Wednesday, February 18, 2009


THANKS! I just had it stuffed!

Ahem...little Naked Gun 'humor' for you there....anyway:

So I saw this on NEOGAF, thought it was one of the best Kratos cosplays I've seen! Not sure about the story behind it, where it's from, was it for a contest,etc...shit, maybe this isn't cosplay...maybe the dude really looks that way! Shit, now I feel awkward :)...anyway, here ya go:

While we are talking cosplay, this one is pretty damn good too:

Wait- is that the same dude? I don't think so...anyway:

I gotta say- it's pretty damn neat when people take time and resources out of their lives to dress up as a character you had a huge hand in creating! I've seen a small number of Sweet Tooths over the years as well, which is nice (in fact, I need to post some cool, fan made Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Trucks in the next few days as well)....

Ok- gotta run! Later ya'll!