Friday, July 16, 2010

Twisted Metal: Apocalypse!

There was a time- 2 years ago about- that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Co-Director Scott Campbell was not in favor as he doesn't dig the whole post apocalypse vibe. So we nixed it. Good thing we did given the glut of apocalypse style games now flooding the market. Scott so smart! :)

That said, I still love this design for post nuke Sweet Tooth!

Come see more images from TM:APOCALYPSE as well as images of the also nixed urban vibed Twisted Metal (along with cool give aways and other cool Twisted Metal stuff) at the Twisted Metal panel at the San Diego Comic Con! It's in room 8 on Friday at 1pm!

Hope to see ya there!



greekdude247 said...

I will be there man! I'm so excited! This is my most anticipated panel.

Archminion said...

Would have loved to get my hands on one of those cool masks.

Sadly its impossible for me to be at the Con- I live in the UK...

Archminion said...


I hope you can include loads of info and concept art for TM: Apocalypse and the other cancelled style for the new TM on the new Blu ray disc?

I love this stuff, it'd save other interested fans the job of hunting around the developers personal blogs and websites for artwork.

I always love to see how classic cars and styles evolve throughout development.


B said...

I dont think I would be too fond of a post apocalyptic Twisted Metal either. I thought the whole idea was to destroy everything in pristine condition, in present time.

da criminal said...

B- yeah that was pretty much a big point that Scott brought up as well. The instant he said it we were like, 'Oh shit, yeah- that's right!' :)


SonyJunkie said...

If you have any extra time at the end of development, you should throw that Sweet Tooth in as a bonus costume or something.

I know I am not allowed to give any ideas for the game cause of legal reasons but I take no credit if put in. So pretty much like I said nothing.

game said...

hey david, please do include the artworks of Apocalypse in TM game as unlockable and not as collector's edition or gamestop deal.
Please consider consumer request.


Todd B. Gray said...

Thank god you started blogging again! I was inches away from moving this out of my favorites! But I couldn't do that to you Jaffe!

Todd B. Gray said...

Hey often do shitbag game programmers like myself (i'm a business world coder) send you games? Do you ever play these games? Love TM, and all that you do.

建佑建佑 said...


Jonathan said...

In all honesty it seems like a better idea to keep it away from the apocalyptic theme. The brutality of the game is really only achieved when it parallels a non-brutal normal world (or less depending on how you look at it). If the world itself is stuck in an apocalyptic scene then it seems it would sort of blanket over the the characters and their own little wars. Seems an apocalyptic world would dwarf or take away some of the brutality of everything else.

Avery Bowerman said...

Seems like Fanboyism towards David Jaffe. Car Combat is Nothing New at all! Does anyone remember Carmageddon???????

What would be a HUGE ASS twist would be to put a super deep story line in Twisted Metal, so we actually care about the Characters driving the car, instead of just picking the car and not having any story line behind the person driving the car.

Twisted Metal started down this path, flushing out a story line with previous games for each character, but seems to have gotten away from that, and not continued or introduced new story arc’s.

You get nothing more then a very vague snip bit of info about the character behind the wheel and then spend the rest of the time blowing the shit out of each other. Nothing wrong with that, if your not bored with it like I have become. I just want more substance to my games now days. If I don’t I just pop in Flat Out, Old Twisted Metal, or Motor Storm and play for a week or so and then the Fluff shows no substance I just move on to something with more meat to it.

I see it all the time! The new Twisted Metal will come out, people will be Ga Ga over it, but when they get it home they will only play it for a week, and then move on to something with more depth.

Don’t get me wrong we need to be able to, on a shitty day, kick back and play a fluff game like Twisted Metal. Sometimes you don’t want a story, you just want to blow the shit out of things, maybe pretending your boss is driving the car that you are hounding the shit out of, but really it won’t hold you for long till you move on.

Is Twisted Metal worth $65.00 US with Tax for a day one Purchase???? Not for me, maybe for you? Will I get it?? Sure, I will get it, because games like this drop with-in a month to $35.00 US in one month. It will still be too pricey for me, but you will see a spike in sales at that price. For me, it will be a purchase at $20 or less.

Simply put, what will bring me back to the Twisted Metal Series, is a deep narrative where I have Resonance with the characters behind the wheel, because I sure as hell don’t give a fuck about the been there done that vehicles.

But hey that is just me. :)

psn: frostquake

lillipad said...

Your personal preference is not everyones. Not every game needs to be deep. If it doesn't appeal to you thats fine but you are ignorant if you think there aren't people attracted to a less "deep" story not getting in there way. Also we have no idea of the narrative arc for this title so it is to early to state our opinions of it anywise.

Edward Moffet said...

You know that design could still be use as downloadable or unlockable sweet tooth costumer/sweet tooth faction theme, I think that'd be pretty sweet myself.

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