Thursday, April 09, 2009


Oh and here she is, for those who have no clue who I am talking about:

Now the odd part is, I didn't know she was in Panic Room when she was like, I dunno, 10-11....but dude, I thought she was a boy for the WHOLE fucking movie until the end when someone says, 'she' in referencing her and I'm like, "WAIT! That's a girl?!?!" that's kind...odd....but there she is...

Oh and here are some of the trailers I was talking about in the vllog:

Looks funny and moving- eager to see!


Looks like Raw Rocky- pretty cool!


Rey said...

i like her in Messengers

hay what you think of KIng of Fighters, Prince of Persea movies coming out?

also the abomination Dragon Ball movie what are your thoughtts.

Left 4 Dead is addictive maybe we can go Zombie hunting sometime :)

Anonymous said...

She was annoying in Twilight. Too many 'uh uh uh' lines. where did ya get the cool montauk shirt? =D

sorgriffiths said...

Dude, she's not 20. I'm 18 now, and I was born 10th of July, 1990, and she was born 9th of April 1990 (happy birthday), so she ONLY just turned 19.

Feel even more creepy now? ;)

Anyway, loving the posts. I really love the way you communicate your ideas etc. You're someone which I find very easy to empathize and connect with, despite differences in taste.

Keep it up man. :)

iceveiled said...

Really? Another Seth Rogen "comedy".

Starring Seth Rogen as.....Seth Rogen.

We get it already.

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday, Dave.

-rallyRAYS- said...

Happy Birthday Mr. J!!

You should hire Christen Stuart for voice over on your new game... work it! :)

Anonymous said...

Musicology got me cracking up. Keep up the good work Dave.

wocyob said...

god thanks alot... dave

that girl is just beautiful
cant seem to take my eye off of her

woot im 21

and according to sorgriffiths
shes 19

so i dont feel weird at all haha
but damn

hate that feeling of not getting what you want :P

TrevDogg said...

u said u feel creepy xD theres nothing wrong, chicks dig older men that are well established like ur self ;-) btw shes cute but natalie portman in clone wars takes the cake so far...anyways cant wait to hear about the game hopefully a announcement will be sooner than one can expect. i really cant wait to hear what ur next project is though. i know its going to be a "shocker" i see another goty from u dave.

Dragon Philosopy said...

Hey David. I think the main argument against chart music is that it's designed to be catchy rather than deep or powerful, and as a musician myself, it requires no talent to create a catchy hook as opposed to taking time working on epic, powerful music. I think the whole "bar at 3am" point you made was interesting, but that's because people can relate to complaining songs, which makes them feel strongly about the music. Anyway, that's a musicians take on it :)

Anonymous said...

Happy soon-to-be birthday Dave. Here's your present.

Super fun little web game that I'm thinking you'll love. :D

CosmycMyndFuhk said...

i also agree that she (Kristen Stewart) is hott. i thought she was cute back when she was in "Zathura" man she was like 15, now that she is legal i'll say she is hott. Hope to hear something about your game, when ever they give the thumbs up of course keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

ha....when you were second guessed yourself with the Megan Fox comparison...your follow up was perfect.

About Funny People. I'm getting really tired of Seth Rogan. He really needs to take a break. There isn't a freakin month where his movies don't come out. He's becoming like Samuel Jackson (I really hate his work). And that stupid mall cop movie? Didn't another stupid mall cop movie just come out?

Anonymous said...

I was one of the unlucky guys who seen Twilight, and not by choice. My girlfriends curiosity drove it over the edge that resulted in collecting the Twilight books which she can't get enough of. After pressuring me for a few days about reading the books, and admittingly I have delved into the first paragraph of the first book, I abruptly stopped as I felt the text sucking me in like some subliminal trance lulling me into this world of vampires. If I continued surely my manhood would of been sucked away leaving me crying into tampons, estrogen, and female products, viciously turning me into an Emo I've hated so much.

So let this be a disclaimer to all men willing to see Twilight either by themselves or with they're girlfriends. You will change, and not for good, but for ill.

Left 4 Dead, on the other hand, needs to be cracked open by you, Jaffe, and experience what others are enjoying. And no the online community isn't going away that soon. L4D is great! You won't be disappointed.

sorgriffiths said...

-- TeamFortress 2 is still going extremely strong. I don't think you need to worry about Left4Dead's community jumping ship for quite a few years, let alone months.

I haven't played it, though I think it's almost a gibbon now that the PC versions of valve games are always better. You should play it on there... I'm sure buying it again or finding a decent PC to run it on shouldn't be a problem for you. ;)

Btw – have you played Persona4 yet, or formulated any opinions on it? I’m new to it too, and have only played a little of it and Persona3, so it’d be great to hear from someone who’s in the same shoes... and being a legendary game designer doesn’t exactly hurt either. ;)

Vitter said...
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Geno said...

I think peoples main problem today, is the focus more on BEATS rather than actual MUSIC/LYRICS in todays popular music.

I grew up listening to the "popular" station, at the time it had Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Hootie & The Blowfish, etc. Now it's full of garbage like Souljah Boy, T-Pain, Rihanna, Kanye West (no offense, just isn't my music). I've become so sick of todays "in" music, that I switched to country. And i'm 18, if that matters.

I just think people hate todays music because it focuses more on computer beats rather than actual music. But thats just my take on it.

Vitter said...

Hey man i kinda want to see adventureland, not released yet in my country i think, i did see twilight and i can say IT IS A FUCKING MESS, boring as hell, poorly written, the direction was all over the place.. anyways, i like vampire movies so i was pretty dissapointed you know...
Hey i was reading on kotaku about the new Wolvie game, the one that is releasing with the movie, and this dude, ithink it was the designer or something, says they planned it time before it was even atteched to the movie, claiming they had the time to make a great game etc. what the KOTAKU guy had to say about it? that it was a God of War clone.. so if i think about gow + wolverine, to me sounds like fun! but this guy was like huh, you as creator of gow, and marvel lover, what do you think about this premise.. even though we will know only on may 1st if it is actually like that(they release a demo and the game, same day) and even if it is, it could fall really far from that quality too.

Phil Haynes said...

Mr Jaffe,
long time lurker here and I'd just like to say a massive thank you for making twisted metal 2. Me and my brother have been playing it for 13 years now :)
Anyway, I thought I'd try and reply to your comments on music. I don't think upbeat, happy music is bad in itself. For example, I absolutely love this J-pop band called Genki Rockets ( but in my eyes only listening to music that only conveys one emotion (happy/upbeat as you put it) really limits your choices.
Anyway, the main reason I dislike the majority of popular music is because it generally lacks depth, both lyrically and musically. If you listen to music to be entertained then that's fine. I do it for that reason sometimes too but most of the time I want more. I want to be moved, I want to work out what the song is about and study the chords and arrangement and generally, there isn't that much to analyse in popular music. Its just like, watching a high concept movie like die hard is all well and good, but sometimes you'll want to watch something a little deeper like Life is Beautiful (you should totally check out that film if you've not seen it!) - a film that moves you and makes you question how you view the world and the power of the human spirit. See what I'm saying?

Julian said...

Kristen Stewart or Megan Fox? David, I think you've lost it. Megan Fox is drop dead gorgeous.

David Jaffe said...

Fox is sexy for sure but she's generic T&A.

Kristen is sexy in how she looks and how it seems she has a cool, smart, interesting Fox seems like a Playboy Playmate. To me that could be fun but it's kind of meh. Like fucking plastic.

MUCH rather have a woman like a REAL woman who is also sexy. Hell, that is one of the things that MAKES her so sexy.

Julian said...

I think Kristen is attractive, but she's also too plain. Megan, however, has a killer body. If I were to look at both of them, I would choose Megan Fox. Kristen probably has a better personality, but I'm more attracted to Megan.

mike said...

interracial dating is gross and wrong

Colin said... really do have terrible taste in music, but as long as you like it...who cares! People don't like Kenye West as a person because he is a duche (and a gay Southpark for that reference.) His music sucks (in my mind) because he can't sing without a voice modulator and everyone in the studio actually make his music. Lady Gaga is the same with her recording (not really her own music.) and since it's made by professionals and it's built to be popular, they use re-hashed, provenly popular tunes and beats...completely unoriginal.

Anonymous said...

Keep it in your pants Jaffe

sNsKid said...

Kristen Stewart is pretty awesome, but Twilight sucks hard.

For the most part popular music sucks because it has no longevity.

Lady Gaga can sing, but her songs just aren't what I'm into. Kanye West sounds like garbage live and his ego isn't helping anything.

Anonymous said...

The music thing.

I would say the reason most see pop music and mainstream music as 'bad' alot/most of the time is mainly due to it being manufactured to make money. These people put out albums with purposly catchy beats and meaningless lyrics simply to make a buck, not to tell you a story or make you feel a certain way (albiet generally feeling good might be the exception), as a result you have popular shallow music. That is why i think most pop music sucks. There are exceptions to the rules, there are pop songs which the singer (gasp) actually writes the lyrics themselves and composes the song, but this doesnt seem to be the standard.

F1REST0RM said...

Stewart's more attractive than Fox, you're right about that. She's for real. Fox looks like a super model. I mean, I'd fuck her, crude as that may sound, but as a girlfriend? Not from what I've seen.

Dragon Philosophy nailed it about the music, though I don't entirely agree with that line of thought myself (as another musician). I'm in the Queens of the Stone Age vein, and while I can appreciate deep, dramatic songs, I prefer rock n' roll. Tap your foot and dance with your girl kinda music, to roughly paraphrase Tom Morello. Rap and poppy music I don't mind, and some of it I quite enjoy. I confess to enjoying in particular Justin Timberlake's stuff. (Though rock music has my heart.) Haven't listened to Kanye West at all though.

So basically, think Gears of War versus Flower. The way I think of it is that it's a matter of differing tastes more than it is a bad or good taste. They're different approaches to the same medium.

And most definitely play Left 4 Dead! I'm sure you'll love the hell out of it, it's the most fun I've had with a video game. PC version is better, but especially if you have a buddy nearby to play it with, the 360 version is quite awesome as well.

Can't wait to hear when your new game will be announced, even if you can only give us a rough time frame. Too bad it won't be E3, but good things come to those who wait. :)

Take care, Jaffe.

F1REST0RM said...

And holy shit, me and Kristen Stewart are virtually the same age, down to the week. Sorry, just realized that...that's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Bah why can't someone have both of the women? LOL

Anyway you have Left 4 Dead and you haven't played it yet? What the hell man? That game is without a doubt great. I only wish I could play it more. I have a couple of friends I play with but just haven't been able to get them on to play lately.

Without a doubt though if you loved any of the newer Zombie/infected type movies you will probably love the game. Without a doubt it's a blast.

Rami said...

Hey David, does your wife read your posts? lol

Grogmonkey said...

A couple of points:

Firstly, I don't buy into that 'pop music is manufactured, soulless and meaningless' crap. The people that write this music aren't a bunch of suits in a boardroom with a 'perfect money-making pop music' equation, slotting together popular musical naunces to guarantee sales. They're composers and musicians. And to say they have no talent is not only completely wrong, but an insult. Those guys are the best at what they do. How do I know? Because they make music that millions of people like. That's how it got to be popular in the first place! Remember: there is a difference between 'bad music' and 'music that you personally don't like'.

So, no, I don't buy the 'generic rock fan response' to pop music. I haven't since I was about 15...

More to the point of the post, I think the main reason people consider the more depressing vein of music to be 'better' is down to inherent psychological weaknesses of the human mind. As was implied in The Matrix: if something is too good, the mind rebels against it. In this case, happy, jumpy, joyful music makes us thing "What a load of crock. Everything sucks. This music sucks." As opposed to the more traditional rock template of 'Everything is crap.' which people of the previous couple of generations can relate to more readily.

In other words, music that validates their perception of what state the world is currently in is going to be considered 'better' than music that they feel is disingenuous.

Take, as an example, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, or The Beatles (to a greater or lesser extent). At the time, they embodied the surreal, psychodelic nature of many, many people in the '60s. They are considered great because their music was the right music at the right time.

Fast forward 20-30 years to the '80s and '90s and you get Generation X and the 'punk revival'. In a generation where a lot of people felt out of touch with their surroundings, governments/countries and even families, the music that speaks most to people is going to be something slightly more depressing, that reflects what's going on in their lives. A lot of people are going to grow up appreciating that Nirvana (or Husker Du, or Screaming Trees) spoke to them on a level that reflects the socio-political feeling of the time.

Eventually, that gets ingrained into the social consciousness so that it is accepted that these bands are great. I mean, I grew up knowing that The Beatles were great without ever really listening to their music for about 18 years.

So, it's partly the right music for the right people at the right time (if you happened to be alive when the music was around), or an inherited social conscious that states 'the previous generation thought this was great, so you will grow up thinking so too'. And it's partly the fact that, in the end, people generally think everything, eventually, goes to shit. And making music that is 'deep and meaningful' is another way of saying 'falls in line with my world view (of how everything, inevitably, goes to shit)'.

As an aside, I have both Genesis and Husker Du albums on my iTunes. Frankly, I prefer Genesis, but that could just be the audio quality of the Husker Du record. How they got away with releasing a CD of Warehouse at that quality I'll never know. But these days I prefer the pop-y side of rock. I picked up a new Silver Sun album a few weeks back, which would be considered the softest of soft rock, but I think it's really, really great. Because it speaks to me more in my older age than, say, Screaming Trees does (though I still appreciate that they are a great band. Just not so relevant to me anymore).

PS: Kristen Stewart is made of win, but a little too young for me.

Grogmonkey said...

Holy crap, that was a long post. Stream of consciousness typing fail.

I apologise.

Anonymous said...

The video is no longer available? That sucks

grasshopper said...

To me the music thing seems the same as the movie thing. The upbeat fun movies that are enjoyable to watch like comedies are thought of as bad...its the artsy or historical depressing movies that get all the love.
I don't know if its people trying to look somehow smart and sophisticated by liking things they consider deeper and having more meaning than your average stuff.
Its obviously not the case with everyone but it seems people are afraid to say they like the fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

you lookkk hott

jmd749 said...

lmao, "like fucking plastic"
that's a classic. you're too much jaffe. and i totally agree, i'd pick kristen over fox any day as well.:)


Jon said...

Fox over Stewert in a heartbeat for me, man. I think Fox seems more "real" than Stewert. Different perspectives I guess. Never seen a Stewert movie though, so maybe you see something don't. Oh, and on the music subject, totally agree. I mean I like indie music as much as the next guy but pop music great too.

kfizz said...

I think you should check out a band called mastodon. They sorta have become a more to the point version of tool. I mean that the songs are not as long and random even thou tool is good it maybe harder to get in to them. Here is the link to their myspace

Also if you like happier stuff try check out 311 they are around the same age as you so you may connect since they are really hip hop like with great rock.

So i hope you like it also if you need some zombie killing comrades. Just add me kfizz187 Thanks have fun david.

Unknown said...

I've heard good things about Adventureland and have been meaning to check it out at the theater.

As for Left 4 Dead: I think you'll have a blast but getting it on PC may've been a better choice (that is, if you play PC games). Source-engine games on consoles have really awkward thumbstick controls, where the aiming reticule starts slow and accelerates when you move it, which throws me off.

The Darkness and Bioshock had the same issue, which prevented me from enjoying them as much as I could have. I prefer the smoother, more constant rate that games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 had.

Nelson WJ said...

First off, I do wanna know where the Montauk shirt came from.

Oh, and I have a suggestion on actresses and another one for music.

Actress: Eva Green. Gorgeous eyes if that's what made you like KS so much.
Music: Zarif. Upbeat stuff, but with some pretty dance-able music and some actual talent in terms of singing. Also, she's gorgeous. Check out her MySpace page for the songs. [no, I'm not a PR guy, I just have my own crush on her]

There's always Nerdcore music you could go to if you so desire :P

Lucas Sparks said...

Ewww... David Jaffe you like movies like Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans? (That's what that dance movie is) You have lost some respect points

VGambit said...

Grogmonkey, pop music is, in actuality, manufactured. The main people who are at fault for making pop music bad, aside from the people who buy it, are the label execs who put everything through focus group testing and this and that to make sure that it is enjoyed by a wide audience before it is released. A musician might actually be really good, and take his music to a record label, only to find out that most people don't like it, so he gets sent back. What happens is like Jay-Z said: he dumbs his shit down, and doubles his dollars. Goes back to the record label with his new, "improved" music, that more people enjoy, gets signed, and ends up putting out a bunch of really bad songs in order to maximize his money (or maybe leaves one or two songs on the album that are actually good, like some people do).

There's a reason why gangster/materialistic rap has been so popular for something like 20 years. It used to be really good.

Harlequiine said...

If you like Kristen Stewart, watch Into The Wild. That's the only movie I've seen her in and she truely does light up the screen when she's on. It's not just her looks but her character in that movie too. And apparently she wrote the song she sings in it.

About music taste.. that's exactly what it is. Music taste. I love heavy metal, from the 70s to the 00's. Other people like rap, others like dance music. It's weird, people just grow to enjoy different music. And obviously you're destined to enjoy pop music, which I despise :) Oh and Phil Collins is god.

I didn't really enjoy L4D too much, I bought it off steam and thought the community was rubbish compared to others.

Anonymous said...

It's Twisted Metal we already know. you're not going to surprise anybody. sorry charlie the cat is out of the bag

JonhX said...

Hi David, I know what you mean, Fox is hot but Kristen is Sexy dude! I totally love her in twilight, I only watch that movie for the hot chicks actually XD
See ya later man.

Gopherbassist said...

She has a long face, so she does actually look like a boy in your subconscious.

Anonymous said...

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