Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Tooth Returns!

Get all the latest info on our new game in the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine! 

I have not seen the piece yet so no idea if they dug the preview we gave them or they hated us or what. Gulp! Hope they dug what they saw last month! 

Either way- check it out- should be on new stands any day! Lemme know what you think!


ps. A character/vehicle many folks have been asking about is revealed in this issue.

pps. Not only is this issue of P:TOM sweet cause it has OUR game in it :) BUT this is also the kick off issue of their brand new redesign! Eager to see what the new look/take has in store! 


Unknown said...


rocky said...

so bioshock infinite gameplay and this awesome looking cover teasing new info in one day,SWEET!

Anonymous said...

wait..is that a nov 2010 issue? is that a misprint or is that coming out in a few days?

and I doubt they thought your interview is crap since they have ST boldly displayed on the front page

Unknown said...

please let that character/vehicle be Thumper.

Zombi3cide said...

Sweet Tooths big face reminds me of those masks u were gonna give out at comic con. What ever happened to those? did u already give them away? or are u gonna soon?

Unknown said...

Jaffe. I love how you do most of the PR for Eat Sleep Play. It just goes to show your savvy nature and versatility. I have been playing your games since I was in elementary school! Wow. That was a long time ago! I remember playing Twisted Metal with friends for hours on end, pulling all nighters. haha good times. Being a Senior Majoring in PR at USC, it really is amazing to see you do so much on your own, this being based on my assumption that you either don't have a PR staff or have a small one. USC has trained me well. We have the most competitive PR program in the country. Come may, if you are in need of a PR practitioner who is not only passionate about PR, but also passionate about your company, on staff, even for an internship position, keep me in mind! I would be delighted to contribute in any way possible to Eat Sleep Play's success. *hint*hint* Sorry to stray off topic, can't wait to get my hands on the new Twisted Metal PS3 game. The online feature will undoubtedly have me reliving those sleepless nights once again. :sigh of happiness:

KingParappa said...

Just read the article. I'm going to buy the game ASAP. Love the fact that you always speak your mind!

Unknown said...

It's not thumper... It starts with an A and ends in a L. :) Can you say...

AXLE! Woo.

for sure buy!

Already reserved it. :p I hope gamestop doesn't get exclusive content.. :(

Christopher said...

Hell yeah I've returned!

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