Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sitting at my kitchen table downstiars, listening to the girls upstairs washing toy animals in their bathroom sink. I have no clue why they love doing this but Lord knows they do...there's some clean motherfucking toy animals upstairs in my house, I'll tell you that. I do recall loving to sit in the bathtub as a kid and play with my super hero action figures, making forts and secrets bases out of bubble bath and stuff...that was fun.

Noticing more and more games are starting to look like play action sets/claymation...and in a great way. For example, in the underground caverns of Gears 2 right now (loving it!) and there's this part where the river is running thru the caverns and it LOOKS like I've stepped into a little claymation set or something...it's like things look real enough but they also look kind of toy like...and this is not an insult. I LOVE Gears 2 and think it sports some of the best graphics this gen so far. This is an observation of many great looking next-gen games. Things sort of look...toy like. Or stop motion like. Hell, I noticed it in Madagascar 2 this weekend as well...it was almost like watching stop motion/claymation...what is that? It's not the old, PS2 era generation bad art stuff where the skin of characters was too shiny. We're way beyond that now... again, I LOVE the graphics in Gears and really like this effect but I just can't put my finger on what it is and/or if it's intentional or just a side effect of graphics getting closer and closer to real life....

Anyway, sorry for lack of posts this week- we're rushing to a few major milestones we have coming up in the next few weeks so all hands are on deck. Just totally swamped. A few rambly things:

a- What will my Xmas game be?!?! Prince of Persia maybe? I will have Gears 2 finished by the time Thanksgiving hits, so that is out. Oooh, I need to play Fallout 3...perhaps that and Prince? And shit, still have not played DEAD SPACE. So there are choices :)

b- STILL playing JEAN D'ARC on PSP and still FUCKING LOVING IT!!!! I play in little spurts, really get into it for a few days, get 1-3 battles done, then put it down for 1-3 weeks...but I always come back to it. Man, it's a great game. I don't think it got the love it deserved but hell, TURN BASED RPGS never really do in the states....

c- PSP store is really cool! I just got on it a few days ago...had not been on before...truth be told, not a lot of stuff on there that gets me excited (I dloaded the MLB 08 demo...that was fun!) but it's the same interface as PS3 store and it really gets me jazzed about PSP2 (I know nothing, just speculating that the new PSP- whenever it hits- will let us get games via the store and bypass UMD)...I still love the PSP altho I know there always has been a drought of amazing games...I still think it's a crazy impressive system and it's done well but in the shadow of the DS it lost a good deal of its luster...was it a mistake to assume portable players WANTED a console experience? Is that where it went wrong? Along with the biz model causing portable games- which are usually pretty inexpensive to make- to creep into the 4-8 million dollar budget range?!? I would guess yes...wonder if PSP2 will focus more on less expensive more casual style games or keep the more 'portable console' take...

d- Speaking of DS, man it's EVERYWHERE! Waiting for my doc to come in the other day for a check up and outside the door I hear my doc and the nurse (both women, no less) talking about how they are playing different games on their Ds's...pretty cool!

e- Craving Uncharted 2! I have such fond memories of playing thru the first one last Xmas season. Perhaps I will dig it out and play it again...prob not tho...too many new games to play....but who knows...

Ok, need to get the kids some breakfast then get to work...chat with you guys soon!



Gatsby said...

Prince of Persia is on my que as well but allow me to strongly recommend Dead Space.

Rodrigo Braga Alonso said...

It's great when "normal people" is talking about games, isn't it? One of these days I totally wore my "Sony Fanboy" and started talking about how you can install a Linux into PS3 and make it a computer.
Anyway, I have a similar problem with Uncharted; except I didn't played it. I have a PS3 for just a few months; I got it with the MGS4 launching, and after MGS4 I got GTA4; got unemployed and now that have money again, got Bioshock. Next on the list is BLP. But oh boy, I really want to play Uncharted and here is Brazil it is very hard to rent games. So uncharted is always at the top of my list, but somehow is never number #1 and I always end up picking up something else and feeling that I'm betraying this part of me that wants to play it so bad.

NeoZealot said...

If you like online games at all, do yourself a favor and try out left 4 dead mate! Demo just went out today, this thing only lasts about 10 minutes and me and my room mate have logged atleast a good 30 hours on the bloody thing.

Anonymous said...


I would definitely get the new Prince. It looks amazing. I have it on Pre-Order.

But there are some other cool games soon coming out, like Mirror's Edge and Rise of the Argonauts. Also, pick up Motorstorm Pacific Rift if you don't have it. It's the definition of polish. What an awesome and fun game!

R.Bunk said...

Resistance 2 is a great ride. The story is much more in depth, many more characters on screen (some big ones too).

The 8-player Co-Op is tons of fun and you can really have that pop-in kind of game play as most of the levels are completed within an hour.

The levels are randomly generated to a degree so it keeps the gameplay fresh. Multiple classes and leveling up gives it a bit an MMO RAID feel.

60 Player competitive is fun too. Skirmish is a different take on the competitive gameplay.

grasshopper said...

Dead Space was pretty cool...after a few levels I had seen enough though. Couldn't keep my interest through to the end. Fallout seems a little hard to get into...as in seems to be most difficult right at the beginning (no weapons no ammo no clue) Mirrors Edge seems pretty neat though...want to get my hands on that one.
I wish the DS and PSP would go with a ton of space iPod style and be download only...I hate having to predict what I want to play when I'm bored in a few hours. Still dying to get my hands on GoW for the PSP.

xonewingedangelx said...

Hey dude, just wondered what you thought of LittleBigPlanet if you've played it?
Saw someone with the Kratos costume today, was freakin sweet! But Sweet Tooth would be better =P

Is Vigilante 8 Arcade any good? Seen some pretty bad reviews but haven't played.

Anonymous said...

you gotta try resistance 2's online. really fun. i cant stop playing it. single player is also really good but co-op is addictive as hell. hope they toss in some sort of co-op into the PSP resistance.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there's an image effect similar to tilt shift being used?


Anonymous said...

The new Prince of Persia is amazing!!! The stylized look, game and game play mechanics are awesome. Its definitely got to be at the top of your list.

Have you had a chance to play EndWar yet? Another smashing title from Ubisoft (and not just cause I worked on the game)! I'd be really interested to see what you think of the play/game mechanics. I think we've finally got a title that blends all the goodness and fun of the RTS gnere with the added kickassness of voice control.

And as for the PSP, its my multi
media station. I not only play games on it (GOW COO of course not to mention my addiction to Hot Shots Golf) but its a MUST have loaded with TV shows and movies for airplane trips, car rides or any time I can get a few minutes to myself. With a 16GB card in that sucka I can get tons of TV shows and movies on there!

So are we gonna see another action title out of you anytime soon or are you just focusing on shorter platform stuff for now?


Anonymous said...


Can you do me a favor and answer two questions for me? When TMHO (PSP) came out, what were your initial thoughts? Did you think that Scott did a lousy job and that your way a of a colorful world TM game was better?

And also..... why did you take out ramming as a very prominant attack in games after TM2? Yes, I'm sure you've been asked htis numerous times before, but I don't think we've ever gotten a solid answer on this. If you were to make another TM game do you think it'd make a return?

Sorry for asking these questions, Cliffy.

Can you please get back to me? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for any online games to play, I must suggest Resistance 2.

Joel said...

any interest in Mirror's Edge? i know thats going to be my Christmas game...

Miguel said...

yeah, my sister loves washing her toys in the sink. unfortunately, it often means we have furry soap.
and I get what you mean about that wierd plasticy, sheen look alot of games have. it bothers me a bit, actually. unreal games have this alot.

eda said...


Anonymous said...