Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey- check it!

Seen a semi-decent number of Kratos coplayers over the last few years, which is always exciting. Heck, I heard there were a few at this year's comic con but I missed them :(

But this is the first time I've ever seen TM cosplay! How cool! Love these!

I'm totally in a Sweet Tooth state of mind these days, so it make this even more exciting!

Ok, outta here- taking the kids to see FLY ME TO THE MOON, that 3d kids cartoon!




tmforeverTMA said...

That's pretty bad ass!

KG said...

"I'm totally in a Sweet Tooth state of mind these days"

You little tease!!!

Bodath said...

Damn you Mr. Jaffe, stop with all the tease and red herrings.

Mikee said...

That looks pretty awesome! I just saw Death Race recently which reminded me of Twisted Metal! These pictures make it seem like a Twisted Metal movie could actually happen. Do it jaffe!

grasshopper said...

The orange hair is a poor substitute for REAL fire :) come on it right! Pretty cool looking stuff though. It has to be kind of cool to see something you helped create make enough of a impact that people want to dress up as them.

Anonymous said...

you're in a 'sweet tooth state of mind?' hmmmm... could it be you're in a sweet tooth state of mind because you're designing sweet tooth models for your current/upcoming secret game (Twisted Metal PS3?) I sure hope it's really Twisted Metal PS3. that would be awesome!

PyroHazard said...

Sweet Tooth was one of the main reasons as to why I kind of have a strange obsession with clowns.

David said...

Nice Sweet Tooth mask!

Speaking of Sweet Tooth masks, speaking as the one who posted pics of my mask whilst holding a copy of TM: HO (from an earlier blog this year, I consider is a high point to be recognized my you, Mr. Jaffe), mine's starting to take this weird shape, on account of the heat over here in Texas.

Damn, I forgot! I still need to see Twisted Metal: The Movie....erm, I mean Death Race. :P

Rey said...

im going todress as Calypso well i hope i get every thing on time be for the con :P

Anonymous said...

BTW, why do they play the Transformers transforming sound effect when the new KITT transforms?


U r dead said...


Anonymous said...

I love ur videos

Joel said...

masks dont get MUCH creepier than that. lol. good work to whoever made it.

Xulap said...

That's really really tight.

By the way I'm new to the blog. I've been wanting to join for quite a while, but I was too lazy to Google it, until now.

Good to be in!

GrYnder said...

A Sweet Tooth mood these days? I wonder why.. :D

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