Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well Hell...

My heart goes out to all those 1up and EGM folks who lost their jobs today. It's a real shame considering what an important part you guys/gals have played in the US gaming world all these years. Thanks for the many, many years of great, entertaining work.

Good luck landing on your feet and finding new jobs that you love.



SrRaven said...

So after gamespots clusterfuck now 1up took the shit. Giantbomb is a great podcast and it now seems to be the only good one out there.

grasshopper said...

The 1up podcast will never be the same...totally sucks! Poor Shane. Good luck 1up and EGM guys

Anonymous said...

whocares, There pathetic...and the servers on that site is a disaster!

Sadeq said...

It's really sad news. Good luck to all 1UP and EGM guys and gals.

Unknown said...

Just goes to show how bad the economy is. Even people with well-established jobs and people who've been working at a job for 10-15 years are getting laid off, and I hope that they know that, and anyone else who reads these comments/this blog knows that. I can speak from experience; my family isn't doing to well financially, and my brother got laid off recently.

I hope that everyone that's been hit from this little economic depression can get back on their feet and kick life's ass. Just imagine a little a "O" on top of life's head, and proceed to initiate a quick time even. :)

Also, Dave - I don't think getting posts under a certain time limit is the best strategy. I think you need to worry about fitting in as much as you want to say into a video, and if it's 5 minutes, great. If it's 10, that's great too. It's all about content.

grasshopper said...

Anon...your a asshole. They are people who just lost their jobs and at this time it may not be easy to get a new one.
The sites servers are more important to you than the people...your pathetic
Grow up buddy

Bobby Brankiewicz said...

Not even Doom music...

Anonymous said...

The country shutters at the wake of cataclysmic devastation.

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame, 1up was without a doubt my favorite gaming site. The podcasts completely changed the way I look at gaming as an industry and artform.

Brice Gilbert said...

fuck this sucks. I hope we see em start a new site or join another.

Anonymous said...

again...who gives a shit

Moro said...

Anon... What a fuckhead you are man. I won't say that you're not entitled to an opinion. You are.

But what the fuck dude... I take it you've never been canned. Have some empathy man, they're people like all of as and they're taking a shitstorm.

Miguel said...

omigod...what the hell...this is bullshit. they fired everbody that I still liked there. what the fuck where they thinking? did the people who made these decisions even familiarize themselves with the work before they went out firing these people? jesus, some of those guys have been around the mag forever.

well I was worried about missing so many egm's recently, but what the fuck...egm's gone under? this is a fucking dark day for gaming.

SonyJunkie said...

Man that sucks. Getting a new job will be very hard at these times. I used to subscribe to their magazine and then I moved to Gameinformer. Oh nooo!!! It is all my fault. I shouldn't have left. Kidding, it does suck for those guys though.

Anonymous said...

1UP was the most unbiased video game site there is. When other ppl were giving the new prince of persia 5 / 5, 1up didnt hesitate to give it a B+, even if it is a blockbuster game. You couldn't buy 1up reviews!!!
I dont even know where im going to go for an actual levelheaded discussion about a game and not some marketing material being peddled as a game review.

Tyrone said...

Best podcasts / video / game journalists EVER. I'll follow those folks to the end of the earth.

I can't help but think that they are better off now that they are free from the tangled corporate web and able to start something that they can benefit from more directly. They are the reason 1up is anything special. Now they are free to rise up against the man!

Barron Tillerson said...

No cuss filled heavily explicit rant?! You must be taking this hard...

JohnLivingston said...

WTF? I knew about the new owners, but this is the first I'm hearing about the layoffs. Could someone shed some light on this for me.

Unknown said...

This seriously fucks up my entire life. I loved the 1UP site and the staff was the closest to the users I've ever seen. This is a really sad news. Skip Pfister, Ryan O'Donnell, *Philip Kollar, *Jay Fresh, *Cesar Quintero, *Nick Suttner, *Anthony Gallegos, Matt Chandronait, and *Shane Bettenhausen I wish you all the best. Out of all the people on the web I felt closest to these people that were fired. If they held donations I would have totally done that. I really can't believe this. And this sounds kind of silly but after seeing this the economy is really striking fear into my heart now.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it definately blows a rather large popsicle.

Anonymous said...

It always sucks when people lose their jobs.

I hit some tough times working in the Auto industry and it sucks when your forced to start over.

At least I was close enough to development to see the writting on the wall and I got the hell out of Dodge. I landed a new gig with a place that does Government contracts so I'm pretty secure now...But now i'm seeing my friends that I used to work with lose their jobs and have to start over only there arn't that many jobs out there now.

No matter how you look at it this blows huge chuncks for the game industry. These were people who were passionate about gaming and sure they wanted to make some coin but they were also part of the entertainment we get from gaming.

Anonymous said...

Its never easy seeing friends fall on hard times, and theres some really great people in that bunch and i do hope they land on their feet

The 1up community was so fucking friendly and really approchable...show me another company where even if you never met these people...they still seemed like close friends even though you never met...

The podcasts, 1up show and editor blogs all totally made that connection with people

...to the people that have harsh words i feel thats really a reflection on who you are, you might not have liked 1up...the people or the way the content was brought across (i fucking loved em') but to wish ill on someone is just nasty

Unknown said...

It's awful, I agree. I enjoyed the content that they produced (especially the podcasts) more than any other gaming related programming/reporting. I know that my habits will never be the same, and I truly hope that all of those who lost their jobs end up somewhere where I can continue to enjoy their great work. :/

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible about this news. I will miss 1up yours and Legendary thread, the only podcasts I listened to.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. Jaffe. Do you know something about the GoW III trailer that will be available for download via PSN on the 22th of January? Will this be the trailer you've talked about?

wreakOnes said...

I know what you mean man, i was actually shocked and even heart broken when i first read the news.
i even have my own take of the situation on my blog.
those guys were by far the best thing going on in the entertainment game journalism space.

Anonymous said...

1up changed the way I looked at gaming. I'll miss my biweekly listen to 1up FM & Yours. I hope the guys manage to get the ball rolling with their own private work.

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