Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peep My Nasty Ass Desk

I've been slammed. Work has been nuts- which explains the lack of updates this week. The state of my life and soul can easily be discerned by the cleanliness of my office and car. And when I am crazy with work, the rest of my life goes to pot (no time to clean, or excercise, or eat's all work). Good news is these come in fits and spurts so it's not like this the whole project...just a lot of design docs to get written this week.

 Anyway, just wanted to share and say hey! Been too long.

Picked up DEAD RISING 2 and FRONT MISSION today. Hope to find some time to play this coming weekend.

Hope you are all well!



Rick Stanford said...

Just wanted to say thanks for these post, I always look forward to them. Also I'm so ready for another Twisted Metal game, Keep Pushing Through!!

Archminion said...

speaking of cars:

What do you drive David?

derrickgott007 said...

What's up with the cup within a cup theory you got going on there?

DuckOfDestiny said...

Hey David have you heard of the latest, must have game for the PC called Minecraft? And if so have you tried it?

If you haven't then you should really check it out. Up to now it has been developed by one guy in his spare time, which is extremely impressive. You can check it out here -

Joe said...

That's a manly desk...

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DJ-GeoStar said...

It's lovely to see someone as messy as me be so successful. Eat your heart out MOM! Just Kidding! (sort of). I love this pic!

Solid_Gun said...

hi jaffe, would you talk about on this video's related comments?

it's ridiculous and funny at the same time how gamers changed.

Shinj Mikami releasing a great game and these kids say how dare sega release it with new vegas, I mean what the heck ? lol.

I just want your point of view of that in the next blog if possible :)

Matthew said...

You're right. That IS NASTY. Ummm... Learn from the squirrels? When you have time on your hands, prepare healthy foods that last for times of seemingly unending work. Oh, and keep a sizable garbage bin in close proximity. Or get an assistant.

DeeJay said...

"...the rest of my life goes to pot."

That's certainly one effective method of dealing with stress ;)

William said...

This is why I maintain a 1 cup rule. Always take your last cup with you when getting another drink.
My friends brother always has a couple dozen coups on his desk, drives me crazy just seeing it!
Also, a small trash can next to my desk. I don't know how I'd go without it.