Thursday, June 28, 2007


You must admit- yes?- that this ranks as one of the greatest images ever created?

So get this: here is a post some anon (naturally) made to the comment section of this post:

Anonymous said...
That's a really g'ay poster, man.

2:45 PM

Now I mean, really?!? Fucking really?!? In 2007 there are STILL stupid motherfuckers out there who actually use gay as a derogatory term? I wonder if they realize how insanely dumb they look now, let alone how dumb they will look in 10-20 years when they look back and actually realize they were so stupid. It's like being a racist in the 60's against African-Americans and looking back at how dumb you were, some 20-30 years later. Anyway, this just floors me how people still toss around the gay thing in a negative light. Hell I was on LOST PLANET multiplayer the other day and all the voice chat was all 'fag this' and 'fag that' and it just strikes me as so fucking sad that people are still so ignorant. I mean, what is that anyway? Why are these supposedly straight boys/men so concerned about cocks going into male assholes? I mean, it's not something I think about cause you never hear me commenting on it. But man, these guys are thinking about dicks in male anal canals a whole hell of a lot. What is up with that?!? So fucking sad, dude.

Unless the poster meant the Flash Gordon image was gay in the sense that he means that Ming and Flash look like lovers and the poster was pointing out that the content of the poster dealt with homosexuals? Or that he meant gay in that 1920's kind of happy way?

But somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, there ya go....back to work! :)