Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jaffe and the Stresses and Joys of Making Games

Here's the Rocky Balboa speech I reference in my video above.

And here's Pachino's amazing Any Given Sunday speech. This one gets your ass out of bed every morning no matter how challenging the day ahead may seem.

ps. By the way, the Boy Scout Rejects? That idea is so mine! Don't rip it off- I think it'd make a super cool comic or game or movie or something! Kthx! :)


grasshopper said...

Love how defensive ya seem when ya are sick. :) I'm sick fuck you! I just got over feeling like crap for about 2 weeks so I know how that is.

Let me in on a play test I'll tell ya if it's shit ;) We need some early beta action *wink wink nudge nudge*

Merc With a Mouth said...

Honestly, I can see this game selling at least 1 million copies in the first 3-5 weeks alone. Going on to top 3 million by the end of the year. Heavy Rain did it, so why couldn't Twisted Metal?

Not that i'm dissing Heavy Rain. I love Heavy Rain and all, but certainly no one could have predicted that.

There's just something about this Twisted Metal.. That I think will spark the same amount of interest as the original did for many. And they will always fondly look back at this, as the original Twisted Metal. Even if technically, it is not.

Unless that's what you have been going for all along? And I was just too stupid to realize until now! Don't know, but i'm tired.

Take it easy Jaffe! I imagine it's difficult, but just keep in mind, you're still here. So you must be doing something right! :P

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, please don't burn yourself out! I think everyone does better creative work (or any kind of work) when they're rested and feeling good.

Caity said...

I love your video blogs! Please feel free to do them as often as you want even if you have nothing to say. Anyway thanks for being honest, and I hope the good days far outnumber the bad.

Get well, get well soon! We want you to get well!

Juncti said...

These types of vlogs are what really got me checking out your blog regularly. I've actually never played a TM (school kept me out of PS1 and PS2 generations)game before and only recently picked up the GoW trilogy (and haven't had a chance to really play it), so it wasn't the legacy of TM or GoW that drew me here. Just the honest, straight forward peek behind the curtain of what it's like being a developer.

I would imagine there's plenty of people out there that really enjoy the honest take on development you put out there, and in following the updates and seeing your project grow, will want to play it when it is released. That, plus your built in fan base, should hopefully at least ease a little of the tension.

But I have a feeling you're kind of like me in that no matter how much other people like what you do, you always worry it's not good enough or it could have been better. Somewhat like the Rocky speech, but sometimes we throw the hardest hits at ourselves. You're still here, so you have obviously managed to continue getting back up.

That passion will come through in the finished product. And when it's all done you'll still think you can do better, and that will ignite passion to drive future success.

Frosty said...

Nice to see a new video blog, hope you're feeling better soon. Hell I know what you're going through with the burdens of the creative process. When writing my first novel, I was on top of the world sometimes and other times I'd be staring at what I'd written thinking I should scrap it all, that it was honestly the worst thing I'd (or anyone for that matter) ever wrote. It's sadly one of the only downfalls of being a creative person, especially if you're changing up the "formula" and going out on a limb. You just don't know if what you're making people will appreciate what it really is.

As for a cure for it, the only sure fire one I know of is time. But sometimes if it's bad enough I usually just turned off the monitor, turned on the TV and just vegged out. Though next time I might try watching that speech from Rocky, heh was a good one definitely. I know it probably doesn't help, but from what I've seen of the game it really does look great. If it plays half as good as it looks, probably be a day one purchase for me (maybe even CE if there is one).

Twisted Scouts is definitely a badass idea, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

Exophrine said...

I really appreciate the hard work that you're putting into this, David...I mean, hell, if it's anything to put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and anything else you've got, TM's the thing. You're making so many people happy with just the *NEWS* that you're working on it, and it *WILL* be worth it in the end. I see the spirit of the original games in this new incarnation, everything that you've said before in past interviews, what TM means to you and what it represents, it's all there.

As for that Rocky speech, that kid is a whiner. I mean, my last name's Balboa (seriously), and the association to Rocky has since run its course. I get the occasional reference when I meet people, but with every person the novelty wears off a little more. I'm kinda of glad for that because then I have a better chance of making an impression of my own. :) But it's true, you gotta keep fighting, it never stops.

As for Pacino's speech, that's a great talk between young and old.

Will said...

This game will sell very well on reputation alone and it sounds like it is also going to be a kick ass game with all the blood sweat and tears that you're putting into it. Don't worry Jaffe, this game will be a hit.

Graham Waldrop said...

I think you'll be just fine, Jaffe. This is a storied franchise that people are dying to get their hands on. Last time you made a Twisted Metal, a real Twisted Metal was nearly 10 years ago. That rocked my 11 year old self to the core, and I'm sure this will do the same.

At the same time, I understand your doubts, fears and the overall creative process. I do that with each one of the short student films I have made. I feel like I've made pretty good movies, and even though some of them didn't appeal to everyone, or someone didn't understand it, I made them to say something. I made them to get a point across, and to stir emotion and make the audience feel something. If I did that, I was happy. And it was always nice to have someone tell me that they liked something I did, it means the world to me as a creative person/artist/whatever the fuck I am.

And for the people who don't get Twisted or don't like it, fuck em. In the end, as long as you stay true to your vision, make the game you and the team want to make and leave it all out on the table, that's all that matters. Even if it's not the best game ever, or it is or whatever, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you and the team did what you set out to do. Keep pushing and keep going.

I love your work man, and this looks brilliant. I can't wait for it. Whatever happens to the game, know that me and so many people love you and your work and we will always support you because you make great games. I understand what you're going through, but you can do it! That Rocky Balboa speech is great, dig the hell out of that movie (and series).

And Rocky is exactly right.


Carbon said...

I really appreciate your honesty in these v-blogs. Its reassuring to some of us other creative types that have doubts during the process (I was shaking my head in agreement during the "im a fraud and everyone's gonna find out" bit). Although, game development over a 3+ year span without real world feedback just seems daunting to me. I have faith in you and your team's talents. You haven't let us down yet, Dave. Would love to see a shot of your workspace/desk, either at work or at home. \m/

Michael said...

Let me tell you something Jaffe. Don't let these concerns tear you appart. We have to accept that we can’t please everybody! No matter how hard we try, there are always people who will beat you up. As allready stated - thats life.

You are a open-minded and creative person who is honestly and willing to sacrifece alot for his fanbase. Which is rarely seen those days in the industrie - sadly!

And good guys like you will allways succeed in the End! No matter how many downtimes/concerns you have, I have no doubt!

Keep in mind you have a strong Dev.Team that is standing with you. And you have a great fanbase, even here in Europe!

Hell even i, who don't own a PS3 yet was waiting for the announcement of a new TM to have THE reason to buy one!

Maybe you should take some spare time with your kids and get some time for yourselve. Relax, take it easy, don't let it eat you all up!

Cheers form Europe(ze Germany)!


Unknown said...

TM will sell millions. You're not a fraud and never will be. That's like saying after Michael Jordan won 6 championships and lost with the Wizards that he's a fraud.


Stay strong. There's nothing like Twisted Metal on the market, people crave a new experience from the repetitive, bland bullshit the industry has been feeding us of late.

Just make sure your levels are non-stop adrenaline fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jaffe, for the inpirational message with the Rocky Balboa clip. It's something we all should live by - don't let the world keep you down.

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