Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Quick Thoughts

Is amazed that so many ultra right wingers can- on one hand- claim to be anti Muslim but on the other hand endorse the very freedom killing beliefs that only the most extremist Muslim folks (who do not represent the vast majority of Muslims) support. 

I'm watching The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance these days (taking me a few nights to get thru it) and I just don't like seeing Jimmy Stewart older than say 35. It's just not right, not natural, and it's downright creepy. He's only and always supposed to be young, full of life, energy, and good old fashioned can-do American spirit. Like this:

And this:

Now THAT'S Jimmy Stewart dammit!

Right wingers want to ban media and games and movies? Well start with this: Ban all Jimmy Stewart movies where he's older than 35. No matter if they are classics like Valance and Vertigo, just ban those fuckers. Ban them now! Old Jimmy Stewart is bad for America.

That's is all.



TyrantII said...

Don't worry. Two relevant quotes from around the politico-blogosphere that jumped out at me:

" ... [The tea] party has succeeded in handing American democracy back to the floundering Democrats.... Confirming the truth that primaries are but a sweaty, vulgar contest in which ideological bully boys stomp to the forefront, Republican die-hards have voted for 'purity,' an elusive concept at the best of times, but in this context a vote for suicide," - Tunku Varadarajan.


The Tea Partiers were created by Republicans.

They devolved.

They rebelled.

They look and feel like Republicans.

There are many copies.

And they have a plan. (Maybe)

Can't wait till 2012, Palin is a running!

PS, you should allow blockquote or some other code in comments to allow quoting.

Unknown said...

We need "tough love" in this country, you can't go around helping everybody it's just not possible. One person's happiness will always interject with someone else's wants and desires, it's fucking human nature! I'm not saying I hate welfare, I actually support it, but we need to stop and think about some of the things we do and realize when enough is enough! Liberal America should watch Animal Planet for two fucking seconds maybe they'll realize the world isn't meant to be fair...

Love ya Dave and I realize your heart is in the right place but I think you think with your heart too much when it comes to politics.

BTW, I'm not a conservative, I'm a moderate.

da criminal said...

Joe- I was referring to her statement that we should regulate morality (i.e. movies, music, books). To me this sound a lot like what I hear from extremist like the Taliban.

As for Animal Planet, one of the things that separates us from the animals is our ability to think at such a level that we can entertain the idea of being better than our pure, basic instinct.

I agree tough love is great and needed. But it's not all or nothing and I think a balance is needed.

Unknown said...

True, a balance is needed... but sadly it seems like the majority of the people are both sides of the spectrum think there is only one way to do things...

Good to hear one of my all-time favorite game makers isn't a dumb shit when it comes to politics :D

Twisted Metal GOTY 2011!!!

coffeewithgames said...

Hey Dave,

I think the whole problem with that article, is it is only a partial quote, and you didn't hear the context of the conversation that it happened in.

I just surfed the C-SPAN video, and that quote she used was in agreement with a Democrat about sexual harassment being made a law.

If you want to hear it in context, scroll to about the 57:00 minute mark in the video, and listen.

Comparing her quote to the "Taliban" I think is honestly ridiculous.
The Taliban...really?

I didn't hear her advocate violence in that clip/quote...

Sound-byte politics at its best.

da criminal said...

Coffee, in the last week I've heard her talk about anti-masturbation, her desire to censor sexual and violent media, and her statement that she would not lie to Hitler even if it the lie meant saving the lives of Jews (she said God would come and help her out in that situation but she would not lie).

Is the the Taliban? Of course not. But does she share the same kinds of 'morality at the expense of freedom' views that extremists do? Seems like it to me.


coffeewithgames said...

The things you have "heard" her say though, are they full quotes and do you hear the full context of the conversation going on?
Clearly the quote from that article was not in context the way it's being presented; especially if you listen to the clip, with the caller's comment and the NAACP guy respond and her response.
Again, about the 57:00 minute mark in the video.

Again, I don't see her calling for violence.
The only quote on "censorship" in that article I read was, "We need to just do a U-Haul of our pop culture. I think legislators, Hollywood film producers all need to reevaluate why they are doing what they are doing... We end up feeding a demon, feeding a monster and we are feeding this appetite so much that our generation is going to self-destruct quite honestly."

She didn't just say legislators, she also specifically mentioned the film producers saying they needed to "reevaluate" what they are doing...I didn't see anything specifically about passing legislation or calling for violence on that.


P.S. I didn't vote for Senator McCain or President Obama in the last election, and I don't trust most politicians, and I don't live in Delaware.

da criminal said...

Coffee, the part I am referring to is where she says that the very nature of NOT legislating a controversial moral view is- in itself- legislating a controversial moral view simply by doing nothing. She then went on to say because of this, it IS possible to legislate morality and it is done all the time.

This is actually a very good point from a pure philosophical standpoint. However, it was in the context of 'well since we DO legislate morality every day, then let's legislate morality based on the fundamentalist view of the Bible."

Her anti-masturbation views come from the same place (altho from a different conversation).

Todd B. Gray said...

The fact that people even consider voting Palin into office begs the need for there to be standard testing to allow people to even VOTE in this country. I also think people should need to pass a TEST to REPRODUCE in this country. But, that would make too much sense I guess.

That said, just as many Democrats say just as many dumb things. It's just Pro Dems choose not to share anything...nor do most media outlets. It's also not popular to be a republican...again look at most media outlets. As a alumni from a prominent military college and son of a General in the armed forces, i've been surrounded by Republicans my whole life...I still hold them accountable for everything they do.

That said, love all your shit Jaffe, i've bought all your games and will continue to support your work.

Best of luck on TM.

coffeewithgames said...

Again though, the quote was directly in reference to sexual harassment as a law.
Here's the quote you're talking about, "The reality of that statement is that, if you don't legislate one morality, then you're legislating somebody else's morality. So, you can't get around legislating morality."

Notice, the word, "controversial" didn't leave her mouth in that quote/clip.

Also, she never mentioned the Bible in that quote either.

I'm trying to see where the disagreement is, or how she is "extremist like the Taliban", when the whole conversation is heard; I just don't see it in that context.

I thought she and Jamal(the Democrat from the NAACP), made good points on the topic that was being discussed...which again, was sexual harassment as a law; not banning entertainment.

@Todd B. Gray:
"i've been surrounded by Republicans my whole life...I still hold them accountable for everything they do."
Same here. I find it amazing most of my Republican friends sat around for 8 years under President Bush acting like nothing was wrong with the government...but as soon as a Democrat was elected, "America is coming to an end!! We have to do something!"

da criminal said...

Coffee- I'm slammed right now but I don't want you to think I'm running from a debate :)

Will hit you back with my response tomorrow. Will also give me time to find the quote and links so you can see my point: this particular politician wants to legislate based on her hard core, fundamentalist religious values which is why I compare her to the extremist Taliban (who want to do the same thing).

Unknown said...

BTW, she's a total babe! I'd SOO hit that!!!

Not to be totally disgusting, but don't you find it ironic that she opposes masturbation, yet there's prolly like alot of people doing "you-know-what" while watching her on T.V.?

Frosty said...

Haven't really been keeping up with this lady, but watched a few of the videos and wow...

First off the whole she wouldn't lie to Nazis to protect Jews (but God would help her out) thing is 100% what she said, no denying that. I'm all for people believing whatever they want but what does she really expect in that situation...

She'd be standing at the door while three armed guards stand outside, the thoughts of the people hiding in her attic racing through her mind. "Hello we're here in the neighbor checking for Jews, you got any we could borrow?" the lead Nazi would say. She'd clasp the cross at her chest and then open her mouth to say yes when one of her windows would shatter as a tall handsome man jumps through it. One of the lacky Nazis would rush in and exclaim, "What in God's name is going on here?". The man would turn towards him and say something like "Don't take my name in vain." He'd lift up his hands and then the Nazi would be turned into a rabbit (because well you know most bible thumpers don't remember that God had people killed).

The lead Nazi would walk into the house, "Ah well if it isn't God, finally coming to the rescue, but you are a little late are you not?" The tall man would turn his gaze away from the lead Nazi and look at the ground at his feet. "I just couldn't save them all, I didn't have time..." The lead Nazi would signal to the lacky Nazi creeping up behind the tall man wielding a large wooden chair. "Yes you don't have time to save anyone these days, I heard about your son." The tall man would turn towards the lead Nazi with a vicious fire in his eyes, when a board creaked behind him. He'd spin around see the chair wielding Nazi and quickly raise his hands. "Thou shall not steal" The Nazi would burst into a rainbow. Then there'd be a scream.

The lead Nazi would be behind her holding a knife to her neck in a vicious stand-off at the doorway. "If you smite me, you might smite her, and we wouldn't want that now would we." The tall man would just stare intently at him. The Nazi would continue to monologue. "You see I've always loved this woman even if she was my neighbor's wife." All of a sudden a shadow would appear behind him and he would be struck down. "Don't covet your neighbor's wife". Out from the door, a young man with a beard and long flowing robes would appear.

"Jesus, you son of a got here right on time son." the tall man would say.

"Sorry dad, had to take a taxi, and this isn't the best neighborhood for a Jew"

P.S. Sorry if this is too long or offends someone, was just bored :P

Unknown said...

DJ - you're usually spot on with movies, but WAAAAAYYYY off on Jimmy Stewart. I LOVE Mr Smith (own an original one-sheet!) but he did some of his best work past 35... Harvey @ age 42, Rear Window @ 48, Spirit of St Louis @ 49, Vertigo @ 50. Now, throw in Airport 77 @ age 69 and I'm with you but the man did his best work in his 40s.

Wait - you didn't think I was commenting on the GOP thing did you? :)

BW - MBHS'92

Firestorm said...

Yeah, one trend I've seen related to this is Republicans asking why them darn liberals try to make it an issue about bigotry and anti-Islamic sentiment when all they're worried about -- CLEARLY -- is being sensitive towards 9/11 victims' families? Then turn around and start preaching about the "Islamization" of America or whatever the hell the term is and how we need to fight it.

Yeah, THAT'S why so many people are making it an issue about bigotry and anti-Islamic sentiment, because the GOP makes it so easy for them.

I know I initially debated it with you but while I do feel there are still some people who really are not trying to be bigoted but are worried about being sensitive towards families who have suffered great losses, there are a lot more who are acting on anti-Islamic bigotry that I gave you credit for.

Firestorm said...

Also, the problem with the "one person's morality is not another person's morality" argument that I frequently hear from social conservatives, like what she pretty explicitly used in that article you linked, is that we're not talking about a morality as defined by a religious system, America's morality is a system of non-intervention in the social arena. Libertarianism, as it's come to be known in today's politics.

Quite literally the people responsible for the formation of America's concept of civil liberties -- people like John Stuart Mill, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, etc. -- advocated the government not regulating anything about a person unless it negatively affects someone else in a way that directly harms their well being or in a way that infringes on their rights. (Which is why the Confederacy's argument that Abraham Lincoln was infringing on their rights when he was trying to abolish slavery didn't fly, because obviously their "right" to slavery was drastically negatively affecting other people. Also why I personally oppose abortion, although that's a whole other can of worms that I'm not going to get into here.) That isn't some liberal Democrat concept, it's fundamental and intrinsic to America's founding, more so than any Judeo-Christian values.

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