Monday, April 21, 2008

You may have already seen this...

...but if not, you really should.

I don't like posting videos to my blog that are not our own but I think this is really, really worth it.

Nice to be back. Will do a new post tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Thank *insert higher power here* your back lol

oh dave by the way, I was wondering if you could shed any more light on eat. sleep. play. all I really know about you guys is that you exist. Other than that I can't really find out any more information on the company.

How many people do you have working at ESP?

Are you *only* doing small games, or is there a possibility of a bigger game coming out.

Are you guys currently taking applications? Or is it a pretty tight enclosed group of people?

Anonymous said...

Yo Dave, nice find. Not exactly sure how anyone would have found that, but nice find nonetheless. Welcome back I guess.

Anonymous said...

The reason I ask is because i'm currently going through college to hopefully become an animator of some sort.

and if you guys were looking for new people it would give me a good goal to strive for, even though it'd probably be one of those things where you have to have years of experience in the industry already.

PS: Are you guys thinking about doing internships?

It might be a silly question, but, you never know.

Unknown said...

Nice find!

There's a lot of sweet stuff on the TED webpage it's crazy. I spent like 4 hours one night just watching videos. Originally I didn't realize all of the videos weren't from scientists, though some of the more fascinating videos are in the science category. Give it a try:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, TED is pretty awesome. Thanks for this video Mr. Jaffe. I love how well she can express her internal experiences and how great of a story teller she is in doing so. It would be pretty amazing to help find a way to capture some of those emotional states within a gameplay experience that you could come to whenever you want.

Known Aim said...

sounds like mushrooms.

Known Aim said...

just watched the rest of the video.

Quite interesting stuff.... As someone who has always tried to be aware of the split between rational logical human, and eternal existance of energy, I found it really powerful. I still don't have any idea what happens after we die, but this video helped me feel that I can enjoy the stuff that comes before then.

thanks for the link.

PS. Still sounds like Mushrooms... just a REALLY REALLY intellemotionally aware person doing them.


GrYnder McDuff! said...

Very interesting video. Damn, it'd be nice to escape to my right side every now and then.