Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hey all- thanks for hanging in there with me tonite waiting for an update. Crazy day- very busy. Sorry it's coming so late.

Ok, here's what I know:


a- a patch left SDQA today and is in format tomorrow. It's POSSIBLE it will hit Twisted Metal tomorrow nite but Sony tells me it will be either tomorrow nit or Thursday morning. Forgive my layman's understanding of this sort of stuff, but the core idea is that we hope the patch will go some/a long/the full (not sure which) way to making it so players connect consistently to online games. The patch will be addressing the following issues (again, forgive my lay understanding):

- Quick match and user created matches will be split so people looking for human created games are not being pulled/put into quick match games.
- The list of matches will be randomized (to an extent) so not every user sees the same game list in the same order (causing EVERYONE to try to pick games off game list page 1 at the same time and the resulting in some of our CAN NOT JOIN ISSUES).
- When a user gets a CAN NOT JOIN error and tries to create his own game, seems there is a bug where not all of the CAN NOT JOIN game is cleared out, potentially creating a new game room that retains elements of the CAN NOT JOIN logic from the first game the user tried to set up. The programmers at ESP and SONY feel this fix could solve a large % of our issues with players connecting and MAYBE even solve the issues of players being dropped mid game. 
- A few other fixes that- we hope- will make big differences to connecting. 


No official word but this is what it's looking like: while it's possible we didn't get rid of all of the crash bugs in the game that lock your system (although we didn't let the game go out knowing there was a crash bug so if you've found a genuine, reproducible one, let us know how you did it!…but more and more it's looking like the crashes we are hearing about on the older PS3s  are hardware related. Twisted- like a lot of games- pulls a big amount of power on ramp up and some of the older systems- perhaps because of age, perhaps because of dust inside, perhaps because of a graphics card that is just on its last legs- can't keep up. This seems like it would explain- according to the very smart tech folks who explained this to me- why we are seeing crashes in the first 10sec-5 min of the game BUT without any consistent breadcrumb trails that would indicate it's a software problem (i.e. every time I turn left at this corner and drop the remote bomb and blow up Juggernaut when he's below 30% health, the game crashes). 

Our Sony Santa Monica Producer is going to speak with customer service to see how rampant this issue is. Turns out a number of games have issues like this but it's usually a small number compared to the number of copies of the game out there. Customer Service will allow us to see how frequent of an issue this is and if it's above the norm of this sort of issue, we'll keep looking for what the problem could be. 

As of now though, that's what we know on that issue.

3. SKINS- 

Biggest issue is the skins are too dark. This will be addressed- according to Sony- with a Twisted Metal website update in the next 48 hours. From what they tell me, this is why Tooth doesn't show up except anything but black and bright white cars show up super dark too. We'll see how it improves but I hear a new version is up in the next 48 hours. My understanding is THIS issue is keeping the NOS skins from being made available as well. Will keep checking on that tomorrow and update you on the NOS specific issues- if they are different form this issue- via Twitter.

Better browsing of skins will also hit by Thrusday. 

4. MISC- Aware of a lot of the issues you guys have that are not on this list and they are going on a TO DO/TO PATCH list but as I'm sure you understand, right now getting the connection issues 100% resolved is where 95% of the effort is going. Will update ya'll on the changes/fixes to common requests/complaints as they come in the next days and weeks. 

5. AUTO START IN MATCH MADE GAMES- Long story but right now, the band aid solve is to make the user who is the host super aware by changing the UI so they won't be able to miss the visuals cues that THEY need to hit START. After that gets in and fixed, we'll see if it's still needed to implement a forced launch after X seconds/minutes. Sounds like this change will hit this week as well but I'm not 100% sure.

Ok, so that's what I know right now. More to come- thanks for being patient with the game and with us. It's super, super appreciated. We're very sorry, ya'll.



Firecrest Neoflames said...

Sounds good, Jaffe. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the update.

RoMaN3mPiRe86 said...

wantn to share my vehicle skin... http://twistedmetal.com/community/?task=vehicledetail&vid=147505912 has gmc on front, dont use twitter but i do follow u on there lol followed shootmytruck as well... been fan of ur work since 95 on ps1... been waiting for this game since i finished tm black... this game is freakn amazing nice job regardless of tweaks needed, i saw that post on twitter bout guy whos brother died in afghanistan really sad...

Stephen Perteet said...

Thanks for the update. The thing I cared about the most is the Matchmade games start fix.
I'm tired of sitting in lobbies longer than I play the game.

Chris said...

As for the older PS3 consoles crashing, I have an older 80GB PS3 and mine never crashed. And just to let you know, I never abused my console and never overplayed it. Though my friend also has an 80GB PS3 and I brought Twisted Metal over to play, and his console crashed after we beat the Grimm's Brothers right before Sweet Tooth's ending. And his PS3 has been overplayed many times and more abused than mine. So the tech guys are probably right.

LostRonin said...

Good to know the networking issues are being ironed out and of course they should be a priority.

However the story mode issues really bug me but I am that 1 guy that plays story/campaign like 5 times before I even jump in multiplayer. Specifically the audio cutting out/in after prolonged play.

But hey, I can patiently wait. I'd never sell my copy of Twisted Metal. I'd take it to the grave.

Thanks for always helping to create some of the most fun games i've played in my 28 years of life.

Hemant said...

Twisted metal is back with a bang! Guys at Sony have revamped it with enhanced features like car combat multiplayer, twisted arsenal, extreme scale and destruction - all these cool options take it to new levels of wild driving experience. Coolest bit is that you can create your own weapon of mass destruction. Whoa!

MarinoB said...

Great news. You know you are playing on the last letter of a hangman game here, so hopefully it works and stays working (knock on wood). As for the old PS3 crash troubles, I have an idea, not sure if feasible, but would it help to alleviate the load on those (and all) consoles if you could create some kind of "optional install"? I know this stuff has been presented in patches before (i.e. Bayonetta), so maybe it's worth a look. Cheers, your game is great!

NickM said...

Sorry your masterpeice is getting all F'd up Jaffe, been a fan of this game since the 1st game in grade school. I got this game the day that it came out. I will be waiting to see the patch come out. However on my system I can't even login at all, ever since I got the game (and the demo) mine will get all the way to "opening connections with the plyaer statistics server" then say unable to connect? Don't know if that is what all the rage is about.

Miggy11 said...

I don't know if you read your comments on here, but I don't have a twitter account. Anyways here are my thoughts on nuke.

Nuke is definitely my favorite mode in the game because it requires the most teamwork, but there are some glaring issues with it.

1.Not enough XP for objectives: This makes leveling while only playing nuke a pain. You can get 900xp in a match of team deathmatch which takes 10 minutes, but a game of nuke lasts upwards of 30 minutes and its hard to achieve 500 XP.

2.Too long: 5 min rounds are way to long, 3-4 min would better. The length might be fine the way it is if it wasn't for my point.

3.Quitters or disconnects ruin it: Please allow players to join mid game, it would save this mode.

MarinoB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MarinoB said...

As Miggy11 said, you've got to allow mid-game joining, quitters ruin Ranked TEAM games. It doesn't take much to ruin a game, just one quitter can make the game unbalanced in a second, this has to be fixed. It worked for Warhawk and TM seems to be using the same system.

Also, TEAM games are being allowed to start while the number of players is unbalanced between teams! That's just wrong and needs an urgent fix. It's also possible to leave a room once the game is already on the Start countdown, so games made be balanced at one moment and the next second it's a complete mess that can't be remedied in-game since there aren't mid-game joins!

Graham said...

Hey Jaffe, things are getting better. Only got disconnected once and I played in three rooms for about two hours.

Hopefully this patch will nix that in the bum.

Also, my PS3 (which isn't even a year old, got a new one cause my old one is pretty much dead) crashed as well. I clean it every couple of weeks, so I don't know, maybe it was just an anomaly, but just something I thought you should know about.

Also, voice chatting is incredibly spotty right now.

Overall, love the game and will be playing this until the servers go down.

Great work on the MP! The SP is ok, but the MP is genius. You have the best MP product on the market today!


Specter4life said...

Are you addressing the fact that I keep getting stuck on the mp load screen for 10-15+ minutes with no game starting and I have to shut the system down? I haven't been able to play online in 2 days now

Laughing Ghost said...

It takes time to bulid. Other than that I F'in Love this Game!!! You have my support Jaffe. Hope for a TM 2 or War of Monsters game take man. Your doing fime bro.

Jose said...

im having issues with my trophys wont syncin with the web site but my stats show up can u fix that please

CerebroCide said...

Keep up the good work. TM is utterly brilliant, despite these snags.
I have one problem though that I haven't seen anything about, but that's bc it's either just me & I'm a idiot, or I just haven't looked hard enough for a solution.
With the Tier 1 & Tier 2 Unlocks, am I supposed to have ALL my Tier 1 stuff unlocked before I start Tier 2? If so, then I fudged up somewhere because Vermin (Tier 1) is locked still for me, but I have Shadow, Darkside, Sweet Tooth, & Rear Freeze (All Tier 2 ) unlocked. I really don't want Vermin, but in order for the Trophy, I need 50 kills with him. Maybe I'll unlock him later with a unlock point somewhere down the road of leveling up (I'm Rank 22ish now) & I wasting my time with this, or it's really a problem. I don't know, but I'd appreciate a solution.

Again, TM is bloody amazing & I couldn't ask for more.

fbh said...

I'm having some freeze issues on a SLIM 250GB Ps3. It's mostly in the boss battles in story mode (Iron Maiden and final boss).
One thing I've notices is that when the game freezes and I restart the console the disc is quite hot (compared to other games), same with the console.

Any update on this???. I really don't care about the game freezing but I'd like to know that I'm not hurting my console by playing it.

Great game otherwise.

Miggy11 said...

Hey Jaffe, I understand that you guys are trying to fix the network issues right now, but one suggestion that I would like to make is that hidden stats such as energy regeneration, ramming, and handling be shown. This will make it easier for some people to understand that there are even more differences in vehicles than just the three current stats.

Also I know that the stats are more of an estimate than anything else, but they don't seem very accurate. Could you make those stats more accurate in a future update. Thank you.

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eu4 console commands said...

So just cause you and others get on easily doesn't mean everyone can, and it may be completely out of their control. I have been patient and held my tongue, but its hard. Especially seeing as Twisted Metal is pretty much the Mario of Sony. The fact that they hardly funded this game and treated it like a gamble is messed up. That could be sony's fault entirely which is why I go easy on David Jaffe. But man I wanna play my game!!!!!! Lol

ark survival evolved said...

@ReddSouljah Hey I was just wondering if you had any tips on getting into games? I've tried the quick join and selecting games from the list but i can't seem to get either to work. I also attempted to change my filter settings to see if that would help and i just got a never ending load screen...

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