Monday, November 06, 2006


Me and some of the guys from Incognito went ATV riding in the dunes last week. I had never done it before and had a freaking blast! Just a great, great time. Thanks Incognito!

So hey, I am glad I don't own an ATV as I would be out riding the dunes 2-3 times/month. It's that much fun...even tho I was sore as hell the day after, I still wanted to get right back on the thing the very next morning!

But man, I flipped the dam 600 pound thing my first time out, I just don't trust myself on them. So I don't see this being a full time hobby cause I know I'd hit a rock just wrong or take a slope too fast and do some serious damage to myself. But man, was it fun!

Here's some shots!

Here's me and some of the key folks from Incognito. Scott Campbell- who runs the joint- is taking the pic. That's his son, Jake, there on the far right- in the yellow. Keep an eye on him...he's gonna be a superstar game designer one day.

Me and Kellan Hatch (where the pilot in Warhawk got his name) and Michael Jackson (different one) with the ATV's behind us.

Here's just some riding shots of the day:

And here are some shots of me and Kellan after we flipped our ATVS! Man, we got lucky...people do some serious damage on these things....someone was looking out for us that day, that is for sure!

Ok, just wanted to share! See, game making ain't all long hours and crazy stress! Sometimes it's really fun!!!

See ya!