Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts this week- will hit you guys up in the next day or two. Work is super busy right now, so just not a lot of time.

Quick hits:

LEGO BATMAN=More of the same? Only 1 level in but without the Lucas licenses, I'm kind of bored. Really well made; like some of the ideas so far (Batman bomb suit is fun, like some of the puzzles). But the formula may be wearing thin for me and plus: It IS a kid's game and the power of the license was enough to see me thru in the past. Not a rabid Batman fan, so that must play a part. Now Lego Spidey? Fuck it, Lego MARVEL! Hells yeah, I'm playing that day one!

FORCE UNLEASHED- Got it, installed it, have not pressed start cause no time to play right now. Loved the demo tho. Weekend play maybe?

WIPEOUT HD- Out today! Sweet! Saw on GAF it's crashing tho? Is that happening all over? Anyone played it? Good stuff?

MCCAIN BAILS OUT OF DEBATE- Come the fuck on people. The man- who has admitted he knows little about economics- has to rush off and 'play' hero and 'save the country'? He can't take 3 hours out of his 'saving the country' schedule (which no one has said they need him to do) to, you know, FUCKING DEBATE so the country- which he claims to want to put first- can hear the differences between him and his opponent for the most powerful job in the world? And now he wants to suspend the VP debates as well? Come on...I know some Republicans/McCain supporters read this blog...are you guys/gals really buying this? It's a DEBATE! It's not a tour of duty! It's 3 hours out of this time. The economy will COLLAPSE if he takes 3 hours off to give the country a conversation it needs and deserves??!? And fuck, why can't Palin debate as scheduled? What, SHE is needed now too to save the country? You guys CAN NOT be buying this. You don't have to like or vote for can still vote for McCain and be passionate about that choice...but you can't really think this is not bullshit...can you?!?!

REVENGE OF THE SITH- Jake Campbell- Scott's Son (my biz partner/co-owner of Eat Sleep Play and supremo game maker in general)- is always telling me the Star Wars prequels are good, better than the originals,etc. I always chalked up that insane, "you must consume copious amounts of crack' statement to the fact that Jake was a kid when the new trilogy came out and Lucas always says the new movies (and the old ones?!?!) are made for kids,etc. BUT the other nite I popped in REVENGE OF THE SITH and somehow was able- for the first time since it hit DVD- to get past 2-3 of the gut wrenchingly bad scenes that in the past had always had me ripping the movie out of my player and tossing it back on the shelf (the 'Padme combing her hair and talking about love being blind' scene is particularly difficult to stomach). But somehow- not sure why- I chose to endure and get past those scenes. And once I made it thru those horrific moments (and they are all toward the start), I was surprised and happy to find that- for me- it's a really good Star Wars movie. Like, one of the best. Like it goes: EMPIRE, STAR WARS, SITH.

As a directed film, it can't hold up to most film school festival entries...I mean, the prequels are really poorly directed movies. No drama to the visual storytelling AT all. That scene where Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatene get caught by the force field/beam of light? You'd think that would shot in a dramatic way, using a number of tense, close shots edited together in some sort of emotionally evocative way. But nah: Lucas just sets the camera down and we get a long shot of some people running and then stopping because they are now surrounded by some light. The movie is filled with missed opportunities to tell the story in a visual way. And it hurts the film tremendously.

But as a STORY, it's pretty darn good I think. Need to go back and re-watch Ep 1 and Ep 2 and see if my mind has changed on those. But on Revenge, I'm like: 'hey, this is actually pretty good...Jake is right!' I'm watching all the docs on the Revenge disc and really digging those.

Ok, back to work- later ya'll!