Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jaffe Ramble!

Hey world, check me out! I made a video!

And here is the link from the Eurogamer Twisted Metal hands on I was mentioning.

Later ya'll!



Unknown said...

As an attendee at E3, i can honestly say that Twisted Metal was the most pleasant of surprises. I met Scott shortly after you did the G4 interview and let him know how much the new game felt like home to me. Keep up the good, hard work, as i am greatly anxious to see the finalized project. Oh and I can't remember who at ESP gave me their lanyard, but give them a high-five for me, since i believe I'm the only non-ESP employee toting one now.

Zodiak said...

Wish I was at e3 but it was amazing to see TM on the PS3. Will you give any sweetooth masks on the blog or any other contests at all? or is it just for attending? In any case they sound awesome.

Welcome back to the blog. :)

Unknown said...

Good Work Jaffe!

DuckOfDestiny said...

So pissed that I don't have the chance to go to comic con and see you guys.

If I could afford a flight over to the USA I'd be over there in an instant. The American conventions are always miles better than the ones we get in the UK.

Anonymous said...


Chissock said...

Great video! It's a shame I live all the way back in South America, would love to make it to comic con :)

I'm eager to see new stuff from the game!

Graham Waldrop said...

Wish I could come to the comi con, but it's on the other side of the country and too expensive to travel to.

I wish you the best of luck, Jaffe. You're making me and so many other people so happy with this game. It means so much and represents something that has stayed with me and inspired me artistically for the last twelve years.

I cannot wait for it, and am dying to see more!

Good luck!


DeeJay said...

Twitter's great, but please don't stop blogging! Even if you stick to written posts or video blogs or whatever's most convenient - it's just always great to come here and see something new or hear about whatever is going on in your life.

Good luck with the rest of development!

Unknown said...

I would just like to say i'm from Ireland and Twisted Metal has always been one of my favorite game series since i was really young and i cant wait for the new one and just like to say you guys are brillant developers :).

Unknown said...

hahahaha...."Twisted Metal has never been the Brits cup of tea." Dude, that was amazing.

da criminal said...

Greekdude- totally unintentional :) I assure you!

AliBaba said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you and say hi at E3 this year, I actually saw you with Scott and a lady friend at the food court and didn't wanna bother you while eating, well maybe next year :).

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Dude, Sweet Tooth masks?! Fuck man, what for the clods like me that don't have the option to goooo!!


Fucking sell those when the game comes out. Please. :/

Unknown said...

Ha, i love this... "Duude, Wud up?..." ha. Outstanding.

Firestorm said...

I don't know, I really wouldn't consider myself to be a fanboy, but I have found myself really enjoying Nolan's movies, and yeah, I'm really wanting to see Inception sometime. But, also busy here, so who knows.

Unknown said...

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