Friday, April 10, 2009

Check me out on a new Bonus Round this Sunday!

Hey ya'll- check it...just in time for Easter! Sweet!

Be on the Bonus Round this weekend along with super cool analyst Michael Pachter, rebel game journalist (and creator) Jeff Gerstmann and hosted by the esteemed Mr. Keighley. It was a fun shoot to do, even tho I was totally hung over from the night before and look really, really old and haggard (if this trailer is any indication). Folks who seem to agree with my take on stuff like used games and the rental market will find more reason to agree with me. Folks who usually hate me for saying such things and think I don't understand that there are used car markets and used book markets (and don't seem to understand that I think those are not apples to apples comparisons) will find more ammo to try to use against me. Either way, I love you all my fellow geeks, so dig in! :) It was a fun shoot- hope it's fun to watch as well!

I imagine they are breaking it up into weekly segments as always.. if so, this is part one. Let me know what you think and if I don't post before Monday again, you guys have a great Easter for those who love the baby Jesus. And for with ancestors who marked their doors long, long ago to escape that pesky bad ass angel, hope ya'll are having some good Seders. Now open the fucking door- Ellijah's getting his ass frozen standing out there all night!

And for us Agnostics in the crowd: sweet! New movies this weekend...I SO wanna see Anvil!

Actually, I am going up to LA to eat at my fave Indian place with some of my buddies from LA that I have not seen in a while. So that should be fun! Ooh, and then Easter Egg hunts with the kids on Sunday.

Ok, take it easy ya'll!



Anonymous said...


The name is Jeff Gerstmann, not Gertsmann

David Jaffe said...

Gotcha Anon- thanks for the heads up. It's been changed.


Gazzo said...


I laughed pretty hard about the Kristen Stewart thing on the last post. And yet, I think I agree. I have no idea what she's like personality-wise, and I haven't seen Twilight or anything, but she is attractive.

I'll be sure to check out the Bonus Round. I really like Geoff and the show.

Have a good weekend, Jaffe!

simon said...

haha "aaand a lot of swearing *cuts to david*"

Anonymous said...

The bible references, although amusing, didn't necessarily bother me. But the first thing that comes to mind is 'Geez, are we going to have another religious debate, or a debate on the definitions of our beliefs, on the blog boards again?' The last blog I didn't even bother with as I knew that it'll create a war of beliefs, and as a gamer who has to put with the childish fanboy wars on every gaming website I visit, heated religious debates is not my thing unless I'm being provoked into defending my beliefs. Basically what I'm trying to say is let's put our focus back on games. And if we are going to bitch about something, let's complain about how Time Warner Cable Company is ripping people off with the bandwidth usage. That's crap!

Anyways, I'll be watching this week's Bonus Round at Gametrailers. I'm sure you and Jeff had a few laughs while shooting those segments.

David Jaffe said...

Can I not refer to people's religions (in this case Jews and Christians) without it being a debate? I was not insulting either of those religions. I was saying- if you practice those religions- have a good weekend since this is a big week for both those religions; big holidays for the Christians (Easter) and the Jews (Passover) as well as movie loving agnostics (ANOTHER Seth Rogen flick?!? SWEET!)

What's the big deal?

Anonymous said...


I didn't say that you were insulting anyone's beliefs/religion, or what have you. I was fearing that another heated debate would bleed over from the last blog post and continue here. (I should of specified that) To be honest reading those responses was a buzz kill. That's all I was saying. I'm not attacking you by any means, or converting you - er, complaining - for the sake of complaining. I'm kidding. (I don't want my ass kicked today)

And yes another Seth Rogen movie is always welcomed. I didn't even hear about Funny People 'till I seen the trailer you posted. Funny stuff.

TrevDogg said...

toyboxx u are trippin homeskillet ;-D have a good one dave, cant wait too see bonus round. peace

Shades Perk said...

I laughed my ass off when Geoff said more cursing and it cuts to you dropping f-bombs left and right.

Never change, Jaffe.

grasshopper said...

Its something that I can watch online right? Looks pretty good...hope so. :)

Déjà D'être said...

Hopefully we could watch it online...I mean...I don't have cable or satellite lol. Just regular antenna thing with 50 channels so my parents can keep me away from the screen. But that's why I'm more spoiled than ever...with the internet haha!!

Can't wait to watch it though!


fuck yeah ... :)

Anonymous said...

Did you let any crucial info slip?

Unknown said...

I'll be sure to check it out after I get off work this Sunday. I'm not familiar with the details of your position on used games, but I'm definitely a fan of buying them fresh off the shelf when it's a game I'm really interested in. I've only bought things used a few times when it's difficult to find otherwise.

Anonymous said...

da criminal said:

"big holidays for the Christians (Easter)"

Hey David, I just wanted to point out that most Christians that actually have studied the bible know Easter is a pagan holiday and was a mistranslation from the Greek text which was passover. Easter is actually (I think?) Greek mythology, it was Ishtar, that is the Queen of fertility, Ishtar, Venus. So what a lot of people are celebrating is a free-for-all orgy women were FORCED to participate in.

ihatereading369 said...

I hate when people automatically assume gamers as "geeks". I thought we had passed that period by now. Guess not...

Vitter said...

jahjahajaj wanna brake the all time fuck record ever being recorded after chris bale? :P

Anonymous said...

I've pretty much boycotted all Bonus Round episodes that include Pachter since that man has a knack for coming off as knowing far less about what's going on than your average forum user, with less accurate sales predictions than said users to boot.

However, I am a fan of you and Jeff, so I guess the two outweigh the one, and I'll be tuning in.

Lucas Sparks said...

Jaffe - ya can call yourself an atheist. Agnostic is just the "Safe" version (when you are scared to offend). You can still believe that there may be a god and be an atheist.

"An agnostic is an atheist without balls" - Stephen Colbert

And we all know David Jaffe has major cajone's.

Harlequiine said...

Hahaha I laughed so hard at the last part. How many times did you say fuck David, in that trailer alone? 8? Classic.

David Jaffe said...

Bear- oh Lord, here we go :)

Trust me, my friend, I would not be scared to admit I was an atheist if- indeed-I was one.

To me, atheists are in the same boat as evangelicals in that they are so devoted to their rigid beliefs that they are unable to accept that- right now in our human history- we simply don't have the answers we need in order to stake a claim to the truth.

And I am not talking about burning bushes and walking on water. I'm talking about the question of is there/was there some sort of conscious being that intentionally created man (be it God or aliens or whatever).

Many atheist who use your argument knee jerk and assume us agnostics are in the same boat as the religious folks and somehwere deep inside we really are afraid to piss off Jesus and Moses and the Easter Bunny and the Hanukkah man. In the case of some, this is probably accurate. In the case of myself, it is not.

I am agnostic in ALL things in life. And I am so because when it gets right down to it, we have no idea of knowing ANYTHING. As far as we are told, we're a bunch of cells vibrating all together and these cells come together to form us and yet we still have a perception of 'us'... Is this perception created by brain physiology? Is the body- with all of its vibrating cells- simply a house for the soul that we can not see? Is the reason our brains allow us to see an 'us' in the first place the only way we could be aware of anything on this particular plane of existence (yes, in that case I am assume it's possible we came to this plane and had to create these 'suits of armor' we call our bodies to allow us to conceive consciousness in the same way we go to the moon and need suits to allow us to breath).

As I have said before, my experience with meditation and with drugs (and the drug experience is very, very limited, only like 3 times in my whole life and it was only pot)...but those experiences have shown me that our current perception of reality is simply that: a perception of what is actually going on. We view EVERYTHING thru a filter. And when you are able to realize that, the whole game changes when it comes to thoughts of God and religion and the order of the universe. Or hell, even thoughts of pencils and your mail box and the blue jeans you wear. EVERYTHING is suspect.

Not so much that I feel I understand it all now. More that I realize now more than ever that- unless we have a fundamental evolutionary shift- NO PERSON will ever be capable of knowing just what the fuck is going on in relation to anything, including the idea of God existing or not.

Now some would say: well come on, there are SOME things we fundamentally know and it's a cop out to just throw your hands up and say, 'we can't know anything', But I call bullshit on that.

And I call bullshit because many atheists seem very defensive (and rightly so given how much shit they get and are surrounded by- at least in America- when it comes to folks bugging them about their beliefs). But that defensiveness often translates into this attack mentality on everyone who does not share their views (sounds familiar, eh?). And in that defensiveness they embrace the dogma of science where they begin to harden in beliefs ('well, we know there is gravity....we know there are cells in the body because we can see them thru a microscope!')....but to that I say: you just don't know those things. You are trying to make assumptions about the world around us using only one filter of perception (and a very limited filter it is given how little we know about things) and because of that, I don't take any answers from ANYONE seriously.

I am fine of the atheist want to take me off their radar because they assume my arguments of being unable to know anything are extreme. Often I hear from them, "Well if you are going to just say you can never know ANYTHING well then what's the point?!?" in, what's the point of having the discussion about this with you? To which I respond: exactly.

I'm a big fan of Socrates when he says: All I know is I know nothing.

To me, this sums it all up for me.

And I'm real happy with that. Makes the adventure much more fun and it feels like an honest view of the world, for me.

Whew that was long and wordy.


TrevDogg said...

daves preaching like my man socrates again xD i really dont understand these posts questioning ur religious beliefs. everything u said was on point. we just dont have the technology availble to us to test these theories about god or a greater being. it is out of our reach unless what ever it is contacts us.

ihatereading369 said...

Jaffe - I have to ask you, do you still consider gamers and even people that come to your blog "geeks"??

David Jaffe said...

I don't know about all people who come to my blog.

I am a proud, happy geek and love letting my geek flag fly. I don't look at the phrase geek as derogatory at all.

I imagine some folks who come here are not geeks but why you would be visiting a video game designer's blog when you are not crazy about games, or pop culture, or comics,etc. is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

As soon as Geoff said "lots of swearing" I was like I wonder what Jaffe said. Cuts to Jaffe and a few f-bombs and that alone makes me want to watch this Bonus Round.

Anyways Happy Easter Jaffe and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up Dave, I can't wait to see you on the Bonus Round. I'm sure your brought the passion and common sense you always bring. I got this article, I think you might find it pretty interesting. Its about Masculinity in Games and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

anyway here is the link

Anonymous said...

also is a place where we all fly our flags high.

Check our mission statement. Its about taking the term "Geek" Back and wearing it as a badge of honor.

ihatereading369 said...

But see thats my whole point Jaffe.

Why does everyone automatically consider gamers to be "geeks" or nerds?

To me a geek or a nerd is somebody who has no friends and no desire to go out and do anything other than play video games or do things with computers and such all day. And alot of gamers aren't like that at all.

Infact even I myself love to play video games. (I even went back and played through God of War recently, because that game is so good). But I dont consider myself a geek. I have many other things to do in my life besides pure video games.

Thats why I said that I thought we had passed that time period where the "gamer = nerd/geek" stereotype ran rampant, although apparently I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

"To me a geek or a nerd is somebody who has no friends and no desire to go out and do anything other than play video games or do things with computers and such all day. And alot of gamers aren't like that at all."

The fact that you think this, is the problem. That sounds more like an Aspergers patient or Agoraphobe to me. I am not saying you are wrong, but there is a certain stigma attached to being into gaming still, whether you like it or not. Its why we still feel conscientious about talking about gaming with girls we are starting to date, new people we meet, or work associates. Its still considered as childish or immature , despite the fact the the average gamer is 29 years of age. The site, and what I think David (although I don't want to speak for him) is talking about is it being cool, or at least "normal" and acceptable for individuals to be into gaming, computers, tech stuff. By taking a stand and saying "I am a Geek, and proud" you are standing up for something you enjoy, despite social stigma.

David please correct me if I am way off.

PezQ said...

Really great show! can't wait for next weeks.

geoff keighley is one of best host/journalists out there in my opinion. Sure he can be annoying at times i would imagine, but he really pushes the developers to give him answers. He knows his shit takes his job seriously.

Vanversive said...

Im geoff keighley... and welcome to the console wars, I mean the bonus round. I was totally with ya that first episode of the bonus round. Been watching the show for a while now and Keighley always somehow seems to bring the console wars into every episode, even the episode that had David Hayter and he kept trying to get info out of Hayter to see if mgs4 was coming to the 360.

Glad to see you stick to your guns though, keep up the good work jaffe

Dom said...

Don't you have better stuff to talk about than semantics? :) Full vid is online:

Sooo. Yeah, Jaffe, your hangover was pretty obvious. Also you're pretty bitter about putting PS3 in the spotlight. Sounds like an echo of your previous encounter with MSNBC journo. ;]

Overall it's a good show (or part of the show for that matter). I don't understand why you're so defensive of PS3 but at the same time I whole heartly agree that there are better things to discuss than console wars. :)

As for Army of Two - it sold VERY well. Unfortunately. Strong TV marketing made it the fifth best selling 360 game Q1 2008. Which is sad coz it sealed the deal for the sequel. :/

Protopet said...

Thought you would like this David.


simon said...

ah david your just the man ;) you should turn that long comment into a separate blog post. I, myself am a pretty devout christian, not looney toons jesus lover, but I go to church most sundays, but I think that you need to have faith, thats the whole point of religion

Anonymous said...

Just caught the new Bonus Round. good one so far. You did bring up some good points Jaffe. You and Pachter didn't seem to get along swimmingly though.

Hassan said...

Yo, Dave, you were awesome there on the Bonus Round, and I liked your opinion about the "stupid ass console wars".
People need to find something else to talk about, instead of just boasting about buying a certain console.
Can't wait for next Sunday's episode.

Unknown said...

Jaffe, this blog rocks, you rock, and you have the full support of the Pastafarians.

JonhX said...

Hi man, I just watched the bonus round, probably one of my favorite episodes ever! It was hilarious and at the same time very cool, I love how Michael Pachter gives his point of view about the financial stuff, Geoff was kinda jealous cause you start asking questions and really own the show but that was so funny man XD, very interesting episode, cant wait for the other parts to come out.
See ya later dude.

JonhX said...

David Jaffe
Co-founder of Eat Sleep Play & Current Bonus Round “F-Bomb” Record-Holder

XD lol

And you got your own segment called

Jaffe: Anti-War!

glass said...

Good job on the Bonus Round, i like the anti-war thing and believed the others were rubbishing about supporting your "team". This has gone far enough and dull.Console war is not about supporting your sports team.

Move onto other discussions like ones you have stated in your blog.

Gw, keep it up!

Agent-X said...

Great video david, hopefully to see more soon :).

Agent-X Hiphopgamershow

Anonymous said...

You sure told me, Jaffe. Keep it up!

Déjà D'être said...

...Bonus Round is posted on GameTrailers right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the PS3 is doing as bad as everyone is making it seem. The Wii's kicking ass in sales but the 360 having a year head start on the PS3 at the price it's currently at, isn't doing much better than the PS3. I honestly would like to know how many 360's sold were to someone having to buy another console because of the RRoD and them being out of warranty.

I say this because I've purchased two 360's since the console's launch. I had two RRoD and that console is out of warranty and I ended up buying an Elite model. Just in my family alone three of us have multiple 360's sitting in our homes. Now that counts as six consoles sold and I'm wondering if that actually counts towards the numbers they're giving out.

Raf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raf said...

I am SOOOOOO tired of the console war talk they try to push into the discussion. I left this post in the Part 1 of the Episodes comments.

I thought that you should know that at least I agree with you that the console war talk is juvenile and perpetuates the video game industry appearing to be a kids medium.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday


Posted 4-15-2009 12:46am

It is no wonder that the media and thus WORLD thinks that games are primarily focused on kids. Just look at the console war question. So much time and effort is dedicated to the truly JUVENILE question of which console is best. That is a question that juveniles debate back and forth because of their emotional attachment to their purchase while they spout inane facts back and forth like bullets at the enemies in their first person shooters.

It is completely insulting that SUPPOSED adults such as Geoff Keighley and the producers of the Bonus Round continue to play into this completely stupid argument to generate hype and sell episodes of their show. The world will continue to look at the industry as one that caters to children when the issues and topics covered remain child-like in nature. Like the comics before Watchmen came along the industry meddles in their sandbox like children fighting over toys until someone shows them where adult thinking, adult questions, and an ADULT PERSPECTIVE to the video games industry can take them.

Instead of asking the same F**KING question of what console is better for the 500th time give consumers the facts about each console and let them decide for themselves. Is that too much to ask from the Adults (and i use that term quite loosely based on the actions that i have seen) managing Gametrailers, the Bonus Round, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo or even the whole damn Video games industry?

The real adults in the room who love video games DESERVE better than more adolescent rivalry. Just give us the F***king facts so we adults can decide on our own and leave the conjecture and baseless rivalry's to the kids at the playgrounds - it suits them more.


Alex said...

jaffski watch let the right one in man! i loved that movie.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

I think you got the used game market wrong, at least in part.

But I do wholeheartedly agree with you that it needs to be regulated so that GameSpot and other cannot continuously screw us, the consumer.
Personally, I don't even buy used games until they are under 20.
This guy has some good rants on GS. I especially don't like the way they handle games. It's why I order online. They take the games out of the protective case and put them into flimsy paper ones... And why they do that... I don't know. It's dumb. Just keep all the games behind the desk in the box, fuckers. The condition of used games isn't great either...

It's all a fucking mess and it pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

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