Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tweeting Again

Hey all- still super slammed- but I'll back soon.

Real quick tho: I decided to start Tweeting again cause I miss it. Plus I'll be getting an ipad next month (waiting for the WiFi/3G combo to hit in May) and really want to go back to tweet deck.

A few things:

1- my twitter name is davidscottjaffe (as djaffe and davidjaffe seem to be taken). Pretty sure this is the link:

2- be warned- when I tweet- I tweet A LOT! I do not do this 'one tweet every 15-36 hours' thing. So if you get your tweets on your phone or you get annoyed by tweet spamming (not ads but like 5-20 tweets and multiple conversations that I have over tweet) then this is NOT a tweet you want to be following. I totally respect that a lot of people like to use tweet in a certain way. Just know that I don't use it that way so subscribe knowing that. I really like following and tweeting on tweet deck and similar programs and that is why I love conversational tweets. So seriously, DO NOT follow me if you are not down with that. It would be a miserable for you (as people who followed my old tweet account told me).

3- Please don't tweet me ideas for games or anything else creative. I don't want or need them. I want to be in touch with people who dig the work we do. I LOVE that. But don't send in your ideas. Thanks!

Ok, heading off to a fun Del Mar lunch with the ex and our kids. Talk soon!