Monday, February 25, 2008

VBLOG: Design Fears+ Phil's Departure + Oscars + Pursuit Force + Tee Shirt!


R.Bunk said...


Sean said...

i loved the minotaur boss. God of war 2 was really good and had alot more bosses then GOW 1 but the bosses in 1 felt much more epic.GOW 2's bosses were still better then most games though.

I liked Phil at all of sonys keynotes he was a good presenter. and kaz hirai is takin his spot along with doing his own job.(in case u didnt see it yet.

and cant wait for your next game

Sadeq said...

Yeah, Phil leaving Sony was a bummer (still is). It would be really weird having a show like E3 where Phil won't come on the stage and talk about all the cool games they are making.

I got Pursuit Force as well. It's nice.

And about that design idea man. What a tease.


milkman said...

I have to wonder if Phil leaving is a real bad thing? I mean I know the Playstation 3 is finally starting to do well but lets all be serious when it launched it looked like a joke. It was such a horrible launch, Sony is now finally putting it's pieces back together with the Blu-Ray win and big games finally getting released...I just think Sony needs some new people in new places and this isn't such a bad thing after all...

Dan Allison said...

I don't know if your referring to me, but I recommended you to Viddler a little while ago.

Here's the link again. I think you'll like their service.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dave - Are wearing the shirt I made you from GoW1 ...? Nice - must be laundry day!
- Scat

da criminal said...

I am! That's the one! :)


Sadeq said...

someone should make this:

what do you think?

Nathan said...

That was the last news I expected this morning when I got into work. Bunch of people here talking about it now and how SCEA and the WWS will be effected. Never met the guy in person but saw him once in the hallways here, everyone said he was a nice guy and like you said it helps when you have someone in that position thats a gamer. Hopefully his position will be filled with someone just as good if not better.

Nokage said...

Hey Dave, going off topic here but i just wanted to let you know i received my Twisted Metal game today from the newyears contest,loving the game thanks again!

Will said...

I was waiting for you to drop a bomb about your genius idea, but alas, it never came to be =P. I liked your minotaur art though, haha. I think your art is probably better than mine, so don't think you have the worst!

Jack_Vykios said...

I always liked Phil Harrison. I mean, he always seemed like a real friendly guy with a good sense of least from here in this desk chair watching him do press stuff for Sony. But yeah, he seemed like the kinda guy you'd like to get a beer with or something.
All the best to him, like. But it was cool to have a Brit representing one of the biggest, most famous corporations currently in existence.
Hurray for the British!

Dave, I gotta ask...why don't you just use YouTube or something? I don't use blogging stuff (nothing to say to nobody who reads it, sadly), so if YouTube just doesn't work with blogger, then fair enough, but I don't know that.
Anyway, yeah.

That shirt is AWESOME. Really. I'd buy it for the God of War logo alone (already have a which is probably unofficial. I'd post of a picture if you're interested). I love game memorabilia; makes me feel like a nerd in a good way; drinking coffee out of my Aperture Science mug, while grinning at my HL2: Ep2 poster, wearing my HL2 "BORN" shirt and playing Half-Life.
It's a shame that God of War, or, in particular, Sony and the like, don't do much in the way of memorabilia. Like, an Uncharted poster and soundtrack (goddamn, I'd have bought it if it was just AVAILABLE in my country!), or a God of War T-shirt or something like that.

Well, anyway,

-rallyRAYS- said...

I am SO happy Daniel D.L. won for best actor. He deserved it!

Daniel should have won for his performance in Gangs of New York, but the oscar went to Adrian Brody that year...?!

Daniel D.L. as "The Butcher" is still my favorite character in film to date.


Gladiator said...

hi jaffe this is my first time to write in your blog and i have some ideas about Twisted metal ( if you intend to do it on ps3 )

1) i want to see sweettooth car from inside as gran tourismo 5

2)i want drivers to fight and to talk to each other during side to side contact

thanks for reading

Zodiak said...

Oscars were pretty funny with Jon Stuart. I mean the whole tribute to movie binoculars was great!

Sad to see the Phil leave Sony especially with his duck obsession! lol he sounds like a cool guy you'd hang with.

And awesome concept shirt, would be cool to get my hands on that piece of work there. =)

Anonymous said...

So what do u think about God Of War Chain of Olympus?

BradleyUK said...

I think he upset SCEJ with his comments at GDC and they made him quit.

StevenKW said...

Hey Dave!

I had mentioned as an alternative to flixn. It is pretty cool but I think it is only 5 mins as well.

David said...

Hey, man.

Glad to hear that you're aware of the Pursuit Force series. It's a great game, and the soundtrack is just sublime! I swear, I can't get enough of Richard Jacque's work. :-)

That's a hell of a thing to hear about Mr. Harrison's departure. I'm sure he's got some great things ahead of him.

...and your t-shirt....just wow. On a related note, I'd love to have a plain white t-shirt with your little stick figure of Kratos with his little blades! ...and your signature in the corner. Ha! I'd love to see that. :-P

Last Scion said...

I just wanted to say that I'm glad you are going to keep doing the Vblog. I enjoy it as I'm sure most of us do. Keep it up, please!

DolphGB said...


Not only SHOULD you be using YouTube to do this, but I can hook you up and show you how to virtually automate the whole shebang (and generate thousands more hits for your site).

Get in touch with me via and I'll tell you how to make it all hang together quickly and easily.

Randomhero_1 said...

LOL awesome shirt!

thetruthisdead said...

man, you got this powerful drive that I see from you in every single video. I just wanted to tell you that you gave me motivation in life goals. I am not majoring in game design but if I did, I would've love to learn things from you.

Keep up with your high energetic spirit!

SonyFan said...

Hey jaffe,you probably wont read this cause well your a busy man,but i was wondering if you were planing on making a second or thrid person shooting.God of war was from that prospective and i think you can really make a great shooting game from second or thrid person (Like Uncharted).I hope you read this,and if you can plz respond.Thank You

Jackred666 said...

Thanks for talking to me Dave and i hope you can get Scott on there.

Jackred666 said...

Thanks for talking to me Dave and i hope you can get Scott on there.

Anonymous said...

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