Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here is the link to N'gai's response to my previous video post...

And here are the AMAZING Mighty Mugg Twisted Metal customs, compliments of Mrs. Ven0m over at Twisted Metal Alliance!

Sweet Tooth!

Mr. Grimm!

And even AXEL! Love the tires!

Ok ya'll- chat soon! Take it easy!



Anonymous said...

Hey david, I recieved the Christmas card from you and Eat Sleep Play, i just wanted to say thank you and i hope u and your family enjoyed the holidays!

Zodiak said...

I think they were gonna release Twisted Metal cars if I'm not mistaken...Sweetooth's van and others. Glad to see a prototype Mr.Grimm that never made it into production, it looks really freekin sweet. Would be cool if they did a TM1 Mr.Grimm complete with motorcycle and missile shooting action!

those custom made mighty muggs looks amazing, especially the Axel one, looks like that one could be in a deluxe package with the words, Owns your friends, right in the middle of it!!!


they have quite a few on there, one is of Kratos from GoW he also has gold chains around his hands lol!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Screw Ngai. Dude that began playing games in 1999 should not go against game designer as David Jaffe. I mean Davids expirince gives him more knowledge about what is right or wrong gaming industry. N'Gain is journalist, nothing special, that doesn't give him any more knowledge about games compared to average gamer.
So N'gai if you read this, be quiet and let people that KNOW speak about this things.
David you ROCK

Anonymous said...

BTw srry for my English

grasshopper said...

Man...take a pic of the Sweet Tooth action figure sometime. That sounds awesome. Hopefully he would have come with a can of lighter fluid and matches for realistic head flames :)

SonyJunkie said...

I understand what you are saying Jaffe. Games, Movies or any type of entertainment should be showing you what that product is and what it will do.

They are sweet TM Mighty Muggs.

Also can't wait to hear what you and your team are working on. Hopefully you give us some info on it soon.

-rallyRAYS- said...

...I have been driking Budlight the last ten years... and NOW you tell me!

Welcome back, hope you had a good holiday and new year. Looking forward to another year of blog posts, cheers!

FYI. Not sure i like your new "format" seems rushed as less personal... just at making an observation.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I seriously doubt we know the series more than you, Jaffe. TMA appreciates your constant support and we of course will always support your endeavours for all of your games, not just Twisted Metal. The Mighty Mugs are fantastic. Hopefully Ven0m can come by shortly and give the link, all three are amazing.

Hope your holidays were great and good luck at the end of the month meeting with Sony.

TMA has all of their fingers and toes crossed for you.

maartyrr said...

ah damn it, and see, I missed your rambling and the long winded speeches that provided a full 10 mins of entertainment for me and probably others too. Seriously, why cut it short at 5 mins? Why not fully vent like you have in the past? Don't compact your vblogs and don't censor them either. Let it all out Dave

Tankzilla said...

Seems like you forced it and were a little out of breath at the end. :)

Maybe limit yourself to one topic per video. And that way we get more videos from you even if they are shorter. And at the end of the week or whatever you could do one vid that ties up loose ends and other things you want to mention but dont need to talk about at length.

my two pence...

Anonymous said...

I really like twisted metal especially twisted metal black that was my all time favorite love your games man they rock hopefully i finish studying website and graphics design and head to university and get a degree or whatever hehe and work for Santa Monica.. Long live Santa Monica. god of war 3 ftw

Unknown said...

I want those.
I've always wanted them to make some kind of hot wheels style Twisted Metal cars. That would be amazing.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I have a few mighty muggs on the top of my desk, standing around my lava lamp o_O Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man.

But those TM ones are EPIC. Make a new TM Game and get some official ones made! NOW! :P

Sorry if I sound a bit demanding but damn, that'd be epic.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I didn't read the rest of the comments till after my post. But Taylor's post above mine got my mind racing again. When I was a kid I used to pull out my hotwheels and try to find ones that looked most like TM chars so I could have some battles. I also thought it would be badass to have hotwheels-esque TM toys made. STILL think it'd be cool.

Anonymous said...

You know, Dave, after having plaid Prince of Persia and then going back and watching the Prince of Persia trailer, I have to say that the trailer did bring back the powerful emotions I had while playing that game. It may not have served its purpose ahead of time, but watching that video afterwards really feels like it genuinely reflects the product.

*shrug* Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't do to be able to edit the typos in my above comment...*sigh*

Ven0m_TMA said...

Hi David. I wanted to personally thank you for the shout out for the Mighty Muggs. It made my wife giggle and smile, and that makes me happier than anything else.

I posted the link for the artist's website over at tmalliance.com.

BTW, if you need a Beta tester for the new game, hit me up on AIM at Ven0m_TMA. ;D

I can't wait to see what you guys have coming our way!!

Anonymous said...

David will you be uploading new videos on a daily basis,i.e shorter videos=more videos?

Anonymous said...

Those TM Mighty Muggs are awesome. You should get them to sell some of those, I'd so get Sweet Tooth while my girlfriend liked the Mr. Grimm Mighty Mugg!

As for you and N'Gai, I honestly respect both of you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the dog and pony show

Anonymous said...

Those Twisted Metal action figures are great! Someone should make some God of War action figures! I'd love a mini Kratos!

Miguel said...

A few points here. first off, I love the rambling post, no need to cut them needlessly short, unless of course you're actually pressed for time.

On the topic of N'gai...I am also a big fan of his aswell.

it's quite obvious mr. F!cking LEGEND didn't read N'gai's post...

For someone who loves to complain whenever someone misquotes or misleeds about what they say, I'm kind of suprised about what you (david) just said about his piece. It almost seemed like you didn't really read the meat of his post...

yes he did make that point about everything being false advertising, but this point was almost like an afterthought to prelude his real point. N'gai goes on to say;

"But to quote a famous slogan,‭ ‬we’ve come a long way,‭ ‬baby.‭ ‬Surely I can’t be the only one who’s thankful that publishers have moved beyond the‭ ’‬90s-era ads that screamed at us through the telly with‭ ‘‬extreme‭’ ‬live-action footage and pounding rock music,‭ ‬followed by a few desultory seconds of in-game footage and a box shot."

he goes on;

"Not only does (the unexpectedly moving sequence in God Of War where a trapped-in-the-afterlife Kratos must periodically share his health with the wife and child he inadvertently killed in a delirious rage,‭ ‬all the while fighting off a horde of murderous Kratos doppelgangers.‭) prove that emotion can be evoked honestly through gameplay,‭ ‬it suggests that the solution isn’t for videogame publishers to dial back their advertising,‭ ‬but for videogame developers to instead step up their craft‭; ‬to figure out how they can translate the efficient ways in which‭ ‬30-‭ ‬and‭ ‬60-second spots instil emotions into analogous methods that will work in games.‭"

so...it seems like you guys are sort of having a non-difference of opinion here, you both expressed the need for games to rise to the level of emotionality that has been falsely perpetuated throughout recent video game advertisement history.

Recently a discussion was posted on Shawn Elliot's blog, and this


was posted. give it a look, it's an actual opposing view of what you and N'gai seem to be expressing.

anyway, how awesome would a kratos mighty mugg be?

Anonymous said...

hey David this may be way off topic but which Playstaion 3 system do you have?

David Jaffe said...

The Beaner:

Thanks for the post, but I did read his post carefully and I simply disagree. He wrote this:

"Not only does (the unexpectedly moving sequence in God Of War where a trapped-in-the-afterlife Kratos must periodically share his health with the wife and child he inadvertently killed in a delirious rage, all the while fighting off a horde of murderous Kratos doppelgangers. ) prove that emotion can be evoked honestly through gameplay, it suggests that the solution isn’t for videogame publishers to dial back their advertising, but for videogame developers to instead step up their craft ; to figure out how they can translate the efficient ways in which 30- and 60-second spots instil emotions into analogous methods that will work in games. "

Just because he and I agree that games ARE capable of doing what some of the misleading - to me- ads promise, does not mean the core issue of his piece is correct.

He says that ads are great at expanding the mythology of the products they advertise and seems to have no issue with these- to me- misleading ads because they expand the myth of the game AND should be encouraging us to step up our game.

Well as to expanding the myth, I think this is bullshit. I look at an ad- especially one for a 60 dollar product- to excite me about the product but to also inform me about the product. If they expand the myth, I guess that's ok, but frankly it's not what I need an add for an expensive product to do.

As for ads encouraging us to step up our game, sure, great. Anything that reminds us that games can be more than they are is welcomed. But not at the expense of the job that an ad- again, in my mind- is supposed to be performing: explaining and hyping the product they want me to buy.

So I did read the article. I simply disagree with it.


continue to 'expand the fiction of the games by doing things that games are not yet so great at

Miguel said...

I see where you disagree more clearly now, on the issue of the ads potraying the games as bigger than they really are, but what I took from it was that he also wanted to see less bullshit in these types of ads, but isn't exactly opposed to ads becoming something more than just an announcement of features and experiences directly lifted from gameplay and/or cut scenes.

But thanks for responding, you made your stance on the issue a little more clear to me.

I find this whole debate very fascinating. As someone who is into graphic design I have to deal with the question; where should the line fall between making something beautiful, and effectively communicating a message? I think every designer/director creative type has to deal with this dillemna. Fall to one side and you risk being accused of false advertisement, end up on the other and you're not being creative or original.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

DAVID - i've been trying to track the artist for these muggs down for some time now. venom_tma is NEVER on AIM, so i haven't been able to contact them. the TWMA site has been down for months, and doesn't look like it will be back online anytime soon. any information you could proive me would be fantastic. please feel free to email me dr.mugg@mugglab.com with any info you could provide. thanks, and thanks for posting these awesome pics! :)

Anonymous said...

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