Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey- I posted this last nite and then took it down about 1 hour later. To me, even tho I still get riled up by politics these days, I don't get as riled and it seemed to me that I'm kind of outgrowing the need to vent about every little thing that annoys me. It also occurred to me that however carefully I tried to make it clear that I do NOT think conservatives are bad (simply different from me), I am simply not a good enough writer to deal in such nuance and I could easily see the piece being taken as an insult to conservatives. And the thing is, I have relatives I love who are conservatives, I have people I work with and respect who are conservatives. And so it seemed to me to make the most sense to just remove the piece.

The other two reasons I took it down were:

a- there was nothing I was saying that you have not heard-via a much more educated take- in many other places.
b- a kind poster named Jeff commented on the post and had a pretty convincing argument (and visual aid) that the majority of the country does not engage in such black and white thinking. Jeff's post changed my mind and thus, negated the vast majority of the post.

For all of those reasons, I took the post down.

And then some brave dude posting under the name ANONYMOUS decided to repost my write up for me in the comment section.

And then another brave dude posting under the same name- same person?- decided to tell me that my blog was for gaming info and nothing else.

So fuck it, I'm gonna respost it.

Are my buttons that easy to press? Kinda.


You bet!

Those are easy Jaffe buttons, to be sure.

So with that said, fuck you Anonymous. Here's the post for everyone to see if they are so inclined. I took it down because I wanted it taken down on, you know, MY blog? But if reposting it takes even an ounce of your smug, self satisfaction away, I'm more than happy to repost. So here it is.


from JAFFE'S GAME DESIGN by da criminal

You know, I've come to the conclusion that America- as we know it- is pretty much doomed.

But it's not because of terrorists, it's because of ourselves.

And this current election has made it more clear to me than anything else.

There really are two Americas. The Red and the Blue. I hate to be a cynic and as an Obama supporter, I hope he is right and I am wrong: I hope he really can unite us. I'm all for it and willing to give it a try.

But I'm losing faith, people.

At least, I am if if I let myself listen to too much right wing talk radio. Hell, is there any other kind of talk radio? Whenever I listen to these right wing folks, I just can't help but think that America, as we know her, is on her last legs.

How can there be such divide? How can someone like myself listen today to Obama's stunning speech on race and racism in America and be reminded of both the challenges and promises of our country and the potential for us to have- for once- a great President? How can I hear that while so many right wingers hear a weak, wimpy candidate who- they seem to think- does not care about this country? How can I see hope and potential for greatness when the right wing can't get beyond the fact that Obama has a loser for a pastor? I guess it's the same way that whenever I heard Bush talk about ANYTHING, I just see an asshole who is out for himself at all costs, but right wingers- for a time- saw the second coming.

And so let's assume for a moment that there are alot of people out there who think like the Sean Hannity's of the world, the Pat Bucchanan's of the world, the Bill O'Reily's of the world. Let's assume that there is close to 50% (or more!) of the USA that buys what these folks are selling.

If that is the case, then America is simply finished.

And not because these right wingers are wrong. But simply because there are a shit ton of us out here who DO NOT agree with them and simply never will. And vice versa. And so where does that leave us? I mean, are we supposed to just keep arguing with such hatred and venom?

See, I listen to what people say and I've been known to change my mind when I've been educated to facts that I didn't have or understand. Conservatives have some good points about alot of things and hey, if someone can sell me on the idea of being a right winger, my mind is open to it.

But that said, I am fundamentally who I am. And that means that I will always want to help others who have less than I do. I am not just OK with but I will fight to the death in order to put the freedoms of Americans above the safety of Americans. I am ok with my tax dollars going to help the poor and to build public schools and to provide health care and to- ALSO- fund the military...but not ONLY fund the military.

And I am not wrong, and the right wingers are not wrong for thinking pretty much 180 degrees opposite from what I do.

We simply disagree.

And I wonder how much longer we can go on disagreeing because every time I hear them open their mouths to preach their version of the gospel, I tend to vomit just a little bit.

And I assume they feel the same about me and my fellow liberals.

So the question is: what do we do? Do we have an all out war? Or do we just agree that this ain't working anymore, that we've grown apart, and it's time for one of us to move out?


Later ya'll!



Mike said...

In my mind, the Hannitys and O'Reillys are not really doing what they do for any other reason than to stir up shit. That is their job. That is why they do it. Do I like it? Hell no! They do it in order to further their agenda of fattening their pockets by becoming buddies with the Repubs. No sane, thinking person is really like that.

Nikkoa said...

Witnessing first hand the political perspective, congress people are no longer directly concerned about the needs suited for the people they represent. They have a different agenda, businesses. If you haven't noticed are country has always been business driven. It's whats brought us the booming economy we know and love, but recently (and when i say recently i mean the past 30 years) the business landscape has changed drastically. No longer do small business make up a significant portion of the pie. Corporations (and i say that in the best way possible) have undermined the traditional American business culture. They can provide products cheaper by outsourcing work, and buying bulk quantities. How does that change the landscape of politics you may ask? Well the voices of small businesses/taxpayers are being buried by a landslide of money from lobbying corporations, it's that simple. Sure the percentage of educated outspoken individuals help balance the views of the fat cats. But truth be told, they are a dying breed. The 'free market' argument that is more commonly than the village bicycle is loosing traction. A great example, telecommunications. A monopoly is most cases. One service provider for all needs. We used to be able to offer the best services for the best price in the US. Not anymore, we rank 16th in the world for M/B per dollar.

Greed my friend, is the root of our problems. It's brought us up, it will bring us down.

radioact1ve said...

I would like to second nikko's post.

Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is.

Anonymous said...

> b- a kind poster named Jeff
> commented on the post and had a
> pretty convincing argument (and
> visual aid) that the majority of
> the country does not engage in such
> black and white thinking. Jeff's
> post changed my mind and thus,
> negated the vast majority of the
> post.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts and giving them consideration. :)

And, you know, I don't think you were even all that wrong, per se. You expressed a feeling of hopelessness that all of us (all of us who care, at least - not those who view this all as some sort of sporting event) have felt. Especially since the mid-90's or so.

To be honest, when all is said and done I'm probably going to end up voting for McCain for policy reasons (I'm socially very liberal, but fiscally conservative).

But, Obama? I have to admit, while I don't agree with him on many matters of policy I find it VERY hard to feel any animosity toward the man. His positive message of hope and cooperation touches something that we see all too rarely in this political climate. And he manages to do it without watering down his beliefs. I can absolutely respect that.

I'm tired of the divisiveness. I'm tired of the red vs. blue. I'm really tired of people calling each-other names ("unamerican", "fascist", whatever) just because they have a different lens with which they view the world.

As for anyone who gave you a hard time, screw 'em. Whether or not they were 100% on-the-mark, you were addressing things that need to be addressed - if only to remind us why we need to try harder to see things from others' points of view. This country (and, arguably, the world) cannot survive a complete split.

Anyhow, keep it up and don't let people get you down.

- Jeff

Anonymous said...

A suggestive civil war between a growing disconnect of two separate Americas might be in the near future -- who knows. If it were to happen I think people of each side would degenerate themselves into twisted self motivated people who would settle their differences through vehicular combat. In fact, that's how Civil War II should be settled.

Unknown said...


The removal (or rather, the non-inclusion) of the top image was enough to change my view of your post. It suddenly seemed a bit less religious and a lot more political. ;)

That being said, I'm glad you re-posted your article. Your opinion is valuable whether people (including your friends and family) agree with it or not. And when someone is offended simply because they disagree, perhaps they need to be offended.

In any case, once I started reading more about reactions to Obama's speech, I can say that it started to jab at me a little, too. I expected most people to be thrilled by his speech. Instead, it seemed like half loved it and the other half were still holding their torches and pitchforks.

It's sad, too, because it is the latter group that he implicitly addressed and hoped to bring together in unity.

I guess there are just some people who are stubborn... have hatred imprinted in their brains... and there isn't a speech in the world that can change their attitude. They'll only be happy with a President that speaks of wrath and blood.

I'm still optimistic, though. I'd hope you can be, too, David. It's not over until Rosie sings.

On a side note, I've always felt that there needs to be some sort of IQ test or sanity quiz to be sure that those who truly understand the issues or are clinically sane should have their votes counted with more "weight." Someone once told me, "...but that would mean that the government would only be represented by the intelligent, and not by everyone..." to which he continued to explain that it wouldn't be fair to those who are not so intelligent.

In any case, this discussion lasted for a while and I do understand that there is a slippery slope when certain votes can count more than others. But at the same time, we are voting for the person who is in charge of our future. Do we really think the masses are qualified to interview for such a position? Would it make sense for a corporation to use a voting system where every single employee had an equal vote when it comes to interviewing and hiring each new employee, or the next CEO?

The fact that the system has turned more into a popularity contest than a true judge of a politician's capabilities, focus, goals and commitment is a scary thing. It means that sometimes a name alone, or the sheer ability to collect donations and make snappy commercials, decides our future.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Sorry but i'm not going to bash on the keys like I did last night.

But the jist of my messege was we need reform in our systems starting at the top.

Big corperations have too much influence with the way things run. I have nothing against large compaines making money, but I do have an issue when they take advantage of people.

Sending jobs out of the contry not only for cheaper labor but so they can also avoid taxes, healthcare costs, safty and enviromental regulations.

We need Healthcare reform. There is something wrong when my insurance company denies paying for a perscription my Dr. wrote for my kid and will only pay for a medication that he knows is not as effective because it's cheaper for them...yet still costs me the same.

These large government controling corperations cry about out of control costs, yet post record profits and pay their top execs and lobbiests milloins of dollars.

Energy... Big oil companies have spent millions of dollars on pattents dealing with energy saving devices and ideas just to sit on them. They buy up sectors of the tech industry just to keep the cost of some alternative energy too expensive to make an impact. There should be fair use pattent law reform putting a limit on a company that refuses to seek, invest or gain revenu from an owned pattent that can potentially be for the betterment of mankind and the health of the planet.

da criminal said...

If it were up to me, voting would work like this:

STEP 1: Candidates answer- in writing- the SAME questions about what they want to do as President. There can be an infinite number of folks who can fill this out, as long as they hit the age requirement and are American citz.

STEP 2: New requirement is you can not be older than 65 to be president. We retire airline pilots and cops from the beat, we sure as shit should retire the person who runs the fucking free world.

STEP 3: 3-5 whittle down processes occur to get the candidates down to a small number so the public can focus. At no time do we know name, sex, race,etc. about candidate. They are just given numbers.

STEP 4: People must pass a multiple choice based basic reading comprehension test that proves they have read the final list of q/a from the remaining 4-10 candidates.

STEP 5: People vote.

STEP 6: We get our president. He/She is in for 6 years and can no run a second time.

Strict, yes?
Some holes to be filled? Sure, but I feel we can do that.
I no longer care that idiots or people who can not read, for example, don't get to vote. If you fucking can not read or are too lazy to read then do we really want your stupid ass voting for president anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hey, man, This is only my second post here on your blog. The first time I posted was to congratulate you and all the other folks of Eat Sleep Play on releasing Twisted Metal: Head On for the ps2. I've had an incredible time with the game and am very excited over the new Twisted Metal game. Your reposting of your views inspired me to respond in kind.

I know that you are a video game developer and that is your job. I come here to read and watch your videos updating your work progress. However, when you post something that has nothing to do with video games, in this case, a view on the current political climate, something ALL OF US have an opinion on on some level, I cannot and will not begrudge you this because at the end of the day, this is YOUR blog. You can write and say whatever the fuck you want. I agree with you on just about everything you said and sincerely wish America wasn't so damn eager to create problems within itself and out there creating better possibilities for everyone. So, as you so eloquently put it: FUCK ANONYMOUS. Haha, I've been meaning to say that for a while. Anyways, keep the posts coming, man. And throw us a bone if the new Twisted Metal game is set in the Black universe or otherwise!!

- Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, just thought I'd comment to say your amazing... and your pretty freaking real to the public. you don't give a shit about what you said infront of anyone. it's pretty amazing. well i loved your game god of war (and so did everyone else) ok well keep up the good work. take care, bye.

radioact1ve said...

"Some holes to be filled? Sure, but I feel we can do that.
I no longer care that idiots or people who can not read, for example, don't get to vote. If you fucking can not read or are too lazy to read then do we really want your stupid ass voting for president anyway?"

I know where you're coming from and I understand. Heck, even I think this sometimes. But by doing this, you have limited the peoples voice. In a way you have turned the power of voting to the "privileged" few. Just another reason for the "lower class" to revolt as history shows.

All the govt. would have to do is limit education (privatization anyone?) in someway and bingo, you have your oligarchy.

Like I said, I get you. Sometimes I think you should have a certain IQ to vote but then again that throws away this concept of "democracy" I love so much.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the right uses fear to rule the people of this great nation. Obama's speech, IMO, was an amazing commentary on the state of relations between the races in this country. I am an american, born here from mexican parents, 3rd generation infact, and I've felt some of the pain he spoke about in his speech, from being called names, to being told to "go back to where I came from". In all honesty, I laugh at them because of their ignorance to the fact that "THEY ARE FUCKING IMMIGRANTS TOO". Also, the only reason that the "right" agenda is in our face is because of the likes of the FNC's and the Clear Channels of the world that do nothing but spew their stupidity and we're inundated by it with TV, Radio and even magazines and newspapers. I mean come on, how reliable can our govt. be when just yesterday Cheney still thinks Iraq had something to do with 9/11. But honestly, fear is what keeps us from getting rid of this situation we're in. Cause if we do leave Iraq, or if we do elect anyone other a Republican (except Ron Paul), the big bad terrorists are gonna get us.

¡Prefiero morir de pie que vivir siempre arrodillado!
"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees!"
Emiliano Zapata.

P.S. Keep up the great work David.

Jose, a loyal customer.

Anonymous said...

So Jaffe - When are you running for President? ;)

I can't say that I agree, or disagree, with any one side of the political shenanigans that are going on right now - I still follow what's going on, but if the election were tomorrow, I have no idea who would get my vote.

What your blog does instill, is a sense of hope. Times certainly have gotten more difficult, but speaking out and sharing your voice with the world makes all the difference. Our freedom to speak out is one of the aspects that makes America great.

Sadly though, free speech is often a double-edge sword. Just watch the news for thirty minutes and you'll hear all manner of nonsense meant to stir-up dissent, prejudice, hate, and intolerance.

Jaffe - Let your voice be heard. I'll stand behind that.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until November. Politics will be forgotten in the media/people's minds and peace will return.

maartyrr said...

doh! i actually had a legitimate reponse! oh summary (since I can't remember all that was said) is - America was built up on racisim and they're will always be racism in this country. It sucks and its sad to know that there's the bible belt in the mid-west that won't vote for a black man or woman just because they're not a white male...And we accept that mentality and to me that's the true red vs blue in this country.

As far as the next president goes - anyone but McCain. He wants us to stay in Iraq and then invade Iran and fight and fight and fight until "we win." How fucked up is that? I don't think we'll ever win the war on policing other countries. I do feel as if things don't change America will end up like Rome

Anonymous said...

Obama will unite America, if not than all is lost and welcome to Fascism.

DF334 said...

I don't know about any of this! There is reallly no hope for humanity right now! Like William Cooper said "Sheep are always lead to the slaughter!!! Money is the reason, Plain and simple. I could get into a lot more, but I will keep it cool!

David as for your comments, that is the reason that I come here cause I love your comments about things! They seem to be very thought out and have that lost word that no one has these days which is common sense!! Thank you vey much!!

Anonymous said...

I feel like you're pandering, when there are 2 opposing view points, the middle ground is not the correct one. Don't be afraid to say what you really think! More posts on your views are welcome, gaming is just one area of life and it's nice to hear about other things.

"But I'm losing faith, people."

You shouldn't have faith to begin with, faith is wilful ignorance, and that is the big problem with politics.

Both parties are corrupt and there should be a revolution. But it'll never happen. The constitution deliberately allows for a revolution when the government is bad, thus the right to bare arms, but it's too big now there's no way of making real change.

The reason America is so divided is because in a two party system the politicians will want to make the other party viewed in a negative light. If we stopped having parties and instead elected all persons to posts that they are qualified for, and decisions based on evidence instead of the judgement of someone whose position has it almost now as a requirement to be a person of faith and not evidence. Religiosity and intelligence have a proven inverse relationship, it's no coincidence that 93% of the most intelligent Americans are faithless.

Think about that for a moment, the president feels no responsibility for his actions, the biggest decisions your country faces are not being weighed up by a smart rational person, but by faith, someone who gets his decisions from god. Having read the bible multiple times, god is an immature despot with no love for his people, like a controlling husband who says that he loves you while he's smacking you around.

Some decisions like whether to go to war are always difficult, but I think it can be decided more rationally than in the current system.

"STEP 3: 3-5 whittle down processes occur to get the candidates down to a small number so the public can focus. At no time do we know name, sex, race,etc. about candidate. They are just given numbers."

While I think that's better than the current system, I think the American people need a leader that they like. Some people like myself, however nice we might be, are just unlikeable because of how we look and sound, or would you have it anonymous even after election? I'd guess that having a nice voice is as important as anything.

I like Obama, but the change he talks about is not enough, and that's not his fault that's just the constraint of a bloated government.

Gabriel Kay said...
President Jaffe and his legal advisor.

Sorry, I had to see what it would look like.

Temascos said...

Good post Dave. Over here in the UK we have parties; Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, but there isn't that whole "Us vs them" thing going on as far as I have noticed. I think the blame for it happening in the USA is to do with the media, extrememly right-wing and daft, I blame Murdoch for it (Why should 1 man be allowed to control vast quantities of news sources anyway?). Sadly, our right-wing newspapers including The Sun and Daily Telegraph is as bad as they come, even making news sources that flat out lie. "Muslim Asylum seekers kill Queen's corgies!?" Stupid shit right there, and it gets worse when the politically unaware pick up copies of those newspapers and listen to the hatred simply because they want to get the latest sports news.

Despite that, our political gulf isn't as bad as in the USA, the BBC frequently tears into all the politicians alike, regardless of group or ideals, but it's up to the British citizens to put them in their place, and sadly the masses haven't got that yet.

Robert said...

that picture is hilarious..

Anonymous said...


While our politics may seem to be a true "Red vs. Blue" type of thing, I think the social rifts that appear in the media are overblown (SHOCK!!!). It's the media, they want attention. Most of our media isn't far right. Fox News is, but they are an exception.

The reasoning for the recent explosion in right vs. left is all because of the elections. It's a turbulent time and people on both sides are getting anxious. You'll even see divisions in parties, most evidenced by Obama vs. Hillary, which is like a warm up to the real election. Only they are blue vs. blue.

In the end, November will roll by and the media, and the people, will go back to normal. So get politics while they are hot, because they will be cold and forgotten by December(or next January when it is all said and done).

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike - people really do believe this shit.

When my buds wife (the white soccer mom) in St. Louis - by her admission doesn't have a lot of time to follow politics- tells me she is scared to vote for Obama because his middle name is Hussein, believes he was raised muslim and has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.
Well thats shit is exactly what Hannity is spewing along with Right wing radio. Before the pastor, turn on the radio, listen to 15 minutes - that was the message being delivered.


Anonymous said...

call me crazy, but I'd totally try to sleep with McCain's wife. She's got that female skeletor appeal, coupled with the look of an aged, haggard baroness circa 1989 GI Joe. You just know she's rockin' lingerie under that suit.
All fantasies aside, I'd like to ask everyone here, especially dave & the gang "why is patriotism so important to you?" Not trying to offend anyone by asking, but why are Americans over patriotic? I understand the aspect of respect for your country, just curious pertaining to your opinion.
Again, I apologize sincerely if I offend by asking. Feel free to give me hell. (PSN- YakuzaJoe88)

Anonymous said...


You kill me Dave.

Keep fighting the good fight,

da criminal said...

Patriotism is not crazy important to me. I agree, it's mainly bullshit fervor supported by folks who have never been outside of America but want to feel superior.

I think America was an amazing country at one time that brought much to the world. Hope it can be again. But right now, I don't have issues when Obama's baby mama says she is only NOW proud of America. I feel ashamed of America these days a good 50% of the time...since Bush got into office. And fuck these asswipes who act all upset about the fact that I said that. I'm fucking ALLOWED to feel that way and ALLOWED to think that way. Hell, doing so makes me MORE of an American than those who would restrict my freedoms to do so.

That said, the idea of moving to Europe or Canada does hold some appeal.I don't know if I would as I am happy living in America when I don't have to deal with Fox News bullshit. And hey, I've never been to Europe OR Canada (only Mexico and Japan) but there is a sense I get that they are more compassionate and/or educated. Is this just media bullshit or is there some truth to this?


Gabriel Kay said...

There's a lot to see and experience in Europe that's for sure. I live in Finland but have been traveling/living abroad my whole life but it's really hard to say if things are "better" somewhere else. All I can comment on is Finland, and living here is just fine if not for the really high tax :) I'd rather not start commenting on Bush because I'm not an American citizen but he doesn't seem the brightest type.

So, as for Europe being more "educated" or "compassionate", I'm sure you'll find the same types of assholes here as in the US but a little change of scenery never hurt so why not, come to Europe :) I've been thinking of moving to the US at some point! At least for a few years.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing Dave? I was just wondering if you could give further detail on these two statements that you gave in one of your replies:

"I think America was an amazing country at one time that brought much to the world."

"I feel ashamed of America these days a good 50% of the time..."

I was just curious as to what you were thinking about when you typed those. Were they representative of you thoughts in a broad sense, or were you thinking about specific examples in particular.

Actually, now that I think about it, you may have to dedicate another post to answer those questions. I have seen on previous blog entries how quickly you can get on a roll when talking politics :)

Even though I do disagree with you on some points, it always is enjoyable to see your political posts and the reactions/opinions others make. At least it gets people to think about certain ideals that truly are important, and are VITAL to the future course of our country.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more about being patriotic. Being patriotic has nothing to do with individual leaders of our government or the mouth speak of talking heads.

It's the belief in the principals set forth by our forefathers who fought and died to insure our way of life.

It's to love your country not because you agree with everything, but because you are free to disagree and free to participate in changing things you don't agree with.

People who have served in the military know that freedom isn't free. It's a cause that has been fought for and must be protected. It's the ultimate sacrifice paid by some so we may all enjoy living as a free people.

Being a patriot is about respect for your country like you should respect your parents. You can disagree with your parents but should always respect the sacrifices they made in their lives to provide you with your start to life.

Being a Partiot is about being respectfull. Honor your values and do not take freedom for granted.

Being a Patriot is not about giving up when things get tough, it's about perserviering and doing what needs to be done.

Being a Patriot is knowing that changes are needed to write the injusteces we face for the betterment of America for all Americans.

Being a Patriot is beliving in this...

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to
ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the
United States of America."

I am a Patriot.

-rallyRAYS- said...

Mr. J,

You re-posted your political post... Good for you!

Much respect for standing up for your point of view!


Known Aim said...

Seriously Jaffe... .. COME TO CANADA...

all I have to say is

Health care... Education... Art (and game development) grants... better air... no guns....

I cant believe you've never even visited.... BC has beautiful landscape... Toronto is a great city (my hometown) and Montreal is like a little piece of Europe in North America (the bilingualness, the culture and lifestyle).

If you ever make it out to Toronto holler at me and Ill bust your ass in Twisted Metal.

BUT about your proposal for a voting system... I think an important part of a leader is the ability to lead... and that cant always be reflected in policy alone...

the rhetoric involved in giving speeches is what (from my outsider perspective) makes Obamas skills particularly appealing. I dont pretend to know ANYTHING about politics... but I know that a good charismatic leader has alot of benefits. This helps in uniting a country, but REALLY helps with uniting nations. Bush lacks finesse... the American dollar goes down.

My girlfriend and I are graduating soon and we talk alot about where we might move.

she knows even less than I about politics but has always made it clear 'she hates Bush... and is scared of the states and never wants to live there'...

I of course want it to be a possibility, as I want to leave all employment possibilities open... But I was trying every angle and having no luck.

UNTIL Obama started rocking your nation with his killer speeches. Her housemates (also previously uninterested in politics) have fucking BARACK PARTIES!!!!

Now she doesn't complain when I send in resumes to American companies.

moral of the story.

Move to Canada


Sometimes charisma in a leader is more important than policy. They're both important... but charisma has some distinct qualities that the USA is REALLY in need of.


expect a resume when I find an HR contact for eatsleepplay

talk to you when I do


Anonymous said...

Only if I can make a internet game based on Twisted Metal series then Mr. Jaffe you would be shocked how good it would be.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an excellent post, but I would like to comment on one thing. You called Obama's pastor a loser, and I can't really say that I agree with that. Many of the news stations that are reporting on this guy are playing a 10 second sound clip to summarize a 30 minute sermon which makes total sense if you watch the whole thing. He' being unfairly demonized painted as unpatriotic when he has a military record as a marine. I'm not here in support of this guy or his church, but if we are really going to get to the place that you speak of, we must evaluate people on the basis of whom they really are and not on a 10 second sound clip repeated over and over without any contextual information. If you have watched the whole speech, then fine. I can't argue with your opinion, but if you haven't...please do before making statements like that. That's only promoting the same attitudes and actions that are prevalent in right wing radio, and on fox news. If we are going to unite as a people, we must remember to treat people like well..."people", and judge them based on who they are, and not what someone else declares them to be. Just my two cents...

Unknown said...

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