Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Ok, you all must have seen these all over the net. I ain't showing you anything new, I know that. But I just have to say two things about these road signs that hackers have been hacking into and messing with:

a- OH MY GOD! I fucking LOVE that we live in an age where someone can do this! This is so funny and so perfect! How damn funny!

b- The one that says, ""ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN!" (which I have not seen, just heard about) is just about the funniest thing in the world to me. It's not enough that the sign lets you know the current area's zombie status, but it also gives you a helpful way of dealing with the zombies! The only thing funnier would be if someone actually above the age of 10 got scared of these signs and were all worried and shit (i.e. War of the Worlds broadcast back in the 20's?)...



Delriach said...

Hey David! I just got my jacket about an hour ago. I'll have some pics of it tomorrow maybe.

Delriach said...

Oh and thanks :P

da criminal said...

Cool! Yes, send pics so I can put them on the blog!

Hope it keeps you warm and happy!


The Cheap-Arse Film Critic said...

The ony thing better would have been, "ROAD CLOSED DUE TO UNEXPECTED CTHULHU."

cutyourthroat69 said...

haha that is fucken awesome. i've never seen any of them signs. i swear i'd litteraly piss myself if i seen one around geelong (australia). love it.

P.S - i want a jacket :(
hook us up Jaffe haha

Vitter said...


there you go david!

Vitter from Argentina.

Granata226 said...

Haha omg!! I haven't seen those Zombie signs yet. That is so sick!! I want to do it!

Zan said...

As much as I hate to correct people, the nazi zombies were from the secret level of World at War...

Foxx said...

Here's the link to the MSN story. Saw it at work today and just broke up laughing. Whoever hacked into those are amazing and I love it. Hopefully the authorities realize it was in good fun and don't try turn it into a crusade against the internet!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these signs. If for some reason you were to be working on a game with cars (and guns...and clowns) you should add one...or not. =D

BTW Cheap-Arse Film Critic, there should be more Cthulhu in everything.

Mango said...

hey david,
haven't been to your blog in a while. I Actually had something to add to your last post but I figured I'd just comment here.

Being a surgical resident I can totally gaurantee that the hand eye coordination factor is extremely applicable. There's actually lots of studies by a guy who's name i'm forgetting at the moment, but he's published studies that show video gamers have better surgical skills out of the box than medical students and recommends video game consoles in every surgeons lounge to help practice your skills. ( in the article I think he used super monkey ball as the game that helps the most on the wii).

anyways, I'm sure you could find those articles around the net in case you wanted to throw them in the face of someone you're argueing with next time.

you probably already knew all that anyways, but right on brother! We gotta keep telling them how it is man.

Mango said...

Ps. since you're a marvel fan, have you been keeping up with the wolverine series? (I know there's 2 right now, either or...)
just wanted to know if you had any thoughts on them.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you and your adventures within this blog and Kotaku, when I saw this.

Anonymous said...

Hey David. Saw that you were listening to Kanye on your twitter. If you like that, try this guy.

He's got a couple of mixtapes. I haven't listened to them all, but so far I haven't heard anything that wasn't good. Being free can't hurt either :-)

Archminion said...


Theory of a Deadfan said...


KonKat said...

lol.. That's funny. I've never seen that, thanks for posting it.

warezIbanez said...

TO US!!!!!!!!

Gothdom said...

I used to do shit like that everyday when I was working in an internet café. There was a sign outside, the boss never checked it, so I started posting crap every day. My favorite was " Coackroach sandwich past-date 3.99$ with cold coffee"

Agostino said...

Awesome signs! You rule david!

Vitter, no puedo creer que haya otro argentino aca jaja, una locura.

Vitter said...

jajaja grosso Agostino!!

MUGEN said...

It was for COD WaW's NAZI Zombie mode actually.

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Anonymous said...

I smiled at the zombies but laughed out loud at "The British are coming!". - Telka!

Anonymous said...

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