Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks For Coming Out Tonight...

Yeah ok, so I’m back early. At the bottom of the blog you’ll see the names of the 3 folks who first called me out on it and- thusly- won a copy (be it download code or an actual disc) of our next game.

I had wanted to do a whole redesign of the site, maybe switch over to Wordpress and do it all snazzy. And I still may, but just not enough time in my life for that these days (which is a great thing) so it’ll have to wait a bit.

So why did I come back early? Why did I come back at all? Well, I have three explinations:

#1- Fuck the haters. While I was offline, I had so many people tell me they dug the blog and/or dug the work we’ve done over the years, that it occurred to me that I was ignoring all of the great support- and there is tons of it- and was only listening to the haters on the net. Stupid me, I know. I have no plans to do that again. And then when I found this clip of Kevin Smith talking about much of the same sort of thing- and saw how much better off he seems focusing on fans vs. haters- I knew it was time to head on back to my online home. I may have posted this clip once before but it really stuck with me over the last few months. Here ya go:

#2- DUDE HUGE- I was sitting in front of Cliff Blezenski the other night at the really fun Spike VGAs. I turned around and chatted with him for a few and I asked him if his blog was coming back. In typical super cool Cliff fashion he smiled and said, “Nah dude. Blogging is so 5 years ago”. And while I realized that he was right, I also realized I still like doing it. Life’s too short to not do the stuff you like. And I am.

#3- JAY Z- Riffing a bit on #1, an early Jay-Z song- Izzo (H.O.V.A.)-opens with Jay speaking the following lines:

‘Thanks for coming out tonight. You coulda been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that’

Now as unhip as it is to admit, I'm only NOW getting into Jay-Z and I only heard this song- for the first time- about 3 weeks ago. And when I heard those opening lines, it occurred to me that people take time out of their lives to visit my blog, read my tweets, visit our EAT SLEEP PLAY site, and most importantly, play and discuss and support our games (and in doing so, they are promoting our games). And I was just hit with a real strong sense of gratitude that made me want to get back to connecting with the peeps who really get behind and support the stuff we make.

So there ya go! Those are my reasons. And it's good to be back!

I'll be twittering more than I blog and vblog just cause we're all very busy with the game (and it's only gonna get more busy) but I'll be around either way.  Oh and no, we're not ready to announce the game. So you can ask- and I'm grateful that ya'll care enough to keep on asking- but as of now, no news on that front.

Ok ya'll! Nice to be back- hope everyone had a great holiday and has some fun stuff lined up for New Year's Eve!

Talk soon-