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Ok...on with the post :)


Something amazing is happening at the movies and I’ve gotten so used to it that the magnitude of this event almost passed me by.

Check it out: We are in the middle (maybe towards the end) of a Marvel Comics movie explosion!

Now to younger folks who may not know what the name Cannon Films means, who may have never seen what ‘The Boy Who Could Fly’ looks like dressed up as the Human Torch, who didn’t nightly curse the names of Golan-Globus before they went to bed, this is probably a ‘what’s the big deal’ moment.

To those youngies, they just take for granted that this summer Iron Man is gonna be tearing it up on one screen, while down the hall the Incredible Hulk is kicking ass and tossing around army tanks. To these kids, it’s no big deal that last year they got to see what Ghost Rider looked like on the big screen, they got to watch the FF battle the Silver Surfer AND they got a third installment of Spidey with not only Black Suit Spidey but Venom, Sandman, and Goblin II tossed in for good measure! And the fact that they’ve already gotten to watch Daredevil battle Kingpin and Blade battle vampires? No big deal.

But to me- a Marvel Comics geek- it’s a HUGE deal. And it took some amazing shots from the new IRON MAN flick to wake me up and get me to realize that this is really happening!!! (I would have posted those new shots but it seems Paramount has gone around to the various sites that were hosting them and requested they be taken down…but rest assured, they rocked!!)

I just never thought I’d actually see the day when so many of my childhood heroes got the big screen, big budget treatment. But now I walk into any multiplex, and I’m likely to be greeted by a standee of one of the Amazingly Masterful, Monumentally Magical, Mega Marvel mainstays! (That’s for you, Stan!!)

And soon, from what I hear, there may be an Avengers flick, a Thor Flick, and a Nick Fury movie?!?! I mean, come on!!! They should get Angelina Joile to do a Silver Sable movie, too! But that’s just me being greedy!

Do I have a point with this post?

A few points actually:

a- I’m just fucking crazy excited with every new IRON MAN still I see. And Favreau has never made a bad movie. This could be the biggest hit of the summer…bigger than Indy or Batman!
b- I’m just sharing the love cause as a kid growing up loving comics, I never thought I’d see this day. Which brings me to…
c- …ONE DAY- maybe soon- Hollywood is going to really get behind games in a big way and make some damn good movies out of these properties. It may take a few more years for games to really get mainstream…it may take another generation so the majority of the studio execs are the ones who grew up playing CALL OF DUTY, DEVIL MAY CRY, and METAL GEAR SOLID. But it will happen. It will be HARDER than making movies from comics because comics already have good-to-great stories and iconic characters. While the scripts certainly don’t write themselves, a lot of the ground work has been laid…Games on the other hand tend to be based off movies anyway and have shit-to-average stories that would not cut it at a pitch meeting for a low budget, straight to video flick. But the themes and characters and worlds of these games ARE worth crowing about and CAN be translated to film in a big way. At least I think so. Hey, maybe the God of War flick will be the first GREAT game movie!!!

So yeah, I’m excited.

Ok guys…I gotta get to work. But in celebration of Marvel movies kicking ass, this morning I picked up one of those Iron Man Slurpee cups at 7-11! I even got the $1.50 straw with shellhead on the top!

I felt like a bit of a dork buying a Slurpee, let alone a Slurpee in an Iron Man cup, let alone a Slurpee in an Iron Man cup with the official Iron Man straw, but what the hell.
Summer movie season is almost here, ya’ll! Sweet!

Later ya’ll!



Anonymous said...

sweet i try to be there. and i like some marvel movies but not all of them but that a bad ass cup you got there.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, can I interview you for my podcast? We joke around every episode saying that you're our guest interview, it's kind of an inside joke in our gaming clan, and it would be really cool to actually interview you. Some of the guys are Twisted Metal fans, Calling all Cars fan, and me I'm the huge God of War fan.

Anyway, I dig your blog, we're actually going to have a feed directly on our site for it when we convert to new software, and just wanted to say hi!

I'll also try and get in there on that little test you're having tonight, sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

I'll be on Stickam yeah, I'll see ya then.
Stickam works pretty nicely and they promote you on their front page if your successful instead of only trying to pump their own shows up.

The podcast I co-host uses it for our live shows. Anyways, good luck tonight.


Arnaldo Licea said...

Batman still wins Dave...Batman still wins.


Anonymous said...

Hey man go to (greatest movie site on the web) they have this new Iron Man scene where Tony tries to fly for the first time it's really funny and cool.
But which comic book movie do you think is going to be better? there's Iron Man, Hellboy 2, Hulk, and of course the fucking JOKER!!! (FUCK YEAH) in Dark knight and near the end of the year we have Punisher 2: War Zone I bet my money on Iron and Hellboy the new trailer is just way too cool.
And I agree with you a God of War movie WILL kick major ass I think the only decent movie based on a video game was Silent Hill it had a terrible script but the "feel" of the fucked up world of silent was tranlated perfectly.
Djimon Hounsou is the only guy in the business fit to play kratos now who would play Ares, Athena and ZEUS? Looking back at Iron Man maybe Jeff Bridges can be a great Zeus I think, just look at his beard ...awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, stupid idea. I will by sleeping by that time. Can you post-pone it, please...?


da criminal said...

Orion- Actually, I think- based on the trailer- that WANTED will be the best comic movie of the summer and one of the best flicks of the year IF the movie is as cool as the latest Trailer #4! Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I'm so jealous... I'm 19 yo and my family/friends claim that comic books are childish and I should finally grow up... Well, fuck them! :P

Anonymous said...

oh yeah I forgot about wanted that one looks great too!

Unknown said...

Dont know if you have seen this site but I got a kick out of it. It has a Kratos look a like which I found hilarious along with a bunch of other video game look a likes.

Unknown said...

I'm with you Jaffe, this really does seem to be the year of Marvel and I couldn't be more happy.

Father's best friend gave me a HUGE box of old Marvel Comics when I was a kid. I'm talking early 70's comics ranging from X-Men, to Captain America, Spider-Man, Masters of Kung Fu, Power Man & Luke Cage, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. Used to have a HUGE case of them, and ever time my Mom made me clean out my closet it took me 4 days. I'd sit in the closet and read every one of the comics when I was supposed to be cleaning. lol

Over the past two years I've gotten back into Comics. Civil War, World World Hulk, unmasking Spider-Man, Avengers Illuminati, and now Secret Invasion. Having a year with an Iron Man movie, Hulk movie, Batman movie, and Punisher (which I'm not all that excited about honestly.) all in the same year is a comic book fan's fantasy!

I'm geeked about the Iron Man movie (Despite not being a big fan of Shellhead after Civil War.), I think Wanted is going to be the HUGE hit this summer.

3 Marvel movies, Wanted, Batman movie, and Will Smith having a July 4th weekend movie means we're in for a movie year we haven't had since the late 90's.

We finally have comic book movies succeeding to the point that we're really kicking them out. Now let's hope we can do the same to video game movies. Just have to see if Uwe Boll will actually stop making movies after the recent petition!

Unknown said...

lol David please... don't give Marvel the idea to make a Silver Sable movie (especialy with Angalina Jolie). I couldn't take it.

Anonymous said...

Yo jaffe. I really enjoyed most of the marvel thing gots me down though. We really need a good marvel fighting game with a huge roster.

Anonymous said...

I'm pumped about IRON MAN! and so are my kids. last summer was a great movie summer and this summer looks to be another great one...maybe even better.

BTW it's almost 8:10 here on the east coast. I'l stick around and help you test your show ;)

Anonymous said...

The live worked very well. It would be interesting and more dynamic with a couple people on. But too many could be a bit chaotic.

Will look for the next one.


Anonymous said...

This was really cool, Jaffe. Looking forward to the next time you do a live chat. But hopefully next time I will find out BEFORE it has already started. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next one, Jaffe! Worth staying up for (i'm in the uk)

Any chance of seeing that concept art any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

HEY Dave don't know if you care 'bout this but apparently jake Gyllenhaal is being asked to play the prince in the upcoming prince of persia movie (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) the games were decent not great but fun overall.

Anonymous said...

By the way has annyone seen this video on you tube of Uwe Boll responding to the online petition where he's asked to stop making movies? funniest shit I have ever seen, speacially if you have seen any of his movies.