Monday, October 11, 2010

It Begins...

My brother came down from LA to help me decorate my yard over the weekend. This year my kids wanted a more scary Halloween display instead of the cute, little kid one we usually have. So I splurged at the Spirit store Saturday and picked up some creepy stuff. There is still no gore- they are way too young for that- but it's a lot more spooky! I dig it!

This is my fave area of the house with my brand new Grave Digger! He is so damn cool that when the holiday is over I'm gonna stick him in my office. :)

Also, the kid's costumes have gotten scarier too. Instead of the usual Disney Princesses and barnyard animal style costumes that they've gravitated towards since birth, this year my oldest is going as a Werewolf and my youngest is going as a...hmm...I dunno what the hell she's going as...she just assembled her own little thing from stuff lying around the store and ended up with this:

Kind of like a cross between a vampire, Star Child from KISS, and something out of a Meatloaf video. I love surreal and creepy!

My brother and I also hit San Diego's famous HAUNTED HOTEL this weekend! I was SOOOO excited but it was kinda 'meh'. The production design/execution/professionalism/crowd control was fantastic! One of the best haunted houses I've been in in those regards; just very well done all around. But the scares were pretty by the book, nothing all that creative or unique other than the 'dot room' (which I won't spoil for you if you don't know what it is). I think it's time for haunted houses to step up to the next level; there is just so much more you could do with them. Not sure if there is a biz model that could sustain a more ambitious, creative haunt but perhaps one day- I hope- I'll get to find out.

Ok, back to work. As you can probably tell by the lack of updates, work is all consuming these days as we try to get the game where it needs to be before we unleash it to the world! Hope all is well!


ps. So my brother and I were older than 99% of the other people at the haunted house- naturally. But I got to wondering: why?!? At what age do most people lose interest in haunted houses? To me- assuming it's a good one- haunted houses can still be a fucking blast. What is it do you think that- as people get older- makes them no longer care to head out to the haunts for Halloween?


coffeewithgames said...

Nice work on the house!
My wife and I have a 17 month old, so it's like, "Hmmm, how do we decorate and not have him scared of his house?"
Last year, it was the simple stuff, same with this year.
I guess we will have "phases" like you seem to with your children.

As for haunted houses, my wife doesn't do scary, so I wouldn't get to go unless it was a guys' night out or something.

Kilrahi said...

I still love going to them because I absolutely LOVE Halloween and haunted houses are just one of the many things that gets me feelin' the mood of the whole thing. Especially where I live where the air gets crisp and winter is creeping in . . . love it.

However, I can see why they would wear off for adults. They really don't scare me anymore. If there was a way to keep the fear alive for adults then I think they'd remain popular with adults. Most adults love to be scared, but these places seem to be fine tuned for kids so they lose their impact on us.

If there was one focused on adults that would be interesting. Would kids still be allowed in? Would they crap their pants? Would enough adults turn out to make it profitable?

Someone try it out and let me know.

Unknown said...

That window decoration is pretty bad-ass as well, the window blinds looks real.

And your daughter's first reaction was that its actually creepy. Very creepy. The simplicity of the mask (void of emotion) is always kind of scary.

Unknown said...

There's a haunted house (actually it's a ship) in Duluth, MN that I go to every year. It's staffed with local college theatre students, so they know how to freak me and my buddies out (we're also college-age).

So I guess it depends on how well-done the atmosphere is constructed, which includes having high-quality actors.

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