Thursday, February 23, 2012



mcw00ty said...

I have lost unlock points. I had 2 unlock points saved up and it did the whole "de-sync" thing when I played a quick online match. Next time I went to Online, it fixed my xp and rank, didnt give the points back.

Gvon said...

Still waiting on my import copy (please arrive tomorrow) But regarding the skins and your theory of deleting from the garage.
A few hours ago,I noticed that a skin I added to my garage that was created by someone else,credited me as the creator,and gave me the option to deactivate.So maybe that's what's causing missing skins.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware that the MP is a priority at the moment, but is there any chance that the SP will be worked on? On SP you can't use Juggernauts secondary specials, only the mines, since the other specials require a human opponent. Also, will the A.I ever be tweaked or re balanced. It's highly abusive and imbalanced at the moment. It's a growing concern in the TM community. Lots of complaints about the A.I

Sam P. said...
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Sam P. said...

Hey D. Jaffe TM is insanely awesome! It's really taking me back to the Twisted Metal 2 days which is great.

I have 2 things:
1.) A couple friends and I have been experimenting with the party system. Sometimes I want to join a party with my friend but one of them is already in a game. Now lets say they join and I'm the leader and I jump into a different match. Now even if my friend is in the middle of a sweet ranked match he's going to get pulled out of his game and into mine. That makes parties kind of unfriendly especially since about half the time right now jumping into that different game fails. This has just led to us not using the party system which is a shame because it's nice for party chat. Perhaps what needs to happen is that if you are in a party and in a separate game maybe a confirm should pop up to ask you if you really want to leave....
2.) I am having the problem with tier points that you are talking about....I think. I'm now at skill level 17 or 18 and I've basically unlocked 2 vehicles on tier 2 but...I'm missing a tier 1 unlock point because there's one tier 1 skin that I haven't been awarded a point to get. Is that as intended or did I lose a tier unlock point somewhere along the way? Unfortunately it's pretty hard to give you repo steps at this point since I'm not entirely sure where I went buggy with the tier points.

Dee said...

I have lost my skins. I assumed they took them down to work on the system.

My account is waveripper99 if you would like to investigate.

Unknown said...

Jaffe, I think I heard you say that parties get split based off skill differences, but I haven't found this to be the case at all. My part does split up to balance the number of players on each team, but the game does not distinguish between high ranked and lower ranked players. It will pit people around 90% and up against 50% and below, or anywhere in-between.

Billy Pawella said...

I agree with your concerns regarding letting parties play ranked games together upsetting the balance, and I personally am not in favour of this changing.

However, allowing players to late-join ranked games is another story entirely. What's really unfair is playing a team based game and having half of your team quit before anything has even got started. Allowing players to late-join would alleviate this issue, amongst others, like keeping games more lively. Have you ever played a 6 player Nuke game before? It's not very exciting. Of course, this only applies to team games, as having someone late-join a FFA would only serve as an additional distraction to the already present players.

Please take this into consideration, thanks.

TyrantII said...

Since EVERYTHING is unlocked in ranked games, I don't see the need to remove balance. If you do, make sure to make it an option: Balance on / balance off.

I'd much rather like to see an option to switch teams if there's a odd number /even number thing going on. That way you can eventually all get on the correct team.

Totally agree with the poster above, allow late join. You might not win, but you can still earn XP! Along with that, you should implement a PENALTY for quiting after the match has started.

There's been quite a few rage quiters out there knocking people back to the lobby rather then finishing the games they're getting spanked in. PUNISH THEM!

CerebroCide said...

Mr. Jaffe, I am with you all the way on TM.
I am one of the players who is experiencing the Missing Unlock Points.
For me, the problem occured , I think, when I reached the Rank that the Tier 2 U.Ps (Unlock Points) were being awarded. At the begining of playing online, when I realized about the U.Ps after a few matches, I then spent them on the Paint jobs (Dollface, Preacher, etc.), and Upgrades (Killstreak +2/+3/etc.) right away as soon as I had at least 1 U.P, but saved up for the Vehicles. Once I had all the Tier 1 U.Ps saved for all the vehicles. I remember unlocking Meat Wagon, with Vermin left as the last unlock for me on Tier 1. I'm fairly certain, that when I unlocked Meat Wagon, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, it said 'Saving System Data' (because I just bought Meat Wagon) I believe while it was saving the Data, I bought Vermin (I knew that I should've waited till it finished saving like I did when I bought the other vehicles right after another. I'm a impatient bastard, and now I'm paying for it haha), and since it was already saving while I clicked Vermin, I think it didn't save that I unlocked him, but I lost my U.P anyway. I didn't notice if the Locked icon was still on him or not, I apologize, for I wish to give all the infomation I can. I left the Vehicle Unlock Screen and began playing matches, and I ranked up to whatever rank it is that the first Tier 2 U.P is awarded. I purchased the Turbo Ram (Flick the controller forward Ram. BTW, I love the feature. Brillant!) That's when I noticed Vermin still locked. I don't really like Vermin, but in order for the 50 Kills with Each Vehicle in Ranked Games Trophy, I need him. I'm a Trophy Freak.
Long Story Short, I probably screwed myself. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thanks so much for all you and anyone working on TM at the moment are doing to improve the problems it has. I will continue to play Twisted Metal religiously ever since I was 7 and recieved the first TM on PS1 for Christmas.
Thanks Again. - CerebroCide (Same on PSN)


Finally I can comment!!!
Party system = Is there any-way you could implement something(maybe in filters, or in modes)that enables us to choose between glue-parties and split-able-parties. COD has this feature. I am on both ends of this one. I don't like being split up from my party (seems illogical, esp when we're not the l33t group your trying to prevent from jumping on newbies) BUT It's refreshing that you don't have a group of people just ruining the game (like you see in COD) and other popular games. For a game that some consider a "niche" - I don't think SIMPLY allowing parties to stick will help more than it will hurt.

Late Join = Dude who is QQ'ing.
They are probably upset because of the network issues, so at some point = you JUST want to get in. I'm sure if you REALLY fix these buggy servers - everyone will quiet down. Game modes aren't that long - it's not like it doesn't let you JOIN the game lobby. Make a fucking hot-pocket, masturbate, smoke weed FFS. I don't see this as a problem, I LIKE THIS. I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH, REALLY STOPS ABUSE, GAME-HOPPERS, PEOPLE COMING IN AND FUCKING UP A GOOD GAME, I LIKE THE SKILL RATING AS WELL(DON'T FUCK IT UP).
Instead of making us custom look for (synch up/now)which I assume is, no late join games - MAKE THE GAME HOPPERS go through the trouble of looking up LATE-GAME JOIN games. Fuck am I making sense, EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE TO. I WANT TO HELP. IT 5 AM.
Dude please email me at GABRIEL.PICARDI001@MYMDC.NET
If you want REAL feedback from a REAL gamer.

Unknown said...

I would love to be able to play with my friends in ranked games. For me, the fun in a game is all about who Im able to play with, and Id really appreciate the party system to allow that in ranked games. A lot of my friends are still on the ropes about this game because of issues like this. Im trying to sell them on it though!

It's understandable that there will be those who don't like this system. No one enjoys getting steamrolled by organized groups either! IMO that's where FFA style matches are more appropriate, so that everyone can be satisfied.

Maybe as time goes on you can even allow the quick match option to "balance" ranked games, while the manual join option allows you to play with your party.

With that said, I just want to let you know that this is by FAR one of the best multiplayer games Ive ever played. Ive been a hardcore multiplayer gamer for well over 10 years now and have played every decent console or PC game out there -- this is among the best and most fun Ive seen. Thank you for making this, and I speak for the community in saying that I really appreciate your honesty and openness about the issues. You guys are awesome, and keep up the great work!

JohnnyVonRotten said...

You're one of the good guys, Jaffe - thanks for the update. That pretty much addresses my concerns.

For the record, I've noticed that when I get kicked from a game, it's almost always within the first minute. Dunno if that helps.

joshuaabell said...

I'm all for being able to join mid-game. Just seems like it would help a lot, with making it easier to jump in and play. It'd be great to just get into a nice active ongoing server, rather than spending so much time looking for an opening at the selection screen. Especially given the other issues choking that up.

IMHO, that's more important to me than the skill ranking.. though I'm wondering, why not just make it so that mid-start matches have no effect on ranking? They'd be a way to cut into the action, but you'd need to stick around for successive matches to be ranked?

Jay2328 said...

I have had two major problems while playing online.

1. On more than one occasion I have legitimately had experience points (3000 so far that I have counted) taken away from me and games never appear on my stats. I have refreshed in the stats page and even logged out and logged back in but the points disappear and the games themselves never appear on my stats. The strange thing is that initially the experience does appear in the stats just not the game I just played. But when I leave (turn off my PS3 altogether) and come back the experience is gone and again the game never appears on the stats board. So far I have counted at least 3000 points of experience points taken away from me.

2. The other problem was a reward point taken away from me before I could use it. After playing about 5 death match games I made it from level 2 to level 4. I was given 2 reward points, of which I used one to unlock Roadboat. I really did not know at the moment who else to unlock so I decided I would use the other point the next day. I turned off my PS3 and came back the next day. Not only had my remaining reward point been taken away from me but I had been dropped from level 4 back to level 3. I had to work my way back to level 4 since I had been legitimately dropped a full level, but when I made it back to level 4 my reward point was not given back to me, it was officially lost to me. I am currently at level 15 and never got the reward point back and still have one Tier 1 unlock remaining.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give some detail to my problems.

Kevin said...

I am also one who lost my unlock points. I had 1 saved up and all of a sudden it was gone. Not terribly happy about it. Love the game, but all these issues are mounting and frustrating.

Aceolus said...
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Aceolus said...

Hey Jaffe! I know you're frustrated at the moment with the games issues however, you doing all these personal updated on the game which really shows that you do care and that you're putting in much more effort than any other developer and this makes us all very happy :)

Now here is some feedback I got for you,

1. Allow party to play together in Ranked. Not allowing parties to play together in ranked really kills the experience of being able to play together as a team with your friends. This removes the whole "skill" factor where teams form and play together which is why Twisted Metal is fun is because of the competition. Personally, I don't like playing without my friends on my team. Playing with my friends and making strategies to dominate other teams adds competition and more fun to the game. My friends and I shouldn't be punished and not allowed to play together because we are simply better. Of course I'm sure some kid out there who sucks and is tired of losing is just going to say "You can play with your friends and team together in unranked "well what the kid doesn't realize is that why the fuck would I played unranked if I can't rank up and unlock anything? If I'm playing ranked and getting dominated by a party of people then I just need to play better, simple as that. If my teammates suck then I just need to work better as a team or, play with some people on my friends list or make a clan, this isn't rocket science people. Honestly, if people are tired of losing to parties of people then you shouldn't be playing team games in the first place, you should be playing "Free For All" which is a gametype that is SPECIFICALLY designed for people who by themselves. If you're afraid of ranked matches becoming unbalanced with parties, then just add an option for players to have the choice if they would like to join ranked matches with or without parties, this would solve all the problems in a simple fix.

2. Make the host of the game have an icon next to their name to help identify who is in control of the match. I already know that you're implanting a new way for players to be able to identify if their host themselves however, giving other players the ability to know who is host would also be helpful. This way, people could also message the host to tell them to start if the host doesn't realize that they're host.

3. Add a visual indicator that shows how many Reward points you have. I noticed that once I was using my points, I couldn't tell how many I had left.

4. Allow late joins. It pretty lame when people for some unknown reason just decide to leave in the middle of a match. Once a team becomes shorthanded, they should just add in a bot to fill in the hole until another player joins the match. This is the same method Gears of War 3 uses and it works perfectly.

5. Add "Detailed" stats to vehicles. Instead of having a little chart that's filled in by red blocks, show actual values. For an example, Death Warrant has 180 points of Health, his special can do 33 points of max damage, and his Alt special when charged can do up to 64 points of damage. You should also show their max speed and their acceleration. If you're wondering how I found out these stats, I just played split screen and tested things out.

Demiurge said...

First off I want to say that when it works, TM's online play some of the best I've experienced in a long time... Loads of fun. Hopefully Sony will really back this game.

1-Parties in ranked games. I understand why this wasn't wanted, but I can also see why some players are not fond of it. Maybe a compromise? Small parties like 3 or 4 people could stay together, but larger parties, 6 or 7 people, are split apart. There's also the COD "mercenary" solution, but that could be tough to implement at the moment... Maybe a future endeavor perhaps.

2-Joining a game late. I have to agree, this should be allowed. There's a lot of quitters out there unfortunately, so it's easy to start off evenly matched and end up three VS seven just after a few minutes or one inning of play, and that isn't much fun, nor is it fair. It isn't much fun waiting 10 minutes for a match to end either just so you can get into a game that may or may not crash a few seconds in... Though I'm sure the next patch will fix that.

That's about it from me; I've never had any issues with losing unlock points or rank. There's a few balancing issues with the vehicles - Axel's special being over-powered and Darkside's primary special doing no damage to enemies, even smaller ones like Death Warrant, when hitting head on - but those aren't that big at the moment.

Thanks for sticking with the game and keeping everyone up to date on the goings on... It is very appreciated. ;)

Lewis W said...

My vote: YES it would be better if you could play with your friends in Ranked Matches.

Twisted Metal is really fun with people you know, and we shouldn't let the fact that it is ranked spoil that.

Anonymous said...

First of all I want to say congrats on your game is awesome and I love it (hoping the patch gets release soon), as for fixes please allow parties to play together in Ranked matches. Playing ranked alone is stupid and boring, whats the point of joining a party if you're gonna get split up in Team Deathmatch, I want to be able to talk to my friend while playing a game, figure a way to balance it, but please allow parties to play together (the on/off switch seems like the perfect idea so far). Playing unranked sucks unless you are lvl 30 already, why would I played unranked if I can't rank up and unlock anything? I want to be able to do this with my friends.

Host problem - make it that when the majority is rdy the game countdown starts or something, and yes do something so the host know hes fkin hosting the game lol

Balancing the cars - well Axel and Talon are annoying but doesn't bother me much, still they could use a fix. I hate the fact that specials are very similar to one another. Example (Axel and Warthog) and a few others who's specials are identical.

I think that's most of the problems I can think of right now... as for late joins, do it cuss' is needed, people leave the game almost all the time in every game when they are losing COD, U3,BF3,etc.(Fuck the skill vehicle) screw that then and put the rank of the players, make it visible. Good luck with all the patches to come and Godspeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Even though you bring up fair points about the game being balanced, to me the whole thing with party systems is that it allows friends to play together.

It's tough though because if someone doesn't have a lot friends online, they could get their ass kicked.

Why not set up (and this may be a stretch) a lobby where people could join with parties or not join with parties? I dunno, just a thought, that way the people who don't like parties, don't have to worry about them, and the people that do can have fun with their friends on the same team.

I LOVE THE SKILL METER! I AGREE! IT IS AWESOME! I like having pressure on me to perform and I like the fact that I'm not rewarded for mediocrity. I kind of wish that you would have done this will the leveling system, but by doing the skill meter along with leveling, it means all people can be happy.

Someone said tweaking and tuning the AI could help in SP. It seems like it's Black on crack in the sense that there's too many enemies gunning for you all the damn time, and it's just ridiculous. Hardly see any enemies ever attack each other.

And it does make it tougher and fun, but if the other enemies could go after each other just a bit more and not put all their fire power on you, it'd be helpful.

Hope this patch goes up tonight, and thanks for the update. Once you get these issues ironed out, you'll have a multiplayer masterpiece on your hands!


Es Dot Martin said...

Please let us play with friends. People's skill set will become more "balanced" through the Darwinian method quite frankly. Playing against better players will in turn make YOU a better player. This is true in all levels of competition for anything. I mean, you don't see other online competitors (COD, Battlefield, etc.) so rigid in not allowing you to play with friends based on skill. I talked a few friends into copping this game and now I can't even play with them. The demo had me amped and now I can't even enjoy the game fully because I rarely play online alone, got at least one buddy to tag along with and I'm sure most online players do. At least give us some sort of option set that allows us to stay on teams in smaller parties. Everything else about the game is great. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi! Mr.Jaffe . I am Jap gamer .
I got 1.02patch ,and I gratitude
to this patch. This patch is better than before!!!

My wish that revival the checkpoint in TWISTED difficulty .
This is just my wish.......
I love Twisted metal and Good job for made this patch!!!!

syd57000 said...


I am a French player, and despite the patch 1.02 I can not have online play.(error matchmaking...)

Also the game downloaded over the textures of vehicles of


The idiots clamoring for party glues have all said "they simply don't care about balance issues". They just don't get it. This game doesn't have the user-base to pull this kind of shit off. If jaffe allows you to play with your friends, in a month or two you will ONLY be playing with your friends.... how hard is that to understand.
Same with LATE-JOIN.
There needs to be COMPLEX solutions to these dilemmas, I like the different ideas from the people who care. SIMPLY <---- allowing both, just hurts the overall package.
I'm sure you and your team can make it work.

"If I'm playing ranked and getting dominated by a party of people then I just need to play better, simple as that."

I'm afraid it ISN'T that simple.
Playing better will not alleviate the problem. And there is no need to bring COD problems into TM.

My 2 recommended band aids are
A- Allow all talk
B- Make the split of teams (system) way more intricate. Like someone pointed out - it seems you always get separated, regardless of skill. Maybe a deeper system that will allow a group of noobies to stay grouped in game - where as 2 level 100 skillz/rank 30 get split up if they are facing newbz.

Lets brainstorm guys, Jaffe you really need to input here - WHAT PLAN SEEMS EASIEST. We can throw ideas at you all day long but we don't know what is really "plausible" with your code guys and time constraints and yatta yatta.

Everyone for late join brought up 1 point. People LEAVING
Simple = Penalize leaving.
I don't want to be first place, have total rhythm in my FFA, and then 2 level 30's come in and suck my mojo(and my best player on team xp, best kdr xp).
Again, if we get servers to 100% clean and perfect - I'M SURE MOST people will not be so hasty about late game joins.
Like I said - you can always hang around in the lobby, matches are what 10-15 minutes? People are bringing up that sometimes there is a drop and you end up with un-equal teams. But with late-game-join, you will have the same problem = when a balanced game, with equal number teams is going fine(the score is close and the game is COMPETITIVE), and then 1 player comes in and tips the odds for a team.

My band aid here - is make people FOR late-game-join's - a special filter called "games that you can ruin". And it brings up all the games that the HOST has made it
open to late-game-join.

Euphoria said...

I'd rather have THE OPTION to have ranked games be arranged however i want. The skill number isn't always representative of the opponents actual skill. (They may be good as defense). At my store when we play its kind of a pain in the ass to have to max out 4 accounts, but it can and is being done. (2 PS3's online on dif networks) This option would make our tournaments more than just local. OnelastPLEA: The only store in NH who had a midnight opening threw out the posters for limited edition because she has a clown phobia. I bought two preordered, Anyway i can please get a poster? Atleast for the store? TY for your time, keep twisted.

Euphoria said...

One last thing: Keep up the good work, dont get frustrated with Twisted, We are just passionate about your creation (Be happy in generates emotion in your fans, or atleast know the frustration is a tough love from the ignorant but still passionate). Any chance of EVER having a way to play CO-OP Campaign over Online? I spent years of my life replaying TM2 with my friends on Co-op, they are all overseas now and i'd love to be able to have them log in and just take out AI for nostalgia. Just a thought, would make the game so much better (Not deeper, but the nostalgia..)

Manifester said...
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Manifester said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manifester said...

My copy of twisted Metal is still crashing even after downloading the patch it crashes after the movie cutscene in story mode is there going to be a fix for this? or should i just swap the game for something else? I have an old fat ps3

Mark said...

Hey Jaffe,

I just wanted to comment that I normally spend my unlock points right away but after going to tier 2, I saved up one point and logged in the next day and that point was gone and it showed I lost about 1000 xp or so (went back an entire rank). After ranking up again it did not give me that point back. I've been playing a day since and nothing. Please look into this when you have time because I want to unlock everything eventually. Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say the stage design in this game is fantastic. Absolutely love the theme park level. Can't believe how much detail is put into it. It may be better than some real theme parks. The haunted house section with the black lights is particularly cool.

Love how fast this game is. Wish the music and audio was better mixed (hard to hear through a standard TV for me). There's lots of technical issues mainly related to online, as you know of course, but mostly I think this game is great. Noticed a shit-ton of positive reviews just came in on Gamefaqs, too, btw.

Free Fall said...

I love Jaffe. One of the very few who actually gives a shit about the games he and the team put out. Not like the many that just release a patch then jump ship.

As for the party system. Playing with friends is a blast in any online game. Balance IS important, though.

I'm 50/50 on this. It would really suck for the other team if you dominated them too easily. Twisted Metal has quite the learning curve, and I love that. Being a hardcore gamer. It wouldn't be fun to mow down the other team, or have your team owned, though.

As for late joiners? If your team decides to quit cause they are getting owned, or just disconnected out, having late joiners to balance out teams would be a plus.

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