Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Step inside my brain, won't you?


Check it out!

Ain't that great?!?! Thanks to blog reader sadeq for the heads up!

Thanks Sadeq! I had not seen that yet...which I guess answers the question regarding if I have been asked to design a GOW level for LittleBigPlanet. I've heard/seen a few game biz sites speculate that I have and I can officially say: ain't nobody asked me for nothin' in regards to that. Maybe they are having Cory do one? Or the GOW 3 team? I really have not heard a thing but I think it's a cool idea!



Just had this IM conversation with my brother...figured I'd post cause...hell, who knows why...I find stuff like this cool, I guess :)


David Jaffe
wouldn't it be so creepy and cool if your iphone rang and you looked at it and the
number calling was: (xxx) 967-xxxx? (note: the phone number of our house from when we were kids)
you answered it and on the other end you heard what sounded like
two little kids doing a prank call that sounded a bit like us as kids...
and heard a tv commercial for BARGAIN TOWN USA in the background? (Note: Bargain Town was a store in Alabama with a really catchy jingle that we still remember)....
That JUST happened to me!!!!

9:08 PM
Philip Jaffe
no fucking way

10:20 PM
Philip Jaffe
Were you dreaming?
That's a Twilight Zone episode!

10:30 PM
David Jaffe
is it really?
a TZ episode?

Philip Jaffe
sounds like one
i dunno

David Jaffe
very cool

Philip Jaffe
did that Happen?

David Jaffe
please- hells no. Can you imagine if it did tho?!?!?!
how cool!

Philip Jaffe
why did you say it happened?

David Jaffe
I was joking.

Philip Jaffe

David Jaffe
and I thought you were respond rite away but you were not there.

Philip Jaffe
what would you do if that happened/?

David Jaffe
call the number back.
and the cool part would be
I would try to explain to them who I was and as I did, the world around me would begin to change and I
and my house would transform into a loony bin because I had made myself in the past
crazy by giving them that knowledge and thus change the present.
Ok...can I post this conversation on my blog?

Philip Jaffe
I guess, but is it interesting?

David Jaffe
to me!

Philip Jaffe
I mean it's a neat idea, but this conversation?

David Jaffe
yep...good blog fodder!

Philip Jaffe
ok then

David Jaffe
thx! Then I am going to bed- so tired....


Ok...there ya go...these are the things I am thinking about as of late. I think it'd be amazing!

Ok, really am going to bed- later ya'll!