Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey! GTTV just launched our brand new TWISTED METAL trailer that- as it turns out- reveals the release date at the end! Thanks to Geoff and Jeremy and the rest of the gang at Gametrailers/GTTV for supporting our game- we really, really appreciate it!

So, check out the trailer below:

Twisted Metal Video Game, Exclusive Broken Trailer | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

What you think? I'm super happy with it and think all the folks at Eat Sleep Play, Sony, Sony VASG, Sony Marketing, Sony PR, Create (the team doing the post work) and Matt Donaldson (our super creative, super nice live action director) did an amazing job on this thing! From the gameplay footage to the live action shots, this is really feeling like the Twisted Metal we've been seeing in our heads for the last few years! So exciting!

Anyway, so: super slammed with the game so no time to chat.

Prepping for a tuning trip in Utah right now (heading out tonight, tuning for 2 days, then in LA Wednesday for our press event). I'll be back on Thursday and post some pics from the event!

Meanwhile, hope you dug our launch trailer and stay tuned for a new, extended version of this trailer (more live action, more gameplay) that should be hitting the net next week sometime (Thursday I THINK?)...

Oh, and check me out on Friday's Playstation blog. I really wished they woulda used the whole edit (it was much more fun and stupid) but hey, it ain't my blog- I'm just glad they are pimping the game and being as supportive and helpful as they are :)...check it out!

Fun video but hell: could they have picked a more unflattering picture of me to freeze frame on?!? Ah well- whatcha gonna do? 

Ok ya'll- crazy day ahead of me so I gotta bolt. Gotta: pay tons of bills (been putting that off cause it takes a lot of time) THEN head to Sony to review sound fx for Wednesday night then head to Sony editing to review edits for Wednesday night videos (which I hope to see up on the net soon) then head to the mall to buy some jeans (I literally have 1 pair of socially acceptable jeans at this point cause I've been too busy to go clothes shopping for over a year) then home to pack and get all my tuning notes ready then head out to the airport. Gonna be a busy mo-fukin day! Ok- I'm on it! Later ya'll! Talk soon!



Firestorm said...

Annnnnd he's off!

Great stuff, Jaffe, you and the team keep up the great work.

Kilrahi said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, that was the most awesome game trailer ever. A great reimagining of the universe.

As a fan who has waited ten years for this, everything is looking awesome. Now that we've got a release date, I've already gone ahead and requested that whole week off of work.

Gonna celebrate this game right.....

MemBot said...

Hi David,

With an OCT 4 release, will a "mostly" finished build be shown off at E3 this year?

Also just wanted to say that TM2 still puts a smile on my face after 15 years. Total nostalgia trip for me every time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying this just to blow smoke up your ass, that's the best game trailer I've seen in a long time and one of the best from this gen period. I'm hoping and praying that you guys kept the storyline and the stories for the characters dark just like Twisted metal Black.

SonyJunkie said...

Trailer was bad-ass. Gameplay looks amazing, cinematic's are looking good, the music was excellent and 10.4.11 at the end made the trailer the best trailer ever.

Game is also looking much better than the E3 reveal. Much more detail and game is looking darker, I like it!

nunobaker said...

Loved the trailer. It was pretty creepy. I was surprised. Can't wait to see more.

Love your interviews. Unlike when some other developers talk about their game or do some sort of promotional video, your's seem genuine and fans can see that you're not saying/acting any different then you normally would. I don't feel like I'm being bullshitted. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Jaffe. The trailer was sick. I was working on school work, pulling an all nighter and took a twenty minute break and went on IGN and saw Twisted Metal release date and though I was hallucinating.

I watched that trailer like 30 times, and loved it! Cinematics are coming along nicely (especially ST's), and the gameplay looks AMAZING!

Can't wait for more! Great work!


TyrantII said...

Caption for the still, "Buy our damn game or SweetTooth here will cut your N#$!S OFF!"

Great launch trailer, and very nice to see the FMV mixed with Gameplay. Too many games stray away from showing anything in game until a week before release.

Also great to hear you're doing a REAL BETA, no matter how limited.

KZ3 really screwed up releasing a MP DEMO and calling it a BETA, and here we are a month later, with a map pack coming down the line, and MAJOR issues that were present in the "Beta" are still not fixed.

That kind of marketing Horseshit really pisses off customers / fans. Unfortunately, it's becoming more prevalent.

TyrantII said...


First PSBlog video post to need to bleep something? Oops!

Fucking awesome man, had me laughing on the floor, MT Dew spittling.

Robert said...

Awesome trailer and awesome looking game. I can't believer how amazing the cut scenes are going to look.. i didn't expect much from live action.. but hell.. thats amazing.
Can't wait
Make sure you hit that date or im lost in the next COd

DarkEde said...

I was 3000 miles away from home at my Mom's house, trying to get back to sleeping normal hours, when I randomly typed in your blog on Friday night. Reading on your Twitter that the date had been released, I immediately went to GTTV to see the Broken trailer. I watched the trailer numerous times and, of course, didn't get to sleep at a reasonable time, partly because of excitement. I knew as soon as I got home I had to download the vid and put it on my phone.

Originally was going to just take off 1 or 2 days the week of its release. Screw that! I am also taking off that week.

non said...

read all about the release date yesterday, also saw the new trailer.

Now I need new pants...

Ah...this is gonna be a looong wait, at least looks like we're gonna get info quite often up until october. are certainly slammed until then. I just thought that the wait would be nicer if we got to have TMBO at the PSN store, optimized for PSN, and maybe some resolution enhancement. Will this happen? It happened for GOW...would be real cool if it happened for TM.

Maik said...

I just have to leave a comment. I'm still exited for the game and can't wait to play it. I'm a huge fan of the series and all, but let's cut the crap. I just love the live action stuff. Reminds me of Sin City and although I don't like the greenscreen-stuff in the cinema any more, I think it fits TM very well. Thankfully it doesn't look like cosplay or anything, but really like what I would expect from TM in 2011.

As for the game itself, it still doesn't blow my mind from a technical view, but that's okay with me. TM never was a technical showcase and it was always the finely balanced gameplay that mattered. Still, the trailer-scenes are all very dark. I get that in the city-environment, but even the brighter levels look very dark. I really hope this is more a thing of video settings and not represantative to the game itself. I'm still unsure about the car physics and would have loved the see "heavier" cars, that react more like real cars than R/C-cars, but do your thing, you know your stuff. :)

Finally, I can report from europe, that I'm still the only guy in my area to look forward to the game, my press colleagues still don't care about the game. It's probably gonna stay this way, unless you're coming out with something that blows their mind. Think of the trailer for Dead Island. It's (probably) a Dead Rising/Left4Dead-ripoff from the guys who made Call of Juarez, so normally noboby would really care, but the render-trailer really buzzed everyone. As much as I appreciate the "honest" approach showing gameplay and stuff, it doesn't help TM very much. But hey, I'll do my best to convince them all and maybe I'll even write an article for free, just to get the game in the magazines. So far TM had like one page max on E3 last year and without a special event it won't be much more until release.

Anyway, love the game, really looking forward to the new stuff and can't wait to see Calypso. ;)

da criminal said...

Maik: we're gonna do all we can to get the game buzzed EVERYWHERE but I just don't think any of us are interested in being dishonest about our game. We're super proud of it and if your colleagues are not into it and- more importantly- don't think their customers will be into it, well, then that's their issue/job/prerogative. I will ALWAYS chase press to help promote our work but we won't be putting out trailers that are not indicative of the product and - to be frank- game journalists who- in this day and age- still fall for that shit, don't deserve the title 'journalist'.

NOTE: Not a DEAD ISLAND knock at all! I LOVED that trailer and- as I've said- IF the game's play and tone and mood is going to be/feel like the trailer then we've got the next GOTY lined up! I'm skeptical but optimistic :)...

Maik said...

Hey, I totally get that and I think it's great. I personally hate render trailers with no indication on what to expect. I just wanted to give you a heads up. No hard feelings. :)

Regarding the press, it's not exactly a question of falling for something, the trailer just had a huge response, that's all. I don't say it's the right way to do or the only way to do, but surely they generated a hype, they wouldn't have had without the trailer. I didn't exactly want to pan the press, I just wanted to point out the way that game did it.

But you know how it is. It's hard enough for you to get a cover in the U.S., let alone in the rest of the world, but I hope TM will find its fans again anyway.

flora marion said...