Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Yeah, I'm sure I've used that headline on previous blogs...ah well.

So off to DICE in a few hours! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Love Vegas, love catching up with old biz buddies and drinking like crazy, love that the award show is going live over the net (altho I still have no clue what to wear when I will be presenting), and hell, the show itself looks good this year too!

Few things before I go:

1- Some new TM HEAD ON interviews have hit. Check them out if you so desire:

2- To the three folks who won the New Year's contest, can you please post your mailing address to the comment section of this post? I will get those sent out this week (I THINK the Sony copies have come in...if not, I will let you know when they are... but I think they have!)

3- Twisted Metal hits the shelves today! If you buy a copy, would you please take a pic of yourself doing it (at the store). I'd love to post it- if you don't mind- on the blog. That'd be cool! I'd love to see pics of folks buying our games! So please! Send me those pics!

Thanks ya'll! Will prob post from DICE!