions about small downloadable content is similar to mine. I don't like developing big titles because developers tend to go the safe way.

Rex said...

Hey there Dave, I am Rex, I posted some comments before and also I am one of the guys in the twisted metal head on posted pictures in this blog page. You inspired me to be more passionate into my job (where ocassionally I get to design some promotional/ticket contest web games) and I merged a car game I did with a Missile Command type of game I was working on and created something kind of cool, basic, easy to play but requires skill. Here is the link:
http://especiales.primerahora.com/promociones/wsgame/ The idea is to give away 10 concert tickets (of 2 rap singers...) for the 5 highest scores. You play, you get a highscore you register it. But Also you can collect diamonds so you can go to a shop area and buy other cars... one of these cars is a SWEETTOOTH tribute (I did a montage of it last saturday and it looked kind of cool), but is hard to get and the required diamonds is a mystery (666 actually), the password for it is: tmetal so you can try it, since all the instructions are in spanish you only need to use the mouse to shoot and arrow keys to move. I jsut wanted to share my work jsut to have an opinion of you. Right now many agencies overhere liked the game (and an earlier one I did Gradius type) it and they want me to do more games (I do them all bymself concept, graphic, animation, programming, editing, all pain in the ass but like it) but hte games they want is well promotional.. so I cannot get satanic with them. OH well here is my email rex_cartagena@hotmail.com or post on my blog , let me know if anything take care! PS - I was actually playing Twisted Metal 2 when I was doing some programming during breaks.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I see the word "Wpn" for R2 and Turbo is in there somewhere.

I wonder what game you guys were working on... :P

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Taking a closer look at the whole control scheme on that picture... Steering with Left analog, brake with right (Click for turbo) ....Quite a change indeed. I like the idea of a new control scheme though. It'll add a bit more depth to the gameplay. Can't read what it says over the D-Pad though.

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