Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wherein I do battle with the monster of SCOPE!!!


Robert said...

don't get yourself stressed out about the design. it will come.
or maybe getting stressed out will bring more of your twisted side out.
i dont know.
i can't wait.
go get back to work. j/k

Robert said...

or just drop some acid

-rallyRAYS- said...

Mr. J,

Ahh... starting a new game project... gotta love it!

When i worked in commercials & film, at the start of big projects we joked around and would say:

"Hey guys, I want you to know I love each of you... cause towards the end of the project... im gonna hate everyone one of you fuckers!"

Once the project is finished, everyone becomes friends again.

How large is the scope of the game? same as TMB? larger?


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty awesome that you would go out of your way to send a fan in another county your game. Keep up the good work Jaffe.

Jordan said...

Thats pretty awesome that you would go out of your way to send a fan in another county your game. Keep up the good work Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from seeing DoomsDay. i saw 10.000 BC it really was not my cup of tea.

With a guess or not it till be cool to hang out with you agine.

Scope huh im not awere of that term what does it mean?

Anonymous said...

Stress, yikes tell me about it. I tend to work myself up way more than I need to. I am far too critical of my own expectations.

When all is said and done I usualy find as long as I put in a reasonable effort the end result is fine.

Sounds like your feeling the same way. You know if you have put in the effort. But you also have to accept the ballance of work and family.

Your not doing anyone justice if you make yourself sick over a project...Nor will you be saticified or happy with yourself if you slack off.

Set your end of day goal and be realistic about it. When you hit that mark stop, if you miss it stop and re-think your end day goal for tomorrow.

If I hit a road block when trying to solve an issue with something I tend to come up with a solution when I step away and let the problem simmer in the back of my head, then bam! The solution pops in and I'm set to jump on it the next day.

Zodiak said...

hola Dave!

I've been dealing with a little stress mostly everyday now because my boss can't really do his job right, but what I do is when I have break time, I just go in the back and meditate, close my eyes for a few and try to think clearly. When I get back, I don't get a headache or feel that stressed out at all, I'm able to think clearly and proceed with my daily activities. Dave give it a shot it might help out.

Group Leader of Totally Twisted!

Unknown said...

Stress, man... its the life of a game developer. just know that you always have some die hard fans that will buy your games no matter what (that doesn't imply to slack off though jk). Can't wait to hear some details on the game.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, does your blog have a RSS feed. I was looking for it but I don't see it. Let me know so I can subscribe to it.

Setheron said...

Hey Dave,
1st time commentor long time reader. Basically love your blog and your insignts on game related stuff (more precise to earlier of your posts).
Just saw you in codemonkeys... thought your part would be longer lawl... but it was still funny that you were a child protigé.

I am working for RIM now as intern/co-op, but your blog has inspired me to really try to get into the game industry. Hopefully during my next work term at school I can get a QA/Dev position at one.

Thanks for the inspiriation.

da criminal said...


I don't think so.

Anyone know how to add one?

Thanks for reading!


Setheron said...

Create an RSS feed?

I just googled pretty simply and does not sound too difficult.Im sure the web space provider also probably has one ready to use

Setheron said...

the link didnt get copied correctly oops...

I found it more vexing trying to setup an RSS feed from Gamespot and 1up...because my blog uses wordpress.

Setheron said...
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grasshopper said...


Did you try scrolling down to the bottom of the main blog page and clicking
Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

Its right above the live video thing (I linked it also if you don't want to run around looking for it)
I think that might be what you want

James B said...

Hopefully this helps, this lays out the process of the rss for using blogger. http://www.ehow.com/how_2021545_create-RSSfeed-blogger.html

By the way, I think it would be cool to hear a little about how you got into the buisness from what education you have to your first steps getting into the game development world

Caleb said...

word up Dave....any updates on the GOW movie????

Most of the video game movies suck although Hitman wasn't too bad. Keep up good work

Anonymous said...


Jesus Jaffe -- Why do you continue to post political shit. Just because you made 2 good games doesn't mean I want to see left wing bullshit.

I am a fan of your work but not your politics. Why not be polite to the other half of your audience that isn't communist and ease up on the politics.

No one reads video game blogs to be inundated with political rhetoric. Most if the stuff you post is just regurgitated BS straight from the DNC play book.

It's the battle of the haves vs. the have nots. It will ALWAYS exist, even if minimum wage is $2500 per hour and everyone gets health care that includes massages with happy endings.

Have your fill of Obama's pastor's hate speech. If this was a white candidate and a white pastor, the primaries would be OVER.



Now lets look at how Obama feels about Don Imus...


Hmm... interesting. Can we say HYPOCRITE?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's missed this...

from JAFFE'S GAME DESIGN by da criminal

You know, I've come to the conclusion that America- as we know it- is pretty much doomed.

But it's not because of terrorists, it's because of ourselves.

And this current election has made it more clear to me than anything else.

There really are two Americas. The Red and the Blue. I hate to be a cynic and as an Obama supporter, I hope he is right and I am wrong: I hope he really can unite us. I'm all for it and willing to give it a try.

But I'm losing faith, people.

At least, I am if if I let myself listen to too much right wing talk radio. Hell, is there any other kind of talk radio? Whenever I listen to these right wing folks, I just can't help but think that America, as we know her, is on her last legs.

How can there be such divide? How can someone like myself listen today to Obama's stunning speech on race and racism in America and be reminded of both the challenges and promises of our country and the potential for us to have- for once- a great President? How can I hear that while so many right wingers hear a weak, wimpy candidate who- they seem to think- does not care about this country? How can I see hope and potential for greatness when the right wing can't get beyond the fact that Obama has a loser for a pastor? I guess it's the same way that whenever I heard Bush talk about ANYTHING, I just see an asshole who is out for himself at all costs, but right wingers- for a time- saw the second coming.

And so let's assume for a moment that there are alot of people out there who think like the Sean Hannity's of the world, the Pat Bucchanan's of the world, the Bill O'Reily's of the world. Let's assume that there is close to 50% (or more!) of the USA that buys what these folks are selling.

If that is the case, then America is simply finished.

And not because these right wingers are wrong. But simply because there are a shit ton of us out here who DO NOT agree with them and simply never will. And vice versa. And so where does that leave us? I mean, are we supposed to just keep arguing with such hatred and venom?

See, I listen to what people say and I've been known to change my mind when I've been educated to facts that I didn't have or understand. Conservatives have some good points about alot of things and hey, if someone can sell me on the idea of being a right winger, my mind is open to it.

But that said, I am fundamentally who I am. And that means that I will always want to help others who have less than I do. I am not just OK with but I will fight to the death in order to put the freedoms of Americans above the safety of Americans. I am ok with my tax dollars going to help the poor and to build public schools and to provide health care and to- ALSO- fund the military...but not ONLY fund the military.

And I am not wrong, and the right wingers are not wrong for thinking pretty much 180 degrees opposite from what I do.

We simply disagree.

And I wonder how much longer we can go on disagreeing because every time I hear them open their mouths to preach their version of the gospel, I tend to vomit just a little bit.

And I assume they feel the same about me and my fellow liberals.

So the question is: what do we do? Do we have an all out war? Or do we just agree that this ain't working anymore, that we've grown apart, and it's time for one of us to move out?

Bunch a fucking white, old men. I hate them all

ps. and I really tried not to cherry pick but why do conservatives in the media always have such smug expressions? To that point, wanna know who takes the cake?!? I mean, have you seen this guy?!?!

I mean, DAMN!

Anonymous said...

not cool.. /\
/ \

Im conservative and It sucks to see such division :P

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other anonymous that posted above and would be interested in hearing your comments Dave about the whole Obama/pastor thing. Those are some very powerful youtube videos.

I was actually leaning toward voting for Obama but I don't think I will now because of this. I 100% agree that if Obama was white and his pastor whom he entitled a book about and went to his curch for years well... he would basically be out of the race, game over.

da criminal said...

I am not bothered by the pastor's comments for two reasons:

a- Nothing the pastor said- and I have only heard the snippets about 9/11 and God Damn America,etc...he may have said stuff I don't agree with- but from what I have heard, I tend to agree with 85-100% of it.

b-Obama has never said a thing that makes me feel he shares some/any/all the views of his pastor. And you know, so what if he does? So what if he sees America as a flawed place that needs to be fixed, versus coming in all full of bluster and flag waiving and going: GOD DAMN! AMERICA IS SO FUCKING GREAT!!!! I mean, hell, I'd rather have a man who SEES and wants to FIX the problems with America than someone who is blind to the issues.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grasshopper, and Setheron. I see it now. Now I can always stay up to date with David's inner mind workings. Keep up the good work David!

Anonymous said...


sorry for not responding buddy, i have coursework thats making me feel ill (coursework in the uk is just 30 pages worth of shit to get 1 fucking gcse) and i've been depressed about it, i'm not even in school anymore (it's a home course, by myself, witha on the phone tutor)

if you remember me, i'm the petition guy (it died a looong time ago :O)

i almost worried myself to death about putting my address on the internet, here it is if you need it:

7 school rise
north newbald
east yorkshire
yo43 4fb

thank you so much for this, i'm also in the process of a tribute to you and the others for making a series like this (ever wandered what sweet tooth would be like as a transformer >:D)


btw my name is Tom