Sunday, December 21, 2008


Whole house is sick with colds. Up all nite with my oldest who had a fever. At one point neither of us could sleep so we just said screw it (well, she didn't say that, she is 5) and we went downstairs, rented Disney's Aladdin on the Playstation Store (God I love digital distribution!), and watched cartoons for a few hours.

Today has been a mix of watching Christmas cartoons on TV with the girls (along with bits of the Wizard of Oz), reading a book, and playing games on STEAM (Crazy Machines, Pirates, TF2...inches away from downloading a new game I had never heard of until I got into Steam called NEXUS: The JUPITER INCIDENT)...

Oh hey, speaking of Steam: do any Steam users know if there is a way to get an itemized bill of all the games you have purchased and what they have cost?

Ok, but so anyway- back to my Sunday:

So it's crazy low key and we're all sick...but it's actually kind of a nice, chill Sunday. I'm digging it.

Oh and I wanted to post a link to an interview Scott Campbell and I did last week for PSX EXTREME, a blog/game site focused on Playstation.

Give it a read if you are so inclined!

Take care- talk later!