Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What the hell, G4?

This is the SECOND time G4's website has totally LIED about me and my positions.

As I've said before, I dig some of the stuff on G4 and they've always been good to me to my face.

But guys, this is just bullshit.

Please adjust your story to reflect reality, k?

Check out what this guy John Manalang writes:

Jaffe Speaks On 'God Of War' Film
Posted by John Manalang - Wednesday, October 01, 2008 11:17 AM
According to God of War designer David Jaffe, whether the Ratner-helmed film will be a "massive hit or a massive flop" in terms of profits, Mr. Jaffe wouldn't really care. Why? He'll get a big fat ZERO off it anyhow. But he's open to the idea of Ratner, especially the producer on the film project (S words are involved kiddies):

Wow-where in the world did I ever say I wouldn't really care if the film financially flops or hits?!? I think my video post and update made it clear I am a fan of the GOD OF WAR universe and the folks making the movie and I have high hopes for it. Yes, I will make no MONEY off of it, but that does not mean I don't care if it's a financial hit and I have no fucking clue why you would assume such a thing. In fact the whole point of my update was that money- or lack of money- is NOT the reason I am positive about the movie. I don't think I ever stated if I cared if the film was a hit or not. But my actions- saying I think the film is in good hands and I wish it well- should indicate which side my toast is buttered on. But to spell it out for you: yes, I would very much like the GOD OF WAR movie to be a hit.

Man, do you guys have like editors or fact checkers or ANYTHING over there? I mean, this is the SECOND fucking time you guys have just made shit up about me and my views. Who is running the place over there, Steve Schmidt?!? What the hell?



Theossie said...

See that's why you my peoples... You just real man...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, buddy. Narrative is more important to people than reality.

Masx said...

It's all about wanting to get more hits to their sites probably. So they go an spew off nonsense that attracts more readers. Because we all know anything that brings drama onto the table people will eat up. But that's just my take on the business side.

As for the editor/writers themselves... well could be they have very poor comprehension of words and saw it that way. Personally though I believe my first comment is more in line with their intent.


David, david, what do you expect from people that regularly (i.e. monthly) shave Morgan Webb's pubic hair ?.

The_Gamer said...

Do like the real gamers do...Don't watch G4 anymore. Channel is garbage compare to what it used to be. I miss Portal. Don't feed into it either. I'm actually surprised this isn't on Kotaku...

erico316 said...

lol g4 is one of the worst for gaming news.The best site currently are gametrailers and ign they state fact for fact and let you know what is a rumor.these site also have link to the source.scrawl is pretty well written for a 16 year old kid running things its really is should check that site out jaffe im sure u would like it.

Danielle said...

Arrgh, that's annoying. masx is probably right in that they're trying to create drama/generate hits; either that or they didn't actually read what you wrote.

(Also, *waves*, first comment here but have been reading your posts for awhile now. Started reading out of curiosity, I guess; I have a couple of friends who've worked on your games!)

greekdude247 said...

Ya seriously, I don't like G4. And especially after this. The people who work over there are idiots.

Alastor Mused said...

Cliffy B., It's all about misinformation and creating ratings and drama. I've noticed many gaming "journalists" use "clever" words to create an easily misinterpreted image of the situation. As long as it stirs up drama and buzz and ratings that's all that matters. I've lost a lot of respect for gaming journalism. Irregardless, You're the man Cliffy B.!

Anonymous said...

Whatever David- that network is a joke for the most part.

Deometris said...

Yea sounds like their just trying to say whatever will get them publicity. In any case, it's not surprising to me that G4 has a lot of idiots working for them. Just look at their shows, like Attack of the show..Just horrible.. Even X-play has changed, and seems a lot more contrived now. In short, I think G4 is just pathetic and shallow. The best thing you could do imo, is just ignore them and the morons that read their news.

max said...

Pretty sure you said you don't KNOW whether it will be a flop or hit, or more precisely, you have no idea how it will turn out naturally, as you don't know what it'll be like.

You didn't say you don't that's a misquote.

Mikee said...

The statement reflects how trust worthy gaming news can be. G4 isn't as good as it use to be and I hope they make a public apology. What's next on the list, G4 stating that you legally changed your name to Cliffy B?

Caleb said...

Its all about the hits unfortunately.

To bad you couldn't sue there ass for misrepresentation or something!

fuck em

Moro said...


First of all Hi!, I read your blog all the time, but I never posted a comment before. Don't know why though. I love the insight. On everything, politics included (Y).

Introductions aside, I think that is just pointless to get mad at this. I don't know how you reacted (judging by what I read, you didn't like it one bit). But words are 7% of what you actually say. How you communicate (body language, tone of voice) is the rest.

What I'm trying to say is, you have a blog, you write stuff here that's only 7% of what you are actually saying. It is expectable (altough this does not appear to be the case) that someone is going to read what he wants to read.

In this case, this people are looking for drama, because that's what will get hits on a website.

But I think it should be safe to assume that everybody else got what you were trying to say. In fact, the video shows that you have the people making the movie in high regards. I think anybody can read between the lines.

And speaking of the video, did they ask for permission to use it? I mean, I don't wanna be a dick here, but... shouldn't they? I know this goes beyond the video, this is a gaming site, gaming is your business, you don't scratch their back, they'll probably get their revenge or something, but there should be some sort of terms in order to get your vlog. They're using it to post misleading news.


- Mauro

Zodiak said...

Cliffy, this is why G4 sucks...or at least one reason why it sucks...the other you ask? The 420 special on g4....yeah....

Marc Alva said...

Well Jaffe D. Just Like Politics, its hard to come by honesty.

Remember Guys, Get a
Bull-shit Filter

len said...

Hey Jaffe, Do you plan on making any levels for LittleBigPlanet? Been in the Beta for 3 days now, and the amount of good levels is just crazy. This game is gone to be a big hit IMHO. And for the turds at G4 they can kiss my @ss The people that follow your Blog know where to go for info..right here.
Peace out
len, Tucson

tmforeverTMA said...

What the fuck is up with g4? I've always hated them all. I mean, they all suck at journalists, and they're making up shit just to get better ratings.

Anonymous said...

As if the stuff you said wasn't interesting enough they just have to add some shock jock silly comments to add dramma.

Sorry I left G4 a looong time ago with there misinformation and not knowing wth they are talking about in general...

I miss Leo and tech TV :(

Gothdom said...

Since I'd say around 4 years approximately, gaming journalism has sunked into a toilet full of shit. I mean, look at what G4 did twice to you, Gamespot's blunder with Kane & Lynch, Kotaku...

It's the same on TV with CNN and FOX thing. This is less flagrant with canadian TV (I live in Quebec) but it still shows that CBC is licking some government ass.

Anyway, what I mean is, everything is biaised. I think people should do a "can you think by yourself" test before getting access to the net. I really hate "Web 2.0" sometimes. Yeah, I think that since the web became "2.0" it started to suck. Sure, there are jewels, like this blog, but there used to be more fun stuff to do before, like was giving out some free mp3s sorted by style from unknown artists (and you could buy their full albums too). Now it's a piece of trash, full of commercial shit and no place for independant music.

RocketSauceJosh said...

it seems like gaming journalism has really hit the fan. it's hard to find anyone out there who's actually good besides the guys over at 1up

Rey said...

hay jaffe what are the song you use in TMB? i know one is "Gothic Power" what are the others?

Admin said...

Now Dave, what kind of news is it if you are positive about something and they just report the truth of it. If you keep this honesty enforcement up you are going to put the G4 spindoctors in the unemployment line.

Silogon said...

Dave, can I call you Dave? Or would you like Davey? Anyways, thing you have to realise is G4 is just getting off the nipple end of Microsoft's tit; they'll make up anything for a hit or click.

Now that that's out of that way, what happened to Cory, wasn't he getting into flims and such? Any chance he can be hired on to the project for the GOW movie?

Of course, we'd all want you to be there too but I remember you were the one who wanted the lame ass flying level in the 1st one. Then again, Cory didn't do much better with that garbage ass pegasus level.


orangeson58 said...

I think the Pegasus level was fucking awesome!

LeGenD said...

sup jaffe, im a fan of yours because you speak you mind. thats messed up what they wrote about you, you should go to G4 HQ and beat them all up! haha.

/off topic. HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE spirited away and princess princess mononoke !.

ight have a good day david, well at least try =]

Anonymous said...

G4 fails miserably at what it set out to do which is to be a channel for gamers. The only thing I ever watch on there are the japanese gameshows which are great(and sometimes COPS(wth?)).

I did, however, enjoy the 420 special. Not for all viewers, though.

Anonymous said...

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