Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet! New Disney Animation!

Day one! With my kids of course! But hell, it looks so good I'd probably end up seeing it even if I didn't have little girls :)

I know I'm in the mega minority on this but I tend to like Disney animation more than Pixar movies. Princes and the Frog had some big issues but I enjoyed it much more than the latest Pixar flicks (which had tons of heart but mega story issues for me).

Anyway, this looks great!


Joe said...

What were your story issues with Up and Wall E?

Firestorm said...

Semi-disagree about Pixar, but definitely also like old-school fantasy Disney. I loved Princess and the Frog, reminded me of when Disney was on top of the world critically.

Archminion said...

great interview btw.

(I never use Twitter sorry)

I think the cowboy game was Boothill.
Did it have a guy on each side of the screen with a road in the middle?

Admon said...

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