Monday, February 27, 2012


Little rambly plus the kids stop by but here ya go:

Covers Network connection issues, dropping games, XP tuning, skins, website update, plus a bit more.

ALSO- fantastic Twitter follower @dagimp13 has written the following that MAY aid SOME folks in making TM games easier to join and stay connected to. I am not advocating this as I know NOTHING about this (I'm not the guy to give advice on how to reconfigure your network settings) but I can tell you this guy says it's worked great for him and a number of twitter followers have pretty much said the same thing. Let me know how it affects your experience should you choose to do it.

Thanks to @DaGimp13! Much appreciated, sir! :)


Ok, here's what he wrote:


Ok, so some people have been asking for help in setting up their routers with the PS3 TCP/UDP ports. While a few may have been helped, I'd like to reach the larger audience of PS3 users. Here is a guide on how to do it (generic, mind you. I'm not going to deal with each & every router individually). 

1. open a web browser, be it your PC/Mac/PS3/cellphone, and google Port Forward. the site has a massive list of ports & routers on it, which is to help users open ports on routers. click on router list, and select the manufactuer & model of your router. You'll then find steps on how specifically to add the full PS3 list of TCP/UDP ports.

2. to explain how the list of PS3 TCP/UDP ports works, it's a compiled list of ports used from all PS3 games/programs. All ports are input as 'Ranges' that are opened, whether its TCP/UDP. So individual ports such as UDP 5223 are input as Start 5223 End 5223. Ports listed already as range ports are input as such. Example: Start 990-9980. you'll also notice it wants you to choose a type, either TCP or UDP. Choose accordingly to whichever the input on the list was. Example: UDP 5223 is type UDP. Obvious, right? Also, Start & End port digits are open, so whatever that Start of that range is (TCP 990-9980) the 990 & 9980 are open & any ports in between.

3. If you scan through list of ports on Port Forward, you'll notice the MOST common TCP port is 5223. Do not worry that it is not in the TCP list, as it already is! TCP port range 990-9980 covers this port already, so it doesn't need to be opened twice. 

Now that we've covered the basics on 'how-to', let's bring in the list. this list covers the entire catalog of PS3 games/programs, so enjoy.

Full PS3 list of TCP/UDP ports

TCP: 80-81, 443, 990-9980, 10000-10500, 13505, 14310-14328, 15310-15328, 17502, 18121, 18126, 30350-30400, 42100-42199

UDP: 81, 88, 2005, 3064, 3074-3075, 3478-3479, 3658-3659, 5223, 5730-5739, 6000, 6112, 9570, 9820-9880, 10000, 10500-12500, 14000-14016. 17502, 18126

Hope this helps people connecting with PS3 online, whether it's Twisted Metal or Call of Duty, and anything in between.

PSNID: DaGimp13


Valtiel said...

I've got confidence in you Mr. Jaffe. It was sweet to see your daughters as well. And I'm sure in time we will see a very polished game that was only being hindered by minor nuisances. Although I gotta admit I was looking forward to hearing about what you had to say on the issues with trophies not being unlocked. Please let me know and thanks David.

DrCube said...

Jaffe, Make sure the lock on code doesn't effect the sniper. Would be really annoying having it jump around as your trying to snip the guy on the other side of the map.

Also I really appreciate you doing this. I can't think of any other dev that would take this much time to address their community.

David Tremayne said...

Is it just luck of the system draw, or bad cleaning habits to lead to these problems? Because I got the last PS3 fat model that was released and I haven't had a single issue with any of the games that have been deemed buggy. No lag, no lockups, no disconnects, no freezing, and I can't understand why. These kind of issues sounds like what you'd get with PC development where there are massive hardware differences between each system.

Anyway, love Twisted Metal. I'm new to the series, but after this game I'm going to continue supporting it. Found out a friend of mine is a big twisted metal fan, and he freaked when I told him I got the game. Didn't know they were even making one. That having been said, he's competitive which makes the game all that much better when you're with friends that want to kick your ass. But you got to pull some strings with bots in 3-4 player when all these critical fixes are done. I don't care if you tone down the physics, shunt some of that processing off the to FPU's, reduce the gibbing on the buildings, reduce particle counts. Anything that needs to be done. You've put together an amazing game here that has so much offline potential. And this generation of games completely ignores having friends over for a beer and playing together, on one console.

David Tremayne said...

Oh, also. This port problem I've had before. I think the real issue here is that people are plugging their PS3's in to a connection that is NAT2. Which means they're probably double NAT'd. Sometimes with phone line connections like DSL and even Cable. The modems themselves have a web interface, and they themselves keep the settings to connect to your service such as your username and password. They also can NAT which means your router will have an outside IP address on a local network. Most of the time port forwarding both your router and modem is a chore. So what I did to get around being double NAT'd is tell the modem to disable the NAT and allow the connection to pass through the device. Then change the router settings to PPPoE or whatever your provider specifies so it does the connecting. My RDR connection went from barely able to connect to always connecting.

TyrantII said...

Thanks for yet another informative update. Most of the issues I've been experiencing have been greatly reduced since the last patch. Thanks to you and the great team over at ESP!

As for the skins, they're still an issue. It's better, but unfortunately Tooth is still a problem and you can tell the underlying issue isn't 100% solved for all the vehicles.

See this example I made, a solid texture to show areas where black "grunge" is being overlaid at 100% opacity.

This was the issue before too, but it seems most of it has been removed on most of the cars. Some are better than others. Tooth is still messed up unfortunately as is warthog.

And while it's reduced on the other cars, there's still some there as pure black on a lot of them,e specially around the edges and detail lines. Through the in game paint shop this black crud stuff is typically rust, scratches, or metal color, slightly transparent over the base texture. Not black as it is in our custom jobs.

Hope this helps!

Try out that cardboard ST truck you posted the other day and you'll see.

Unknown said...

Jaffe, there's no reason for all this nonsensical auto-lock fine-tuning. What those of us advanced players want is the option to turn it off completely. I want to be able to switch my targets as I please via the analog stick. I don't want to be focused on a target and auto-lock interfere in any way or for any reason. Please, just allow us under options to turn it off, such a minor feature would do wonders to the game play for people like myself.

Unknown said...

No need to bother with all of the port opening business. Much easier to simply give your PS3 a static address and add it into your routers DMZ zone. End of story for PS3 port issues.

Also, I've Tweeted about it a couple of times and I don't know if there's anything you can do for me Jaffe... but the online multi-player code from the copy of TM that I purchased BRAND NEW and STILL SEALED does not work. The PSN tells me that the code is invalid or may have expired. I have called and spoken with several people at Sony customer service and they refuse to help me whatsoever. I am being told that the code was already redeemed, but the redemption date they gave me is PRIOR to the date that's on my receipt! And on an account that is not even on my PS3! Regardless of these facts - all they tell me is that I have to buy a new code from the PSN store. What?!?! I already bought the game for $60+ & shouldn't have to pay another $10 to play online. PSN: D34DL1N3R

Netsurfer733 said...
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Netsurfer733 said...

I just had to say - that invisible box bit your daughters pulled was hilarious :) They're adorable!

Unknown said...

Twisted is working much better now. Can't wait for the next patch, but if you made auto-start for Matchmade games and disabled matchmaking for games that already started, it should be perfect.
Loving the game and playing online daily.
Thanks again for being a supportive and open developer. Your extra effort is appreciated. I mean, you didn't really have to keep updating people on this. You made the game already and everything. So thanks for being loyal to us fans.
I hope to be as good of a developer as you some day, and as involved with the gaming community.

Anonymous said...

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this, I pre ordered the game, and I got NO AXEL CODE! So I was wondering what was up with that. I know there are bigger things on your plate, but if I can't get Axel through my pre order, how do I get Axel because I can't get him through playing the game right now.

Thanks for the update. Things are working better and I was able to connect better than usual. Still some of those issues, but it's better than it was.

Keep up the great work. Best multiplayer on the market when it's working!


Netsurfer733 said...
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Christopher Croft said...

I am in the UK so still yet to play the game but you know what, because Jaffe has taken the time to do these video blogs, I'm going to make Twisted Metal a day 1 purchase.

How many other developers post videos like this?

Mr Jaffe, we applaud thee!

Gvon said...

Got my import copy on Monday,and love it.

In regards lock on,would it possible to also bypass the auto system If i've selected a target.
Lets say I want a fire missile,and i've manually selected a target,and another player crosses the cone and is closer than the player i've selected.Would it possible to keep track of the original target so long as that player meets the required parameters.
It would consider the target i've selected as a priority over switching.As soon as the weapon parameters lose track of the selected target,it goes back to auto,or if I click again to disengage the target.

Gvon said...

Forgot to add,splitscreen is still king :) you cant beat having someone a few feet away going crazy as you've freezed them with 10 seconds left,and thrown a flaming chain saw at them for the win :D

Corey Winney said...

I know you say not to submit your personal ideas about the game but

why isnt ELECTRIC CAGE MATCH online? that has to be my fav new feature to twisted and it sucks to have to play campeign to enjoy it.

just throughing it out there