Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Am Ken Watanabe!!

Just woke from a dream in which I had cracked open the PS2 version of the new Twisted Metal game we are making. It was being created by a different, brand new, much smaller team of people. Brand new start up group. This was their first game.

Now there IS no PS2 version of the new Twisted Metal. THAT should have been a tip off that I was dreaming and my architect had overstepped.

But I stayed asleep.

After I opened the box I immediately grabbed and flipped thru the manual: it was filled with lots of super cool ideas for car combat games. Most of it was the stuff I wanted in the current PS3 TM that we just have not had the time to do (ex: laying oil slicks in the level and then if you drop napalm onto the oil or shoot missiles over the oil, the heat from the napalm ((or from your missile trail)) would ignite the oil slick and create giant protective walls of flame). Stuff like that. And this team- this small, scrappy, brand new 'never made a game before' team- HAD somehow managed to pull all that stuff off!

So all the ideas I wanted for the new TM that we did not have time to do were in someone ELSE'S game...but not in ours?!? Hmmm. Now THAT should have tipped me off I was dreaming...or in hell. But nope, I stayed asleep.

What woke me up was when I took another look at the game manual and realized it was more than 5 pages long and in color.  HA! A nice, slick, THICK, COLOR game manual!?! In 2010?!? PLEASE! Nice try Sidhe! You almost had me! MAYBE next time!


ps. It's 5am. I'm goin' back to bed.


Archminion said...

lol Jaffe...

You do realise that ppl will just read the first couple of lines and make posts about "NEW TM ON PS2!!!" ???


Fun post though...

Unknown said...

I use to bring game manuals to school with me to read throughout the day I loved them so much.

Now it's just how to stick the disc in your PS3, and if you're having problems with that, you may not want to be playing games in the first place.

CaMacKid said...

Oil slicks ignited by napalm sounds like the green ooze from TM4. Actually sounds like an epic idea. Drop the slick behind you, reverse napalm, watch whoever's tailing you burn! Whoahahaha!

Oh and that Blood Drive game looks sick! TM with zombie hordes? Awesome!

Graham Waldrop said...

Haha, that's pretty funny. They were able to pull that off on PS2 and you weren't on PS3. Hehe. Quite a funny dream.

Oh, and Jaffe, just saw an early screening of "The Social Network" and two drunk girls (or they might have been high, couldn't tell) and they were playing TMB. You couldn't really tell if you weren't such a TM freak such as myself, but I totally saw the blue Specter car on the tv screen they were playing on for a couple seconds and smiled.

And while they were playing, the infamous death scream of women characters blared and I really, really smiled.

I hope you guys have some awesome, over the top screams going on for TM PS3 in the same tradition as TM2 and TMB!

Good movie, BTW. Very engrossing and entertaining. Not a masterpiece, but quite effective.

Hope all is well with the game and life.


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