Monday, July 06, 2009

My Freaking Eye + Summer Movies + Six Feet Under+ MJackson's Brain!!!

Not sure why the sync is off...ah well, you get the idea :)



If anyone is gonna haunt a place, it's Michael Jackson! I mean, DAMN that is cool! I so wanna visit Neverland on Halloween one day. And shit...check this story out...burying the man without his mother fucking brain!?!? Fucking creepy!!! Kellan- our art director out at Eat Sleep Play- just told me he thinks it would be great if they stuck his brain in a giant robot! How neat!!!

And look, I am a MJ fan. I dig his music and dancing. I so feel for his kids right now. But as a pure consumer of pop culture, all this creepy, ghostly, missing brain shit that is starting to bubble up now that he's gone is just so fucking entertaining. But that said, I wish the man were still around.