Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Running out of time to get our game movies into production (these things take 12+ months to create). Have already written the scripts a handful of times but production changes everyday which necessitates rewrites.

At this point, we need story boards by end of week and that's just not enough time to write the scripts in. So instead I am meeting tomorrow with some storyboard artists at Sony San Diego and we are going to bypass the script stage and go right to storyboards based on these little stick figure sketches I've been working on all day:

Scary, eh? Gulp! :)

Wish us luck!


ps. So I cleaned my office pretty hard core over the holidays and put a lot of my geek toys in the garage. Well 95% of them are still down there but it was just feeling too sterile and lonely up here so I brought my faves back :)