Friday, May 08, 2009


Check it out- custom LEGO TM vehicles!!!



Now where's Sweet Tooth, dammit! The clown demands his Lego treatment!!!

More can be found here!



Graham Waldrop said...

HA! Sweet!

Those are awesome, Jaffe! Minus the TM3 and 4 cars, Darkside and my favorite, Minion kick ass!

Glad to hear the game is still doing well. Look forward to more updates in the next couple of weeks.

What do you think of the upcoming Terminator movie? I really like the first two, I think this one could make up for the third one, but still kind of skeptical.

Let us know how Star Trek was! Keep kicking ass!


cookie said...

legos rock!

Zodiak said...

yes there must be a Sweetooth lego car to make this collection complete!

Archminion said...

thought you might have liked

Archminion said...

I reckon ST wouldn't be hard to do really?

Maybe someone have a go at Axel as well

Anonymous said...

They are awesome! I want to make one but... well, you know...

ElĂ­as said...


Salu2 ^^

Anonymous said...

klkl :)

Guy said...

Hey David I just did my Systems Designs exam this afternoon (aced it) and it got me wondering do you use UML for designing things in your games? Like class diagrams, State diagrams etc?

Anonymous said...

My heart just sank. After a quick glance I thought Lego Twisted Metal was the project you've have been working on. Talk about day and night when it comes to genres. E3 can't come soon enough. Literally the first thing I do when I get to my computer is check if your announcement has been made.

CMK said...

Today i stumbled across some cool Lego stuff and after seeing this now I wanna pull out my old set of Lego bricks and play.

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